Searching Solar Radiation Data on Internet

Solar Radiation Data on NASA Website
Connect to the following URL:

You will be prompted with the following screen. Enter your e-mail address and a password. The new users have to enter twice!

Click Submit The following screen will appear:

On the left hand side under Data Retrieval: click

Meteorology and Solar Energy
The third screen to appear is:

Then, select Enter latitude and longitude The following screen will appear:

Fill in the latitude & longitude, and select submit. The following screen will appear:

In above case, latitude of 27.72 degrees North and longitude of 85.32 degrees East was entered (The values are for Kathmandu, Nepal). Scroll down to see various data choices. Select any parameter of your interest and click submit. For example, upon selection and submission of “Insolation on horizontal surface (Average, Min, Max)” within the box “Parameters for Sizing and Pointing of
Solar Panels and for Solar Thermal Applications”, the following screen will appear:

You can click on Parameter Definition to learn the details on each parameter. If you click Show A Location Map, following screen will appear:

You can copy the data and paste into excel sheet to use for the required purpose.

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