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Film The Look of Silence i Joshua Oppenheimer. 2014, 'PG-13.[n Indonesian, with subtities. Documentary. Landmark's Sunshine; opens Fl 17. Joshua Oppenheimer’s 2012 ‘documentary The Act of Kling was aradical, disquieting thing: bizarre forum for Indonesia's Benocidal leaders (still feared Nearly 50 years after their antl Communist purge) tore-create ‘their murders as fantasy skits. Dressing up as gangsters, these hhappy butchers seemed to really enjoy themselves, andit ‘Oppenheimer never quite challenged them on their self: descrived heroism, his fim ended up being a quiet indictment. The Look of Silenceis the staggering followup. twas made intandem with The Act of Killing (and sourced from the same esearch) andi the film for those ‘who feel the director didn't go far enough. Asuperior work of confrontational boldness, it might een be the movie Oppenheimer wanted ‘tomake inthe first place. Again, Wwe sitwith the perpetrators, who speak of drinking their victims” blood or knifing hundreds of people ‘down by river. Butthistime, the provocative presence of Ad, an ‘optician whose older brother was. ‘among those killed, makes ‘everyone squirm. Efficiently examining theireyes forglasses, {Adi is an unassuming interrogator, buthis soft-spoken claims are explosive, drifting into dangerous territory that would have hac him targeted not ong ago. (AS with the earlier flm, many crew members. ‘go anonymous inthe credits) Some viewers wil miss the director's surreal panache from The Act of Kling. But The Look of Silence has.a spel ofits own, largely supplied by the constant buzz of insects, a dreamlike platform for these conversations. Elsewnere, we go into a school, witere today’s young Indonesians still submitto indoctrination It's a sscene out ofanightmare, but this time, there's awarrior cutting though the underbrush of fer. Essential.Joshua Rothkop! 1 eyear's best documentary demands answers, from criminals in our midst. Irrational Man Dir. Woody Alen. 2015. R. Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey. Local theaters; opens Fri 17. Notsince 2007's Cassandra's Dream has Woody Allen played itso deadly straight with a tragic male character at the hear of adrama. Inrational Men harks back othe likes of Crimes and Misdemeanors ‘and gives us Abe Phoenix), a philosophy lecturer who arrives to ‘teach at a small East Coast college, He's preceded by a reputation for Seed ‘eccentricity and womanizing—it {uins out he’s impotent, to. ‘Two females circle him: fellow professor ita Posey), who wants tosleep with him, and student Jil (Stone), who insists, weakly, that herinterestin this dark coud of a ‘man is purely platonic. Abe feels useless and directionless. It's only ‘when, unknown to anyone else, he hatches a plot tocommit the perfectorime that he starts to ‘come alive. Only then does thejazz property kickin on the soundtrack Itall feels prety familiar for Woody: the tortured genius, the younger woman, murder as an existential debate, the world increasingly closing in on our ~antinero. But there's something sloppy and sluggish about Irrational Man, even by Allen's Uneven standards. Itis by ‘no means disgraceful—at timesit feels refreshingly Luncomplicated—and there's enough for the director's fans to enjoy and unpack. But the energy levels are low, nothelped inthe ‘early stages by Phoenix's mumbling, laconicmess. Luckily, Stone isa lively presence. Posey, sadly is saddled with a character who reflects badly ‘on its creator: an intelligent but drunken woman who's inexplicably willing to throw herself at a miserable academic. And you need some serious stontelling pizzazz—the kind Allen regularly Used to serve up—to push thraugh this ludicrous plot.—Dave Calhoun THE BOTTOM LINE One of Woody's darkest, ifnot one ofhis best. | ir Judd Apatow. 2015. R. Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, Local theaters; opens Fr 17. ‘Amy Schumeris acomedy superwoman: Her standup is funny as hell, she's aviral sensation, and lately he’s ‘become every feminists git crush, Now she's the best thing to happen toHollywood since the Tina Foy/ ‘Amy Poehler double act. Schumer's ‘new autobiographical comedy, Trainwreck, about a commitment. phobie NYC write, isthe funniest ‘iim of the summer—outrageous | andoutto make you think. The posters say “from the guy ‘who brought you Bridesmaids’ (meaning superproducer Judd Apatow), but Taimvreck is more of a straightforward rom-com, with ‘one big difference: Schumer plays the traditional “man* role. She's hard partying, promiscuous Amy, a \wrter fora Maxim-esque rag that publishes articles like “How to talk your girfiend into a three-way.” But when assigned tointerview a | sports surgeon Hader, adorable), Amy cracks and gets serious. Trainwreck isn't perfect. An emotionally weak ending feels like ‘a copout. But you can forgive this film aot. Youforgethowlimited so ‘many movies" ideas of women are tntil Schumer launches into an ‘extended tampon joke. It's film about everyday sexism and double standards. Schumeris calling this stuff out, butyou only realize this when you stop laughing. Wince- inducingin many ways, Trainwreck hhasits priorities right—Cath Clarke ‘THE BOTTOM LINE A fresh, | feminist and very funny comedy. 44 TIMEOUT.COM/NEWVORK July 15-24, 2015 ier % yay Ene geen oa Pete td etoceneet ea Peter aia eee ca Pra Eee irs Pee cor tener | rg ee ee oo ene oa eee anno Ea eet a ‘om the Despcable Me moves? OF eet Sn en en ae ea nad oor ere eee iid eee rte ee pris terertatt Laas ea Now playing Amy 390% Dir. Asif Kapadia 2016. R, Documentary. Anyone With a beating hear will be forgiven forallowingit to break during this unflinching and thoughtful ‘account of the life of soul singer ‘Amy Winehouse, Moving from Winehouse's first steps into the ‘music business in 2001 to her death in 2011 atjust27, Amyeives equal weight tohertalent andthe ‘tragedy ofits loss, Smarty, the film refuses tooffer easy answers to ‘explain her demise.—Dave Calhoun Inside Out «3% Dir. Pete Docter ‘and Ronaldo de! Carmen. 2015. PG. Voices or Amy Poehler, Bil Hader, Leinis Black, Pixar's fun, near experimental atest willhave kids straining listen to imaginary volcesin their heads—those are the real stars ofthe move: Joy (Poehler) Fear Hader), Anger (Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). At times, you ache to putthe brakes onthe chaos, but hiss stil arare end riveting adventure.—DC ALSO OPENING ‘MR. HOLMES Dir. Bill Condon. 2025. PG. lan MeKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada. ‘An aging Sherlock (MeXelen) tiesto stave off dementia as he grapples wit) ‘an unsolved caso that’ haunted him for ‘decades. Local theaters; opens Fi 17 ‘court Dir. Chaitanya Tamhane. 2024. N/R. Usha Bane, Vivek Gomber ‘farce about te flings of ida’s dial stem, this black comedy tes the story ofa cty worer who commits sce, and the fk singer who's blamed fori Flin Forum; now playing LULA & EVE Dir. Charles Stone il. 2025. R. Viola Davis, Jennifer Lopez. ‘This revenge tle stare Dave 28 2 tevng mother who's encouraged by ew end (Lopez to sek payback or her Sam's death. Vilage Eas: opens F 17 JELLYFISH EYES Die. Takashi Murakami. 2013. N/R. Takuto Sueoka, Himeka Asami. Murakami the Andy Warhol of Japan, ‘tes his hand at fmmaking with tis adorable tale about kids and their et ‘monsters. IFC Centar; naw paying Mag Me X34 reso ome toian cumin eo” | HUDSON ‘elec atone ‘Tatum is back with his Oscar-worthy IVERFLICKS wioiecneeeee” |B EREEI either forthis less improvised, borderlinecheesy bu still very fun seuctione znoneranctet | aa arity aie K WED Mike's snake-hipped MC and JULY 15 director Steven Soderbergh, who gavethe orginalits grit, lvedin NEIGHBORS R feel.—Cath Clarke Pier 65 Lawn at W25 St | Minions #4 Dis. Kyle Balda Silanes Soon etn] ‘and Pierre Coffin, 2015, PG, Volees | ‘of Sanara Bullock, Jon Hamm, | ‘Michae! Keaton. Gutloose fromthe famiy-values slushiness ofthe Despicabie Me movies, the Minions. are free to indulge theirmost randomly hilarious instnets. Setin the summer of 1968, the fm follows three Minions as they search for anewevil masterto sene. The action sequences ere wild the jokes are relentlessly dum fout smart, andthe sheer sense of anything goes WTFnessis : ‘Blorious.—Tom Huddleston WED = i JULY 22 film society lincoln center SELMA PG13 TANGERINE Pe an Wt A811 1-155 350 5313.92 seonsomeoay A DELTA ‘YE, $3, 538,73, 020 THE WOLFPACK 16:0 5, THE BOXTROLLS Fc | Pier 46 at Charles St IVD: S00 50070 900 FRI a 13h 3050 70 900 JULY STRAY DOG weeks "MUST END THURSDAY? PEE WEE’S BIG THIER 0 ADVENTURE PG GGUS | er so coven askin " Movies begin at dusk 325 SITY AENUE f | (Generally around 8:30pm). BEC. 5/20) | aeons available for purchase TH STD Pa PRE y STEAK (mevoLUTION | |) foosoNe SUMMER OF FUN 2018 ‘nt ee ‘& UPDATES Memmi] |) CIUDSON frceenereree) 9 VER eummn] || PARIGORG July 15-24, 2015 TIMEOUT.COM/NEWYORK 47