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NANO-“A Dream car for the poor

NANO-“A Dream car for the poor

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How to provide a better LOW COST safer option for an Indian family who never dreamed of owning a safe ,personal, affordable car earlier?
How to provide a better LOW COST safer option for an Indian family who never dreamed of owning a safe ,personal, affordable car earlier?

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Published by: raunak0001swtrose4u on Feb 22, 2010
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NANO-“A Dream car for the poor”

DECISION PROBLEM: How to provide a better LOW COST safer option for an Indian family who never dreamed of owning a safe ,personal, affordable car earlier?

Reasons for producing this small car
1) Increased road accidents due to unsafe two wheeler ride. 2) A car have a more emotional and social appeal rather than rational appeal. 3) A small car is the need of the growing Indian society. Every Indian who owns a bike or scooter want to own a small car at slightly higher rate than bike because of safety and comfort for whole family. 4) A small car if high in mileage will become more popular in Indian over crowdie cities with a launch from first day because of rapid increasing high oil prices and less available parking space.

Other major issues:
1) How to produce a 1 lakh rupees car for a middle class income family group without compromising his safety, mileage and performance features . 2) How to lower down the distribution and transportation cost? 3) How to make it environment friendly ? 4) How to Maximize its mileage due to pressure of growing oil prices? 5) Will Nano will increase traffic further in Indian roads? 6) Whether this kind of car will be proved as an alternative of a bike? 7) How TATA will cater the vast latent demand with limited capacity of their plants?

Macro- environment analysis :
A)Technological: Fuel efficient, compact cars are in fashion India - global hub for small cars. RND increased for battery operated cars. Indian automobile engg. has shown their stuff by producing nano in 1 lakh rupees against increasing steel prices . Onsite assembling , glue used to connect components. B) Social : Urbanization and less available public transportation is increasing necessity of personal cars. Car is seen as a status symbol and have an emotional appeal. Bad Quality of roads and clogging of cities is common problem in India.

C) Economical:
1. 2. 3. 4.

Indian consumer is upgraded in terms of income level. poor consumers are seen as an opportunity , India will grew fifth largest market by 2015. In India 59% consumption dominated by middle class people.

D) Legal:
1. 2. 3.

global warming and pollution are a serious concern bharat 3 & euro 4 norms are necessary for car manufacturers 630cc below cars are having tax exemptions.

Swot analysis of TATA MOTORS
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Innovative out of box thinking Strong leadership of RNT Efficient supply chain Vendor relationship and development Strong R&D department Dedicated & loyal personnel. Shown its strength in producing world’s smallest and cheapest car. Trusted brand

1)The TATA Motors company has also acquired brand Jaguar who is targeting premium class people while NANO is targeting middle class low income customers so it can dilute the Jaguar brand expectations. 2) The safety can be another aspect in which customers can be doubtful specially in terms of NANO car. 3) The TATA company has no hands on experience of producing premium segment cars so in this segment if they will expand may get failure.

Opportunities: Global market like India ,China, Latin- America, Former East Europe and Asia.


Growing population of middle class who will control the largest block of income in the country at 19 trillion rupees or 44 percent of total income.


Indian market aspirations are increasing because of economic opportunities fuelled by information, telecommunication and internet revolution. Now Every Indian who is using two wheeler can easily purchase the car who has a strong emotional appeal in Indian society.


Battery and electric operated small car are the existing threat from countries like France ,Japan and Germany


Bajaj auto Ltd,Renault Nissan, Toyota ,Ford motor India an Maruti Suzuki are also going to produce space saving fuel efficient car.

SWOT analysis of TATA NANO:

Strengths: all weather vehicle, brand name, style, mileage, price( product innovation)

Weakness: fiber body, low suspension power, light vehicle (not suitable for hilly areas)

Opportunity: bikers can be motivated, auto rickshaw holders can be motivated

Threats: New entrants like spark, and smart battery /electric cars


Subject matter analysis / strategies:
The Tata company has used low cost innovative strategy for developing this NANO car Target market:- Executive two wheeler segment , Second hand car user, middle and lower income group 1) Understanding the customer needs (better safety and Mileage, less parking space, emotional attachment, status symbol for rural people) 2) Highlighting the low cost price feature while marketing it ( dream car for poor) 3) Invited the national and international media for coverage the launch of NANO.(CNBC,BBC etc.) 4) Operational excellence through supply chain management

5) Vendor development and reengineering 6) Internal marketing (Mr. Ravikant was assigned the task to motivate product development team.) Low cost advertising strategy 1) publicized as peoples car 2) Geneva and New Delhi auto expo 3) word of mouth and internet or viral marketing is enough for creating awareness.

Nano community, Nano diaries etc. are prepared to share experiences and reduce doubts of customers. Orkut, face book and YouTube are used as means to advertise the Nano.

Focus should be on service to meet post purchase service needs. New Variant like E-Nano can become better alternative in future mileage and low emission). Lottery system should be used to predict exact demand. Can do joint venture with some other leading auto companies for meeting the Indian consumer’s latent need of Nano immediately. Battery operated vehicles are the future of India so product research should be necessary on that direction also. They have two plants for NANO production which are located at pant nagar (Uttaranchal) and sanand (Gujarat).Transportation cost of Nano will reduce majorly if they establish plants at other different locations. (increased

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