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The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs By

The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs By

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Published by: SethMarr123 on Feb 23, 2010
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The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs by RH Charles 1908 The Book of Enoch by RH Charles 1893 The Book of the Secrets

of Enoch by RH Charles 1896 Assumption of Moses by RH Charles The Book of Jasher 1887 Enoch Restitutus or an Attempt to Separate from the Books of Enoch, the book quo ted by St. Jude by Edward Murray 1836 The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses: Or, Moses' Magical Spirit-art by Johann Sc heible, Moses, Joseph Ennemoser 1880 The Shepherd of Hermas by Charles Taylor 1906 Coptic Apocryphal Gospels by Forbes Robinson 1896 Contains: Sahidic Fragments of the Life of the Virgin Bohairic Accounts of the Falling Asleep of Mary Bohairic Account of the Death of Joseph The Acts of the Elders: Commonly Called the Book of Abraham - to which is Append ed a Chapter to which is Appended a Chapter from the Book of Religious Errors by Abraham Norwood 1846 Psalms of the Pharisees Commonly called the Psalms of Solomon by Herbert Ryle 18 91 The Uncanonical Jewish Books: A Short Introduction to the Apocrypha by William J ohn Ferrar 1918 The Letter of Aristeas: Translated with an Appendix of Ancient Evidence of Origi n of the Septuagint by Henry St. John Thackeray - 1917 The Book of Adam and Eve also called The conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan, a book of the early Eastern Church 1882 A Mohawk legend of Adam and Eve 1892 Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol. 16 1870 Which contains: THE PROTEVANGELIUM OF JAMES 1 THE GOSPEL OF PSEUDO MATTHEW 16 THE GOSPEL OF THE NATIVITY OF MARY 53 THE HISTORY OF JOSEPH THE CARPENTER 62 THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS First Greek Form The Infancy of the Lord 78 Second Greek Form The Childhood of the Lord 86 Latin Form The Boyhood of Jesus 90 THE ARABIC GOSPEL OF THE INFANCY OF THE SAVIOUR 100 THE GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS The Acts of Pilate The Descent of Christ into Hell Greek The Acts of Pilate The Descent of Christ into Hell

THE LETTER OF PONTIUS PILATE WHICH HE WROTE TO THE ROMAN EMPEROR CONCERNING OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST 223 THE REPORT OF PILATE THE PROCURATOR CONCERNING OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST SENT TO ROM E TO TIBERIUS CAESAR THE GIVING UP OF PONTIUS PILATE 231 THE DEATH OF PILATE 284 THE NARRATIVE OF JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA 287 THE AVENGING OF THE SAVIOUR 245 THE ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLES PETER AND PAUL 256 The Story of Perpetua 276 THE ACTS OF PAUL AND THECLA 279 THE ACTS OF BARNABAS 293 THE ACTS OF PHILIP 801 THE ACTS OF PHILIP WHEN HE WENT TO UPPER HELLAS 317 THE ACTS AND MARTYRDOM OF THE HOLY APOSTLE ANDREW 885 THE ACTS OF ANDREW AND MATTHIAS IN THE CITY OF THE MAN EATERS 848 THE ACTS OF PETER AND ANDREW 368 THE ACTS AND MARTYRDOM OF MATTHEW THE APOSTLE 373 THE ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLE THOMAS 889 THE CONSUMMATION OF THOMAS THE APOSTLE 423 THE MARTYRDOM OF THE HOLY AND GLORIOUS APOSTLE BARTHOLOMEW 429 ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLE THADDIUS 440 THE ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST JOHN 444 THE REVELATION OF MOSES 454 THE REVELATION OF ESDRAS 468 THE REVELATION OF PAUL 477 THE REVELATION OF JOHN 493 THE BOOK OF JOHN CONCERNING THE FALLING ASLEEP OF MARY 504 THE PASSING OF MARY Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol. 20 1871 Which contains: THE WORKS OF GREGORY THAUMATURGUS A Metaphrase of the Book of Ecclesiastea 7 Canonical Epistle concerning those who in the Inroad of the Barbarians ate Thing s sacrificed to Idols or offended in certain other matters 80 The Oration and Pa negyric addressed to Origen THE FOUR HOMILIES OF GREGORY THAUMATURGUS 1 On the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin Mary 118 2 On the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin Mary 126 3 On the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin Mary 187 4 On the Holy Theophany or on Christ's Baptism 142 A Fragment on the Gospel according to Matthew 152 A Discourse on all the Saints THE WORKS OF DIONYSIUS BISHOP OF ALEXANDRIA THE EXTANT FRAGMENTS OF THE WORKS AND THE EPISTLES OF DIONYSIUS I. CONTAINING VARIOUS SECTIONS OF TILE WORKS 1 From the Two Books on the Promises in opposition to Noetus a Bishop in Egypt 1 61 2 From the Books on Nature against the Epicureans 171 3 From the Books against Sabellius 188 4 Fragments of a Second Epistle to Diouysius of Rome 189 Epistle to Bishop Basilides 196 II CONTAINING EPISTLES OR FRAGMENTS OF EPISTLES 1 To Domitius and Didymus 202 2 To Novatug 204 3 To Fabius of Antioch 205 4 To Cornelius the Roman Pontiff 216 To the Pontiff Stephen 217 6 To Pope Sixtus 218

7 To Philemon Presbyter of Sixtus 219 8 To Dionysius at that time Presbyter of Xystus and afterwards his Successor 221 9 To Pope Sixtus II 10 Against Bishop Germanus 11 To Hermammon 12 To the Alexandrians 13 To Hierax a Bishop in Egypt 14 From his Fourth Festival Epistle A Fragment on John viii 12 A Fragment probably by the Alexandrian Dionysius on the Reception of the Lapsed to Penitence THE REMAINS OF ARCHELAUS Acts of the Disputation with the Heresiareh Manes Pistis Sophia - a Gnostic gospel by GRS Mead 1896 The Suppressed Gospels Containing: Mary Protevangelion I. Infancy II. Infancy Nicodemus Christ and Abgarus Laodiceans Paul and Seneca Acts of Paul and Thecla I. Clement II. Clement Barnabas Ephesians Magnesians Trallians Romans Philadelphians Smyrnaeans Polycarp Philippians I. Hermas--Visions II. Hermas--Commands III. Hermas--Similitudes The Apocryphal New Testament by William Hone 1880 Same books as the Suppressed Gospels above, but with illustrations. The Apology and Acts of Apollonius and other monuments of early Christianity by FC Conybeare 1894 Includes: APOLOGY AND ACTS OF APOLLONIUS ACTS OF PAUL AND THEKLA ACTS OF S. PHOCAS ACTS OF S. POLYEUCTES ACTS OF SAINT EUGENIA ACTS OF S. CODRATIUS ACTS OF THEODORE ACTS OF S. THALELEUS ACTS OF S. HIZTIBOUZIT ACTS OF S. CALLISTRATUS ACTS OF S. DEMETRIUS The Didache or, The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles 1903 by George Allen

Diatessaron 1878 The Uncanonical Writings of the Old Testament: Found in the Armenian Manuscripts of the Library of St. Lazarus 1901 The suppressed Gospels and Epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus the C hrist by William Wake and other Learned Divines THE PROPHECY OF ABDIAS Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles by William Wright 1871 Volume 1 Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles by William Wright 1871 Volume 2 The Uncanonical Writings of the Old Testament 1900 Contains: The Book of Adam, The History of Assaneth, The History of Moses, The Deaths of the Prophets, Concerning King Solomon, A Short History of the Prophet Elias, Concerning the Prophet Jeremiah, The Vision of Enoch the Just, The Testaments of the XII Patriarchs, The Third Book of Esdras Inquiries Made by the Prophet Esdras Apocrypha of King James Version, which contains: I. ESDRAS II. ESDRAS TOBIT Judith The Rest of Esther The Wisdom of Solomon ECCLESIASTICUS BARUCH, WITH THE EPISTLE OF JEREMIAH The Song of the Three Holy Children The History of Susanna Bel and the Dragon [The Story of Susanna is perhaps the earliest example of a courtroom drama. Bel and the Dragon is perhaps the earliest example of a locked room mystery.] The Prayer of Manasses I. Maccabees II. Maccabees I. ESDRAS Apocalypse of Abraham and the Ascension of Isaiah by GH Box 1918 The Five Books of Maccabees in English by Henry Cotton 1832 The Apocalypse of Baruch by RH Charles 1918 The Apocalypse of Ezra by GH Box 1917 The Value of the Apocrypha by Bernard Joseph Snell 1905 Canonical & Uncanonical Gospels, with a Translation of the Recently Discovered G ospel of Peter by William Emery Barnes - 1893

Acta Apostolorum Apocrypha by Constantin von Tischendorf 1851 Text in Greek; introductory material in Latin. Apocrypha Sinaitica 1896 Twenty-five Agrapha: Or Extra-canonical Sayings of Our Lord by Blomfield Jackson - 1900 The Pearl of Great Price 1882 (Mormon) The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 19 23 (Mormon) The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon Upon Plates by Joseph Smith - 1920 (Mormon) The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the Key of Knowledge Volume 1 1865 by Ernst von Bunsen The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the Key of Knowledge Volume 2 1865 by Ernst von Bunsen The Sibyl and the Dream of One Hundred Suns Sibylline Oracles by Terry Milton 1899 Gospel according to the Hebrews 1871 The Book of Jubilees or The little Genesis by RH Charles 1902 THE EPISTLE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO THE LAODICEANS The Prayer of Azariah Fragment of an uncanonical Gospel from Oxyrhynchus by Bernard Grenfell 1908 The Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume 6, 1897 Which contains: The Apocalypse of the Virgin The Vision of Paul The Apocalypse of Sedrach The Testament of Abraham Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena The Narrative of Zosimus The Apology of Aristides The Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs Letter of Origen to Gregory Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol. 3 Which contains: Tatians Address to the Greeks The Three Books of Theophilus The Recognition of Clement 187

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