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Imagine you bought a baloto ticket and you write a letter to a friend

telling him/her what you want to do with the money (hypothetical

situation in the present).

Dear Katy : I want to tell you something, because I think in our friendship. I am
a winning ticket Baloto , I can feel a great joy because I know that I can help
many people, the first is help you many poor children, give them food, clothes,
toys, education, healthy joys and others, then I want to help other peoples one
of the seniors get healthy funny moments.

I think in my family, because I want got a travel with all them, around the word,
first I am go to the European continent, because I wanna know Italy and eat the
most important food of the country: pasta, is very delicious, then I go to the
vaticano and meet the Francisco papa whith my wife, my daughter and my

Germany is a country I will be wanted to know in my life, because you fields,

your people, I find very interesting your museums, your bridges, off course I
should go to the stadium bayer munich.

I tell you all, because, Off COURSE, I wanna to join us!!!!!!!

See you.

List of words and connectors

Describe the situation

General arguments

The most important day in my life;
near my family and my most
important friend
The most wonderful and beauty place
s of the world
When do you help the people, enjoy
the life.