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Social Studies 5th Grade Spring Project Due Date:

March 22, 2010

Your spring project consists of a poster board presentation and a

research paper. Try to use as many details and or pictures on your board

to help illustrate the type written paper that will accompany the poster board

presentation. You will be assigned a state to research. Write an expository

essay detailing the researched facts you found about that assigned state.

Please include and expand on the important details such as: population, land

area, economy, unemployment rate, poverty rate, median income,

languages spoken, demographics, industry, exports, climate, education

statistics, crime rate, sports teams, state (flag, flower, motto, song, capital),

include any popular people from the state and name any U.S. Presidents

from that state. Try to be as creative as you would like.

All papers are to be typed, double spaced, 12pt font, in black

ink. Papers must be at least five paragraphs or more in length. All

papers must have a title page which includes the state assigned,

your name and your homeroom number. You must also include a

bibliography page that list at least three references, only one

reference can come from the internet.

This project will be completed at home and supported at school in the

library and computer classes.

Poster board presentations should be neat, easy to read and

include the visual presentations included in the paper. Boards are

simple 36”x24” that can be purchased from any drug store.

Pictures can be drawn or computer generated. All boards should

have the name of the state and state flag centered on the

presentation board