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1. Introduction:- What is domestic violence?
- When did domestic violence start become a more
serious matter?
- Why is it becoming a concern to the world?
- How has it increasingly become worse throughout
the years based on statistical reports made from
various sources?
- Where can it happen?
2. Content:1. The perspectives of the issue :- How the different age groups see the issue
- How the different layers of the community see it
- How the authorities look at it
- How some Cultures and religions look upon
domestic violence
2. What are the factors of domestic violence:- Who can cause this issue?
- What can cause this issue?
- Why does it happen?
3. What are the effects of the issue:- On the victim
- On the family
- On the community
- To the youth groups
4. What are the steps taken by the authorities:- How the authorities do to reduce the severity of
the issue
- Do countries use the same concept or use their
own twist of enforcing the law to reduce domestic
5. Why are the steps not so effective:6. What are the improvements needed to ensure the
effectiveness of the steps taken to reduce
domestic violence
7. What were the journeys of notable people in
facing this issue from the political to the fine arts

side. In addition how did manage to get through

the obstacle.

3. Conclusion:- What did my group learn from this

- What can my fellow colleagues learn from this
- How can this contribute in helping to reduce the
severity of the issue
- Hope the issue will not be a continuous problem
and be a topic on the lips of the public for the
years coming.