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Amanda Wood

5653 Campbell Rd SE, Faucett MO 64448

(816) 749-5428


Elementary School Teacher/ Special Education Teacher


Missouri Western State University

B.S. Elementary Education
Emphasis Area: Special EducationMild to Moderate Cross Categorical K-12
Minor: Mathematics


Missouri State Certification

Elementary 1-6
Mild to Moderate Disabilities Cross Categorical K-12


Mid-Buchanan RV Certified Teachers Aide 1-6

Worked with students individually and in small groups to achieve IEP goals.
Modified assignments, read tests, recorded and tracked progress of students.
Worked with a diverse group of various learning, medical and behavior
disorders. Summer school 3rd/4th grade reading

Faucett, MO
Aug 2014- present

Skaith Elementary Grade 6 Student Teacher Senior Experience

Planned, taught, organized, and assessed a wide range of units that met Grade
Level Expectations, MO Show-Me Standards, and Common Core State
Standards for a classroom of 27 students.

St. Joseph, MO
Spring 2014

Lake Contrary Elementary - Grade 2 Jr. Experience

Planned, taught, and assessed a six lesson unit with two RTIs in guided reading
which demonstrated student growth in learning. Led whole class discussions for
nine units of spelling and worked with a small reading group. Worked with
individual students during independent reading.

St. Joseph, MO
Fall 2013

Parkway Elementary Grades 2-6 Special Education Practicum

Worked with small groups to meet IEP goals. Attended IEP meetings with
parents, transitional meetings, a placement decision meeting, and observed
placement testing and requalification testing.


St. Joseph, MO
May 2014

St. Joseph, MO
Spring 2013

Robidoux Middle School Grades 7-8 Special Education Practicum

Taught whole class lessons in Social Studies and Science and worked with
students one-on-one during study skills with homework or to meet IEP goals.
Attended transition meetings for students going to high school and elementary
students coming to junior high. Observed recertification testing, and MAP
testing procedures for students with IEPs.

St. Joseph, MO
Spring 2013

Private Student Tutor

Worked individually with a first grade student who was going to be held back
because of reading. The student progressed from a Reading Level E to Level H.
Worked with a 4th grader who was on a 30 Lexile level to reach grade level.

St. Joseph, MO
Summer 2011
Faucett, MO
Summer 2014

Developmental Mathematics TutorMissouri Western

Worked with college students one-on-one to assist in learning mathematic skills
from a variety of levels. Skills ranged from basic math skills such as negative
numbers and fractions to basic algebraic skills, such a graphing a line given an
equation and finding the equation given a line.

St. Joseph, MO

References and Credentials furnished upon request.

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