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Center for Supportive Bureaucracy

Empowering Clerks Network
Department of Efficiency
JP-33 (DL-892881)
This certifies that an institution

has been issued in compliance with ECN regulations with the requirements of CSB authority for the benefit of all.

Name: __________________
Place: __________________

Expiration date: ______________
Notes: _____________________

⬜ Valid for community. Valid for 12 months. Renew online or use white-out. Center for Supportive Bureaucracy Forgiver’s License (Class A&B), Refurbished Report Cards, Adults Special Achievement Stickers, Apology Declarations, Happiness Insurance,
Pain Deed, OK Parent Award, Loving & Liable Entity certification, Clown Visa, True Friend Diploma, Open Carry permits for musical
instruments, Karma Inspection, Empowering Clerk training program (G-786). Follow ECN regulations.