THEORY QUESTION 1. Differentiate between internal and external DOS command? Explain 7 commands. 2. What is zip file?

Why it is created? 3. Define client server computing with diagram? 4. What do you understand by clipboard? 5. What is data type in c language defined with its chart? 6. What is control panel? 7. Define functions in MS excel? 8. Define DBMS and its advantage? 9. Define algorithm, pseudo code, flow chart? 10. How you can create chart in ms excel? What is cell reference explain its advantage?

PRACTICAL QUESTION 1. Make your own resume with tab option? 2. Take imaginary data of 10 students and calculate their result using function according to the total marks of five subjects? 3. Write a program to input 6 subject marks and calculate total, percentage, division of them?


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