Quiz 3b Science 110

1. Name three preeminent scientists of the 17th century. One of these scientists invented the diving bell. Another of these was an astronomer who sought to understand the path of comets. The third showed the world work on mathematical principles and not magic or by the capriciousness of gods.

2. What is Micrographia? Who wrote it? Why was it important?

3. Who was the second person to hold the Lucasian chair of physics at Cambridge University?

4. What does the term “action at a distance” mean and to what does it apply?

5. How does gravitational attraction fall off with distance?

6. Hook coined what word to describe the microscopic structure of cork? What is Hook’s law?

7. This scientist recognized fossils as once-living creatures or plants. Who was he? 8. Newton and who else invented what new form of mathematics known as fluxions?

9. Name 5 things Galileo discovered peering through his telescope.

10. The scientist I have in mind invented the electric motor and electric generator. Who is he?

11. The isle of Hven was where I resided. Who am I?

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