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I dont know the answer. If I knew the answer I d tell you.

I have a car. I couldnt travel very much if I didnt have a car.

I dont want to go out. If I wanted to go out, Id go.
We havent got a key. If we had a key, we could get into the house.
I m not hungry. I would have something to eat if I was hungry.
Sue enjoys her work. She wouldnt do it if she didnt enjoy it.
You cant drive. If you could drive, I would lend you my car.
He speaks too fast I could understand him better if he spoke more slowly.
I have a lot to do today. If I didnt have so much to do, we could go out.
If he had the money, he would a fast car.
Jane likes living in a city. She wouldnt be happy if she lived in the country.
If wanted to learn Italian, I went to Italian.
I havent told Ann what happened. Shed be angry if she knew it.
If we had a map, I could show you where I live.
What would you do if you win a lot of money?
Its not a very good hotel. I wouldnt stay there if I were you.
If we lived nearer London, we would go there more often.
Its a pity you have to go now. It would be nice if you had more time.
Im not going to take the job. Id take it if the salary would be better .
I dont know anything about cars if the car broke down, I didnt know what
to do
If you could change one thing in the world what would you change?


( Daily Cash Balance Register)

() ( ) (Vault Book of Notes)

() () ((Vault Book of Coins)
(Chief Cashier Control Register)

(Cash Declaration Register)

() (Duty Assignment Register)

(Transit Book)
(Vault In/ out Register)

(Cash Department In/Out Register)

() (central Table Control Sheet)

At a.m/ p.m on the --------------------- day of -------------------- 20

Attended at the office of the Myannmar Oriental Bank Ltd. and for the
purpose of creating a mortage of the undermentioned lands and all
buildings thereon did in the presence of the undersigned with the bank the
title deeds enumerated below to be held by the bank by of mortgage as
security for the due satisfaction of the liabilities of the said
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- to the bank.
Whether already incurred or hereafter to be incurred and whether in respect
of moneys overdrawn upon current account, loan account or otherwise and
whether such
Liabilities be absolute or contingent or be incurred solely or jointly with
others including all interest, commission and other usual banking charges
but not exceeding
The sum of kyats ---------------------------- and such security to be continueong
security untile all account or