The Triad of Abuse: A Poem

by Samu Batara (1983) What a foul employ of physical force, An absurd display of masculine sinews, Uncaging a savage animality so untamed That devours innocence, intrudes right To quench a selfish sexual appetite! Faced with threat or thought of open wound, Of bloody mutilation, then crack of doom, A tampered privacy does in fear succumb Against will amidst nauseous inner rage Of feminine revolt to a virtue deflowered. The brute evaporates as snake in the grass; Papers scream striking marked spicy catch; Law enforcement lingers vainly out of touch; A populace of dual card defy if not laugh While the helpless victim dies for life: Abandoned crushed being, drained of flame, Robbed of dignity, meaning, or even sanity, Possessed by procession of shock and shame, Sparks of memory that feed lifetime agony, Worse than murdered whose torment ended. The ultimate source of the strength abused, The giver of the life injured or crippled, Who wills tenants fully breathe and yield, Is once more ridiculed, slapped, stripped And ever suffers scourged, nailed, pierced.