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Intention: I become a murderess by repeating in

words the lives of other murderesses.

some lives of murderesses

JU N E 1973

I become a murderess.
I'm born in the late autumn or winter of 1827.
Troy, New York.
My childhood is happy, and my parents allow me to do
whatever I please as long as I, by my actions, don't infringe on
their high social standing. My father is a great and wealthy
man, a tall man, whom I look up to. As a child, among my dolls,
I feel safe. I will never die. No one can hurt me. My mother,
my father, my two older sisters, my younger sister, and my
brother often ignore me, or promise to love me, give me a
present, then don't; and I cry. My name at this time is Charlotte Wood.
1don't remember any of my childhood before I was 6 years
old when I start learning to read. My eldest sister marries a
baronet and lives in England; my second elder sister marries a
doctor and moves to Scotland. I'm an obedient child: 1 stub-