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VERSION 1 MAY 4, 2015 SUMMARY OF THE ETHICS COMPLAINT FOR BARNES SUTTON AND BROWNLEE PRESENTED BY: VIOLA DAVIS. UNHAPPY TAXPAYER & VOTER, INC. \WWW.UNHAPPYTAXPAYERANDVOTER.COM 762188 exes 79222 Tae Te2a2e eza17 ea 788261 Teaeet Teztes e828 Teazes Tes286 etaer Tesze5 Tezze8 Teza0e 767208 702288 752300 732301 7a2302 TES ‘vzaz009 Ta za ‘ewn009 seuz000 ‘iwa008 a, am92008 syo02000 ROE Diao Baa010 “ans Dia, Baa. ora gore oitaE0s0 oira20%0 "ran 00e BIOS ‘en2000 ‘e008 ‘saz000 ETO FSIS vSTRONITS ‘Commission Updaes and Ogos Auguat SOPOT OADDET 2009 ‘Gommion Dex Decarer Phase Sof Die Fear) “he Aer eure Conanon ERCASIST aninCove yh) Organi Rosestares Fa Oane Se Ofgarizers, 6 12x82 Metal Pure, 7-Hole, Come Frain aveyR)Orpeir Rosestores Fer Case Size izes, 8 12x81, sos, Choma, TWTERN suet ‘QUOTE 8 CaTBEVir Bata To Noble Preston WENCO Ser Customer istal(2.0878)& BSW ee Lum fn Pray Beto, Cust G12 2988) Cae INTERN INTERN INTERN INTERN INTER INTER INTERN INTER ava ice ETE Comte Updates. ‘Coneligiegisiatve tsbesDecarer, 208 ‘CanersgiPoey Araya nDacarba, 2008 ‘ania Webae UpsnesDecarer 208 ‘Canauling, Research & Ealing Noverbe: Dever 008 ‘Wasa & PBT Retains Contig, Novara Desariba, 200} egies aia Deca aE orion Undies August September, Oeoba 2008 ‘Gomnsion Digest Docarber have 33 Nels Pro ‘The Aaa ouraConaitar seer FranklinCovey) Organs Acoasares For Cisse Ste Organizers, § 123812, Noa Puna, 7Hole, Crome alah) aah Bary Saar, BREE TER ‘Consul Conny BESTS ‘QUOTE: 9 Gai geWH Baty fr HoSTe Pression MB400 Siva Customer Insis"20873) & sine ost Linn lon Primary Battery, Cus (12-0844) Taian THTERN. INTERN TWTERN TWTERN. INTERN. THER THTERN. INTERN. Atve( i Gd USE Daves CEE TE Heme Computer Usdates Consuling/Leisativeis065 Became 200. ‘ersulnaiPoiey Area December 2203 Ge abe Upiae ‘Consulting, Research & Eating, a0’ December 2008 Teel & Pub Relitons Conslig, NevernbarDecen Slab Arayes-Deser ba DERICOD DABNEY ENBERS TORNARERE ‘DEKALE HISTORICAL "RTTANT JOURNAL CONSTI ‘OFFCEDEPOTING OFFCEDEPOTING AMIE FORE EVELYN WARY JOFNSOW DELL MARKETING LP BESTPRNTRE Kerr HOHE HOGKETT SAMI HOGKETT fOcKETL SAMI HOGKETT SAGA HOGKETT KET SAMICK HOGKETT ‘OFFIGE DEPOT WN TER MART BOE LUNDSTEN ‘SOOTT DAVID WPLIE CORNOR ASTARE STEPHANE EMCBRIDE ‘GAR GROVE CONMUNICATIONS ROOKS SOT a5 25,9 1507 Ta] 0.00 205.58 00 27600 55200 77600 $5200 27600 30.50] $2,500.00] $1730.00] $2,150.00 32350000 5200000 THO00 Tear ee] coanom SRR RRS WoT ana Ta TT MoOTT a | OFTCE DEPOT AE Tine es tee a TTS TOS RRR REPRESENT Tr Tzeeso | annoer ] oaregoee | 7OORE REROERT 37 PROFESSIONAL TROOBE ACROBAT WU PROFESSIONAL] OF GE DEPOT NE ae ADOBE RERDERT 5 PROFESSONAT ‘Rey Sataaree COSTS] FACE DEPOT IC yemeso | suzoer | oanscove Fle lortab 8212, Ok ed, sae es orsee Ta Be ID Coen TATO OWT eave] Pat Sr ODE CO PARE PROEATEARTANE rasous | su2n1o | oaraoo | Sone ana Dress Rapoconanee Ragavaton Maras Bore & Sra + 000 ‘rol, Dea Represents Ta Fi DO Ca ranRGGeEaTn Wars Baamwe | Pa se eae PARE PROEATORNTENE ravots | sua1ia | oaroaon | Sande ano datet Reposetane Regavaten "Mara fore 8. 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Black, January December 2008 Assorted Colors, Pack Of 3 alone inet CoP kaeeu Waa Pame 177] Russert ensue Waleoae_| OFFCEDEROT NE rane | sxasor | cacuzoos | 2 Bec orca Soni e Gunaiens Woates essen a iia se yo Go Tome | acer | cannon | BERT SARTO rato Wont Rane TTXE | sian tes et See] OFFEE DEPOTS aes aaa caraa/20oe | | 412, Biack, January December 2008 ee) Sa eters Wy Fanaa an TST SARE TERSTRS ranee | scxer | coveznoo| e'Buc awan Secreto ‘marae Sos Pend 3 sore nee ‘ear rN) RAGES Ca aba Ws] ~An RaOCTRTOTR SERS | OFTE DEPOT RE rouse | seco | comeznon| Settietarie'eciccr bina siashonss. | Lseswen Wn vine it forna ae wrges ad ab Pinar, See Pacha sees. a ae Te t r a ee IF) Electric Date/Time Saoar, SiO) Beene DaiTire Saree | OFF We ar EEE TT baie Maer HEATHER FURY 2m 7 es Professional Consutig and AGnTTan SeTVERE reese! 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Colr_| SUBURBAN CUSTOMTATARBSE | 5 ste20| zeae | avaeao | owzraoon | Betled Water Case O24 HP aaranced Phat Papa, Gbssy, 476] OFFICE DEPOT NO erica 155 lp Pace OF 100 Sheets mite ‘Wau Birger 2 Ring. 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Teese Tan PRTC CaTTapes | OFFICE BEPOTINC an ‘OFFIGE DEPOT NG Ine Peek Ore Zebra) Oz Gabrs Retacabe Ca Roletbal Pens, O77] HetwR) TZ Sorage Bags, Gust Sze, | OFFICE DEPOT NG Pr rseoed | avorot_| 01082008 | eau Pan Bick Bares Black nk, Pack Of 12 poeouaa 2 Zebra) Ortiz Gers Revacanie Ge Roloal Pee, 07 Th] —Ofien Depot) Brand Wedunrteran | ~OFFIOE DEPOT NC = scoot | svoret_| rocuaowe | jfesun on, boss Sone Basic ass Ot Sora faa io : Siu Zebra) Ove Genk Retacabe Gel Rolebal Pens, 07 mm, | Once Depot) Green Rooed | OFFICE DEPOT NG rs0004 | rarer | saos2000 | Mesiom Pom, elk Bare, Black hk, Pack OF 12 HaraingFlders, 1 Cut 72311, 8 so Groen Pack oF 8. ‘ebea) Oz Gavin Raacabe Gal Ralebal Pens, OT im | —Zabra(R) Orble Golnk Rava Gar | OFFICE DEPOT NG reso | svs7o1 | os200e | Mesum Pot, Slack Bara, Black rk Pack Of 12, Roleral Pers, 0.7 mm, edi Pen. 3S mee Bach Borel Black nk Pack OF 12 ‘abe ro Gera ReaCaDe Gal RaTaal Pens, OT rim | —Zaba(R) Orble Golnk ReaciaieGar | OFFICE DEPOT NC seo | rarer | ss2008 | Medium Pot Slack Bare, Bleck rk Pack Ot 12 Rotel Pens, 07 mim Medium Po, s 200 Blue Sarat Blue ink Pack OL2 7 ‘abr rb Gera Ratacabe Gal Ralabal Pens OT im | —Zplocn| 1 Gabon Strage Sag. 175TH] OFFICE DEPOT NE Tseoos | _s7sre1_| 10082008 | feciim Pon Clack Batre, Blok nk Pack Ot 12 ‘Sear, 60101250 see ern() Bpes Reoyed Nutourpose Color Pape BV2XTT, | BIGIR) Cie Sic) Revacati Pans 10 | OFFIGE DEPOT NG resis: | svsea7_ | 012008 | 24 Un, 22 Brentnoss Ree, Ream OF 500 Sets tm, Median Poet, While Bare, lack 5 60 TFIATR) Relerbal Fon Re, FIs Gr Gip Gel G2, LTO am] —SenReaR UF BAN OTT OFECE DEPOTS rer | srerzs | rzn00e | Exccubve G7 Pen, Fine Pit, O7 mm, Black Pack O12 Fetaciatie Gl Pon Refi, Medium S600 Poin. 07mm. 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