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Contoh giving suggestion:

a. You had better study hard this semester

b. You had better go to work today
Contoh Beginning
a. Would you take that book. Please?
b. Would you mind if I used your computer
Contoh Ability:
a. They cant dance very well.
b. You can make a lot of money if you are lucky.
c. Help. I cant breathe.
Contoh Possibility
a. Its possible, he loves you.
b. Probably, I will accept him again.
Contoh Command
a. I told you to be quiet.
b. He asked me to open the window.
c. You must write the lessson.
Contoh Promise
a. I will come to you as soon as possible
b. I promise you that you will do well after we meet
Contoh Complain
a. "I'm afraid there may be a misunderstanding. I requested a non-smoking room."
b. "I understand it's not your fault, but the airline promised they would deliver my
baggage yesterday."
Contoh blaming
a. You are wrong, I didn't do it
b. I am not the one to blame
Contoh Accusing
a. You must be doing something wrong

b. You must be the doer

Contoh Admiting Mistake
a. I admit I was wrong
b. I havd made a mistake
Contoh curiosity
a. What are you looking so serious about?
b. Is something bothering you?
Contoh Attitude
a. I like when someone is easygoing.
b. I like it when a person is punctual.
c. I love it when my mother cooks my favorite meal.