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April 28, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I am delighted to offer my sincere endorsement of Ms. Lisa Youness as a prospective teacher in your
district. Lisa has been working as a long term substitute in my first grade classroom. She formally began working
as a long term substitute in February and is currently finishing out the remainder of the year. Lisa has proven to be
invaluable to myself, the students, and the entire staff at Schickler Elementary.
Although Lisa formally began in February, she began proving her skills much earlier in the year. Due to
complications with my pregnancy I was forced to miss several days prior to February and Lisa was willing to step in
whenever she could. From day one Lisa proved to be dependable, flexible, and eager to show how competent she
truly is. Lisa has done a wonderful job of taking over full responsibility for the first grade classroom. She
immediately took over tasks such as lesson planning, grading, and sitting in on student meetings. Lisa soon took
over all other classroom teacher responsibilities and has done so with ease.
From the beginning of her assignment Lisa has worked with the other first grade teachers during
collaborative meetings and other times throughout the work day. She is a true team player and is always willing to
go above and beyond to help her colleagues. In addition to this Lisa has attended staff meetings and has willingly
attended several after school events and professional development meetings. This dedication goes far above the
expectations of a long term substitute.
Not only is Lisa an amazing teammate and asset to our staff but she is equally as valuable in the classroom.
Lisa has a gift for getting to know students and for making lasting relationships with them. Lisa has even worked
with outside agencies to ensure students are getting the social and behavioral support that they need in order to be
successful in the classroom. The students love her and truly are engaged by her caring, yet firm demeanor. Lisa has
excellent classroom management skills and strives to ensure each student reaches their maximum level of success.
She does this by planning and creating meaningful lessons that strictly meet all grade level curriculum goals. She
also works with students in small groups and through individual conferring to further meet their needs. Lisa has
truly impressed me with her knowledge of content curriculum paired with her organizational skills. She is always
one step ahead of the game and is continually prepared for anything that comes her way.
In closing, I sincerely hope that you consider Ms. Lisa Youness for a position with your district. Not only
will you have a dedicated employee, but also a role model for students. Her enthusiasm, professionalism,
experience, and motivation will be an asset to any team. Her talents are invaluable. I confidently endorse Lisas
candidacy for a teaching position with you. Please feel free to contact me to further discuss Lisas personal and
professional qualities.

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Campbell
First Grade Teacher
810-667-2440 (work)
810-348-7372 (cell)