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Ms. Charis S.

AP US History
Room 2106
Planning: 2nd Period
Course website:

Course Description: A chronological/conceptual study of the United States starting with the
settlement of Europeans and ending with the administration of the current president. This class is
a Milestones assessment class. Therefore, it is one of the most important social studies classes.
Course Objectives:
To develop an understanding of how the United States of America was influenced by
social, political, geographic, and economic forces.
To interpret and develop the ability to express ideas, prospective, and facts in
performance, oral, and written form.
To develop the students ability to study past events and issues within the context in
which an event unfolded, rather than solely in terms of present day norms and values.
Grading Scale:
Grading for this course will be done by weighting of many different assignments based
on a total percentage of points. Students will be provided with a grade sheet in that they can use
to keep track of their grade as the year progresses. Grade weights are as follows:
*Tests and Projects: 50%
*Quizzes: 20%
*Daily Work 10%
*Benchmark: 20%
*Milestones assessment: 20% of entire course grade
If a student were to gain the total points possible in each assignment, their total score would be a
100% in the course. Chattooga High Schools grading policy for course grades are:
90-100= A
80-89= B
70-79= C
70&below= F
I= Incomplete
Classroom Expectations and Procedures:
Chattooga High School rules will be strictly enforced in the class. For specific rules
please refer to your student handbook. Other specific classroom rules are as follows:
- Come to class prepared. Have ALL materials (notebook, pen/pencil, and paper) and a
positive attitude.
- Respect others opinions, attitudes, and beliefs. (This includes the teacher as well as other
- NEVER talk while another students or the teacher is talking.
- Respect all school and personal property. See technology contract below.

Please come to class on time and begin work immediately on your warm-up.

Absences/Make up Work:
Students are encouraged to come to school every day unless illness, a family emergency,
or some other excused absence prevents them from doing so. Students who miss my class
unexcused will have 3 class meetings to get their work (including tests) completed (or scheduled
to complete in the case of tests) for full credit. If any missed work is not completed in this time
frame, the highest grade possible to receive will be a 75.
Tardy Policy:
If a student is not in my class and in their seat by the time the bell rings, you are tardy.
The first tardy will be a warning, others will be dealt with according to Chattooga Highs tardy
policy. Being tardy more than once can result in disciplinary action.
Students are expected to be on their best behavior while in my classroom. Discipline will
be strictly enforced. We will be working on several different projects that will require teamwork
and cooperation so it will essential for students to be able to listen and work effectively with one
another. Respect is of the utmost importance in this class. I will show each student respect and I
will expect it to be given in return.
Each day when the student enters class the student is to begin work on their warm-up for
the day. Warm-ups will either be on the whiteboard or the Smart board.
Students will be using Google Chromebooks in the classroom EACH day. Students will
be strictly monitored during their use of school purchased technology. Chromebooks will not be
allowed to be open unless the teacher gives expressed permission. Students will be expected to
be only on applications and websites that the instructor has assigned. Any student caught in
violation of this procedure will no longer be allowed to use the technology and will either receive
a zero or will be required to hand-write and use textbooks rather than use the enhanced
instructional capabilities the technology allows. Students also MUST return their signed
technology usage contract before they may continue to use instructional technology devices.
Once the students are in my class I would prefer for them not to leave the class again
unless it is an emergency. Students have 3 hall passes that they may use for my class this
Parent Contact:
I will be maintaining parental contact as much as possible through e-mail, the Remind
application, phone calls, and other venues as necessary. Please feel free to contact me with any

Parent Name

Chattooga High School Technology Student Contract

To Students:
Your Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) is to use for educational purposes,
innovation, and creativity. However, usage is a privilege and not a right. You must use your
Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) responsibly and are expected to fully participate with
your Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) in all classroom activities as directed by your
teachers. You must keep your device charged and in good working order at all times. Chattooga
High School shall retain the title to the equipment at all times. The student shall hold no security
or ownership interest in the equipment, its software, or in the licenses to school installed
To Parents:
Chattooga High School is focused on integrating technology into the classroom. With a
significant investment in education technology and infrastructure, your child will be trained to
utilize technology as a tool and resource in order to enhance their learning. The device can be
used for a multitude of applications. We encourage you to support your child in learning to use
the device and help monitor their use at home.
Students participating will use a Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) in several
classes. The device can be used to word process, access the internet, and run a variety of apps
that enhance the educational process. Teachers will communicate with students via school email
and will distribute (and collect) many classroom papers and documents electronically. In order to
facilitate this, students will be expected to use a school-assigned Gmail account.
Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) Documents:
The equipment is school property, not personal property. Saving documents with your
Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) will be done using the Google or iCloud document
sharing capabilities or a USB drive. By using these methods, documents can be saved and
exported in various formats for later use and students will have access to documents from other
computers via the Internet. These documents can also be shared with classmates and/or teachers.
1. I will take care of my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) while it is in my
2. I will never leave the classroom with my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac).
3. I will know where my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) is at all times.
4. I will never be on any unapproved website or application (INCLUDING GAMES) on
my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac).
5. I will charge my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac)s battery daily.
6. I will keep food and beverages away from my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac)
since they may cause damages to the device.
7. I will not disassemble any part of my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) or
attempt any repairs.
8. I will use my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) in ways that are appropriate,
meet Chattooga High School expectations and are educational.

9. I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the Computer (iPad,
Chromebook, or Mac).
10. I will not deface the serial number Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) sticker on
any Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac).
11. I understand that my Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) is subject to inspection
at any time without notice and remains the property of Chattooga High School.
12. I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.
13. I agree that all apps and content installed on the Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or
Mac) must be school appropriate as determined by school administrations. Failure to
abide by this rule may result in deletion of any apps on the device, regardless of the
students purchase and revocation of student usage privileges.
14. I will not store private, non-educational music and pictures on the Computer (iPad,
Chromebook, or Mac) or on school provided cloud storage (Drive, iCloud, USB).
Personal music and pictures will be deleted by a school employee to ensure that there
is enough space on the device for school related material. This may also result in
revocation of student technology privileges.
15. I agree to return the Computer (iPad, Chromebook, or Mac) along with the case and
power cord in good working condition at the end of each class period to the
designated cart.
I agree to the expectations and procedures as detailed above.
Student Name (Please
Parent Name (Please
Parent Signature:__________________________________________________Date:_________
Parent Email:__________________________________________________________________
Home Phone:_______________________________
Work Phone:_______________________________