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Statistics Syllabus

2015-2016 School Year

Leichtman Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High School
Instructor: Mr. Reyna (
Office Hour/Tutoring: Tuesday 3:30 5:00 pm

Course Description:
This year-long course is a introductory course in Statistics. The main theme of the course is how to
make sense of data. We will be learning how to collect, analyze, represent, and draw conclusions
from data.
Statistics is unlike any math course students take in their high school careers. Coming up with a
numerical solution to a problem is only a small part of being successful in this course. Statistics is
mainly about the process, choosing the correct method to solve a problem, and communicating results
in a clear manner. Statistics is a way of thinking, not just a rote set of computations.
Students will be exposed to a wide variety of sources which include textbook, activities, readings
from other books, journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, and computer simulations. Students will
be provided with formula sheets and statistical tables on examinations. This course is about
understanding statistics, not about memorizing formulas.
Semester 1
Unit 1: Exploring and Understanding Data
Unit 2: Exploring Relationships Between Variables
Unit 3: Gathering Data and Randomness
Unit 4: From Probability to Inference
Semester 2
Unit 5 - Review for College Math Entrance Exams (change for 15-16)
Unit 6 - Intro to Hypothesis Testing (Z methods)
Unit 7 - Intermediate Hypothesis Testing (T methods)
Unit 8 - ANOVA, Chi Square

Materials Needed for Class:

Interactive Notebook: You must bring your interactive notebook (composition book) to class. I
will be providing these on the first day, but I will ask you to buy one for second semester if possible.
Ipad: Your iPad will be used as a calculator every single day in class. Keep in mind I will follow
ESAT iPad confiscation guidelines if they are being used improperly.
All work must be done in pencil or black ink, unless noted otherwise.

Class Norms:
All general school policies will be enforced in class (code of conduct, honor code, use of
electronics, school uniform, etc).
Students will begin the Do Now upon entering the classroom, keep their interactive notebook
organized, and will bring an open mind. :)
We are in this together - Remember, this is not a competition. Sometimes I will lecture,
sometimes there will be group work, other times independent work. If we look out for one another
and have high expectations, everyone will grow.
During group work/activities, I expect you to be ON TASK without multiple promptings. Again, you
have less than one year until college and these behaviors need to be internalized by now. I cannot
treat you like freshman because you are all almost college students and need to get used what is
expected in an academic environment. Behavior scaffolds will be removed

Homework Policy:
Homework is expected to be completed, as is an organized interactive notebook. I will sometimes
give Homework and Notebook quizzes that count as formative grades. However, to do retakes, you
must have good formative scores, proving that you are meeting me halfway and putting in effort.
Homework will be assigned at least one time per week (Assigned Tuesday, due following Tuesday),
sometimes nightly. Posted on
Students are required to participate during every minute of class time in order to master the
material that is being covered. Refusal to participate in class, which includes sleeping, not following
directions from the teacher, or not cooperating during group activities will result in:
1) Verbal warning.
2) Conference after class with Mr. Reyna.
3) Detention and/or parent conference.
4) Conference with principal or assistant principal.
I reserve the right to jump to ANY of these steps depending on the severity of the situation.

Restroom Policy:
As a responsible student, you need to use the restroom during break and lunch rather than wasting
class time. I CANNOT use the restroom during class, and I expect you to follow the same level of
professionalism. If it is an emergency, you must use the sign out sheet per ESAT policy.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up all work assigned that day. You should email
me at and tell me that youve been absent (call in sick) so I can tell you
what you missed. You can also ask a friend (VIA SNAPCHAT?)
I want to emphasize that taking responsibility for your absences is a key strategy you will need to use
in your first year of college.
Grading Policy:

4, Advanced (3.4 - 4.0 ): Student has made advanced and detailed understanding beyond
expectations of the standard and can apply complex ideas & processes for the standard.
3, Proficient (2.7 - 3.39 ): Student has a complete and detailed understanding of all
information important to expectations for the standard.
2, Basic (2.0 - 2.69): Student has a complete understanding of the information important to
the standard but not in great detail.
1, Below Basic/ Not Passing (Below 2.0): Even with help, student demonstrates insufficient,
limited or no understanding of skill OR there is insufficient student work to judge.
Office Hours/Tutoring: Office hours are a chance to get extra help if you need it. You do not
need to be failing the class to attend office hours. My office hours are Thursdays from 3:30
5:00pm. I want you all to pass this class and master the material. Please attend tutoring if you are
Retakes: To qualify for a retake, a student must complete a metacognition and come to at least one
tutoring session. Meet me halfway
Conference Periods for Parents:
My conference period is PERIOD 5, which is Mondays from 1:25-3:25, Wednesdays from
11:47-12:36, and Thursdays from 8:25-10:35.

I have read and understand all of the information covered above for
Mr. Reynas Statistics class.
Student Signature________________________________________

I want you to succeed, and this will be a fascinating journey through the world of