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What is the ability to do work?

____________________ need it to function properly. ____________________ also need it to
What are the two main kinds of energy? ____________________ and ____________________
What is energy at rest? ____________________
What is energy in motion? ____________________
The ___________________________________ states that energy can neither be created nor
destroyed; it can only be converted to different forms.
____________________, also known as ____________________ helps plants grow and make
their food. Using special devices called ____________________to absorb it, electricity can
be generated.
____________________ is energy from flowing electrons. It can be used to operate many
____________________ is energy acquired from moving objects, like the wind that is used
to turn windmills or move sailboats.
____________________ is energy from the movement of atoms. It can also generate
____________________ is energy produced by vibrating objects.
____________________ is stored in a material and released when a chemical reaction
occurs, for example from batteries, gasoline or food digested.
Write P for potential energy and K for kinectic energy.
_____1. tennis balls in a can

_____6. meteor falling

_____2. a rock on a cliff

_____7. your bed

_____3. Angel Falls

_____8. butterfly pollinating

_____4. cellphone charging

_____9. ocean waves

_____5. helicopter in the sky

_____10. water in a pail

Write the form of energy exemplified by each (use your answers in the first part, except
potential and kinetic)
_____1. noise

_____6. photosynthesis

_____2. your iPad needs it


_____7. Rafa eats pasta before a tennis

_____3. you need it in order to see


_____8. Giorgios click in the 24th

_____4. a rocket needs it in order to launch

_____9. used to cook food

_____5. when it is gained, liquids might evaporate


_____10. typhoon Yolanda uprooting