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In this course, the final case will be an in depth analysis of an actual private enterprise (government

agencies will not suffice, as they don't compete in a free market). As we progress through the course, we
will develop the components that will be compiled in an integrated and fluent case analysis in Module 8.
For THIS module, I would like you to identify to organization that you will study in this course. Give me
the RELEVANT background of the company, as well as the players who will impact the analysis. This
should be an organization that you are familiar with, or have access to (this is very important, as we will
do several in-depth analyses in this course. Access will make them easier), and it should be a private
sector for-profit company that relies on strategy to compete. Please note that this should be a BRIEF
introduction of the relavant information about this company. Do NOT provide a historical narrative. This
first assignment should be one paragraph (3-5 sentences)..