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There are moments when it's too quiet.

Particularly late at night or early in

the mornings. That's when you know there's something lacking in your life.
You just know.

People ask me, "Why do you believe in God? How do you know God exists?
What if God is a hoax?" But I mean, why do people believe in love? So many
people kill each other; our world is degrading, divorces are at an all time
high, and a lot of people cheat on one another. With all that, how can you
believe in love? When you hear it like that, love just sounds like a hoax. But
when you see love, when you feel love, it gives you this hope. That's why
you hear about it all the time; that's why it's the biggest issue in our world.
Love is something clich as it sounds, it's truly unexplainable. God is
unexplainable. He sent his only son to die for us, us humans who are so
screwed up. Love is the very foundation our universe is built upon. Without
love, none of us would be here.
When a little girl puts her energy to give
her dad a kiss... Thats Love
When a wife makes tea for her
husband & take a sip before him... Thats Love
When a mother gives her son the best
piece of cake... Thats Love
When your Friend holds your hand
tightly on a slippery road... Thats Love
When your brother/sister messages
you & ask if you reached home on time... Thats Love
Love isnt just a guy holding a girl & going around the city...
Love is actually another name of " Care " :)

] "I Miss You" []

When something really good happens,
because you are the one I want to share it with..
[] "I Miss You" []
When something is troubling me,
Because you are the one who understands me so

[] "I Miss You" []
When I laugh & cry because I know that
You are the one that makes my laughter grow & my
tears disappear. ..
I Miss you all the time but I Miss you the most
I wake up later at night and think of all the

When someone sleeps a lot, Be

sure that person is Lonely...
When someone does not talk
much,And If he talks, he Talks Fast,
Be sure that Person Keeps
When someone Can not
Cry,Be Sure that Person is Weak...
When someone Eats in an
Abnormal Way,Be sure that Person
is Always in Tension...
Finally.. When someone Asks about
you, Although that person May Be
busy, Be sure that someone Loves
You.. . . .!!

Kal Koi
Kyonki Kuch Rishtey Zindgi Bhar Yad Aate Hai


Baate karke rula na dena..

chup rehke saza na dena..
na de sake khushi toh thodi khushi he sahi bus 1vaada karo
ki zindgi me hume kabhi bhula na dena.