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1. The diagram below shows a xylem vessel.

Are xylem vessels living or dead structures? Give a reason.

2. What are the main functions of xylem vessels?

3. State three ways in which xylem vessels are adapted to their functions.
4. Explain the processes involved in the movement of water from the soil into the conducting tissue of a
plant root.
5. Products of photosynthesis, such as sucrose, are translocated via the phloem from sites of
production in green leaves to places where they are utilised, such as seeds, fruits, roots, and new
leaves. These places are known as 'sinks'
a. Describe a pathway by which a sucrose molecule is transported from the leaf to a sink such as a
b. Describe an experiment that can demonstrate the process described in (a).
c. Suggest and explain one reason why a sucrose molecule may be transported to a particular sink and
not to other sinks.
6. Describe how water from the capillary tube enters the shoot to reach one of the leaves.