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EDUC 480 - Mini-Lesson: Lesson Plan

Date: June 9th, 2015

Target Student Group: Grade 5 Core French
Title of Lesson: Asking questions about birthdays. Answering using month and date.
Teachers : Tannyce Tremblay and Jesse Pearson
PLOs: (Connection to IRP)

Ask and respond to simple questions.

Lesson Objectives/Student Understandings:
Students will be able to...
Formative assessment will be completed to get a baseline of

Ask questions relating to month and date of

where students are in terms of pronunciation of the months
and dates. The teacher will be observing the students when

Provide an answer to the question their

they are speaking and will be taking notes on pronunciation.
partner asks

Record information on a calendar


Lets start with a review from last class. To ask when someones birthday is you would

Calendars (One
ask Quand est lanniversaire de _____________?
blank and one with

To respond you would answer Cest le ___________.

birthdays recorded
on it)

Lets review the numbers from 1-31.

6 question cards

Lets review the months of the year. Repeat after me.

per group

We are going to play a game to practice our pronunciation of the months and dates, and
asking questions relating to birthdays. You will complete the activity in partners. We will

model what to do.

Two tables

Partner one is going to stand at the table with a pencil and the question cards. You will

Prompt response
read the question to your partner. Partner two is going to run down to the other table
where there are calendars. They will then look at the calendar, find the persons
birthday, run back and tell the partner who will record it on their calendar. Continue this
until you have completed all 3 cards. We will then switch. Partner two will stay at the
table with a pencil ready to ask questions and record answers on the calendar while
partner one will run down to find the answers.

The objective is to be the first team completed with all the birthdays recorded correctly.

Reflection of the activity. You can use the prompts or can talk about any feelings or thoughts that arose during the
activity. Prompts: How did it feel having to listen to someone say the sentence and then retain the information and find
the answer on a calendar? How did it feel being responsible for correctly pronouncing the sentence to your partner to
ensure that they understood? Can you think of any situations where it may be required for you to hold information in
your head to then repeat to someone else? Did you like participating in the activity? Why or why not?

Scaffold by having students review the months and numbers up to 31. This will help them practice the vocabulary that
will be needed to complete the activity.

Responses are provided to partner only so there is not any individual speaking in front of the entire class to reduce

Prompt cards are provided for the questions as well as the response to ensure that students know how to say the
question and respond.