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Unit Test I
Subject Name: Prefabricated Structures
Subject Code :ST 7008
Year / Sem / Dept :I / II/ Structural Engineering

: 16.02.2015
Duration: 2 Hours
Marks : 50

Part A (10 X 2 = 20)

Answer All Questions
1. What is Pre stressed concrete structure?
2. State the reasons for using high strength concrete and high tensile steel in PSC.
3. What are the losses encountered in pre tensioning and post tensioning methods.
4. Write down the factors influencing deflections.
5. Differentiate Pre tensioning and post tensioning methods.
6. Define partial pre stressing.
7. Differentiate bonded and un bonded tendon.
8. Define load balancing concept.
9. Define short term deflection and long term deflection.
10. Define the term tendon.
Part B (2 X 15 = 30)
Answer Any Two Questions
11. A pre stressed concrete beam 400x600 mm in a section has a span of 6m and subjected to
udl of 16kN/m including the self weight of the beam. The pre stressing tendons are
located at 100mm from the base. Provide an effective pre stressing force of
960kN.Compute the extreme fiber stresses at midspan using Stress concept, Strength
concept and Load balancing concept.
12. A pre stressed concrete beam 200mm wide x 300 mm deep is pre stressed with 7 wires of
8mm diameter located at a constant eccentricity of 100mm and carrying an initial stress
of 1200N/mm2.The span of the beam is 12m.Calculate the %loss of stress in wires if the
beam is (a) The beam is pre-tensioned (b) The beam is post tensioned.
Take Es = 210kN/mm2 & Ec= 35kN/mm2.Relaxation of steel stress = 5% of initial stress,
shrinkage of concrete = 300x 10-6 for pre tensioning and 200x 10-6 for post tensioning,
creep co-efficient = 1.6, slip at anchorage = 1mm, Frictional co-efficient for wave effect
is 0.0015per m.
13. The simply supported concrete beam of span 8m and a rectangular cross section 125mm
wide and 250mm deep is pre stressed by a single cable in which the total tensile force is
220kN. The centre line of the cable is parallel to the axis of the beam and 75mm above
the soffit over the middle third of the span and is curved upward in a parabola over the
outer-thirds of the span to a distance of 175mm above the soffit at supports. If the
modulus of elasticity of concrete is 35kN/mm 2 and the density of concrete is
(a) the upward deflection at mid-span due to pre stress only
(b) the deflection when the beam is supporting its own weight and

(c) the magnitude of concentrated load Q placed at the third point of the span, which
would result in limiting short-term deflection of span /500.