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Corrosion is one of the common problems in many industries like refineries, metal

extracting plants, chemical plants and etc. Corrosion nothing but degradation of
material, due to this the properties of the material will decrease. There are many
forms of corrosion depending on the environmental conditions, operating conditions
and material systems. In degradation the main thing we come across in every metal
or ceramics or polymers is oxidization. Due to this corrosion every year the annual
cost in the U.S. estimated to be nearly $300 billion it is about 4% of the gross
domestic product. Due to this corrosion there are so many disasters happened in
the past. It is consider as one of the serious problem throughout the globe. Rusting
of the steel due to the presence of oxygen and electrolyte around the sample it will
lead to redox reactions to happen and metal loss will happen. This is the common
phenomenon for all metals.
We cant avoid the corrosion because it is naturally happening process, but we
can control it by doing some protective methods and precautions. There is so many
researches are going for reducing the corrosion. There are so many methods to find
the corrosion rates, weight loss, depth of the pits but not so effective. These
methods have high installation and maintenance costs and have external
installation setups. We are using electrical impedance measurements for the
corrosion measurement; in this process we are using electrochemical setup for
measuring the impedance. We are going to visualize the microstructure of the
samples after corrosion, and we will also study the grain size of the samples. We are
going to conduct the experiments in different environments and make a table with
different parameters like changing environment and changing the length