Evolution in a Nutshell – The Grasshopper Theory.

This is supposed to be one of the most simple approaches I can offer my friends on how best to understand the ways of Evolution (funny isn’t it; if you mirror the word ‘live’ you get ‘evil’; but if you mirror the word ‘evolve’ you almost get ‘eve - love’ which, I believe, refers to evolution as the will and love Mother Nature [Danu] gives to all of her Natural Beings on Earth.). To explain what I mean in this simple blog, I cite the Grasshopper Theory. The Grasshopper Theory simply states; “The grasshopper is an ingenious little creature, and it has to be for many reasons. Its eyes are compound with as many as 100,000 lenses between both to see in a complete turret around its head. Its feelers sense vibrations, pheromones, wind changes, electro-magnetic waves on many wavelengths; as presumably, do its eyes. But, boy, can it HOP fast! And this is because it is small and packed with muscle; particularly in the trunk and upper back legs thighs. “Unfortunately, these circumstances of its being all conspire against the poor little grasshopper, which represents a tasty, nutritious snack for many, many species. That’s why it has to be so fast! The catch-22 in this situation, is that the more enemies the poor grasshopper naturally accumulates, the more nature will adapt it to be able to cope with the demands of trying to stay one step ahead. The other side of the coin, of course; is that simultaneously, the predators are all similarly still actively engaged in evolution to try to sharpen their senses to be able to continue living and eating our poor grasshopper. “But for all of this, because the grasshopper keeps evolving, and so do the predators; so, I say, for all this, I still think it’s really nice to hear them as you sit in an overgrown, yellow field in Summer. So much so, that I can even mimic their song vocally with whistles, to entice them to come closer and sing with me, before I have to go in. Strange, as that may sound; but it isn’t hard to recognise this form of genius – or musical genius – so I say it again, I’m on the grasshopper’s side! X. lol. :-)> “

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