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What is Romantic? Why does it appeal to others in different contexts? Below are
the interviews and responses of different genders and age groups and their
approach on what romance is.

Romance is related to passion, attraction, and sexuality in a relationship
(Strong & Cohen, 2014, pg. 154). It has different meanings for different people as
they age and attain new experiences in life (Strong & Cohen, 2014). Three
individuals were interviewed and their responses were all different which is not
surprising since their level of understanding and maturity are different. All of the
names mentioned below have been changed since permission to add their names in
the paper was not asked for. Their ages, however, have remained the same for
purpose of comparing and contrasting.

Kylie is 7 years old. She did not know what the word, romantic, meant. I
explained that its when she would feel love toward someone that she knew well.
Since she wouldnt necessarily have a boyfriend at that age (that I knew of), I asked
her to tell me about an instance with a family member or a close friend. She
described to me about a romantic moment that she had with her mom. They were
heading out to buy some groceries and when her voiced her concern that there
werent enough treats in the house, the mom granted her the authority to choose
what they ate for pool treats for the rest of week. She explained that having the
power to select for the rest of the family made her feel important and she loved her
mom more for that.

Tanner is 17 years old. He described a romantic moment as his first kiss. He
said that feeling the butterflies in the stomach and feeling like time was stopped is
what made it so memorable. They were at the park and they had been dating for a
number of months. He set up a picnic and music to help the mood. With all of the
elements in place and the right timing, he called that moment a romantic one.

Jason is 37 years old. He is married with a 2 daughters and a wife. When I
asked him, he told me that the feeling of having a happy thriving family is romantic
in his eyes. He finds that when he comes home and his 2 kids run to greet him and
his wife welcoming him with open arms is the greatest expression of love, which to
him is romance. He says that he and his wife have romantic dinners and such, but
those small moments added up together make the romantic experience in life.

The differences in the answers given definitely correspond with age. We
would expect a child to love their parents more than anyone, a 17 year old to be
extremely twitter pated, and a 37 year old to love his wife and kids above all else.
The three individuals fit the social norms for their ages well and I was pleased with
their answers.

In my own experience as a 23 year old, I find that my idea of romance is
somewhere in between the experiences of Tanner and Jason. I dont have a family,
but I dont think I get as twitter pated in a relationship as when I was in high school
and it was all so new and exciting. I find that my own definition of romance is when
I can express love to someone else and not feel judged harshly by my personality or
what I may enjoy doing. My romantic movement would be my 8 month relationship
with a girl whom I loved and who made me so happy for so long. We didnt have to

be hyper to be happy, but content with the time that we had. Thats how I feel that it
should be in life; content and well organized relationships.


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