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Honors Integrated

Mathematics 2/3
Leitchtman Levine Family Foundation
Environmental Science High School

Mr. Reyna
Periods 3 and 4
2015-2016 School Year

Overall message: This class is going to get you from basic Math 1 knowledge to being
prepared for Precalculus in one school year. Thus, this class will be very rigorous.
However, I will do my absolute best to make this an engaging, intellectually open, and
enjoyable experience.
This class will be taught fully in the style of Common Core mathematics, which simply
put, means that we will be exploring more and taking notes less. At first, you may say
Sweet, fewer notes!, but what this means is I am going to act as more of a facilitator at
times and less as the purveyor of knowledge.
In this class, you will learn to listen to your peers. You will learn to think critically. You
will learn to think mathematically. We will learn a lot of geometry, as well as algebra and
even trigonometry. But most importantly, you will be a clearer quantitative thinker after
this course.
I will be transparent. Common Core maths is still in its infancy. We are most literally on
the cutting edge of math instruction. Because of this, there may be some hiccups along
the way. But well tackle it like a family, and the adventure will teach us things as well.
Unit Structure
Semester 1 (Math 2)
Unit 0 - Intro to Math 2
Unit 1 (abbreviated)- Congruence and Rigid Motion
Unit 2 - Geometric Relationships and Properties (Proofs!)
Unit 3 - Coordinate Geometry
Unit 4 - Quadratic Functions
Unit 5 - Quadratic Equations
Unit 6 - Similarity
Unit 7 - Intro to Trigonometry

Semester 2 (Math 3)
Unit 1 - Geometric Measurement and Dimensions
Unit 2 - Polynomials and Rational Expressions
Unit 3 - Exponential Functions
Unit 4 - Circles and Parabolas
Unit 5 - Categorical and Quantitative Data/Random processes
Unit 6 - Trigonometric Functions (Precalculus level)
Required Materials: You MUST have these materials in class, every single day, no
1. Interactive notebook (composition notebook!): This year, I am going to
experiment with a technique also used by Mr. Rennie, Narez and Rivera called
interactive notebooks. Essentially, we will be keeping everything organized in our
notebook including foldables, notes, exploration activities, homework, and quizzes.
This will help you study and will most definitely help you prepare for college.
2. iPad (Pearson App, Calculator, other resources): We need to use this in class
every day. Get to school on time so you have your iPad.
3. Pencil and/or pen.

Recommended Materials:
1. Stylus for iPad (it will make geometric drawing much easier!)
2. Highlighter for accentuating notes.
3. Your own roll of tape
Class Expectations!
1. Most importantly, you must bring your best self to class each and every day. Now, I
understand that we all have bad days, so Im going to give you one not feeling it
day per semester. This means, one time per semester, you can tell me you just
cant deal with the intensity for that day.

2. You must enter class each day and immediately start the opener (do now). This
means begin THINKING about it, not just turn on your iPad.
3. You must work collaboratively and listen to your peers during share out time.
4. No cell phones in class. I know you love your cell phone, as do I. I DO NOT want to
take it, so please just keep in your pocket or backpack.
5. No food or drinks, unless youve asked me first. I dont want this to be a distraction
in class. There may be particular days we bring food and have snacks, but I dont
want this to be every single day. Remember, we have a LOT to get done in one
year. Flamin Hot Cheetos are not going to help this process.
Grading Scale
A - Advanced: 3.4-4.0 (90-100%)
B - Proficient 2.7-3.4 (80-89%)
C - Basic: 2.0-2.7 (70%-79%)
NP - Below Basic: 1.9 and below

General Day-to-Day structure: This is the general structure of Pearson lessons, and
thus will be the general day-to-day structure of how we will learn. NOTICE how it is a
SHIFT from the old I Do-We Do-You Do structure, and instead begins with You Do
(Student Work), then We Do (Sharing Out), and CONCLUDES with I Do (Teacher
notes). As I have mentioned, the Common Core structure is going to push us to turn the
tables on traditional mathematics education.

Open-ended problems and WRITING in mathematics.

Usually at the halfway point and end of a unit, we will do complex open-ended
problems. These problems will apply our knowledge, but will involve large amounts of
critical thinking and will teach you to truly think like a mathematician.
I will also have you writing in the classroom every day and there will be formal writing
expectations for one question on each unit exam. (This will prepare you for the
Common Core Performance Task)
iPad management
Apples up means students put iPad FACE DOWN on the desk.
Bathroom policy
There will be a bathroom pass with sign-in and sign-out columns, and I will keep track of
usage. Although I am not currently going to set a limit, I will ask you to stay after class
for 5 minutes if it becomes a problem. I want to treat you like adults, but please dont
take advantage.

Students are required to participate during every minute of class time in order to master the
material that is being covered. Refusal to participate in class, which includes sleeping, not
following directions from the teacher, or not cooperating during group activities will result in:

1. Verbal warning
2. Five minutes after class
3. Detention
4. Referral to the office (hopefully this never happens!).
I reserve the right to jump
to ANY of these steps depending on the severity of the situation.
Conference Period
My conference period is PERIOD 5, which is Mondays from 1:25-3:25, Wednesdays
from 11:47-12:36, and Thursdays from 8:25-10:35.
My tutoring will be on Thursdays after school, 3:30-5:00
Homework will usually be assigned weekly, sometimes nightly and will be on my website
Unit exams may be retaken if student completes a metacognition and attends one
tutoring session practicing the needed skills.
Concluding Thoughts:
This is a very in depth course and we cover a lot of material in one school year. There
will be challenges, and you may struggle at times. But remember that were in it
together. I want everyone to be successful, and if were honest with one another as we
go-this is going to be a fantastic school year.
Mr. Reyna

I have read and understand all of the information covered above for Mr.
Reynas Math 2/3 class.
Student Signature________________________________________
I want you to succeed, and this will be a fascinating journey through the world of Maths!