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Swami HariharaI}anda




Edited by




M. A., ( Visva-Bharati),



Discourses on Kriya Yoga

D. Lilt. (Utka/)



.Second Kriya



1st EDITION - 1989

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Discourse At Humberg


How to be a Kriyaban


The Descent of Goddess Durga


Significmce of Sivaratri


Significance of Goddess Worship


Three Teachings of the Master


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Meditation Guidance

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What is the Goal of Human Life



India holds ancient heritage of spiritual practice
from its past and Kriya Yoga is a bridge bE:tween the
past, and present spiritual tradition. It is a modern
science of sou) culture with ancient secrets and hoary
wisdom with a mt:ssage of hope for the future. It is
designed to bring about physical, mental and spiritual
benefits of human race. Swami Hariharananda Giri, the
modern exponent of that great tradition is an embodiment of spiritual practice of Kriya- Yoga.
At the binding force of inspiration for the benefit of
Kriyabans throughout the world, I embdrked upon the
task of collecting the discourses on Kriya- Yoga delivered
by Swami Hariharananda, as I did previously putting
his thoughts in the form of books both in English and
Oriya languages. Fortunately
the book 'KRIYAYOGA' the scientific technique of soul culture, which
we have edited has been rendered into different
international languages and has already received world
The materials of this present volume have been made
available with the kind help of Karar Ashram, Puri and
from series of cassets presented to me: by Revered
Gurudev for my personal use. The thought and language of Gurudev in original fcrm ha's been retained in
the articles as far as practicable. Though it is a technical

( ii )
book on Kriya- Yoga inteniled for ad vanced pupils,
the general reader may find flood of information
about the mystery of spirjtual practice for their own
benefit. It will help people to find inner peace and
control of mind amid world of turmoil and would
inspire them to take up the path of spiritual practice.
This would serve as a message of hope and inspiration
for the human race.
Kriya':yoga bas become a mode of philosophy of life
and a life long practice for many aspirants in [ndia and
throughout the world. I hope this book will enable
them to practice Kriya and meditation with better
understanding and spiritual attainment.
Sri Laxminarayan Agrawal, a kriyaban of Sambalpur
has gladly taken up the responsibility of printing of this
book. It is proposed that the donations received after
distribution of this book will be spent for further
publications of Kriya literature and propagation
Kriya- Yoga. I request the readers of this book to
contribute their mite for this great purpose. I am
grateful to all who helped me in bringing out this
volume. \Ve seek the blessings of Gurudev on the
occasion of this precious publication.


G. M. College Campus
Sambalpur - 768004
Orissa, India.





Swami Hariharananda Giri, the greatest master of

Kriya- Yoga, is the head of KARAR ASHRAM, PURL
ORISSA, INDIA which was founded by his GURU
Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, the Great GURU of Paramahamsa Yogananda - founder of Y. S. S. and S. R. F.
As directed by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, Swami
Hariharananda Giri learnt the technique of Kriya-Yoga
from Paramahansa Yogananda. Swami Srimat Satyananda
Giri. Acharya of Ranchi, Brahmacharya Ashram and
Srimat Bhupendranath Sanyal. the renowned Kriya- Yogi
and disciple of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri.
He received the secret technique of Samad hi from an
unknown young Yogi and attained all the six sta~es of
Kriya- Yoga Samadhi, Nirvikalpe Samadhi and Paramahansa stage. the highest stage for a dedicated Yogi,
within a short period and was empowered by Paramahansa Yogananda to initiate disciples into Kriya- Yoga
as an 1\charya (Spiritual preceptor)
to guide the
divine seekers.
.He is an erudite scholar and has deep knowledge of
BIble, Turu,
Koran, Buddhist
U panisad, Patanjali Sutra, Brahma Sutra, Bhagabat
Geeta and many other scriptures including System of
Yoga, Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry, Classical music
and Rabindra Sangit.

Through his proficiency in many languages he is

acceptable to people of different countries of the World
and is acclaimed as a World Teacher. He visits foreign
countries every year and h?s a large number of disciples
belonging to different walks of life. They include
Governors, Ministers, Chief Justices, Administrators,
Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Musicians, Respected
Business men as well as poor persons. He has no dogma
while initiating his disciples and makes no distinction
between a Brahmachari and a householder in this matter.
He also empowers competent disciples to intiate people
into Kriya- Yoga either in India or abroad.


Letter from Gurudev

Swami Hariharananda



My affectionate and divine father Raghabananda Baba,

Baba. many are teaching wrong technique. Please
see, ( I am giving diagram, accordingly :you .all will
teach). It is imide the divine well, not outside the spine
well. You see the red arrow marks; student will come up
inside the spinal well and will come down inside the
spinal canal. Although I wrote, Om, Na, MA outside
the ~pinal, yet it is not outside, it must be inside the
spinal canal. Only to make you all to understand
I wrote and show the technique of 2nd Kriya. First
Kriya is just like that. You will teach first, you exhale
fully, then you see God is pulling breath slowly from
lower Center to llpper Center. Give more stress on
sound and Vibration than watching the breath. Because
sound and vibration are the result of the technique.
Student will get the result of the formless stage. Prasad
of Lord Jagannath is more valuable than Oarshan of
Lord Jagannath. The grace of Lord is, in fact, the
Prasad of Jagannath
So you tell them to watch
more vibration and sound while practising Kriya.

A realised soul in the line of Sri Lahiri Baba, Sri

Yukteswarjee and Paramahansa Yogananda he occupies
a unique position among the Yogis of this Country.


Kriya Yoga gives constant liberation, if the student

feels God is doing everything, If whole day a student feels
God is doing work through me, then he will work and
that will be his or her worship. All religions teach to be


extrovert and for a short period meditation. but Kriya

Yoga will give you constant sound - Ista mantra and
constant liberation.


Again I am telling most probably I wrote one story

told by Sri Yukteswarjee. He used to say a ghost wanted
work, so he told, you please catch the ring of the well
and come up inside th e well and again come down
inside the well. Similarly everyone
should watch
everything is done by God, only God is in your whole
system, See Bhagawat Geeta, 13th Chapter, 14th Verse,
In our whole system God is abiding. so we are to watch
two things at a time - inside the gross hand invisible
hand is working. Inside the visible leg invisible legs
are activating. Inside the visible eye invisible eye is
working -

The quest for the selfrealisation is the great heritage
and distinctive feature of Indian tradition. India is the
greatest seat of pilgrimage for self.meditation.
pursuit of spiritual knowledge through the physiology
of man is the very beginning. middle and end of India's
Cl'lltural system. The greatest contribution
of India to
is its Yoga dharma. Through practice of
Yoga, poverty striken India has found out the ways to
achieve peace in the violent, restive and bewildered
world of to-day. The people of the world. excepting the
Indians have not so far been able to explore the ways to
eternal peace, in spite of their unique and glorious
achievements in the sphere of material gains through
the help of physical science. Therefore, they are now
very eagerly and anxiously engaged in quest of that
path. On the other hand the Indians also, in spite of
being the worthy inheritors of that precious episterilOlogy and elixir of life, have become way-ward for
want of.their appropriate application in the sphere of
the life of the individual and of the community.

Please meditate deeply. \Vith

love Hariharananda.


blessings for all who

Hariharananda Giri

It is the ,common prejudice that Yoga is a

intricate process not intended for common
in its day-to-day life. The fundamental essence of
is to bring about communion between God and


( ii )


The state of communion or Yoga is there at each and

every moment and it depends on the will of man how
to realise it. A rusty wire is transformed to an immensly
power generating element when it is connected to an
electric plug. Similarly, if Gyan (knowledge), Vigyan
{detailed knowledge} and progyan (perfect knowledge)
can be infused in to the extrovert and vacillating nature
of our Jiva. the darkness of ignoran..::e will vanish away
in the twinkle of an eye and the very life of the individual will gleam ~ith Divine illumination. The Kriyayoga
process itself is a scientific technique for the transformation of our material body - consciousness to a state of
spiritual superconsciousness or cosmic consciousness.

the Upanishads and in all other sastras will be actualised

in life. Therefore, requisite knowledge and practices are
necessary in the modes of our technique for altering the

One has to become the Brahma himself in order to

have the real conception in the essence of Brahma. It
has been mentioned in the scriptuH's that by transforming one self into Divinity one has to worship God. It is
not possible to realise the essence of Divinity if one has
not exalted himself to the level of God-head after
crossing the stage of Jiva-hood. Just as through the
m~dium of radio, one broadcasting station can be
switched over to another, in the similar manner,
through a scientific process the Jiva bread casting station
can be converted to the broadcasting centre of the
Divinity, As long as the centre of the conciousnness of
the extrinsic Jiva has not been locked up, the intrinsic
consciousness of God will not be attained, nor man will
be able to realise the significance of the Universal spirit.
Human birth will achieve perfection and its worth,
when it will reach the stage of the all pervading Brahma.
The ultimate truth propounded in the Gita, the Vedas,

The great ascetics and seers with their farsightedness

in the realisatiun of Ultimate Reality have come to
understand that within the back-bone, there is asporous
nerve which stretches across from the cocyx to the brain,
known as Susumna'. The different moods of the mind
vary in accordance with the variations in their positions
within the different planes of this Susumna'. Each and
every mood of ours has to pass through Susumna. From
muladhara it rises up to sahasrara and is ultimately
revealed through kutastha (pituitary~. This kutastha is
no other than Brahmayoni. If the sadhak (aspirant)
can transcend his mind beyond the cocyx (muladhara),
sacrum ( swadhisthan ), lumbar ( manipur J, dorsal
( anahat ), and cervical ( bisudha ) circuit or the centres
within the susumna nadi. then the right state of mind
is attained and the extrinsic Jiva gets automatically
purged. If the mind achieves concentration on the
M edula oblongta (ajna-chakra) and pituitary and if the
sadhak so desires, he can realise the self, suspending the
restiveness of.Jiva, even in t~e midst of all sorts of
worldly consciousness and perplexities.
Swasa-bayu ( inhalation and exhalation ). is the very
life-blood of man. If this' vayu becomes restive
then man becomes insane with lust, anger and greediness and becomes insensible having no proper power
of judgement. Mind is the lord of all passions; but this

vayu also
can obtain
his mortal

(v )

is the controller of the mind. If vayu is

by the scientific Kriya processessJ then man
the realisation of God within the sphere of

Nadichakra ( the circuit of nerves) becomes purged

by swasa-bayu or prana bayu, which can be quickly
achieved through the practice of Kriya - yoga process.
Consequently the passage to susumna within the backbone is opened. As soon as it is opened the air w.ithin
the susumna passage passes on to kutastha as well as to
sahsrara, as a result of which wit, wisdom and eaoism
reach the stage of mental equilibrium. Life becomes
ambrosial and filled with cdestial bliss with the direct
perception of Divine Effulgence.
Kriyayoga is the quickest means of success. The
speciality of Kriya yog<i technique is that it leads to the
realisation of the simultaneous development of the body.
mind and self in the shortest po~sible time. The Hindu
sastras envisage three million times transmigration or
transfiguration of the soul in order to achieve perfection
purity and salvation. But through the application of
Kriya-yoga technique the spiritual evolution of man is
accelerated. Just as an aircraft enables a man to travel
thousands of miles within a very short time, in the
similar manner the practice of Kriya-yoga serves as a
scientific device in hel ping man to cross the terra firma
of ,Sanskaras' and mundane bondages. Yogavatar (the
Yoga incarnate) Shyam Chandra Lahiri, Jnyanavai~r
( the Knowledge-incarnate)
Yukteswarji and Paramhansa (the Supreme sage ) Yoganandaji etc the great

and eminent prophets are of the opinion that if a man

practices the procedures of Kriya'yoga earnestly for four
hours.daily, then he can be in a position to obtain the
fruits of meditation of a long period of five hundred
years which he would have derived in the usual course
of evolution.
The technique of Kriya-yoga is a very powerful
scientific technique. Through this technique a man can
maintain equilibrium in the five aeriforms (panchabayu)
of his body, and very rapidly the impure blood in his
body hecomes purified. Tbe heart and the lungs in no
time become revitalised and refreshingly energetic. It
makes the mind meta:"morphosed by generating millions
and millions of new blood corpuscles. It also aids in the
growth of beauty, grace, memory and intelligence.
Besides this, it transmits the divine powers through the
divine nerve (susumna) or the vital astral passage to the
top (sahasrara). Consequently, there arise new divine
vibrations in the two spheres of cerebrum and cerebellum leading to the transformation
of physical
consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

It is a very easy, yet a very vitalising process. It does

not entail any physical pains as are generally experienced
in other usual cases of yogic practices. and, as such,
here one need not suspend one's breathing pressing the
nostrils with the tips of fingers while lying upside
down on the head. A disciple is sure to gain mastery
over this Kriya-yoga technique within a few days, if he
can avail himself of the privilege to come in close
contact and direct supervision, for receiving necessary

instructions, technical knowhow and the very fundamentals of Kriya-Yoga from a supreme devotee and
preceptor who has sacrificed everything and has dedicated his life to gain control over this Kriya-yoga
technique after prolonged years of meditation
Kriya-yoga IS the most convenient and effective
means for self realisation. Through
the scientific
meditation of KriYd-yoga. a man can climb to the
highest rung of success in a very little time. This is by
far the best and the grandest royal road among all the
path ways in the realm of the spiritual world, the safest
and surest highway for self-realisation. Just as through
the help of a space-ship a man can land at the Unite'd
States of America in a single day and the limitless Universe can be covered by rocket within a few :Doments
in lightning speed, similarly by the scientific Kriya-yogl
technique, a man can cross the region of the world of
physical consciousness and can enshrine himself in the
kingdom of God in the quickest possible time. A man
endowed with spiritual consciousnes s and celestial
vision can very rightly c0nceive of the essence of the
DIvine Being, pervading all individual souls.
It is not just getting oneself acquainted with the
theoretical lessons of Yoga, but through the direct
superVISIOn .'and guidance of Guru a man can be
able to convert his material, empirical consciousness to
Divine consciousness by Kriya-yoga technique. Just as
ice can be converted to water, water to gas. gas to
motion, motion to electric current and electric current


to electric light, in the consequence of which darkness

vanishes away; similarly if Kriya-yoga is practised in
the correct way, the transformation
of body elements
takes place automatically in their right order of sequence, resulting ultimately in the expulsion of ignorance
from Jiva-hood. And as an outcome of the power
generated by the electromagnetic Kriya-yoga, the light
of wisdom is radiated. As soon as the light of wisdom
is projected and the highest state of Yoga is attained,
then the splendour of the Divine-self and the magnanimity of the Supreme Being becomes manifested. The
aspirant who has realised the essence of Brahma.
becomes himself akin to Brahma.
Tron coming in contact with fire becomes igneous and
just like that the aspirant achieves Divine Magnanimity
through his communion with Brahma. He can also
derive supreme tranquility
of mind and a state of
cosmic consciousness. The entire material possession
however valuable it may be, is ignoble before this
precious acquisition. Not only in the individual sphere.
but also in the community life and the life of the
nation as well, this Kriya-yoga process, if rightly
practised will definitely play a very effective role in
mitigating their sufferings and work as a PANACEA
Material, Psychological and Spiritual.


Just as a thrilling sensation is felt 10 the living

organism in touch with eleGtric current,
DIVINE VIBRATION are experienced instantaneouilly

in the body of an aspirant soon after the practice c/
this scientific Kriya-yoga. FIOm this direct experience,
devotion to God becomes deeper and one feels within
himself the presence and realisation of the Supreme
Lord. Thus throu!h appropriate meditation man's life
becomes worth living in this mortal world.

" Brahmanandam








Kebal aog


Tatwama s hyadi lakshyam





Tn Kriyayoga you are not to attend to, you are not

to try. Only you are to remain in the Soul. straight in
between your two eye brows four inches below the
fontanelle, where the Pituitary remains and from the
top of your head. The baby has the softest place on the
top of the head. God takes breath frum that place. If
you calmly remain and sit there then automatically you
will talk and even through your talk you will talk
according to your own mind, but you will hear the
sound, the inner voice of God that Jhim Jhim Jhim
Jhim, Gun Gun Gun Gun _., ..... like the cry of a
boy of three years old .- that tune, the sound comes,
From where you are to perceive, sound comes from that
place. Our five seDse organs activate, work from the
Soul. the indwelling self, that is 'ya',

If you only remain there then automatically

you will
hear the sound. Outer sound that is the divine sound
comes and the sound which comes from my mouth that
is also the talk of God. The sound which comes from
your mouth is also the talk of God and if you remain
alert in the Soul, four inches deepest into it then'
surely you will hear that sound, at the same time
you will get the vibration. Something moving. this is
called pendulum, in front of your head, inbetween your
two eye brows, inside something, swinging, rocking if

you watch it this movement of sensation creates light/
Light does not mean the search light that you are taking
~nd flashing. Holy Ghost is flashing light, God is flashIng light from above. just like the movement of the
pendulum. 1 there is no light in the movie you cannot
see the movement sensation of the picture. Whenever
you see the movement sensation of the picture in the
movie, surely on the background there is light. otherwise
you cannot see. So this movement of sensation of the
pendulum indicates the presence of light behind that
is the light of God, that is life of God. Light is the life
of God. It is said in the Isha Upanisada in the 18th
Chapter. about this liaht.

I would tell more important things because you are

all sincere. You are trying your utmost. Whenever you
are feeling vibration after Mahamudra, you are not
doing Mahamudra, God who is within. the power of
God who is within. He does M:lhamLldra. So you have
done two Cycles of Mahamudra that is your six centres
have gradually come up to the top. Then when you will
practice Kriya. after Mahamudra you do not practice
Kriya. You only sit calmly with your eyes shut; see that
you have no sense of your body, as if, your little body
transformed into all pervading body . From high Heaven
the pendulum moves, just you feel it, then you will see it
moving in the high Heaven and that movement of
sensation of the pendulum is constant. non stopping. it
is going on and going on, and it IS moving from top to
bottom. Although in Scripture it is said, your Heaven
is inside the brain. your soul is inside the brain, even
Jesus said your Heaven is within you, your divine kingdom is within you, you are to born from above through




water and spirit. \'Vater means love for God, surrender

for God, humility to God. The creator only wants this
humility from you, that is water. Water means man
crying for the presence of God that he is in troubleOn Lord, On Saviour, will you not save my child? Will
you not save my husband ? Will you not save my, life?
So they shed tears. This is called water. And what is
Spirit? Spirit is the power of God means soul. So only
you will shut your eyes and see this is moving from the
top of your head down to the Coccygeal Centre. Once
the pendulum will move, it will move constantly. Is it
not? If the clock, wall clock is there and the pendulum
is moving once, then the pendulum will move all th,e
time. Is it not? So the movement of sensation of the
pendulum means the movement of sensation of your
soul, life force. You only watch it on the top and see
that it moves up to the down, to the coccygeal centre.
You are not to take breath, long breath, because your
kriya is genuine, you have practised it for a longer period.
God is constantly pulling breath. You are to only hear the
sound and you are to only see light, and you see that it
is moving in the coccygeal centre. Humbly yOil will say,
Oh Saviour, Oh Lord. Oh God, thank you very much.
When you are tilkinglong breath, you have completed
in the kindergarten school, the primary school. You are
now a higher student. So what wiIJ you feel ? You will
only feel it is moving on the top, in the fontanelle also
it is moving in the bottom. If you remain only on the
top, it is moving, somewhere, then you will feel it is
moving everywhere. From that place you watch. It is
moving on the top and this is not imagination, this is
concrete experience. The pendulum is moving on the

top, the pendulum is also moving in the bottom. So if'

you watch that and see that it is moving on the top, keep
wrinkles on the forehead and with love say Lord, thank
you. Donot take long breath 'Nischale Nischalo Bhabet'.
\,Vhen your inhalation will be very feeble then you have
actually rea lised. You are in Godhood. So when you will
s'ly it is moving on the top it is moving in the Sex
Centre. Breath is constantly taken by God in you. This
is the real Kriya, genuine Kriya, advanced Kriya. Clear?
That you will only see it is moving in the sex centre:
Oh Lord, you will remove my bad influence of stars and
planets from the ~econd centre from the money centre
and calmly watch and hear the divine sound.
You are nowhere. You ar~ oniy in the sou). Then
see it is moving on the top, you remain on the top,
then watch that it is moving on the Food Centre and
yOll are not to take deep breath
because God is canst
antly taking breath in you. That is your Kriya, real
Kriya, advanced Kriya. Those who are beginner they
will take deep long brc3th ..... Then you are a living
being you are doing some technique. You are beyond
When Mahamudra is done correctly and you are
advanced you will feel vibration on the top. You only
remain on the top. Then you are to attai~ to the Naval
centre. Then you will watch that if it rs moving here
then surely it will be moving everywhere. So you feel
that vibration is in the heart. Love God, Oh Lord, you
are so kind to me giving purity, perfection. Give me
oneness. Don't give me any viciousness, an {!er, cruelty,
unhappiness, immediate anger, immediate fraustration.

immediate furies - No and at that time you have nothing.

So whole day and night you are to remain there it is
I moving on, the top. Your heart is on the top. Your
heart is in the bottom. You have two hearts,
Material heart and one real heart.

So this is your heart. So you watch. I am telling. I

am feeling it is moving on the top, it is moving in my
forehead, it is moving in my face, it has come upto the
heart. I am not going below because I am to purify my
heart. However religious a man may be he i1Sbut a man.
I have also anger, pride, viciousness, cruelty. But I have
suppressed all these. So every person can dt) it. Let it
remain inside. There are many people who are whimsical. Once a person becomes unhappy you cannot
bring that person to your own mood. So thir; is one type
of disease of the heart. So surrender, attain peace, love,
in a moment's time. Mistake is not for mistake when one
is going to surrender, then there is no harshness.
This is heart centIe. Soar. it will be free. Because
with the repentance you can remove your defects. With
. the repentance you can remove your falsehood. You are
doing wrong, every moment your five sense organs
. force you to do wrong and you will commit mistakes
but you return back your mistake to God. Because you
have the power of God. God has given the mistake. So
change it and remain there and see it is moving. in the
beart. You only watch it is moving on the top and it is
in the heart and love God, say remove my impurities,
remove my anger, pride, remove my all negatives.
Then come and see that it is moving on the top it
is moving in the Cervical. You are not to take deep long

not watching the breath, the breath is inside the passage

breath. Because the breath is taken by you "Chale Bate
of the nostrils, then you are spiritual. That is called
Challachittam Nischale Nischalo Bhabet". If you take
Pranayamaha, rest of Prana, rest of heart.
long deep breath then you will get disturbance, your
heart will pump more, .. you are keeping your
So you only offer and love God, "Oh Lord, you
attention on your breath. But that is finished, when you '
given a beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful
have done Maharnudra. After Mahamudra
you are
brain, I thank you." You are not to take breath. Love.
offering your heart to God, because this is not your
humbly. Watch His presence in you, not in form, but in
heart. Then you are watching the top, this is moving
formless stage. The movement sensation and sound is
like pendulum on the top, it has come to the cervical
the formless and the Light is formless. This is the
Centre, even. in the whole face it is coming up. From
essence of three gross bodies i. e. three bodies. Gross
the next centre upto the top is all vacuum. Akas,
body is giving light. Astral body is giving the vibration
Chidakas, Daharakas, Parakas, Mahakas. Atmakas. Akas,
and causal body is giving sound. So calmly remain there
Parakas, Daharakas, Mahakas,
Atmakas are the five
and watch and watch and watch. Then you will see that
vacuums. Your f:v.e sense organs give you delusion.
the power' has come down in between your two eye
You are not to take bre;}th during the time of Kriya
brows. It is moving to and fro. Watch it nicely and love
proper, because you have done Maham udra. You have
God. The marvellous power is within you. You penetcompleted your kindergarten school, you have campi
rate deepest into it. Some - times you don't penetrate
eted your High School and now you are in the College.
the needle straight. Sometimes you penetrate the needle
So you will not read the same book. all the books of the
in 60 angle as if it is coming from the right side of the
kindergarten school and the school books will not come
the eye brow. You are penetrating straight from the left
to the College and you are not to prepare. So you calmly
side of the eye brow. You penetrate straight in the
remain there and watch. You see nothing, only you
pituitary. Then you will see different types of light and
watch the power of God giving you vibration. The life
see the vibration and then come up on the top and feel
force you will watch very calmly which is on the fonten
the power of God is there.
aBe is moving inside the next centre and you feel that it
Again from the top you come down and come down
is moving here, it is moving in the whole face, it is
and watch and watch. It will take only. two minutes time
moving in the whole ears, watch it. Don't take lana
and if you do not get vibration first on the coccygeal,
breath. Because God is constantly
pulling bfeath
then you watch -it on the top in the fontanelle. Because
"Nischale Nischalo Bhabet", ''Tasmin Sati Swasha Pras
the power, of God is remaining on the top and the North
washa Gatir Bichchadaha Pranayamaha" it is written in
"Uttare Shikhare Oebi Bhumyan Parbata Basini". You
"Patanjali" in the Sadhan Chapter that when your inare abiding in the top also you are abiding in the bottom
going breath and out - coming breath is normal, you are

"Bh umyan. .' "Bh umyan " means coccygeal centre. But
yo~ are remaining in the top. you are activat'
ing rom
th e t Ope
So you see that. So if you cannot go straight
from top to bottom. you remain on the north and see
that movement sensation while remaining there. Calmly
watch and watch vibration and sound then ,
you WI
see It IS movIng here It IS mOVIng in the ears Lt
. Me H'1m.
ou are not to take breath, God is constantl! taking
b;-eath. The soft breath is the breath of ca]mne~~, It will
gIve you more realisation.
In Yoga Sastra - Sanhita it is written "Jal t Naib
Prabisati Charan Maruta Madhya ~,/large" if
take deep long breath and practise Moham'uJra you
cannot know God "Jabat Bindur Na Bhabati I )riraha"
so long your attention will not remain pin poinl .d that
you have got the pin pointed attention, on that l'
lme you
are not ta .mg reath. "Jabat Dhyanam Sahaja f;adrisha
Jayate Nalba Tattwam" - Dhyan" means
, you are
eyond your mmd, "SanIina Manasha"
b d
Jsor e
mInd ) you are off from your mind, thought, YOlI are in
kn~w~edge ..Yo~d~ not.want ~o .scan God. This i~ Durga.
ThIs IS Kah. thIS IS ShIV3, thIS IS Krishna, this i:i Mohammed, this is Allah, You require "Tattwam"
reqUIre truth, you remain there, Krishna is there K I' .
, a 1 IS
there, ev~rythifig. is there, but you are to go far. \Vhat
Ra~a Kr~shna did: ~e was. worshipping Kali, Kali,
Kalt, KalI. He was SIngIng and doing Kali, Kitl' K I'
Kali Kali, always. Kali is my mother and aft I. th It'
otapun came a?d told, "Your meditation is nl)t completed. You are Just in form Now you are to

~(jme to
the formless stage."



Then Totapuri insisted. Sri Ramakrishna said, "I

don't want:' Then Totapuri replied, "Your Kali sent me
here, you just go to Kali and ask." Then Sri Ramakrishna
prayed. Kali said, "Yes, T sent Totapuri, you are more
powerful than T otapuri. You should take him as Guru
and be realised." Then Sri Ramakrishna
came to
Totapuri, "Yes, I told Mother that I don't like to leave
Her. She answered, "If you practice that formless
stage then you will get me perfectly, you will not leave
me, you will remain in all living Kalis in the whole.
worldly show on the life force". She is remaining inside
the dead body and in the dead body there is life E' and
tbat Kal and 'E'. Kal means dead body. Sha and Ba is.
"Shab". Shab means dead body and if you add 'E' that
is Power, the living power of God, it becomes "Shi".
The Mother said. "You go to Totapuri, I directed
T otapuri. You should complete your course."
T otapuIi told him, "Sit down, you should concentrate
here." He said, "I cannot concentrate. my mind is going
on Kali. My mind is coming here. Kali is moving in my
body I am watching." Totapuri said, "I tell you, you
withdraw your whole sense from lower centre to upper
centre in the pituitary," He tried and tried, but failed
and said , "I am undone, I cannot, my mind is restless".
T otapuri said, "Y ou ar,eto change your mind into
knowledge. rhe director and conductor of t~e Kali is
120 volts; 220 volts, or 440 vo1ts, bt,lt you are to go to
the Power House from where all the current of the
world is coming or activating. So you go there". But
Sri Ramakrisha said. "I am undone" Then T otapuri took
one piece of broken glass and pierced inside., "I repeatedly instructed you to concentx:ate here." It was



penetrated in the skin, not in the skull, not on the bone,

and Sri Ramakrishna was getting pain. The blood was
coming down through nose, and he was concentrating in
the pain.

", i

mind" you are to cross beyond your thought, you are to

cross:be~ond your body sense, you are to go beyond
alL thes.e' worldly sensetl, then you will get that power,
that-you 1 are "in- the infinite, in tbe high Heaven, it is
comingJr:om the high Heaven. the Search Light, that is
So he concentrated in the pain and pain and pain
Movement Sensation, then you corne from
and concentrated. The power of God was there and just I
after he attained the formless stage. The sound light I thE: tOPi you fee! ,it, but you donot take breath, long
vibration was there, he had no body sense and he was ( breath .:a~caus~ you will not carry your all school books,
primary school books -~othe college. Your all teachers of
remaining there in that stage. Generally. the Sadhaks in
Primary S~hool will not go, there. You are advanced.
the beginning, are getting half an hour time samadhi,
You are in the University. You are in the universe, your
fifteen minutes samadhi, one hour samadhi and not
body is the universe.'
more. And Totapuri gave him the power and power and
'after that he was in samadhi for two days. Constantly
, So you -a:re feeling the vibration. Gradually it is
Totapuri was coming and watching, and examining his
down from the higher centre to the pituitary,
pulse. No pulse and feeling of the vibration was there
then it is coming in the Medula. Love him. Don't take
in the heart, body was warm, then Totapuri felL that he
is not dead.
breath. God is' cOhstantly taking breath that is your
Kriya. Feeble breath. ,. Nischale Nischalo Bbabet" you
After that three days passed, when Totapuri did
are not watching your breath, it is remaining in between
not attend and then Totapuri was happy and he gave
"Apare Nihatahara Praoan Praneshu Juhati" it is written
pressure in the body, massaged in the hand and the body t in Bhagabat Gita in 4th Chapter 29th Verse. "Nihataand then Sri Ramakrishna came back to senses. This i hara", You are taking breath. "Pranan Praneshu Juhati"
is real truth. This is the ultimate goal of all religions,
you are almost in Nirbikalpa Samadhi Stage. You are
formless stage, if you can fix your attention there in the I only perceiving the vibration and nothing. That vibrapituitary. It is said. "Naiba Tat yam", if you do not do
tion is flowing just like a pendulum. It is coming
it. "Tabat Tadidam Dambha Mithiya Prolapa" if you ~ from the top and every where. Only love God.
say, I have seen Kali, I have seen Durga, I am floating, I
"You are in my heart,you give me purity, no viciousam moving, I am going to the high heaven, I am seeing
ness, Oh Lord,' you are in my intestine,
there is
a huge God, the God is just sitting, tbis is all hallucinamoderation. moderation of food. in my food [ will
tions, imagination, that is suggestions, speculation. You { watch thee." Then you come to the Sex Centre, "Oh
are in the mind, you are in the thought, you are in the
Lord. I am quite in control," So far I am watching God,
special thought
but you are to cross beyond your
even in that Centre.

It it said Bhaumyan Parbata Basini" "Gatcha Gatcha
Parasthanam Swasthanam
Oh divine
Mother, mother nature. You do not remain in the lower
centre you also give me sensation in every centre. Again
and again you come. Sri Yukteswarji has told one storyjust in the well there are seven rings, so from the top
you come down, and down and go to below, again you
come up to the top, again you come down. and down
to the below. again you come up and up, catch the seven
rings and come up and come down. So whole day and
night you are getting the thought and the thought in
the Coccygeal, in the Heart Centre, in the Naval
Centre, in the Sex Centre, in the Food Centre. So any
thought is coming. you say it is the tho,ught of God.
If it is bad you leave it, if it is good you activate it and
you feel that you are not activating, it is done by the
power of God. Thank you very much. God bless you.




If you \vant to, have spiritual advancement then

you are' to feel the change~:In the fi~st Kriya Yb~ are
getting some change. You are only gettmg sound, hght,
~ibration and you are taking deep long breath. God. is
taking breath from the top and exhaling. Correct posture
for advanced students as they are putting rope inside
the well, and pulling a rope from the top of the wen
and' water is coming out from the bottom to the top~
Similarly the living power of God is remaining just. in
the well, and not going with the bucket nor entenng
inside the water ,or pulling the bucket and gradually
coming up from the lower centre to the upper centre.
The pupil is standing on the top and he is throwing
the rope, but pupil is not pulIing the rope, the power: of
God is pulling the rope. That the advanced student will

feel it.
In the first Kriya when you will bow seven tinies,
magn'~tize your spine, then the power will automatically come on the top. In reality you are not bowing.
You have 'not come her'e: The power of God has come
here and the po\Ver of God is activating. So within three
Limes when you bow,then immediately YO,u_~anget .~h~
vibration. And you should not! do maha.inudrav~ry
quickly. Bo~, not quickly, but slowly . You are to watch
what is your change. So if youdq it slowly then within
three time~' whileybu are bOwing, you will be free 'f!om
body sense. Because you are old students and every
moment you are to keep love 'arid you are to feel'tha.t
God is pulling breath and the. money ce~tre is c~min~
to God. Ag~hl God is throwing the rope, It is coming



t dead they are not feeling any trouble. Is it not?
to the Sex Centre. You are offering your Sex Centre to are no
h h' b'
f b d mnany
God. Because all activities are coming from the top. 50 all suc
a Its are ecause o a co p

All '1 anger, pride, viciousness, cruelty, insince

, i- e~l:
doubt these are also bad company,
nty, sUSplclOn,
h ~lations of ArJuna allegorically m Maha
t ese are t e r
b harllLt,an d A rJuna
was .getting trouble , because of hIS
attac J.rlment t 0 h'.IS r elatives He was telling - No - No .
No. I will not kill my relatives. I will not kill my
Similarly the power of God is coming from the top! relatives. The qualities relating to the body are called
with the elevator. And now the fourth Centre. Again he relatives. Passien, Anger, Pride, f'ruelty, Insincerity all
is ta~ing the passenger to the to,P' That means you a:e are rt~latf'd to body. They are' neare!'t r~lations .. :'nd
offermg your heart to God wIth love and you are NIl, i Krishna who is Friend, Philosopher & GUIde to AfJuna
you have nothing. You have no heart. We can get any was 'teaching. Krishna means good company, that is
time heart failure. No one can say when~you will get
ur indwelling self. He knows good and bad, and your
cancer, or when ybU will get this or that trouble. Every~:n8clence always tells, this is good, tha~ is bad. So~e
day I feel it, every day, every moment I feel it that I am
times: you are trying your utmost to aVOIdt?e bad habIts
not a body. I am going to lavatory to pass urine and I
but impite of that you fail Is it not? But If you ,have
am feeling that this is my last urine, may be. /I Smara
good' company, if you follow your friend, best !f1en~,.
Nitya Anityatwam". Always feel that futility, that is
Krishna, you will be saved "Krishi
Na = Krishna ,
you may die just now. So if you make yourself minus that
"Krishi" means cultivated bnd - Body and II Nancha
you a~e not doer, and next time you cannot know ~od,
Nibritti Bac~~ka':. It means,' t~ere is "one formle~s
next tIme you can not go to the lavatory to pass urIne,
body who is abIdIng 10 your pItUItary.
if you feel it "Kuru Punyama Ahoratram" always . Jukta Krishna Nama Eti Abhidwiyate".
If you
keep your attention on the Pituitary, "Smara Nitya
add ~our cultivated body and farmer. who is cultivating
AnityQtwam" always you feel that it is a glass plate and t the land and if you follow the fa~mer. then you can know
carrying from this place upto the lavatory, upto the kitthat the far~er is surely cultivating ,nicely. Clear? So it
chen, it may fall down from my hand, it may be broken . depends upon the deepest desi~e. But it is not pos~i?le.
into pieces. Similarly "Ya;a Durja'na Sansargam"
It requires a very strong Master. Every teacher IS a
avoid bad company. That is death to you. And where
strong master. They are controlling the minds of t~e
is bad company? The bad company is within you. You
boys'andgiving something Iile\\,in educating them. Is It
are your friend. Many people are taking some addiction,
not? So good company is required. Guru is the good
intoxiCation. That is going on. I cannot change, all
company. ,So through this you are to remove your all
people. Those who are not taking any intoxication, they
bad qualities, ..
Then it is coming from top to bottom in the Naval
Centre, the God is pulling. Just as in the lifts in India,
'd H'
t h ere IS a 1 tman.a ways InSI e. e IS coming,
d own an d h e IS gOing up.
IS IS IS serVIce. ut It IS
done automatIcally.





Some thought i. :oming Some tho~,:ht" is ta~ing

was trymg- and trymg _ and trying. And He made
shape. ICTya;a Dur]ana Sansargam,
. DUr}ana
Cha.Pt:rs. F.irst,Bisad. bisad means ,sorrow. No, I cannot '. Sanswa~ga" undoubtedly means oU,twardfnend,s. The;
Ari,una allegoric,allymeans all worldly people. Het


leave mtoxicatIon .. J know many educated persons who are teachmg some body to smuke clgarette~. Is It not.
are "intelligent, but who use intoxicants. So they tried .. Then you are not smoking, seme of y~ur frIends force
but they faiIe~. But if you remain in good company i you to smoke, 'It is ~othi~g.", In thls way. you ,~ave
there, you. \\1111 be }ree
from bad habits. Atom
learnt smoking or lnt~:lcatl~n.
So that IS DurJa~~
almost means nothmg.
Nancha Bachaka
5ansarga, bad company.
BnQ]a Sadu .Samag
"Nirguna" means formless. That formless is conduct. l Always remain in good company. II KuruPunnyam
ing the body. and formless is gradually leading the body; Ahoratram" - \Vhole day and night you watch who
from the lower centre to the upper centre. This is. are you? You are the imperishable soul - And II Smara
second Kriya - First Part. And from the top He is
Nitya A~ityatam" always feel it is a glass pla~e directing. If the well is not nicely dug then you cannot
ffail, fragile, it can easily be broken. 50 in second Kny~,
go deeper. So the weB is closed. Your spinal channel is! Krishna was telling, you come up, you come up. It IS
locked with "Ida;' and "Pingala", "Bajra" and "Chitta" I Bisad or sorrow. Then "Sankhya". He told about that
imperishable life. You are the warrior son. You ate to
There is a technique to remove "Ida", "Pingala"
fight and you have now become coward. If you get
aJra an d 'lCh'Itra." B'aJra means the sex sense.
heaven, kingdom - no matter. If you d'on t ge t . heaven.
Endless sex desire - very strong. This is the meaning of:
kingdom. _ no matter. Still you are born for uphftment,
Bajra. This remains in Braja. So you are to remove it. 'I That is Krishna telling about the body centre" you
But, still it 'is there. Only by the technique of Mahamudra
come up, you come up. This is Second Chapter.


you a~ediggin~ ~he well,nicely-removing the Ida, Pinga- !

la, ..BaJ~a and ~hItra. It IS repaired by the practiCE: of
Knyayoga, BaJra and Chit~a remain in the five vacuum cen- t
tres. No one wants to go mto the vacuum centre. 'Chit' t
means souL It is there. But ?hit~a ~e~nsimpatienceof some persons. The mmd IS flashlOg on some idea. !
C~itra also means painting. Out of nothing you have
paInted something. And it is beautiful, attractive. So you
have come up upto this. This means upto Dorsal centre.
Dpto the Dorsal centre you have some experiences. You
have some experience even in the Cervical centre. But
something is creating,. painting and painting Chitrao -

Third Chapter is work. By work, if you do not practice kriya, only take kriya and go home and you do
not know how you will sit for Mahamudra, means, that
you have only come on the day of initiatien. That means
you are not practicing. You have forgotten everything, as you said, that you do not know even Mabamudra.
how to do it. If you come to the good company then
automatically you can do it. So in the first Kriya, yOU

k' b th
are to come up, From the top H e IS ta 109 rea
Heart centre is pulled by God. From Cex:ical ?entre
the bucket is coming up. So the bucket IS comlOg up


and the bucket is
c .
gOIng down. Again the b k
r I'
h . fi .
omIng. up, so He is p II' f
uc et ISnot mg, we are lee mg It IS movmg III t e In mte an
t h .
u Ing rom the to
wa c It. That is first K .
ou are to down to the ground, pendulum. That you are to
student will do ? Afte :~a. ~nd what the higherp.erceive
and remain tnere for two, three, four minutes,
they are doing the K'
r free tImes, four times when that is your Parabastha, that is your liberation stage in
b ecause the technique nya, a terb that they'IlWI practice
.. It, first K nya
. an d t h at you sh au Id app 1"y It In your practlca
' I
do it seven times A d must 'leIfollowed and you are to life. Then you can come down again, you see, lower
n you WI feel that
eaven. In first kriya d
you are In the centre to upper centre, upper centre to lower centre.
,a vanced stude t r I'
pen ulum is mavin'
n s lee Just as the ISvery qUIck. If the pendulum moves on t e top t en

g, Just a amboo'
t lrd storeyed build'
ISmOVIng rom the surely it wIll move on the bottom and you are not to
a t In b' b
amboo will move u 't h
am 00 I you move that 1 take deep long breath.
II Nischale
the top, Similarly fr:m ht e fir~t~toreye.d building from! Bhabat" - When breath will be very feeble then you
feel it and you a
t eaven It .ISmOVIng. You are to I are practising Kriya." You are on truth.
0 watch It
D .
Mahamudra even d
unng the time of !
unHg- t e tIme
f K .
body is already non e',
nya and your
When all activity will be finished and you will merge
- XIS tent . "Bh
ram", "Bhasmanta
a~~antam Sari with the actor - e'Ya", then you are getting betterment,
It is wrtt m . SaIrzram
your body is . tormle8s stage. So you can maintain. This is enough for
I en, 10 sha Up
. d
16th Verse. "Bayur Ani]"
a~Isa a, may be - you. One techmque IS enough for you. But we have
moving and you are doin ~m. -In t?e hIgh heaven it is
many thoughts in the midbrain, of the past, that are
m~ body is an impriso:ed r~o~ ~~th love .
Lord, I. distur~ing. So you are to F~act~ce Mahamudra again.
KrIshna occupied his locked b
y. Tn l1~h Capter, f In realIty you are not practIsmg It. You feel and love
that body. From the hi h h ody. He explamed about ~ God and feel that God is practising
He showed one tree gB heaven d,own to the ground
Change, activate and always see what more vou can
, ra manadl It i . t l'k
Cocoanut tree So if Yd'
1 e
a f ac Ieve? What more truth, new sensation, new life,

ou rea 11th Ch t
come to know of it.
ap er you can ! new Ight, new sound, new betterment, lIke SrI Y uktei swar Ji, like Lahiri Baba, you should feel. Because you
Similarly your this bod .
. ,
hIve sat for betterment, for mOIe~perception of realisaI don't sa I db'
y, ~s only allegOrIcal, historical.
: tion of self. So from top to bottom come down, from
0 not
eheve It I sIb
r .
you have heard you h
. ay
e Ieve It. Because l bottom to top go up. Lahiri Saba told you can do it as
25 rt tall S th'
ave read of the person who was ' long as long as vou can, as long as you get the time.
ere was also a t II
don't b r
a man at t at time. So I
Follow me. In Lahiri Baba's b()ok a disciple tdld,-"Oh, I
W~ le~e .It. only .believe the truth. What i'
am doing two hundred Kriya a day." Lahiri Baba replied,
at IS m you that I am t 1"
s In I
bowing seven times and the
l1?g. Only you are l "Thank you very much." There are many questions but
a t at tIme we are feeling 1 the answer is, "1 am very happy," So 1 don's tell that






~ou will take breath. I don't tell that th

d . watching from iae heaven as God is wat~hing us, as in
lIke that two hundr d K .
ey are om the road the Red Light is giving us' caution. yellow
t h'
rIyas. Only thev are sitting an
wa c mg
. d . I.,S
't' movmg-moving
mean light giving us to get ready and Green Light is allow~
ing us to go. Is it not ? Similarly you watch it from the
pulsatlOo, m Gne minute 75 I 't
it is 100 h
S 1 not.
or 80 - 100. r
en m four mmutes it is four hundred Kriyas top. That your' green light is clear. There is no red
light, there is no yellow light, only the green light is
you say SOO - 600 - 700 that mans
4 mmutes
5 ear,
m~utesl 6 ~jnutes. If you only watch then you wil there. Signal, that means you can roam to the Heaven. yo~ are In the infinite. Your little body become That is informal second Kriya. You watch there. You
a ' pervadmg body Th' IS IS
. K'nya, real perception 0 have done one cycle formal Second Kriya, then informal
K nya. What Lahiri Bab
h d d K'
a sal'd t h at you practice three, Second Kriya.
K~~ re
. nyas" Oh. I am practising three hundredj
From the heaven it is moving and coming down and
yas FIrst Knya. Two hundred second Kriyas two!
it is moving. Light, sound, vibration - you are extremely
hundred and fifty second Kriyas. Lahiri Baba is~ t:Ilin ~
alerl. You are not ~n the coccygeal centre. You are on the
OR 1 am ~ap~y: Thank you very much. This is t~j
heaven. You are merged. You are getting oneness.'
answer he IS gIvmg) in short. You take my blessings event
Merged means you are getting oneness and you are
h ~'Only one sentence. And what d 0 you mean b VI
t at . You have finIshed first Kriya. Still you are feelin~" seeing the play of God and you are hearing Om, - am, the second sensation from the h eaven d own to the, Om, and movement sensation, Na, - Na,-Na and movement sensation - not breath. Almost breath - less - ness
grou~d. Th~t movement is permanent.
You need noti
stage I Na.savyantaracharini" as if breath is moving
practIce agaIn cycle of Mahamudra. If you dol
inside the breath insidely. and also it is said Prana
not feel su~h vIbration or if you get some restlessness'
Apana Gati Buddhwa, as jf in - going breath and
Mfhthe mmd, then you should practice one cycle off
out - coming breath is stopped. But it is not stopped.
a amudra.


Then you practice the Second Kriya and remain there

and watch. Om,-Om,-Om, Na,-Na.-Na, it is needless to
say because you should follow Guru's instrucOtions. So.
h' have already taken Seven breaths ' a S 1'f from t h e
Igh ~eav:n. Now six breaths. and exhale six times with
:'o~ma~Krja, and love him. There are seven centres i

'. apa
me Lokah.a", "Sapta Ime Pranah.a':
Tasmat" th ere are seven lIghts
. '

In each Centre , Seven. G 0d s. S 0 you are

r know, I am telling, many, they are telling, yes, I am

getting the Samadhi Stage, I am not getting breath. I am
in extremely breathlessness stag'e~and I am feeling myself
that r am getting Nirbikalpa Samadhi stage My breath
is stopped. ram telling because I told you, that I am to
conduct, I am to see all the organisations and when
they called me then I say thank you very much. I am
very happy. You please go and put your hand near the
nose. Don't touch his body. You only keep this finger
near, you see whether the warm breath is coming or



cold breath is entering. When you are in meditati6n,

when you are in the infinity, then your breath is ~ery
feeble, but it. is going. Little feeble breath is coming,
feeble breath IS entering in arid that is not Samadhi stage.
But this is a partial samadhi stage. II Tonamanasa"
introvert samadhi. " Asamshakti samadhi" superl'
power. Thi~ is Tonumana~a Samadhi, introvert samadhi-
second Knya. There are seven stages of Samadhi.

a Apara


Pranan Pranesa Jahati"

and those who are practising higher Kriyas they know

breath is going. then he cannot sit. Then he will fall
?own: Then his head will remain either that or like that
Just hke sleep or it will remain like that or if it remains
near the wall. remain there and then gradually gradually
the body wIll fall down. Because there is no breath
"Niyatahara". It is Turia stage, pulselessness stage,
even breathlessness stage.

So I mean to say we do not want to hear all that big

talk. We only want that perception of self, conception
of self and realisation of self. In Sec<md Kriya, informal
Kriya, you are getting that stage. From high heaven
down to, the ground it is moving, with love you offer
him only love. Oh Lord. you have given money. Thank
you. Sound, in the Sex Centre. you have given me Sex
senses, Thank you. You are so kind. I cannot give you
love. I am seeing you in two places on the top in the
heaven. on the top in the naval sound rna - rna" rna ,.
rna rna. You do not know where is the sound. You d~
not know where is your body, you are in the infinity,
you aTe in Atom. "Jabot Binda Na Bhabati
Dridaha" so long you will not go in the Atom stage,
merged with the power of God. Just you see the example,

the ARJUNA followed Him through and through,

then he said Ie Nasta Moha" my delusion has. disappe- .
ared. II Sthitoasmi" now I have come, to senses. On
18th vhse, he said, "Gata Sandena" my doubt
disappeared. I, Karisnye Bacnonam Taba". I will
follow what you will say. That is your two petal lotus
pituitary. On is forml~ss another is your body form
that is Arjuna is sitting behind the Krishna and your
body is a chariot.

Clear ? 'Similarly I am telling about Jesus. All.

I Prophets
are the prophets and Jesus also proved that he

is immortal Soul, imperishable Soul. So you will go in the

Ii Christ Centre and just like Arjuna you will sit just
behind the Christ in the Cross. Is it not? Until you
, cross the seventh junction your Second Kriya is not
finished. I told about Oronacharya that Saptatalu, that
is two crosses in between your two Ears, two crosses,
Drabela and occipital bone. and two crosses it is in
Fontanelle and coccygeal and another cross within the
mouth. When you are taking breath with ycur mouth
open, air is going and clearing the water and making
it dry. If you open your mouth and take breath, if you
do it for five minutes in the sleep then you will see that
t . your whole face is dry, Y0l!r cesophagus is dry, it is
very difficult to swallow. Because this air is drying the
moisture. So below the Uvula there is a straight passage
on seventh junction, that passage becomes clear and
dry. Then you will come on the seventh junction. then
you are seeing it is rna, rna. rna, informal Kriya. You are
not inhaling only you are' watching va - va - va. You
are watching ga - ga - ga, you are watching vacuum then
ba - ba ...
ba . ba - ba, the abode of God is there, and





above that you have no access to God. As the :{3aisnaba

said without Krishna you have no liberation, Si milarl
in Christianity, there is a proverb, that if you do no
follow Jesus,. if. you do not love Jesus, if you do not
follow the son of God, you cannot go to Heaven, you
cannot go to God. Is it not?

are. the children of God and if you say the

. Indian
.. people
will not be unhappy because in the sCrIpture It IS a so
written "Srinnatu
Dhamani Dibyani
Tastu" - Oh Amntashya
Je Oh the son of God, you hear t h at wh"at IS m th e
whole Universe. IIBedahametam Purus~am Mahontam" I am there in the top in the KrIshna Centre,
in the Christ Centre. I am to know 1am to go.
"Purusam Ma h an t am "., Adifya Barnam Tamashah Parastwat". If thine Eye be single thy. whole
body will be full of light - That is ~d.ityabaran.a. it .is
just like rising sun. IITumeba Bldltya A~l ~rl!yumeti" if you: know Him that the power Of uod IS m
the Pituitary in the Christ Centre, IC Nyannya Pantha
Bidyate .Ayonaya" there is no other way to get God
realisation. It is written in Upanishada, Do you follow
me ! Jesus said tne same thing. It is why many people
ask me whether Jesus was in India fror.n his ag~ 12 to 30.
r sal'd 1 don't know. I don't say It IS not wrItten any
. .
where. And if any body writes like that r will say ~t IS
wrong. Jesus was in seclusion. Jesus was in meditation.
If you only see and keep your attention on the Atom
form for months, for years, then you will be all kno~e~.
And what is written in Beda, U panishada, PatanJah,
Brahmasutra, that is said by Jesus. So Jesus was all

It is a most important talk. But silly people, the

dogmatic people do not follow. Until you go and sit
;lear Him and until you feel that you are transformed,'
your blood is His blood, until you be Jesus, you cannot,'.
know Jesus, Until you be Krishna you cannot know
Krishna. In India it is called Jishu-Krishna. We say,
Jesus, we say Jishu Krista. I don't want to amalgamate it'l
I am telling the truth is truth. Until you feel that your
place is the place of Jesus, until yot,! feel your blood iS
the blood of Jesus, your brain is the brain of Jesus.; I
your existence is second presence of Jesus, existence is:
the new descent of Jesus in you, until you feel it.
until then you cannol go to God, you cannot perceive
God. Similarly it is written in Bhagwat Gita, Drastum
UntilI you see the seer -that you are Krishna. until you
know the knower, that the knower is your life force Soul,
that is Kishna. Prana Krishna, until you hear the divine
sound, Krishna sound, only if you talk Krishna-Krishna,
you cannot go to him. Krishna means touch sensation,,:
Ramakrishna was not" educated and Ramakrishna was
vibration that you are concentrating in the christ centre,
telling all same truth. Bebakananda was telling, "You beyou are feeling heavyness. You are concentrat ing on the
ing a fool, why do you say so many big talks." ~ecause
fontanelle from where the God has entered.
Bibekananda has gone through the Beda. Upamshada.
He made nine doors and He entered in the tenth
Patanjali, Brahmasutra and Ramakrishna is telling the
door which is the fontanelle. You go there and watch
essence of whole thing. Ramakrishna said, "Yes, - you
that it is not a form, it is the real power of God. We
follow me wha.t I say that is Veda, that is Upanisada. that



't is in my real~10RE
is Patanjali. that is Brahmasutra.
e.c~use I
ill et th
If you touch the electnclty you w g
~ ~

'n be electrified. Similariy 1
current, your whole body WI
'II b 'n truth"
When you want to submit Ph. D. then you are to
th truth then you W1 e I
you follow once

me and after wnte thesIs about your expenence, about your stu y
This is Second Kriya. That you ave co d you ar and you are to submit the thesis. Then the people will
in formless stage an
that you are remammg
t't tion i read what is your experience, about your educatIOn an
h d
h? Because your cons 1 u
bending your ea. w y,
b ding in th then they will give the marks. So what I am telling that 1S
f God So vou are en
the constitutiOn 0

.. br tion, Behind thela Knya Yoga thes1s Ph. D., Knya Yoga Ph. D.
front, extreme an~ you are ~eelmflgV1, a.
d light i&'telling. First. I told it is scienti fie that you are placing
r ckmtY
oatmg. soun 'i,

head 1t 1S sWlngmg. o.
. \your head in the front. Then you w11111ftup and S1t
istraight and watch that vibration. It is moving above
your fontanellei Just after it. Then you are bending
~our head to the left hand side. Why you are bending
~our head on the left hand side? Because. if the breath
lvill not come with equal pressure from your two
hostrils, your Ida Pingala will not be separated. At the
~ame time all your bad thoughts, anger, pride, cruelty,
rhatever thought is coming, it is first coming on the right
?and side of your brain. So you are bending it on the
ft hand side. All the qualities are there, those qualities
coming down on the left hand side, and also your
~rthritis, Spondelitis which is there in the neck, that
is better than tons of theories"
}.rill d,isappear.



ounce of practice

! But you are to watch the sound, light, vibration

e right hand side of your head. Because that is the
as much in your friend as in Yjcious
Feel the presence 01C 0 d



Any talk is coming, she is bringing it in the left hand

de. It is speech centre, with the nice sweet angel
imaining on the high above, all good qualities in
rrbara. Ma. So they will also take it in .India that she
t moderate, always balanced. So by thIs then we are







makin~ strai~ht Then again we are bending on -th~ on the top and gIvmg blow on the occipital bone. So
front sIde. It IS all scientific . .Because Labella'
this o~cipital bone, and whole portion of the cranium is
d h
. b k
If you "bend your head and you lie down on
your now rea y to e separate , t e cocoanut IS ro en
shoulder,' that means you are gettI'n e t
into two parts. So your all brain power. all truth, your
g x reme pressure..
Just cn your throat near the chin the fl h '11 b
all Ignorance IS transformed IOta knowledge. Then you
es WI e very
stJff and you are watching on the top in th L b II
are sIttmg on the top and you are feelmg that you are
. 10
. the forehead s"und _ I' ht
e a' e am,
h h
Y au are fI"oatmg m t h e mI'ddl e, may b e
t h e bram,
V] ratIon.
au m t e eaven.
are hearing the sound _ light _ vI"b t'
' 1000 ft. above and from that place you are watchmg the
ra Ion. a you are . ,
centre, m two" petal lotus,
a y an
Ivmeness WI e .
alnght. Then again you are co'
t th 'h h d! Dwidal Padma, HAM and SA, somethmg IS movmg.
mmg a
e fig t an ",
sIde. \Vhenever you are comin
h h d .
!, The SA IS your hfe. If soul does
not pull breath then
g on e ng t an SIde. *
then as 10 the whole bottle th
I' I
h . you are a dead body. So because the soul IS takmg
ere IS a Itt e water t e
bubble will come on the top; So
b d"
breath, you are alive. So that movement, sensation is the
you are en mg your.
head on the fight hand side then th
' . h
real SA and where It IS movmg, It requIres some space.
h I power has gone to the,e 1 ft 'dupperf portIon,b' tel
n your ram~ m t e pItUItary, It IS movmg. n your
SI e a your
ram r ,
. ,
that ]8 your'speech centre and 'th
I b
" whole body It IS movmg, that IS HAM.
. .
WI na ura
reat you,
are.domg It, So you are getting more power and you are;
HAM means. I am, exhalation and inhalation, no
seemg the sound. light vibration. Love him and tell him'
of exhalation and inhalation i. e. formality,
Ba~gme Manashi PrCJtisthitaha my mind, when f
I wIll speak, when any thought will come to my
. d
formal. But informal truth is you are feeling vibration,
mm ,
WIll come u~to the :nouth,. not unto the mouth, II" the life force Gf SA. Also you are feeling vibration in
Monome Batchl Prathlstitain.
the pituitary, and pituitary means in two petal lotus.
HAM and SA is moving. That is real Hamsa. Then
Hamsa is coming and you are hearing sound - Te - Te Again my BAK is coming from the mind. Again you
Te. Ba Ba - Ba, Su - Su - Su means Thou are that,
control your mind an? .talk, hold your tongue' and
roll, up your tongue. ThiS IS Kriya - Yoga that you are I T e - Ba - Su means Thou art!, that. And from Heart
rolh,ng up your tongue ~o you are not talking. you are ~ centre when you have gone, you say Bha Ga Ba means
talkmg very less. Agam while you are doing it I
J Bhagaban, G - 0 - D. So this heart centre upto the
telling. Just I told about the example, when you :re a: '( fontanelle is your real place. If you can remain Aerob;eak one cocoanut. you are to give pressure in different I force - the Heart Centre, and that is corning in the
p ,allcebs.
YkO~are to give blow in all sides, then cocoanut
third chapter. Now I am completing the second part.
Then you are to see it is moving in the Heart Centre,
u par s. a you are agam doing
It first on the left. Again you are doing and bending it
Te - Ba,- Su ~ De - Ba - Va, you are to hear. You can





remain free for a longer period. You cao remaio ten

minutes. If You remain 10 minutes then You are Constantly giving Your PUlsation. 10 minuies X 60 is 600
times second Kriy . This is informal not form.l.
ScientifiCally if you do it then you will get thyroid
trouble. There are seven vertebr", inside the neck. In
former times they did not feel it. But this i. the scientific
age. Scientifically We knnw, in between the vertebra"
there are inter - vertebral disc . So if you constan(/y
rotate and rotate. and, rotate and rotate. then you wiIl
get giddiness and YOUrall vertabr", will make Catchi
Catch - Catch. Catch sound and you will get arthritis,
Spondeliti . and many other dise In former time
they Were taking good fOod. I\t present if! India there is
no gOod fOOd. Theyare only taking a Brinjal roasted
and a handful of rice and they do not know anything.
With this they are passing their life and they have
good brain. But they are foIlowing the old technique
--~.':-The more you will meditate. the technique is remaining
the same.
I am not changing the technique but I am
the truth.

You are to take OXygen. You are taking OXygen. You

require 5000 gallon. OXygen everyday but you are not
getting it. Then You are gettlOg De- Ba_Y , De. Ba-Ya
mean. "DIB". "Oib" means vacuum. The COccygeal,
Sacral and Lumber is Useless, if from the heart,
if from the top Gnd does not pull. breath and
air does not go to the LUngs; then Your Naval i. e. fOOd
centre, Sex centre and 'noney centre is useless, So POwer
of God is activating in a formless way. I\Il Saints and
Sages are remaining there in De. Ba - Yo. De. Ba Ya


'the spirituality ,lS

D'b in vacuum way.
hen you are m
~ you are to watcb w '11 say God is
rmeans Debata,
emaining ' there.
_ 'ya' Heart1 wor Old In money. , you
, pWld
tbe peactlca
au say God IS ya '. .t to the God,
ya'. Sex, y
bad, gIVe 1

. co,ming remove
I n practical h1 e yo
S this IS sec


h' d part of the seco

to the
t 1I
I am comlOg
26 Letters.
v owels and
r h there are
cannot ma
Kriya. In Eng IS With the vowels you au cannot also
21 consonants.
'th the consonan:s y ? So with the
Only WId
. Is It not. ,
or wor
e are talkmg
d vowe s w
make any
f consonants an
h t lk Anything we
combination a ,
r mind with tea
~ d may not
hangmg au
our mm ,
and are exc
hanging It WI
'th the hmt,
we are exc
'th the eye, WI
are do 109
'th the hint, WI,
Oh this man is very
be mind. but ,WI
r hand tell 109, "
b d you are
0 y,a finger.
you are pus h 1ng ,you you are itc h'mg Y our 'th
e talkmg,
eTson WI
bad. You ar
, ting out one P h
n is dea ,
are pOlO
t at rna
talking, you
d ou are te mg, ,
are talking.
talk an y
'th thIS you
This IS a
finger, so WI
R b' ndranath. sang a
moving the 10 ;: not talking. So 'l~ r~peat it. "Aru~
Although you a,
song. Only I WI
Arnor MuktJ
I will not slOg
a Chitte
. Ange Arnay. ." Ob inviSIble. It
. BanI,
. Arup tamar BanI , . my a II five sense
. Diksa Ikam,
hole ~qdy, to "
Ik So the
your ta , 1
the ceremony
hG d
organs, a
tk you are to w
are to do It,

whole day in each ta

d of which sixteen

,~ here are fifty lette~s ~n in cervical from

In Sansknt t that vowel is remaml?g about tbat. From
that you
h dvowels
P and h t Now I am telhng "
to the t'theroa vowe Is are remammg.
head it is startmg,


are to know. Ong - Ung - lng through the left you are
coming. Just like a Timepiece you are keeping in the
front, many time always moving on the left, so you
should not forget. So it is cpming ( Ong-Ung-Ing-llng
Oong - oung - Ring - Rring - Ling - LUng - Aug - AingDng - Dung - Dng - Ahba. So half is from Ong to
Ring here, eight, and eight this side.. Because we have
two bodies, we have Brain. Cerebrum, Cerebellum is
remaining in two parts in the Brain. So in the left handside there is talent. moderation, balance and in the right
hand side', the thoughts are coming. it is agitation.
furiousness, indecency, suspicion, cruelty and all bad
qualities. So. that you are to watch nicely and ypu are
to watch it up to the centre. It is upto the cervical
centre. Then from cervical centre upto the Heart there
are six ribs. So in the six ribs, first on the left hand
side of the ribs, upto the middle of the Heart, there
are six letters, Lotus petals and on the right hand
side also six Lotus petals. That is you are doing KangKhang - Gang - Gbang - Oung - Chang, you are coming
to the heart centre, that is 'Ka' and 'Cha', "Kach" is
tbe person who was a highly realised yogi, he has no
money ~ense, no sex sense, no food sense, no anger, no
pride. always emptiness, always in God. He is always
after truth. So Chang. Chhang - Jang - Jhang Nang
Tang - Thang letters are there. In the middle (rom
'Ka' to 'Tha' - Katha Upanisada has been created.



will get no anger, no pride, n~t.hing: Then you will ?et

real education, divineness, sPIrItualIty. So the Educa~lOn
Minister, Yudhisthir, was born. Within that perIod,
Kunti, concentrated from the cervical centre. to the
pituitary. Only as the by-product of her meditatlOn sh.e
got a child. She did not enjoy sexually. The ~ower IS
there. Kun Dhatu Ti = Kunti,
means .the .finest
conception in the Atom. This is called KuntJ. S,o If .you
concentrate from this place to here, keep your mmd tram
next centre upto the Kunti's centre, Atom Centr:,
then vou will get knowledge, real knowledge, you WIll
never" make a mistake. Yudhistir was of that type. He
has' no ignorance because he was born only with the
knowledge. Follow me ? So this is here. 'ri' and 'Tah:,
Ah is Tah all the same thing like ' T'a, 'R'Ita,h' 'Rl'
means Gatchati, my word is going and 'Ta' means
staying in the soul.
I am going, I am
staying, in your brain and what .y~u did not know,
that you are knowing it. Clear? ThIS ISthe first centre,
16 chapters, half divided, the right lobe and left lob~.
This is our difficulty on the right lobe and left lobe IS
it is coming in between the
our k,now Ie d ge and
fontanelle. so fontanelle is coming straight there. SO I~you
remain inside then you will get the light. sound. VIbration. You are there. I am seeing blank faces. I am seemg
illumination, illumination,


Katha U panisada means your are to watch your soul

from the Heart Centre. \Vatch your breath from Heart
Centre to Cervical Centre. It is Katha Upanisada and if
you take your breath from the cervical centre upto the
top centre, the sixteen petal lotus, it is only vowels.
With the vowels you cannot make any sentence. So you

ore So if you only practice it and

. ,
B ecause I am th ,,-.'
watch that; you have become vowels wlthm
sixteen petal lotus, t h en you w
over cervical centre and you will obtam knowledge. You
will be the real master of God r~alisation. Now I am
telling about the Heart Centre. The dorsal or the heart



centre remains opposite to u.

Another half'
pper portIon of the heart
portIOn of th h
lower side Thl'S' tIe
eart remams in the

18 We ve p t II d 1
six, 'KA' to 'CHA' h
e a e otU8, left hand side
free, you are divi~e
ere. KA TCHA means you are
THA which
. > and then another is from CHHA to
remains on th . h .
'KA THA'. Jesus said that ~fng t slde.S~ t~is all makes
centre, if you can c
you remam m the heart
ome up to th h
are in the spiritual"t
e eart centre then you
1 y.
rom the
heart centre from k a t Th ' woe
portIOn of the
a 18 KA THA, It has been
taken from U'
. d 0
panlsa a.
Nachiketa, was practisin
father "Y
. .
g t IS. Then he told his
ou are glVIng
One thousand cow h so ma~y cows to the people".
e was d t 'b
people. Nachiketa said "F h IS n uhng to the poor
at er why
old cows? \Vhy not th
you are gIvIng the
e young fresh co
? Th'
your aift.
I think 't .
IS very bad. \Vh
gIve something, do not k
you wIll
You donate without
eep ~nythIng In your mind.
d 't th' k
yours." Thus father felt insulted
on . In thIS is
presence of many persons.
ecause It was said in

Then the father rebuked him "Y

death, I give you to H'
ou go to Lord of
1m as donatIOn, you di . t
now. So Nachlketa felt "I b '.
can 1 die? A d h
emg an Immortal soul how
. n w at WIll be th
father? father will 0 t
e .consequence to my
cows" ThO , h g 0 Hell. He IS not giving healthy

IS IS t e story of Katba U
. d a.
So he went straight to the r
meditating and meditat'
ehglOdn0 death, and
mg reac e to Y
. h
God of death, and He offered himself t H' amrbaJ, t e
1m ecause

of the promise of his father. He was thet:e for three

days, he did not take any food. Because it is the order
of Yamraj to his wife that when anybody, any guests
will come you first feed them. But Nachiketa refused
to take any food. He said I have some questions to the
king of death. Then Yamraja came,


Though the king of death and his wife insisted him to

take wealth, thrice he refused to accept anything. He
wanted to know the truth. He narrated how he came
to the region of death because of donati~n of his father
to king of death. He begged a boon from the king of
death that since his father's gift is not genuine, he
may be excused.





People go to the higher ~tage. but due to bad actions

again they have to come down. So he asked Yamraj to
clarify his father for his liberation. My father said,
"You go and diet so I have come to you. Either you kill
me or you teach me immortality".
This is KA THA.
If you remain in the heart centre, you will get immortality and you will know the truth. Half portion of the
heart, is KA-CHA and other half centre is Jhha-Tha.
Now I am describing about the Naval Centre. In this
centre, is the ten petalled lotus, remain ten letters Da,
Dha, Na Ta, Tha, Oa, 'Dha. Na, Pat Pha,. These
letters sym bolise anger, pride, viciousness.. cruelty
etc. It remains within the ribs - these bad qualities
should be over ridden by meditation.
So completing all the cycles, that means you are
purifying, any thought is coming, you are only feeling
how to purify this centre. Until you purify this centre,




if you only chant and h

c ant an create and privately
a n d see k'Ing one P
erson an cursmg and the 'f '
there and 'k"
WI e IS not
sm mg "SmkIng drinking water, Shiba will not
~~m~ to,~now, Hari?arananda will not come to know,
an arananda IS not there the
. k h
can 0 some
ml,sta e ere, This centre that is the Sh 'b
Shlbaratri d.
I a.
n t e
ay, peop e, they fast and whole day they
WI not take water Wh I d
food B t' ,

0 e
ay they will not take
'. u It IS very troublesome. So the hOd th
lves 10 th
y 1 e
emseoor nicely locked. Standing inside
th e screen etheroom.t
y ea someL 109 and also take glasses of
water takIng care not to make Dhak. dhak _ dhak
sound. Then he is telling I am fasting. In Indi
d ' T
a, many
e 0 It.
hose who cannot do th
ey come to

. Suppose one person, the boyar

g)'rl I'S
lre ,unbearable, he cannot do any thin
then on the
day of Shibratri, I am there in the h g,
ouse, so t ey are
prepanng huge food for me. So many Papayas (not t
purchase, available in the Ashram) and th
ey are comIng
an t:kmg, I am giving them in their hand. You take
I am ;:,hlba-Guru Th

en you are seeIng Gur u as Sh'b

So I
' ,
I a.
II am glvlOg and they are eating, Yes it is open. It is
a owed, Also there is AmbubachI' Th

ree ays t e
peho e w,~l not have food, - will not prepare food So
w at I d
h P ,

0 In t c
un Ashram, I prepare huge food
lOr all these d
WI take some food, I will take
e vegetables, fruits. May be three hundred. four
h~ndred - five hundred people will come and they
WIll have ~oo.d as prasad. If you take the Prasad of
<?uru, then It IS fasting. U pabash, U pa
SIt near God. Do you follow me ? So th'
IS portIon and

this portion, 'you are to purify and if you privately eat

something or commit some mistake, and you are telling
I am practicing more Kriya, it is simply a pretence.
Is there anybody lookin~g at me? Some may think
when all persons in the room are looking at me, I am
sitting in yogic posture and when all persons have left,
he may think himself oh, all persons have left, then why
I am sitting with my spine straight and doing Kriya ?
No body will observe me now that I am a highly realised
Yogi. So 'when all persons have gone, a sadhu. is
bending his body" This type of Kriya, many people are
it is he who is his own foe. It is in the Heart
Centre, In the 'Pelvis, on the Penis left Ba, Bha, Ma,
Ya, Ra, La remains. This is a type of meditational
technique, that is Shiba's technique. You don't talk
anything. That means, from the Naval up to the Sex
Centre - it is a dangerous centre. So on the day of
Shibaratri, they are doing, "Bom- Bom-Bom-Bom-Bom".
This is a type of technique, that we are thinking of
Shiba. Shiba is playing Dambaru.
It is making
Damadong - domadong - domadong sound. You have
seen in the hand of Shiva. Oambaru, Trisul and Snakes
are there.


. I have written e\lrything, the metaphorical meaning

of Hinduism. The truth in Hinduism is that everything is formless, so this BOM from this place to here,
Ba = Bha= Ma, this Born, Pe lvis, Ba - bha - rna, Penis
centre. Half portion of the Penis centre, then J A - this
Pelvis - RA and LA. Again you come in the Naval.
Because from Naval, this centre is activating. So you
are to watch every moment. The opportunity
come. \Vhether you will seek the bad opportunity or



That is why it is said tbat II Mula Sringatam

~ou .will avoid the bad opportunity? This is why, it. \
Atcbeda Jibang Paramashibapade
IS said, Born Bom-Bom-Bom-Bom.
If you remain like
Your soul is remaining here and you are engrossed In
that t~en nobody wil~ come to you, that 'is the meaning
these three centres. So you forcibly withdraw. Come
of this term. ~ au sit down and practise like that.
to the life centre. 'Sibam' 'Paramashibapada' - withdraw
whole day and mght. You feel you are Shiba, and say
born - born - born - born - born. you throw Bomb from t "Jang". "Sankocha Sariram Sho~a~a ~h.osaya Swah~" Your Life force air is "Jang". AIr IS gIvmg you PassIOn,
~his centre. Because you are taking food, your attention
Anger. So y~u are to change it . ,Rang" ""Ling~, Sar~ra~
IS more on the sex. So food to sex BA-MA. It is BA Jwala Projwala Projwala Hamsa Shoham Swaha ThIS IS
BRA - MA. Then the other half portion of the Penis .
the fire centre. So "Rang" sarira. If you burn that and
JA - RA - LA. Air vacuum Air, Fire and RA. JA - RA
come up and come up on the top, then you will get the
LA, this is fire. air here. Then after that you are to
real power. But the'power of God is remaining in each
watch. Any thought is coming, you are to watch. You
are to withdraw life force or 16 vowels to save yourself.
, centre. When you will feel it in every centre, by the
practice of third Kriya, then you will get the development and immediately you are to bring all the centres
Where the danger lies it is better to fly. Even a


realised person, also makes mistakes. Due to the environment the mind may be confused and he may forget
that he is in Search of truth. He may be deviated from
truth, he may come down to the heart centre. So b~
careful never come down. Everything is coming from
the Food Centre. So the BA - SA. In Muladhar there
are Bang - Shang" Shang .Sang; SA means the soul.
The soul is remaining tight in the money centre, in the
Sex Centre, in the Food Centre. It is why it is the
hi~torical meaning that the snake is remaining in two
COIlform and keeping his hood on the Naval. This is
wrong interpretation.
SA means your Soul. He is remaining in your whole
body. But this is in two coils. He is coming from back
an? half portion of centre. The snake is giving two
cods and leaving half. But not that. Your whole life is
God - SA, that you are to feel it, that soul, BA - SA.


It is best if you remain silent".

" Vbekke Bhala Barsh.a Badal,"



For the frog, it is best. when it rains. "Bhakta Bhala

Chalna Bulna". For the monks, it is best that he sbould
keep on moving and teach -"Chalna" -means go and talk.
Because their lives should be given to all persons.
"Chhagka bhala dhup" - "Ch\lag" means goat. For the
goats it is best if sun shlnes~ If rain falls on the body of
the goats, t hey do not like it, so they shout,. "Bhakte
bhala chalna bulna" the monks, should go everywhere and ;peak and teach and give their power to
everybody and help people ~o evolve. And "Jibka bhala
chup" and for all persons, it is best - not to talk. And
make the tongue rolled up & keep it locked. So how to


to lock it ? If

you on y ~ome to the top. Ang Aig - fng
. ." y the practIce of Second K '
mformal part and th
nya, first part,
e second part
. .
alert l'n h t
' you aTe to remaIn
w a ever cen t
. .
re you are remamtng and what
ever centre you are activating. Whether
head t tb
you are rom
o e cervIcal centre or f
to the H t
rom t e cerVIcal centre
ear centre - Ka - Th ? If
so, you remove your
vowe ls - consonants.



First part of the Second Kriya is connected with the
story of the life of KA TCHA, There are two parties.
One is Brihaspati. - Jupiter. He was a Brahmin Guru
and the Guru to INDRA, the king of Devas. He was
ruling nicely with Jove. And there was another Gun~,
Sukracharya, the one-eyed Monk, He was also Brahmin
by caste, but he was the Guru of other castes,
Kshatriyas and others. So he was highly honoured and
1 stayed with the king. Only Sukracharya knew, how to
t< make Mritasanjibani Sudha, means to give life to
the dead man and how to heal the wound if a person
is stabbed. Tt was only known to him. The Kshatriya
king, warrior king, was giving extreme troubles to
the generous persons, i. e. good people.

Whether yoU are remai '

Dorsal Centre H
. Olng on the Heart Centre .
Centre to Naval Centre? Tho
]s comma from which
? W
th t
p ac~ .
hat type of thouaht
a you ave to kno
... ,
w an you are to change. 'it You
are to brmg it on the top and th
. "
is from th Seen
you see whether it
e ex entre to th
Coccygea centre and
ava entre to the Sex Centr
\Vh .
you are aet'?
at type of thoughts
'" tmg. You wIll alwav get thoughts It'
types of thought

h th
among ortynme types of air and then
w e er you ar,e remaining in the top centre? If so you
come an d remam there then
th F
you WI be free. This is
e ourt
art that vou
. .
are on Y remamIng inside the
whole Letters and remaining in opposite side Th'
called "Bishes Matrika Nyash"
"B' h"
IS Ista Matnka
yas~a . and} what I said about the third part of
practice IS ca led" Matrika Nyash".





The king Indra suggested to KATCHA

that he
should not marry. Katcha agreed. The king said. "You
have no attachment to anything. Is it not? Do you
know that Sukracharya has a very beautiful daughter".
Katcha said, "Yes I know", "Have you not seen her ?".
"Yes, I have seen her". "She also knows how to
prepare Mritasanjibani Sudha. She was helping her
father in preparation and came to know of the
procedure". The king Indra said to ~Katcha, "If some
how you can learn the tec'hnique, that is the only way
you can save our kingdom, You go to the kingdom of
Sukracharya and in the morning when Dt:bjani, his
daughter, come~ out from the gate and walks outside,
as you will see from the distance, you will move by
her side and do not look at h~r and you go near the
gate and try to enter into the gate, in the pretext
of visiting the garden of the king".

Accordingly he tried, but the gate men arrested him
and tied him with the chain. Debjani observed from the
distance that Katcha was strongly tied. She knew
Katcha, and she had attachment with him and was
thinking how she will marry Katcha. She came to the
gate and asked, "Why have you come here ?" He said,
I want to see the beautiful garden of the kin2". Then
she said, "Don't you know that they don't allow
anybody to move inside the garden ?" .' No, I do not
know". He said. She then helped Katcha to remove the
chain and made him free. She took him inside. Tht'y
made friends with each other, when she asked about
his identity. He replied that he was Katcha, the son of
Bri~aspClti. "Oh,
have heard about Katcha, the highly
realIsed youngman". When Katcha asked her idmtity
she replied. "1 am Debjani. the daughter of Sukracharya". Katcha praised her beauty, "You are very
be8utiful more than a flower, more than any thing, of
the world." He was talking sweetly, so she was more
attracted. She said, "You are also very gentle and fine
man. I have never seen such figure among the male
persons and you are so highly educated and realised."

She invited him to their residence. He was more

reserved in his behaviour, even didn't' touch Debajani at
all. They went to Sukracharya to pay his homage.
Sukracharya was working in the laboratory. He was
making Mrita - Sanjibani Sudha. "Should I not go to
see him ?" "Oh, you are not allowed. He will not allow
any body to go there. You don't go now. When
he will come out, I will request him to meet you". Then
he waited. She requested him to accept some fruits and


Then her father came and was looking at the boy. He

looked at his daughter and found that she was attracted
to the boy. He observed it from the distance and was
very happy. If any way my daughter tells me that she
would marry that boy then he thought that he would be
free from anxiety and would allow her to marry him.
Then he said, "Who is he ?" Then she introduced, "He
is Katcha, the son of Brihaspati. He is a higbly realised
person, well versed in scriptures. And he said, "Why
have you come here ?""I have come here to see the
flower garden and I would like to be your disciple." So
Sukracbarya accepted him as a disiple. And he was
allowed to 8tay in their hotlse. He said you remain in
the house and Debjani was preparing his food and everything.
When the king came to know that Katcha is a disciple
of Sukracharya. he tried to harm him because he was
afraid that Katcha would know the proceduce of MritaSanjibani Sudha. Several times the servants of the
demon kina tried to kill Katcha but because of Oebajani, Sukr:charya brought him to life through the use
uf Mritasanjibani


At last Katcha could know the secret of preparing

Mrita _ Sanjibani Sudha. and wanted to return to his


Debajani insis.ted that he should marry her before he

left and suggested to marry ber in Gandharba way by
exchanging of garlands. But Katcha did not accept her
proposal as according to him, she was his sister being
the daughter of his Guru.


It appears that Katcha was a very, reserved and

c~ltured ~an and a Brahamachari. Although he was
wIth her In the same room, he could control his senses
and h~ was ~Iways on the top of the head. So Debajani
,:,as dl~apPoInted and subsequently married to a kshatnva
T he Dame Katcha suggests .
. Kmg narne d JaJate.
the word from ka to cha which is in heart centre.









'Dogdhe Aswei Bac Doham'
Oh Lord, you abide in every human being you also
talk through my mouth. r therefore humbly request you
father to talk very sweetly and divinely through my
mouth by which all people will get God reali~ation. I
bow to you all. My respected souls you all know, it is
written in the Genesis of the Bible, "God made men
and women in his own image and he breathed into
their nostrils the breath of his life and he became the
living souls in the whole universe"'. So I want to
bow to the people of the whole universe with deepest

So if you remain in this pl\ice 'Ka' - 'Cha' and 'K ' _

a ,and remain 'Ham' - 'Sa', then you will learn the
~echmque of i,mmortality - Mritasanjibani Sudha. This
IS the whole Katha Upanishada and Life of God Th'

IS wale third part of Second Kriya. So after that you
are to move, always move there. You are to move here
Your head is cut off, and this portion is there. Katch~
means detachment. So all centres, if you can bring in
to the heart centre, then you will be immortal. God
bless you.



As souls you all are the children of God . You have

the same potential like God. Beauty, sweetness, perfection, love and life are the powers of God; the qualities
of God and those qualities also remain in every human
being, You are marvelous powers of God. You are all
religious. Many of you have taken initiation from many
people. But if you ask your conscience you will say that
you do not feel that you are' the powers of God. Even
for ten minutes you do not perceive that;'formless stage.
\Vhen you sit for meditation you get more thoughts.
In the Bible Mathew says, "Your eyes should seek
God." But you ask your conscience the whole day and
night your eyes do not seek God. Mathew says, "Vour
hands and legs should seek God. If you ask your


y ,; 'teaches the truth.

d Krlya
So truth IlHeqUlre
W'thin five m1l1utes
t h1)lQue.
d d
It is a very short cut ec , , 'de where it is nee e
t t!se 1nS1
yoU will get that power 0

h bout the Kriya Yoga.

a\ trut
I am tellmg you t e re
m the lower cen re
!ill our centres within the ~pme rOb dorsal. cervical.
al lum ar,
to the top (coccyxeal, saCf'
t remain yOUhave no
Medulla ). If the soul does ~o t the top of your
t g remaIn a
centres, So all the cen reo
G d pulls breath t roug
head. 50, Kriya proper
offer your coccyxea
Ournose from t h e top
'd b' th YOU offer your
, Y
e .'
h th' d breath is taken
I centre to God. In t Then
t e

sacral centre to o
tre to God. You 0 er
lurn ar cen
God and you 0 er your
on the top and so on,
your heart centre to God
d ''\la'.
that is' K n an
, twO t lOgs
d that
Because you requue
in the lower centres an
'Kri' means work goes on
tre You should give
upper cen .
work is done by the top, .
t It is the essence 0
. 1 .
Importan '
insight into It. t 1S very .
the real truth of Kriya Y oga
h rt. Heart failure
, ot 10 your ea
Your heart-centre 1S n
h Id offer your heart to
yOU S au
means sou 1f al ure.
thing to Go
God. You should 0 ff er Y

conscience, do you feel that God is working through

your hands, walking through your legs and seeing
through your eyes. It is also written f'your mouth is not:'
made for bread only". The talk that proceeds from
your mouth is the talk of God. Do you feel it throughout the day?
You are christians, The Bible should be in your practical life. Do you feel that your body IS a real Bible?
Why do you not feel?
Jesus also said the same thing 'You are born of flesh
so you are after the flesh. But again you are to be born
from above through .water and spirit"
In the sixth chapter of Bhagavat Geeta it is said that
everyone should come up gradually.


'Saneih saneiruparamed

Buddya Dhruti Gruhitaya'

It is written in the sixth chapter - gradually come up,

come up and come up on the top. You will also find In
the Bhagabat Geeta :
You get up "Tasmat Agyanasanbhutam
Gnanasinatmanah chhitweinam Sansayam yogam Atistha
Utistha" Bhara!a, come up on the top of your head
where the power of God resides is your soul. If you
remain there and calmly watch then you will get the
real truth.
You should not look any where; calmly fix your pinpointed attention in the soul in the pituitary. Until you
do that you can not perceive the real truth.

Sati Swasa Praswasa gati bichhedah


it is wntten
In the sCflptur~
'Debare BraOlbano I u
, twO steps, One 1S 10
You know Bramha In
e how the work goes
d to 0 serv
to remain on the top an: 'K~' when people have sexua
on. You earn money 't
E' rl ent comes from t b e t op
enJoyments tbat IS rl


'Ya'. 'Kri' means you do your work from morning till
you go to bed, but that work is done by 'Ya' means
God, your Soul. He pulls breath from the top. If God
doe~ not pull breath from the top you cannot earn
money, you cannot enjoy .To earn money is 'Kri' i.e.
work and that work comes from 'Va means the Soul,
the Spirit.
Jesus says: "Your liberation is in your hand. You
are not to go to grave to earn it. Your divine kingdom
is within you. Your aim is within you; that is your life"



You are westerners. You ale getting abundant wealth.

You require pleasure of senses. You require car, good
houses and free mixing and sense enjoyment. That is \'
good. Along with this you are to meditate. Your peace
is your birth right. Though you have every thing but if
you ask you conscience you will normally find that you'~
have frustation, unhappiness, unpleasantness, sorrow,
ups and downs, pit-fails. You are engrossed in your five
sense organs. Your five sense organs are your enemies.
They all pull you down. You enjoy just like animal
Ahara nidra vaya maithunanch
Samanametat pasuvi naranam
Animal beings also enjoy, eat, sleep, quarrel and gIve
birth to offsprings. You also do the same.
God was alone. He was not happy. Why did he
descend? Why he said I will be many? Only for divine
joy. So, if you keep your attention at the seat of the God
when you are getting sexual enjoyment then that enjoyment will be the divine bliss not like animal pleasure:

The appetjte IS from
no appetIte.
A dead man as
f G d remains. In lood
, .
the power 0
tbe bram were .
of God. God IS a perva'. also tbere IS the power
gra1DS H . . every food stuff.
ing. So, e IS m
f d You eat food. That IS
A dead man cannot eat 00 f' d God eats tlH~rood
eat 00
'Kri' and yOU d 0 n
G d If yOUcan not take
d is the first o
through you. 00
u cannot get I t. you
t get energy, yo
food you canno
not get any tin!!, . )0.

ower yoU can

cannot get b ram P
f G d You get the ta!\le 0
. .
ower 0 )0.
.cood is the hvmg P . h f od If yeu giv\~ one
t 10 teO

the food but taste IS no 'd

he cannot say whether
h f dea man
fruit in the mout 0 a
en by the pqWl'r of
the taste IS g\V
it is sweet or sour,
tnesS love every thlDg
ride swee
God 'Ya'. Anger, p. ,"K'
a' If "ou can rcmllin on
G d ThIS \S ny.
comes from O
yOU WIll get cnl\stant
pract\se 1
the Top; If yoU can


h t Kriya Yoga 18 b.l!\eJ on
Now, I am telling yOUtha y u require fiv~ thousand
. t'fic breat.
deep, long, sClen 1 But yOUdo not get tmt oxygen.
gallons of oxygen d~lly.
If control. By the pmctice of
The breat h con r
. tific breath. \'~ven Wh en
kriya yOUget d eep,
oU take deep I()n~ breat
t that time Y
you are sleeptng a
h for seven to eIght hours In
In this way yoU take br
deep', long, scientifiC breath
yOU tak e

the night. ecaus
oU have no th()\l~ht, no
of sleep Y
dunng the time
no sorrow, no pam, you on y
intellect. no sex sense,
your field lik~ that your
sleep. If y
U peace.
meditation cannot gIVe yo
Kri a'Yoga yOUshould take this
With the practIce of hY Id know it from Q teacher.
But yOUS oU
type of breat h

"Saile Saile na In
Chandanarn na b


anI yam



Th,;re are many hil1s; but'

get dIamond. There are
In every hIlI you will not
forest you will not g t
many forest~; but in every
e sandal tr
mon s, but the true reali d
ere are many
the veil of nature's sple sd monk who has penetrated
b d
n ours'
h ' fj
o y senses, worldly att h ' W 0 IS ree from all
stage, and who have p
ac ments, thorough introvert
are extremely rare.
enetrated the veil of all religions J

In, man' y re 1"

IglOns there are f1.

YOgIS those who h

aws. So. the true realised
ave per ' d h
stage and knowledge can' r. celVe t e superconcious
InlUse that
yo~ t hat we purify the fift bo
power. am telling
bemg who takes initiat"
.Y K ~y parts of every human
IOn In fIya Yoga.

You are in the lower centre. B the'

Yoga you can lift up th e Wale

centre to the upP"'r

POwer lCOm the low"'r
" cen re th eh'
four to five'
' e
TIst Centre. Wl'th'

minutes You can

In .
body and you can re 11
magnetIse your whole ,"
d' ,
a Y get calmnes
IVlne vibration and d"
r .
!VIne sound
IV10e Ight 10 the whole body.


. ~hen we lift up the Power t th

d tVIne sound
I' h
e top and we gIve
. Ig t, VIbrat
' h'
mInutes So it ','
IOn WIt In four to five
Is a SImple technique.
God b roug h't the supreme
Yoga with his creation Wh t~y~ery of Yoga and Kriya
body form with th ;
l IS oga? Union of g.ross
e Ionn ess bod
and thousands
y. orne thousands
t h '
years ago God b
ec Dlque in the era of truth S
roug t that Yoga
, atya Yuga' At that time



there was no Rama, no Krishna. no Durga. no Kali, no

Jesus, no Moses, no David no Ibrahim, no Mohamed,
no Shankar, no Buddha, There was no spiritual book.
no Veda, no Upanishad', no Patanjali, no Bible, no
Koran. People were only withdrawing their senses from
the lower centre to the upper centre. Even the boys
of five, six upto the old were only practising ten
minutes the technique~ They were all getting purity,
perfection, peac~, sweetness, even constant liberation.
They had felt that without God there was nothing.
Nowadays the religions have turned to be a set of
dogmatic views, fanatic ideas, suggestions, speculations.
imaginations, hallucinations, magic. You all are busy
with this. You are leaving your own religion. It is
written in Bhagabat Geeta that everyone should remain
with his own religion. If one accepts the religion of
other it is dangerous for him. He will not get the truth.
Every religion teaches formlessness of the. God.
Ultimate goal of all religions is formless. That formlessness cannot be perceived through talk, sight, sound.
Many chant, sing, dance, play, jointly and loudly as if
God is deaf. God is all pervading. He is within you.
W~thout him you cannot talk. So now there is extreme
corruption in religions. In the' seri pture it is said : Yada
Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhabati' - when there is
anarchy degradation and profanation of faith God sends
a true realised Yogi who teaches the real truth. Yau see
that Babaji was born and taught the technique of Kriya
'Ananta Par~m Akhila Sabd~ Sashtram'
There are many spiritual books-millons of teachers. But

out life is very short, our difficulties are many. So, in
the scriptures it is said 'Yat Sara Bhutam Tat Grahitabyam' -That which is the essence of all religions should
be accepted.
Kriya Yoga is thE>shortest and the simplest technique.
By the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga you get simultaneous development ('Ifbody, mind, intellect and soul.
It not only gives you God realisation but also a sound,
beautiful. lustrous, body, sound brain. sound memory
and good education. You will also be able to earn more
money. At the same time through every work you feel
that the power of God is activating your body.
The Kriya Yoga is not Hinduism. It is norlsectarian.
It is real transcendental meditation. What do you mean
by transcendental?
means that which
you cannot express by talk, sight. sound or by our five
sense organs. Formless and transcendental wisdom cannot
be perceived by the sense organs. It can be perceived
by the atom, just where the power of God remains.
You are all religious people. All chant and do many
things, but you do not get purity and perfection, because
your spir itual field is not ready. If you do not cultivate
the land and throw seeds on the ground you cannot
expect any harvest. First you have to magnetise your
spine. Inside the spine your whole astrology remains.
We know the cosmic astrology. With the help of the
technique you can avoid all the bad influence of stars
and planets.
If you practice the Kriya Yoga with love you will
slowly get alround development. You will get a beautiful
lustrous body. I am seventy six years old. I am doing

'Kriya'. See my body, I do hard work the whole day, I
take students every day. By the practice of this technique
your brain power will increase, memory will be sharD.
You will get receptivity You can do your work nicely.
This is a panacea of all diseases. By the technique you
can offer your body to God, your heart to "God even
your sex centre to God,
You are the power of God, :You will feei that you are
the ~hildren of God. Through your activities you will
feel God is so kind. You will realise 'Avijit ~.atyam Asti'."
You are spending huge money for your family, your
pleasure cf senses, cinema, dress and for every thing.
But if you take this technique so precious thousands of
dollars will not be worth it. Immediately you will get
the power. That is real 'Saktipat', which would remain
permanent in your life. Only you are to practice it
sincerdy. So, oppotunity must not be neglected. for it
may never return. It is a golden opportunity.
I have
brought the original technique of Paramhansa Yogananda, Shri Yukteswarji, Lahiri Baba, Babaji. Immediately
you will, get that power.
"'You are only born for God realisatiorl. So, I tell you
'A surya namate lokah'. If you do not seek the soul the
. IS
. d"eat h to you. To seek God is to
~."God , in Y our b 0 d Y It
get the power; of the G6d. You are the living power of
.?od. Feel that you are the living power of God. Peace
s yo~r birth right. This is the time '"to earn God, no
of age. W'1th t h'IS I bow to every human bemg
or t ey are the living power of God.


Before creation God was one. It was His desire that
He would be many, so He started creation. You a11
know how He created the whole universe. Having created every human being, He entered into every human
being. He breathed into their nostrils His own:. breath,
the God himself. So, I see so many living souls. I
perceive the living presence of Sri Yukteswarji, Paramhansa Yoganand, Lahiri Baba, Babaji Maharaj and even
the living form of God, who is all pervading, omnipresent, omnicient and omni-potent. I bow before my
Gurus. God and all the living souls.

A Kriyaban means, a pr"cticant of Kriyayoga or a
Kriya - Yogi.
is not
a technique
which one will hear or 'read, and after that
will be a Kriyaban. It is. of course, a nice technique.
Suppose you . suffer from a disease and go to your
Doctor, he writes a good prescription. If you come
home and read the prescription minutely & commit
it to your memory, your disease will not disappear, You
have to follow the doctor, Yau have to purchase the
medicine and abide by the direction of the doctor. That
is if you .follow the doctor, your disease disappears
automatically. Every human being though cultured,
educated and highly placed, does not seek God. Why?
It is the desire of God. It is a speciality of his creation,

He does not ente 't
the b d H h r ~n 0 t e mne holes. He entered into
b ' ~a .y~ s as given two qualities in every human
I r!Orce and Centrifugal
t emg. Thtwo forces' ,nCe t npeta
e centripetal force is the subject that i th
soul and centrifugal force is the del ' , 'II's
h' h
USlOn, I uSlon and
ror, w IC are lOgrained in th b' I
of the bod
.., e 10 ogy an phYSIOlogy
absorbed i~'the e are engrossed in delusion, we are
world, we try our utmost to get this
W e are doln
' the scientific age. We are
g muc h m
rna k109 research and
rnak './I
are rymg to remove poverty to
h Je e eryone happy, to provide good food drink ~nd
sth e ter.
Qiving a h un d re d percent attention
d \Ve f are ~
e, ata 0 the respar c.h W e are calmly sitting and
gomg to research \V
we are not fi kl'
e wit raw our sense telephones,
c e, we are extremely active and busy
work . \V e rna ke research on the earth
and f
rom t e earth we have dra
petrol add'
. wn so many thmgs
so man th'
0, we ave sCIentifically made
y lOgs on the earth, like good b -Id'
we are not happy.
Ul mgs,


Th' b .

18 ody is constructed
'th fi
fire. earth
ve ele~\ents. They are
' wa er, aIr and vacuum B
.,' 'fi
SCIentists h
.y SClt'ntl c research
ave removed the sarro
d'ffi I .
and eVen b th
w. 1 cu tIes. diseases
Bomb, con~ru:/esearch
they have also made Atom
on the left "d Ion on the right side and destruction
Sl e. They
ve rna e ,so many bombs.
T hat is fire cent
done much T~e, food cent~e, Scientifically they have
wasting th "
,ey are seekmg truth. They are not
elr tIme By SCIent!
, 'fi c research they are


making aeroplane, helicoptor, rocket. They are trying
to go to the Mpon to get peace. but they are not getting
It is the desire of every human being to get peace,
joy and bliss. Inner peace is our birthright. It is the birthright of every human being. We require wealth, we
require industry, we require power, we require pleasure
of senses, we require good buildings, good houses,
motor cars, flower gardens. Surely we must ask fer
happiness, peace, but we are not getting peace. f\long
with this we have to practise Kriya Yoga.
In Bible it is also written that the Lord made men
with dust of the ground and he breathed into their
nostrils His own breath and he became the human
being of the whole universe Each man is a little
universe. The Hindus, worship beauty. They form a
very beautiful image of God and then they ch~nt
mantras and establish light on the diety. That emotlCn
is not meditation. When the emotion will finish the
man will get the motionless state, then he will be able to
meditate. God has made the image, not made of mud,
not made of stone, not made of plastic. He made man
in his own image and He is breathing in the living soul,
This body bulb is lighted by the divine electricity,
There are two persons here; One visible body and
another invisibl", body_ Visible body is the delusion and
invisible body, is the real person who is talking from
within. The dead man cannot talk. Tqe visibility of the
body deludes our material consciousness. So if YOU
cultivate the invisible body, the awareness of .the inner

self, who is constantly remaining there. if you will seek

Him within then surely one day you will feel that the
peace and joy are there.
People have earned immense wealth and they are also
spending that more to get peace for his friend. for his
relations. They make everything, in spite of that th~y
are not getting peace. They are seeking peace, joy; bliss
only. By Kriyayoga. by getting practical training in
Kriyayoga, the man can get peace and joy. It is not far.
People want balance of mind, friendship and want to
?erceive the" oneness with the self. They are not getting
It. Why? Mentally if you chant money, money, money,
dollar, dollar, dollar a thousand times; a thousand dollars
will not come to your house. You have to work. So if
mentally chant peace peace peace, joy joy joy, bliss bliss,
bliss peace joy bliss you cannot get it - you are
to cultivate, you are to earn peace by dint of your
practice, not by chanting the word several times.
In Gita it is written that, when falsehood prevails and
truth is at stake in the world, at that time God sends
some super person, super human being to remove the
disorder and to establish the truth. We are busy with
dogmatic viiws and ideas, r~l~gious play.. Only by
Kriya}oga technique you can remove that dogma.


You know that the spine is the principal thing of the
body and above this there is brain. In the spine the
whole treaaure, the wealth centre. the sex centre, the

food centre, ignorance and knowledge centre, consciousness & superconsciousness
remains. You can remain
compassionately detached because soul is remaining in
every human body and He is remaining detached ..He is
in everything, He is everywhere and He is nowhere. If
you seek Him in the flesh, in the bone. He is not there,
but He is in the flesh, He is in the bone, He is in the eye,
He is in the ear. But through the eye you cannot seek
Him. You cannot reach by hearing so many prayers and
shouting mantras. In scriptures and Upanisads it is said
that what speech cannot reveal but what reveals the
speech, know that alone is God and not that what
people worship here. Mind is the principal thing of
the body. You are doing everything through the mind.
It is powerful. Heart and lungs are also the principal

truth of evolution was that
topmost being inth
,on y the human being is .the
e UDlverse who ca
who can conceive self who can
n perceIve self,
say that the evolution 'th'
breah~e self. So I may "
h d'
eory IS ased on th
ere Ity, environment
ree t mgs:
an cu ture 'Th
ach man has his own world
d h:
at IS destiny,
an c Olce of religion'.

K'nyayoga technique
can ad'

and evil, positive and negati JU~t, all the th)ngs good
nyayoga, preaches the
eve opment of bod
matter and soul b 't
y. mmd, llltellect
, y 1 S SCIentIfic technique.

Scientists, withdraw th'

calmly do research wit~lr rn.
f~om everything, and
scientist who'
If th
, h'
IS see mg truth throu h h'
WIt Ill, interlock h' fi
IS research, goes
s IS ve sense tele h
III the center h
p ones and remains
h' h
' e can get the Immense
w IC no one can rob Th'
p easure within
Through the help of Kriyayoga, you can switch off, If you give it to chari;y i~ t~ef, cannot reb that wealth
charity, if the Kri a Yo'
a~lharananda gives it to
switch on the functions of heart & lungs gradually. 0
ands and thousan~s of- ga telch,lllque is given to thouscourse in medical science it is said that heart move
' , ,
peop e ItS endles t
spontaneously. No one has the power to stop the heart
s reasure does
n o t _ImIlllsh
You h
.', IS a ways sweet. It can heal the b d
But yoU can change the, direction. you change th
ave pam In a particul
a particular place
ar p ace, you have trou ble in
heartbeat sensation gradually. When you are going 0
you can heal everything by Kriya
the crossroads by motor car, you go on speedily, bu . Yoga.
on the tum you have to break and you have to take'
nicely. You have to watch the light when you take a tur
As it is possible, so by Kriyayoga technique you can g
'k In
" the word "K' nya " we get t
n and the o'ther is' a' 'K"
wo sy lables. One is
You like. 'Ya'
n means you do whatever
present. So 'f means so~l, who is all pervading
omni, rom mor 1
Datwin'said so many things about evolution. I ' you are doing
'l'S d
n ng tI you go to bed, whatever.
one b y th e In
. d'welhng soul.. This
going to
speak about all these. The '1



emplo man. Anybod y wheth er poor or nch.
emplyoer or
yee, any person who is d '
OIng work. educated,
, gu S I pract'
technique for 15 minutes t'
ny~ Yoga
Swamiji, I am tired, I don't like"
whole day and night th t ~~e, t en he/she can feel the
in the hand 'f
e ,power of God is moving
IS unctJonIng In th b d
And what is Yoga? The union of body and soul is
is constantly there. The soul leo
y. The soul
called yoga. That unien is always there. You cannot sepashould 10 H'
a ways wants that you
ve 1m, remam mdebted t H'
rate the soul from the body. It is not a hard practice, not
not indebted to h'
lIn, ut you are
1m, you are engrossed in the material
a rigorous practice. it is not difficult to practise. It is the
in defusion illus'
easiest technique, the simpl~st technique, the quickest
And through that d I'
IOn, and error.
e USlOn, IllUSIOn and
K '
technique, the surest technlque, and the best technique.
Yoga will give you th t
Within the period of t 5 minutes, if you take a lessc>ll' tion. You'll f l'
a s~per sensatl0n, divine sensa,
ee JOY. umty in d'Iversl't y. d'Iverslty
or an exercise. and practice with Swami Hariharananda,
au can calmly work Thro
h h
you can learn this precious technique,
can feel that restl

ug t at calmness you
essness you
f 1 h
. invisible soul is funct'
;~n ee t ~t the calm sou),
If a man practises this Kriya Yoga 15 min utes I,' YOU y
~on ng.
at soul IS always with
to 20 minutes, his serpent power will come
up f" ou are to practIse this techn'
from the spinal canal. Our mind is absorbed in the
a lIes . n scnptu res I't IS
far. - but H'
sal'd He is very
coccygeal center in money. in the sacral center in $ex
e JS very near He'
human body y
IS a I IDg In every
motive. But without soul you can not earn money. Even
see the c
" o,~ are gettIng the milk but you can not
in the office you can get super sensation. If you don't
will see t~eam IDSI e: If you churn the milk, then you
e cream WIll corne up from the milk.
get tripple divine qualities within your body of course
in 15 minutes tim~. get two divine qualities, the movement sensation of the invisible soul in the forehead, in BRAIN JNER TIAZA TION
the brain, in the eyes, in the cheeks, in the nose,
Brain is the I
in the two sets of teeth, in lips, chin, cheeks,
philosophl'cal pace were you are to' seek God, The
sense psy hI'
medulla oblongata, in the cervical junction, in the, soul is there
A d b' I c 0 oglc~ sense the subject, tbe
e ow the br
th b')
'whole spine, in the w hole body-even in the toes if yo\! p ysiological n
/ '
aID e 10 ogIcal sense
sense remaInS So b' I
have the desire.
man wants to mi
' h
10 ogy wants biology,
WIt a man
8hIp wI'th h'
' wan t s to make friend1m trIes t
Every one wants truth, everyone wants pleasure,
but fails B'
eart wants to get friendship'
ecause the yare not gettmg
peace,joy. and bliss, This Kriya Yoga technique is' for th
balance of mind,

Kriya Yoga technique will enable you to perceive it, to

conceive it, and to realize it. And you will do your work
relishly. If I tell you to chant, to pray, yoU will say no,


' '







Every .creature is born through the ~x pleasure, You

are all boyn. by sex pleasure. By the ~race of God yoU
are born. So we are fortunate that the hving soul has
come out from the sex sense. And from the food sense
yoU get energy. In every matter there is energy. In.
every matter there is power of God. Y SlU take, fruits
and vegetables, which go into the stomach and trans-

Kriya Yoga technique w'U

of mind. The bond ~ eh~abJe,them to get balance
IS ffIend h'
he Jove will 11'
s IP WI J become
ourlsh be
neneS8, In every soul. Ther: ' ~a,use e wHI feel
hu~an, being. Everyone will be abl: t dIsorder in every
whIch IS remaining with'
0 find the mistake
1 k"
ID. t IS the
00 mg at our own fault. With the re.,
ut we are not
que you will get the th' d
Knya Yoga techniof the inner selr1..
Ir eye. Always have awareness

form into energy.

is h'eadach
' fthere
re IIe
If you give e, I you pr ess I't , you get sudden
some warm n
you get some comfort If
ow tn the head then
. you take some
some peace. Th
me Icme, you
e pam dlsap
Isappears, But Kriya Y
, pears, the disease
oga technIque
remove the disease W
WI automatically
. e earn mone th
center. Even in th'
rough the earth
IScenter we have b
stars and planets. E'f
ad mfluence of
ven I we have s
dangers and
d 1fficulties before us we d 0 not kno0 many
em. You can
h ea J that' center by K'nya Y oga techniqu
cen t er, IS the last vertebra B K'
e coccygeal
' y nya Yo
t h'
can I t up your difficulti
ga ec Ique you
es rom the earth centre.
In the sacral center the sex
Yoga technique' you
se~se IS there. By Kriya
the sex, one on 'the sou~e~:vo lIghts here. One on
sex sense. W hen you ar'
~th~ut the soul you have no
help of Kriya Y
e enJoymg sexually, even by th
oga, you can feel h
ecause the soulis still
ow appy you are
remain indebted to H'
WI m you. Then you can
1m even then. But the soul remains


B~ taking deep inhalation, you are getting sleep.

When VOllsleep then you take dt'ep inhalation, and
exhalation. Fer six hours you take deep inhalation.
That is in one minute you take twelve inhalations. The
Kriya Yoga technique is based on inhalation. You ale
not to hold your breath, there is no rigorouS practice to


keep your head down.


The heart center is the centre of air. By the air yOU

can control your heart center - hreath. If yoU take
deep inhalation your anger will diflappear. You may try
to practise it in the house when yoU are extremely
angry. If yOUcount from one. to one hundred in six
breaths, then automatically you will see that your anger
has stopped and turned into divint'rJess. So this center is
a dangerous center. And our wh()l~ system is conducted
by God. In our every disposition W~ are getting divine
inspiration. From ,this place we corne to the backbone
So by magnetizing your spine you can change your
lite force into divine. all accomplishing divine force




So yOU cannot do your household
which in time hastens
duties. yout office wnrk with singleminded mood. By
tual rejuvenation Y your physical, mental
stars & planet . E ou can destroy the bad : flan spIn- {(nya oga technique yOUcan remove your all thoughts
s. very m
In uence f
and anxieties. It is possible Our gen
current comes
. tro-magnetic
nment you take .
. 0
power current .
mhalatIon .
IOn. s th I'
IS gener t d
' from medulla oblongata. Below this philosophical, physi
fotation f
. e ectnc current'
a e through
ologlcal sense. biological sense comes from this medulla
a the air. b
IS generated th
oblongata. So many cells, sO many atoms. moleculES.
deep inhalation, the y 'I~' e fncllon, similady throug~
scles are generated ml Ions and millions of r;d roug
and so many tissues function by the direction of the
through food But 0' you ~et nutrition for th coLrpucontrol room which ,emains there. The mota' nerves
Yo t k
xygen IS th
e oody
and sensory ne,ves i,,{mediatelY send newS to the boey.
u. a e deep inhalat'Ion wile
h' practisin
e nutntlon K'
of ,the bram.
Inside the pituitary the,e are so many nerves. They
g nya Yoga.
give the teal spi,;tual truth. Judgement,
psychological sense, physiological ,ens come from that
e mmute'
s t'b'Ime ' , fo ur I'Itres of blood
0 m.


tak u dare not
. to purc hase chemi moI means 16 c hemlcals,
e eep Inhalation ch . ca s and medicine If
slum. sodium

~mlCals. in liquid f you

orm-potasorous ph'
c, copp
Iu.;re i:Stht rough your body a:~' sulphur.
food of the buman b e body. Protein is the yo~ g~t a
fibrinogen Th
emg containing alb
you are t;
e~ also run through the umm, globulin,
practISe Kriya Y
whole system If
eave home ' not to leave your
oga techniq
ue you are not to
I rent not to leave
servIce. not to leave
passion. Yo'u will rem am
. your
in tl wife.
. n at to leave your
le lamlly.

realI'sou IS msid
' The
you won't
e th e cranium. And'
in s g t mental disturbance
Y If ynu seek
o ma~y mindstuff id
. our mind is
ease anxieties and so


In the brain the,e ace so many cells which twist each

other, and depend on each other to get knowledge.
They tell wblch is wrong, and which is right, and every
moment they give warnings to every man. So by {(,iya
oga technIque tbose cells will move quickly inside the
brain. They will give ynu the real knowled~e by which
yoU can decide and with a singleminded mood can do'
you, wotk and even can meditate and get peace. Why
are people not getting peace J Beeause they are opening twr1 cent,es 01 theit radio at a time: Ifot yOU open
two centres of the "dio at a tiroe ,you cano hear any
clesr sound. ou are to keep open one centre only at a
time:50 by the help of Kriya oga yoU can do it- All wi11come up froro the cOCcygeal. sacral. lumbar.
dorsal. and cervical centetS and yOUcan come to know
that the truth Is not far. the, soul is not far. thr
kingdom of heaven Is not far, It is veiy' near. 1'0'



, ,
er to the body and create di~ineinfuse the dIVIne pow,
ditate and medItate,
If ou medItate an me
ness WIt m.
'II b h ld that God is not far You
I you WI e 0
K "one ay sure y
b the practice of nya
h 'n the lVIne y
can always anc or 1
tivity you can perceIve
Yoga and through your every ac
the soul or God.

you practise the Kriya Yoga technique you will get

sensation all over inside the brain, and you will hear
divine sound. You are not to chant mantras. IlIum ination is the real body of the soul. That illumination,
that light you can perceive by the practice of Kriya
Yoga. It will give you vigor, energy, ability in your
every sphere of life, You can work calmly, and fill
self with that divineness in you If you get good environment you can evolve quickly.



, h est and dishonesty;
Oh Lord, in me there IS on ~h falsehood and
dishonesty, untru,
please remove my
If realizatIOn.
power or se
lead me to t h e rea
'1 d
e to the lig t,
Lord. Lead me rom
1 d 'the light, Cons, d k
nd know e Qe IS
Ignorance IS ar ness a
"s is Iight,cosmIc
, I' h
per consclOusne..
ciousness IS 19 t, su
. mains in every
, r ht Ignorance
consciousness IS Ig '.
I' ht emain m every
human being, and also the 19


At that auspicious moment when Babaji taught this

Kriya technique to Lahiri baba, he said "you can take
this message everywhere, because there is no truth any
where. They are doing the religious play, they are busy
with dogmatic views, they are b.usy with fanatic ideas.
So you spread my message, which includes this scientific technique. It is higher than a common religion, it
gives the quickest means of success". So he brought
this technique and gave it to Sri Yukteswarji. Sri
Yukteswarji gave it to Paramahansa Yoganandaji. He
brought the message to the foreign countries but when
he reached U. S, A. in 1920, there was a world war just
one year before and the people had no desire to seek
soul. So he presented the technique in a diluted form to
suit their needs.

human being.

"th me the veil of nature s

Oh. soul. You are always WI
tb' t veil of nature's
. h
au remove
splendours IS t ere. y,
d I are one and
d 1
eabze that you an
splendours an et me r
Shanti F or our
always have been one. Om hantl mI
I bow
physical peace, menta 1 peace, intellectua peace.
to God everywhere.

Sri Yukteswarji sent him to spread the true message

.of Lahiri baba, but that did not happen. That is why,
it was the desire of Sri Yukteswarji that true monks,
those who know the real Kriya Yoga technique, should


Hariharananda Giri

. j

h'dden treasure of Durga-Puja in
have preserved the ~.
. 1
t It is our earnest
.. d hllosophIca tex s.
the relIgIOUSan p
1 h hieh will render immense
duty to unravel that wea t w


The Hindu religion is based on realisation. It is real
and self-evident. According to it God is reali~ed throu~h
Knowledge. Action, knowledge and devotion are the
possible means of this rea}jzation. Man alone can fully
realize Him, because his body and mind are so
that in accordance with his desire he
can ascend to higher or descend to lower stratum of
evolution. He can become Good and identify himself
with the Divine. He can become bad, and identify
himself with the Evil. Thus man is the epitome of the
immense potentiality. He is the master of his own
destiny. This is the basic teaching of Hinduism. But
at present, Hinduism hils become outwardly gorgeous.
elements have unduly infected it. Its
sacredness is subject to pollution now. Yoga, Pranayama
bhutasudhi and antarmatrukanyasa
which are the
specialities of Hinduism are now under-rated. There
fore, the modern youths are unfortunate not to find out
the scientific elements in Hinduism, and are very
reluctant to place confidence in it.

The only way to dispel our misfortune is the wors~ip of the Goddess Durga. It is not true to say that in
the olden days alone the Gods and demons were
fighting against each other. Now also the fighting
is on. Bharatavarsa is the land of Gods. Here the worship of Dur~a has been accepted as the only inevitable
way to destroy the demons. The rlshies of the antiquity

service to us.

the Gods were

Ch d' Purana once a11
. d
Accordmg to
an 1
, Th
demons OCCUpIe
by t e
tless. They were m
. . . .
G ds became res
h .
their dlVInItles.
the thinking of t elf
ere Immerse In
a cnSIS.
ey .w
d f finding a way out.
survival. They medItate
raid of this readion of Gods.
The demons were also af
f S
the Sambartasur
h devotee (I Iva.
They approac e .t e.
Sambartasur readily reacted
and expressed the]r grIefs.
d Siva for the
r d
He wors Ippe
to the prayer 01.. emons.
safety of the demons.
er between celestial and
Thus there was a test of po~
our of divinity
llectlve en eav
demoniacal !orces. . e co efful ence of light which
succeeded m creatmg an
g. t P and dowly
mountam- 0
The water of the
approached t he :wa er
d 11 that assumed the
Ganges was illummated. Gra ua. YA
dalini Durgatian
fe-rm of a deity. She is Mahesw ,
nashini Durga.

B the
"'. .
is the theory of body.
ThIS th~ory of Durga
h t' t instruction of a
In t e s rIC
perfect practIce 0 oga
the theory
d and Jyotlmu ra,
guru, through YOnlJl1u ra . 'bl 0
five sense-organs
of Durga, can be easily intelligi e ' ur the Sound-God
d The SIva,
are the seats of five G 0 s.
The twaka. the
. h
an the ear.
IS seated 10 t e saun . org ~
The eye, the sense
skin is the shelter of God VIshnu.




Their ent'rgy is ccnseIved

towards the centre..
converted to work 10 the inner centre.

for vision is the place for Sun. Similarly the sense-organ

for taste is place for Saraswati who is Vakdevi. The
olfactory sense is the abode of Ganesha. But due to our
ignorance we misutilise thesense.organs
in various
worldly enjoyments. and undermine the significance of
the respective Gods. We hear sweet sounds, but do not
mind to realize Siva, the sound God. We hanker after
the sweet physical contact, but are unmindful of
Vishnu, the God of touch. Similarly the sense organ:f<),r
vision is misused.the Sun God is forgotten. The taste~
sense-organ instead of realizing the Saraswati, i& misdirected for tasting the sweetness of ephemeral things
of the world. The olfactory sensation, being the seat of
Ganesh, becomes the entrance of sweetsmell wearily.
The term I Deva' has Come from the Sanskrit root
'div' which means Sunya. 'Kutastha, God is Kutastha
Nit yam, He lives, moves and has his being in alL Jiva
and Kuta are equivalent terms. From this 'Kuta' God is
controlling the respective
deities being seated on
different sense-organs. But the five sense organs are
exported to external world. As we receive knowledge of
the external world through these door ways, we are
naturally unmindful of the God at the centre. Due to
kusamskara. the Jivas are inclined to the grandeur of the
external objects. Consequently we aie diverged from
the inner God. This is the instance of demonic
conquest over the divine force'.

By Yoga perfectly practised we can, negatively,

the function of the sense-organs, and throughJyoti.
mudra we can, positively channelize their activity,



1 the respectIve
Gods at different dsense
Imme late y
ill collectively en eav. 1b
ey w
. ht
organs wll e aw
such that the mig y
our to serve their nat~ral p~:p~seon earth, That power
f the body will
Power at muladhar Will em gG.
a the
anges 0
will reach the susumn. '. 'd
t of Durga on earth.
Th IS IS the eacen
reach the bottom.
'll.>b completely trans
the Jlva wI
In the mean ,time
This the realization of ,Durga
formed to a hIgher ,bemg,
t mendous divine Impact
in this life This Will hav~ all7
Individual and society
on our individual and SOCia("I e. tl'on of one's being to
will be divme.
15 IS
' otentiality to its rea lSI" tion 0 one s p
divinity, the rea Iza
'bi through
hc extreme.
And Kriya-yoga is the real wors Ip.


-Swami Harlhara. nanda Giri




. 'ffiAt'.. the time of worshipping


Idol worship is prevalent in Hinduism. There is a
deep significance behind it. It aims at an understanding
and realisation that every. image of God represents a
particular facet of the omnipresent, omniscient

Supreme Divine.


After the celebration of Saraswati Puja in the month

ofMAGHA (January), SHlVARATRI is observed on
the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight. in the lunar
month of FALGUNA. The cult of SHIV A is the cult
of the creation itself and embodies the finest philosophical concepts of Hinduism. According
to Hindu
scriptures, the cult of SHIV A is highly mysterious
and can, be realised only through
deep spiritual
Before the creation, the void was the only thing existtinge God, as the subtle cosmic soul, w~s unmanifest
without any attributes. Ids said in the Upanisads that
God wished to manifest Himself everywhere in various
forms and with thi~ desire the cosmic consciousness first
vibrated itself in the form of the Sky. Other elements
like air, fire, water and earth gradully evolved out of
the void or vacuum. The evolution continued to culminate in the manifestation of vegetation and life. The
cuI of SHIV A is closely associated with these various


we gIVe our
o ermgs to eight categories of symbols of SHIV A,
MAHADEV and ISHAN, and chant
hymns from scriptures. We pay our obeisance to
SHIV A, who is conceived to be representing all the
four elements. For example, RUDRA repre~ents fire
tatwa or energy and UGRA stands for air. SHIVA is
also attributed with lordship over animal kingdom and
is considered to be the supreme God ( M!\HADEVA )
and an embodiment of calmness and bliss. In other
words SHIV A is manifest everywhere in the universe
through the elements, earth, water, fire and air and
through the animals, Gods and Super Gods. He also
ex~sts in the human body at various centres in the
spmal canal which emobody
the qualities of the
el.ements .and are responsible for the origin in man of
dIfferent Instincts both animal and divine.

.Worshi? of SHIVA on SHIVARATRI terminates

WIth offenngs to the phallic emblem. Two things are
clearly noticed with the phallic symbol. One is the
pha!lus and the otner is its seat in the shape of famale
gemtal that'represents the mother d,eity. Both SHIVA
and SHAKTI (mother divine) are' worshipped, at the
same place. Many people -:10 riot understand
mystery behind the worship of the coupled female and
~ale genital organs' and ridicule at this' cult. But, there
IS deep mystery around this phallic worship. The truth
behind the phallus is nothing but'the truth implicit in
human physiology.


There is a duality of existence in each and ev.ery
created object. One is the body or .PRAKRITI
(pnmordia} matter) and the other is Soul or PURUS. The
.body is concrete and the soul is abstract. Un.less the
abstract soul dwells inside. the body cannot eXist. The
soul which is formless and which exists in each living
creature is represented by the phallic symbol of SHIV A.
The soul is invisible. Although He has been represented by the phallus, He has been termed non-phallic.
Non-phallic characteristic is the significance of the
phallic emblem of SHIVA.
The seat of the phallus. which is shaped like the
female-genital, represent the human body which is the
source ~f origin and growth of innumerable desires.
The three bodies of man, namely, physical, subtle and
causal, form part of the pedestal of the phallus ~s
infinite desires are created and grown every moment m
the human body. One thing should be remembered that
unless the soul is coupled with the body, the body
cannot live for a moment, leave aside the possibility of
emergence of any kind of desire. It means that the
abstract soul. LINGARAJ or SHIVA, is always 10
coition with body, represented by 'the female-genital.
through inhalation, and keeps it alive. He is the guide,
care taker, container and sustainer of the being, But
the sentient being does not reali8e that He or the soul
alone is breathing. ff the non-phalHc and abstract
SHIV A does not' always co-habit with the body,
through inhalation, at the divine cave in the human
mind, the five sense cannot function to create and
nourish, each moment, several desires and instincts.

The five-faced SHIVA is thus, .manifested through the
five senses. The phallic nature and coition of the phallic
cult represent the union or co- habitation of the body
and the soul. Yogic-state presupposes the realisation of
this uninterrupted union of the body and soul. This
can only be accomplished through devotional practices.
The constant union of the concrete body with the
abstract soul. through inhalation, form~ an identification between them_ This is the essence of the worship
of the phallic emblem of SHIV A.
The derivctive meaning of UPABASH is to sit,.-close
by'. SHIVA UPABASH means, 'to sit by the side of
SHJVA', i. e. to come very close to the implication of
SHIV A worship. As is told already, the truth behind
Shiva is non phallic and it relates to the abstraction or
vaccum There is vaccum ill human mind beyond the
divine cave. If man concentrates there. his speech,
mind and soul become calm. Through the techniques
of Kriya Yoga practices breathing air C3n be carried
upwards from coccygeal centre to the vacuum in the
humm mind, and if stationed there, one will realise
the divine presence on the unmanifest. abstract soul.
Mind, at. this state, gets dissolved and the divine sound
'ADM' is heard. Concentration of this nature leads one
very close to SHIVA and to a realisatii'rl of its essence.
This is the real SHIV A worship and through this
ASHUTOSH ( Lit. quickly satisfied) becomes easily
satisfied and fulfils the'desire of the devotee.
. There is a prescription to remain awake on the night
,.0fSHIVA RATRI. Man is always attracted by the evil



forces through
his five senses and mind remains
engrossed in various types of luxury and sense gratification. If the mind is freed from this complex entanglement and directed towards the divine seat, it brings_
infinite bliss and blessings of God. Kriya Yoga practices,
being scientific in nature, bring quick results in this
direction. It reaches at the real goal within a sh?rt
period like the speed technique of an aero?lane. ~nya
Yoga brings explicit results. Through these techmque,
the serpe;t power at the base of the spinal column IS
awakened and the mind is carried upwards to the
highe~t point of Susumna nerve, which in the ~eat of
SHIVA. and the mind always remains immersed 10 the
This is the significance of the
for remaining awake or watchful. .S~ch
observances bring real accomplishment.
awake does not mean night watching, nor takmg of
intoxicating drugs.
- SHIV A is stationed at the divine cave in the mind of
every human being. He is the source and cau~e of .the
generation of life energy in man that keeps hm~ ahv~.
If the God does not inhale in one moment lIfe wIll
disappear from the body. So the devotee, c~ncluding
his worship, pays his obeispnce to the Lord wIth._t?ese
words. "0 SHiV A, you are the cause of creatIOn,
sustenance and extinction or annihilation of the being."
And again he exhorts "0 Gods, you are the cause of
all the beings and their attributes and the cause of all
causes, You are omnipresent, unmanifest and blissful;
I bow to thee every where, O. ASHDTOSH . you are
supreme goalofman and you are the refuge of all .the

propensities in man, but for you, the being is inert and
powerless. 0 SHIV A with love and devotion. I bow to
thee thousand times, 0 Lord through your grace, let
all my actions and thoughts be crowned with success."
ADM, Obeisance to Lord SHIVA,


India is the seat of spirit~al beliefs and practices and
it abounds in divine aspirants
believe that each dust particle of India is sanctified with
the presence of God and God abides everywhere. No
doubt, western
countries like America, France and
have excelled in material knowledge and
physical sciences. But Indian Sadhakas have acquired
proficiency. excellence and specialized knowledge in the
field of spiritualism and metaphysics.
Each man has got three complimentary features of existence, physical. mental and spiritual. Minduism aims at
the simultaneous development of all these three aspects.
The basis of the pr~ctice of idol worship in Hinduism
is that the man can ea~ily concentrate on an image and
forget his physical consciousness. This gradually brings
in him the realisation that the deity ,forms part of all
the three fold human existence and thus his limited
knowledge gets transformed into itifinite wisdom. Such

realisation, further, results in the purification of mind,
intellect, memory and wisdom and the man advances
on the high way of physical, mental and spiritual
development that leads to ultimate bliss.
The worship of four great SHAKTIS or powers,
forms part of Hindu idol worship. The prefix MARA
or Great is added to four deities. namely, MAHAMAYA. MAHALAXMI, MAHAKALI "and MARA-.
SARASWA TI while discussing about the worship of
Saraswati, for better and clear comprehension, a casual
reference to the cult of the other three dieties is not out
of place.
A glance at the image of DURGA or MAHAMAYA
reveals three physical forms. There is a buffalow, an
animal form, at the bottom. The second is a demon in
a human form and the third is the materialized forin of
DURGA. The significance of the presence of three
different forms together is that the man is intimately
related to these three qualities, the disdainful animality, mutable human quality, and .the superhuman
divine quality. Hindu scriptures reiterate that human
birth is possible after millions of animal births and
through thousands of human births man escapes from
ignorance and illusion and realises the divine presence
in him.
In the idol of Durga, we see
with her ten hands controls
demon and the animal. Even
beings. the animal instInct and

that the divine mother,

and subdues both the
though we are rational
divine power co-exist in

us. If the conscience, the tenfold weapon at our
disposal is kept alert and -sharp and if we learn the
technique of Kriya Yoga guided by true wisdom, the
animality and suh-human nature in us disappear and
development of body, mind and soul
becomes possible. This is the lesson from the worship
PUJA carries with it" also. deep
significance. It takes place a few days after Durga Puja.
presides over wealth and gran nary
Through her grace man gets food and lives in luxury.
The Vedanta terms food as BRAHMA. According to
food is BRAHMA. Food is
essential for birth, growth. sustenance and emancipation of man. Without food there can be no strength,
vitality, energy. and lustre in man. From Annamaya
Kosha or vital plane evolves the life force or biological
plane and creates restlessness and activity in man.
MANAMA YA KOSHA or mental plane evolves Qut of
life force and makes man conscious of his individual
strength which in turn gives birth to arrogance, pride
and vanity .. We worship MAHAKALI
tG gain the
power to control these negative virtues like pride,
vanity and arrogance born out of, ignorance and
' .
Two opposite features are apparent in the image of
MAHAKALI. Two nands of divine mother offer boom
and ABHA Y1\ or fearlessness and the other two hands
with sharp swords chastise her unruly children. The
metaphysical significance of this is that MAHALAXMI




through food and riches generate in man demonic

qualities of MAHISASURA like brutal sexual ins~in~ts,
anger, avarice, pride and selfarrogance. The vaccIlatmg
mind of man is always enticed by evil forces. The
divine mother MAHAKALI,
while consoling her
children with two hands. reminds them with the other
two, the severe consequences and chastening punishment for over indulgence in evil. Thus she. saves the
humanity from demnation and guides it from illusion
to truth. from darkness to light and from a knowledge of
. multiplicity to the realisation of Unity of soul.
Intellectual plan or Jnanamaya KOSHA evolves out
of the mental plane. Goddess Saraswati presides over it.
She is the presiding deity of knowledge and wisdom
and is worshipped to transform all the ignorance and
worldly knowledge into superior knowledge and knowledge of Brahma.
The image of Saraswati is unique. It is white in
colou~. The divine mother is appareled in white and
puts on white ornaments. In h~r hands she holds book.
stylus, and a white lotus flower. She is seated on ill
white lotus and puts on wreaths of white flowers and
carries a white lyre in her hands. Even the swan that
carries her is white. All these embody deep metaphy
sical significance.
.j -.

The Hindu scriptures say that mind regulates the

senses and the mind is regulated by the breathing air
which in its turn. is controlled by the vaccum. When
'am' sound is heard within, it is clear that mind has



attained the state of perfect calmness and quietude and

this is the state of uninvolved detachment and diso/ution of the mind.
Mahalaxmi, the presiding deity of food and wealth,
generates, through food, energy and five types of fluids
inside the body which are responsible for restlessness
and mutability in man through the five sensos. In order
to sober down the effect of the fluids and to discipline
the senses, ~1ahakali, the presiding diety of mind which
regulat~s the" senses, is worshipped. Further. mind is
regulated by the inhalation. The breathing air is beyond
the perception of optical senses and mind. The five
sens:s cannot see the buathing air regulates and keeps
the five senses alive. Goddess Saraswati represents this
breathing air. Just like air, Saraswati is beyond the
perception of sensE'Sand she is knowledge incarnate.
Like knowledge
which is formless and transcends
qualities, Saraswati is beyond the perception of senses
and is only to be realised.
In pursuance wIth th~ directives in the scripture,
books, musical instruments and writing, materials are to
be placed representing goddds Saraswati and are to be
worshipped. This is our tradition. Unlike the practice
today. Saraswati Puja was not held, in olden days, at
market roadsides. s.:hools and colleges as a universal
feature. Nearly sixty years before, Dr .Ramakanta Bose
of 205 CornwaJIs '.1,Street. Calcutta collected some of his
friends and startedthis pujawith a universal colour to it.
Gradually this spread around and the Puja was observed
not only in India but outside and has turned, now into



pomp and ceremony. The Puja, at present is generally

,.associated w"ith the theft of flowers and fruits decorations, and external show and noise and confusion. It has
ultimately become a nuisance and has become the cause
of misunderstanding,
quarrel and strife among the
people of different lanes and streets, in course of the
collection of compulsory contributions.
The fundamental notion and purpose have been lost. The Prerequisites of Puja namely discipline of mind, persuit of
the rules of realisation, whole hearted devotion, practice
of certain Yogic Exercises, breath control and purification of thought, which aim at the annihilation of every
sort of cruelty, ignorance and wordly preoccupations
and kindle the light of knowledge in man, are conspIC


uous by their absence.


scriptures specify the quick and frequent
distur bs the mind, and calm and deep
breathing makes the mind calm and composed. For
higher education
and deeper thought and for the
efficient performance of one's work, the mind is to be
withdrawn from the external distractions and disturbances. To control the mind this way-is not ordinarily.
an easy affair. If the inhalation is properly regulated
through the scientific means of Kriya Yoga the mind
is automatically controlled and peace of mind is attained
As a result, conscience is awakened and the divine eye
is opened. The man, then, realises the existence of
Saraswati every where and in his own being. Whereever
he casts his look, he feels the existence of the all pervading image oflhe wisdom incarnate, and his vision of
wisdom transcends all bounds.

Let me, now, dilate upon the significance of the

Swan that carries the Goddess. The Sanskrit word
HAMSA which means Swan is formed of two letters
HAM and SA. HAM stands for the material body and
SA means the soul inside. The union of soul ~ith the
body which keeps the man living, is Hamsa, Man does
not realise that the soul is the basis of his living, sustenance and growth. He is engrossed in pride. arrogance,
illusion, delusion and error born out of ignorance.
Unless the ignorance is set aside, the worship of Saras:'
wati the presiding deity Gf knowledge and wisdom is
not worth while. Uoless the soul inside the mutable
self is transformed into an obedient swan~ through
spiritual practices, the divine mother Saraswati can not
be established on it. The realisation that God abides in
the self as soul, represents the swan over which goddess
Saraswati sits and moves.
MAHAK/\LI signifies the vital fluid in the body extracted fr.Jm food, M,'\HAKALI symbolises the energy or
fire generated io the body & MAHA SARASW ATI
stands for the air that helps in the generation and
substance of that energy. Air does not have any shape
and it is pure. Saraswati represents wisdom which is
without any shape and is acquired thro1Jgh sincere
effort and endeavour. If the Sadhus, students and
wGrkers indulge in outward distractions, while doing
their duty, they will not succeed in acquiring knowledge
and there will be no systematic development or quick
progress of their mind and they will prove failures. The
realisation that Saraswatiwho is manifest~d in the 'OM'
sound of the four Vedas, abides in the self is the



supreme knowledge Ved,a means 'to know'. It is derived
from the root 'Vic}' Saraswati, the Veda incarnate, abides
in every human being. But she is covered with the
darkness of ignorance born out of illusion, delusion and
error. If Saraswati can be established in the mind by
the five senses through the control of
breath, that will be the highest tribute to the deity.
It is written in the verses relating to the offerings to
But she is VADRAKALI. Here it means that" she is
calm and of transcend qualities. That is why, although
she is Kf\L[ she is white in colour. Only through the
state of c'jlmness, quietness and undisturbed state of
mind obeissance can be offered to her. ~o it is written
that we should always bJW down to her and express
our devotion to her with cllmness and quicktude. She
is knowledge incarnate and beyond the knowledge and
wisdom of man. We should concentrate on the seat of
knowledge and pour our devotion there with deep
calmness so tbat supreme success will be ours, OM



Can a person who practices other
techniques also practice Kriya Yoga?

Answer: If you are satisfied with your techniques

and from them you are getting peace, bliss. joy and
divinity within. then ask your conscience. Onc e you
have gotten an answer, remain calm.
Many roads take you to Delhi. In the same way,
many take you to God. But follow only one to the end.
If you go to a doctor and take the medicine he prescribes to you, and then decide to go to another doctor
and take his as well as the other's medicine, instead of
health you will find death. If you gJ to a third doctor
you will find death even faster. When you cross a river,
if you put a foot in one boat and the other foot on
the other boat you will drown for sure.
Oo~erve the bee.
flower, it will fly
apple and it is bad,
have had to taste it




[f it does not find honey in one

to another fl3wer. If you taste an
you will not eat it, but you will
In order to know that it is bad.

If you have found peace and love, and you are receiving divinity from it, and have fcund a true Guru,
follow him step by step and' be generous in your
surrender to him.




Question: Can fasting be used as a means

cleanse and purify the body?


Answer: The word fasting comes from the Sanskrit 'Upabash' which means tosit by the side of God.
Here the word fasting has a different meaning from its
normal use. To stop eating so as to achieve purity does
not correspond with a reality. Food is the God
From food we obtain vitality and
energy. The 'Shastras'
(the sacred writings from
India ) say, 'One must take enough and enough light
from the sun."
From' Anna' ( food.) we obtain Prana' (life, vital
energy); by magnetizing this en~rgy. one" achieves
surprising results in the realm of spiritual realization.
But fasting could bring problems, pain and ills of all
sorts. Also, we must keep in mind that cleaning the
physical body does not mean that tbe mind is being
purified. We must admit that it is more difficult to
purify the mind than it is to clean the physical body;
One can take bu:ketfuls .of water. even stay inside the
water for hours but tbis does not make anybody pure.
To eat or to fast or not to eat certain foods-these
all things that belong to the mind. Where the imagina
tion stops, the realisation starts; where the emotions,
taste and the bias stop, starts,the meditation-the
without movement.

Question : Many ogas

What does Kriya Yoga say about this?


Answer: God has created the universe and lives

within each human being. He created the man and the
woman and wanted them to unite in love and remain
together. If everybody were celibate, would they be
fulfilling God's wish? Remember that Lahiri Mahasaya
was a married man with a wife and children and he
was selected by Babaji to transmit the Kriya Yoga
technique to the world.
~vfarried or celibate, purity is essential. The mental
attitude is important. If you are a married man, .stay
with your wife and do not change your attitude. If you
married ten wives, would your love increase ten times?
Not at all. r nstead, your health. your cerebral energy,
your respiration and your money will diminish.
Kriya Yoga gives you balance of mind to maintain
the equanimity. It makes possible the true love that
goes towards the immutable' Being, present in each
person. It makes you love each oth~r without attachment, like the sun that illuminates: everything without
attachment to anything.
The important thing is to know that God is the One
Who loves and the One Who procreates. He is sex
and sexual impulse. He is manifested in the wife and in
the child. The person who chooses to be celibate. let
him be. It is his dharma, like the dhaf1~a of others is to
have a wife and children.






D. C.

JULY 23. 1983

You are a Science student. So if Science student does

not follow the class one day, two days, three days,
whether can he follow the class? It will be difficult. If
he follows the class daily and regularly. .then he will
get the connecting link. It is not like an arts student, if
the arts student does not come for some days, no harm,
he can manage. But the science student can not follow
the class if he does not continue.

You should come daily regulHly, then you will know

more about truth. This is a science What is Science?
Extreme super consciousness is called Science. Science
or Vigyan means super consciousness, cosmic consciousness stage and Pragyan means to merge in soul. This
is the ultimate goal. Knower and knowable will be one.
~ugar and tea will be one. You will not get even the
trace of sugar You will not get the taste of the tea. Tea
IS bitter. The bitternes~
will disappear, and existan ce
of sugar, you will not get insiJe the cup. This is
wisdom, not hallucination. No one can touch God. No
one can cut God. Have you ever seen God walking on
the street.? Why you are coming to me ( 'I hrn why
don't you catch him and kefp him in your house. What
is the definition of God ( No (Jne can touch. no one can
cut, no one can burn, He is all pervading, He is every'
whue. Even in the fire. Can fire burn fire ? He
is in the water No one can drench God. lnsidt: water

God is abiding. The presence of God is here. He is all

Where he is not, so that you are to concieve. You are
to perceive. You are to realise. God is not walking in
India. You have gone to India. Have you seen in India?
Whether God is walking on the street? God is in the
whole universe. God say's, - I am abiding everywhere.
But I am abiding nowhere, He is here. He is not here.
It is written in Bhagawad Gita- I am in the beginning,
I am in the middle. Always remaining in the human
being in the life time. After that human being will
merge in me. Before creation, I am formless and after
creation also I am formless. Without him you hav.e no
form. So you are formless form, after your demi~e you are
formless. It is writtl::n in Bhagawad Gita in 10 chapter, 20
verse - I am the beginning. I am abiding within you all
but you are to perceive, you are to conceive. Yoti are to
realise then you will know even after your demise,
you will remain in the power of God. Jesus is not de'ad.
Moses is not dead. The power is remaining merged
with God. He is always here in God, and if you don't
cultivate, if you do not prepare ground and only you
take wheat from the market and if you only chew
then you will get trouble. You are to bring the wheat,
you are to crush it to powder then 'y()U are to make
it just a bread, then you are to roast it, make it ready
for eating, then your health will be all right. Your
brain witI be alright. We are not cows, wheat is on the
ground. We will all go' to the ground and eat' wheat
full of needles, then within 24 40urs you will die.
You are to prepare your field otherwise you can not
know God. I am to tell the hidden technique by which

they will feel the truth of realisation, they are getting
vibration. If you hke initiation within two months time
within four months.time, you are getting Vibration in
forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks~ lip, teeth, tongue, neck,
chest, everywhere, lip to foot not 50 body parts, in
your whole body parts. Sound, light, vibration.
When there is initiation, if you have desire, you - can
come and you can get the power and can meditate.
Now you prepare your field.
The moment you will watch calmly then surely yoU
will hear sound. From where he is pulling inhalation,
how the air is going aqd entering and. where it is
touching and if you remain there, then you will feel
vibration of the soul.
Now jf you don't hear Sound you will lock your ears,
and you will feel that you are not you. You are Paramhansa Yogananda. The photo is there. If you keep this
photo in your room, if you see the photo then you will
get "transformation. Good company will make you good.
You look at him. Feel that you are Yogi. Even you ace
more powerful than Paramhansa Yogananda. You are
getting imperishable soul. So you are inhaling. chanting
the Mantra of Paramahansa Yogananda. You lock your
ears and if you don't hear the sound, lock your ears and
then bend and bow your head and watch. inhale. hold
and bo'w with love. Sit up. Shut your eyes. Lock your
ears. Wait. Hear sound. If you hear, you shouldnot lock.
You see something is showing. Holy ghost is flashing light.
This is your liberation stage. You will lock one ear and

"you wiIllock the other ear. Press one thumb and open
the other thumb and hear the sound. Then feel that
you are Sri Jukteswar. With deepest love inhale hold
and bow with deepest love. Sit up. Watch. From where
he is pulling inhalation. Sound is there. Sit with your
spine straight. Thyroid blocked. Yes and if you bend
give pressure on the head. head will not go from that
Tben you will feel that you are Laheri Baba, with
deepest love, you pray for your food. Your digestive
power. Pray that you will store money fat the evil days
with deepest love. Laheri Baba is inhaling. Hold your
ear and bow with leve, Feel Sound, light, vibration. sit
up. Watch, Holy ghost is flashing light. It is moving
inside. It is going on the right, love and left, love just
like a pendulum, and in the soul there is Om, Om, Om,
Om sound and also watch in the soul, there is some
Now you feel that you are Babaji and at the purification of your heart center, you will be like Babaji. Hear,
divine sound. If you don't hear, you will lock your one
ear. Hear Oin, Om, Sound. Inhale, hold and bow w.ith
love. 0, God, ,you will give me purity and "perfection
and all round development with love. You sit up. Now
feel that saints and sages of all religions are remaining in
the vacuum. They are I).ot dead, their light, their spirit
is merged with God. They are all around you. In your
cervical center. Next center, Hear 8ound~ light, vibration. Calmly watch. feel that it is vibrating on the top
center. It is also vibrating on the next center with



deepest love. You inhale, hear. sound, hold, bow with

love. Pray, 0, .L~rd, give 'me purity, perfection and all
round development. Sit up, hear sound. You are notbody, You are in the Vaccum.

So if you keep your attention here you will feel

vibration from top to bottom. Inhale, hold, stretch, bow,
bend, with love. Then sit on the right heel. pressure,
feel the vibration on the top on the head. Also vibration
on the second center. Give pressure. Inhale, hold,
stretch, b~nd. bow. Sit up. Now sit on hips. Give
pressure, feel the vibration is here, on the top. Inhale,
hold, Stretch, lift up. Inhale, bow. Sit up. Practice third

You see something is floating in the vaccum. You are

in the Christ center Your former guru is also remaining
there in the center. Even Jesus is remaining there in
the Christ center Hear, go deep into it. Until you feel
that you are atom, you are not body; you can not hear
sound. Until you go to the center in the atom, you
cannot hear sound. Your body is burnt after death. You
will feel you will hear sound. With deepest love you
bow to Jesus. You bow to your gurus, bow to God, with
Sit and watch calmly. Now in the fontenalle God
has entered from the top of every person. You watch.
he is vibrating. Holy ghost is vibrating there. Also
sound, with deepest love, hear sound. Inhale, hold,
then bow with Ion. Now you shut your eyes and
feel that 'power is within your whole body, within two
minutes time, within three minutes. you feel the same
vibration in the whole body. God is here, God is here,
God is everywhere. Power is here - power is here,
Vibration here .. ,vibration here, Vibration is every
where. Now you all practise the second techpitIue.
Second technique is. Mahamundra. Siting on the left
feet give pressure on the semi colon. Watch vibration
on the top. You are on the top. Also feel the sameVibration on the bottom on the hip. It is here on the
top. ltis in the bottom.

Kriya. This js the third technique, Kriya Proper.

God is :pere on the top. He is coming
here here, coming here, he is coming from
seven stoned building. Then he is coming on the first
storied building. Again he is coming on the 2nd storied
building. Inhale, chant, Mantra, excess. He is coming
down below. Vibration is here. God is coming down
the seventh storied building. Inhale now. Chant mantra.
Hear sound, exhale. He is coming down here. The
vibration is here. God has come down to the sixth
storied building. Inhale, exhale. The elevator is coming
to the 5th storied building. Shut your eyes. Feel the
vibration is here. Inhale God. Chant Mantra - exhale.
God is coming down from the heart center. Inhale.
come up, exhale, come down to the Navel centre
lnhale your Mantra. Exhale. God, is'~oming down:
Guru is moving here. He is moving on the ground.


Inhale, he is on the seventh storied building, on the

top, Exhale. He is coming to the groun,d. Inhale. go to
the heaven, sound is there. Vibration is also in heaven,
above sun, above_moon. above stars.' You are in the-

infinity. Hearing sound, vibration. You are not here.
Your body is not limited body. You~ body is all pervading body. Now you are floating in. the heaven and .Holy
ghost is far above in the heaven. He is flashing light
and is moving above your head, in the heaven. He is
moving calmly. Watch. Feel that sound. You mentally
chant your Mantra, after that you will only hear your
You are there and the sound is coming. Calmly shut
your eyes. Feel that you are all pervading. This is your
liberation. Constant liberation. You are not watching
your breath ..You are not watching anything. You are
only hearing sound, light, vibration and offer everything
to God. Shut your eyes. You Inhale vibration, Exhale
vibration and feel that God is coming down, coming down.
Hear sound. Om, Om .. feel vibration. Inhale, come up
on the top. Exhale, Come down. He is moving infront of
your fore head feel it, inhale, God is coming on the top.
Exhale, God is coming down on the bottom. Inhale,
Come up, Exhale, come down to the sex center, Feel it.
Inhale, exhale from the ground. God is coming
to your tops, and it is moving below your hips. Feel it,
Give pressure, See that you and I are in the heaven. I
am also going with you to the heaven. You are in the
heaven. You are in the heaven. Feel it. Now you prac,
tice Jyoti Mudra. Thi; is called Superconscious stage.
Conscious stage.

Get seven inhalations. Pray seven times. You finish

_your Jyoti Mudra. Lock your ears. Pr~ss them, Lock
your ears, Then feel light. You a~e having sound, light,

vibration- everywhere .. You hear different
different centers.


What is your achievement. Whether you are merged

in God? Be God and know that you are God. 1 you be
a baby, you cannot marry a girl. You get the youthful
stage then you will think what is marriage. Similarly
until you feel that you ate sound, you are power of
God, you are getting vibration, that is your light. You
are getting every thing that is the li~ht of God. Be
invisible and watch that invisible. The moment you 'will
feel that you are invisible power of God. vau will hear
constant sound. Feel your body is dead as burnt to
ashes. From Mango tree you cannot expect an apple.
Whether apple will come out the mango tree? Only
mango will come. From apple tree can you expect any
grapes? From formless can you expect any form?
i\lthough it is form, still it is formless, as the baby is
remaining in the womb of the mother. This is the
whole universe, which is the womb of the divine mother
and we have not yet come out.\Ve are all children.
Just as in flowers, there are so" many seeds. Just in
the field, there are many trees inside the seed. Similarly
in the creation only the creater is remaining. It is formless. Still it has not been created. Ydu~are in the womb
of the,divine mother. You have not yet come out. Only
you are in the womb of your mother. In the north, in
the south, the back, in the front. on the bottom; in the
side, everywhere your mother is remaining. Similarly
when God is all pervading, until you are merged in all
pervading stage you can't perceive it. You have got the



quality. You are hearing sound. So you are born. in the

vacuum. So if you remain th~re you will feel all pervadiness - sound all over the Universe. Love him. Vibration
all over the universe. Light all over the universe. In one
day you can not be a teacher. The day you get admissIon in the college, on that day you will become a
teacher ? You penetrate deepest into it. Go deep into
the soul. You see briliant Light, Which is beyond
imagination. Calmly remain inside. Shut your eyes. See
that you are not yDU. You are that imperishable soul.
Don't bend your body. Then you are not in meditation.
You are dead body. Be still and know that you are God.
If you are tired, you can completely rest and watch the
sound. Go deepest into it. You penetrate deepest into
it and calmly watch.



By the practice of Kriyayoga inner and outer purification is

done. He, who is ever God conBcions, is always pure. God is
abiding in evcry human being, if we ~search for him within our
whole system, our mind cannot be attracted
to external pomp
and grande~r.
- Swami Hariharananda

D. C.

23rd JULY 1983

Mark how the air is penetrating in. Then you will

hear sound. Get light. You will get vibration. Shut your
eyes. You all practice Jyoti Mudra. You only keep your
fingers as directed and press. Then you see light and
now you push a little and lock your ears. If your
technique is correct, then everything will be correct.

[ This meditation technique is meant for those who

are initiated into Kriya- Yoga. Without practical guidance of Guru or an advanced Kriyaban, it is prohibited
to practise it. It is not also possible to enjoy vibration,
light and sound without help of Guru or an Acharya.
This is a secret technique which can be experienced
and practised with proper guidance. ]



Touch the head on the ground with deepest love, say,

0, Lord remove 'our diseases, remove our sorrows,
remove our sins, remove our anger, pride, cruelty,
selfishness, indecency. Remove our poverty,
give us profuse wealth. I will earn money. 1 will
watch thee. You are earning money . You give us
pleasures of senses, we will watch thee through pleasures of senses, give us food, digestive power. Through
food we will love you. Give us many thoughts. In our
every thought we will watch you, love you whole day
and night. Give me purity, perfection, Divine sound,
light vibration, love for God. I will always seek thee. I
will always give regard to thee. I always .want to bow to
thee through my every actions.
Sit calmly. Shut your eyes. Feel that
The Holy ghost is flashing light above
is moving infront of your fore-heaq,
chest, infront of your whole body. See
tion as the Holy ghost is flashing light

same vibration.
your head. He
in front of your
the light vibrafwm above in




the intestine on the ground. Again the lift elevator is

coming. It is coming from the tower gradually. See that
the lift elevator is coming to the third storied building. Hear sound on the fourth storied building. Different
sound, light vibration. You are not watching your
breath. You are not perceiving anything, is called
meditation. Your heart is at rest. So you will get long
J ife It is knocking in the fontanelle, in the soul, in the
pituitary. In this way it is moving. You do not see,
where you are. Inside the head the light is set. That is
the holy ghost ismoving. Sound. Opep your eyes. You
do not see anything. Only go deepest into the hole. The
home of Jesus, home of God. The divine kingdom. You
,don'Uookany face. Calmly hear. You will hear sound.
From where He is pulling inhalation. You will only
remain there. Then sound will be stronger, different varieties. Sound is increasing See the holy ghost is moving
pendulum, light and vibration. It is going on the left
-side of your brain, on the right side of your brain, on
the cerebelum: Love him. Remain deeply inside. Then
you will see the light with your eyes open. But you are
not seeing. This is called Sambhabi Mudra. You are
keeping your eyes open but you are watching your
indwelling self.
Take my divine power. Until you feel oneness, your
perception is very little. Whatever you are getting in
your mind, it is He. God. So you are to unite. Every
thing is coming from God. Every thing is merging in
God: Appetite came from God. Appetite has already
returned to God. Hunger disappeared, what maintains
"nu from your birth-is your soul. He is called Sun This

soul is much powerful than that of the sun. which is

rising in the Eastern Sky. If the soul is not there then
that Sun is useless to you. How do you know ? You
require thorough control. You are to go just on the
point of the Soul. On the extrovert stage your five
sense organs are following from one place that is soul.
Your skin is getting touch sensation from the soul.
Your touch sensation is coming from the soul. Through
sense control you are pulling the rei'n of the five horses.
You are the soul. You are controlling the five sense
The Sun can not arise without the permiSSion of
God. The Sun can not shine, no Chandrama,
Tara-ka, not moon, not stars. no lightening, no thunder,
can come without God. Because you are illuminated in
my body, you are abiding in my body. Whatever I am
perceiving. I am perceiving the power of God. Arty
thought is coming God is coming, SO until you cultivate
the Jand. If you do not go to your real home, how can
you feel. Thoughts and God are one. Inside everything
is abiding. As the seed is remaining inside the tree,
Similarly the power of God is remaining within you.
You have seen the Olive fruit. But you have not seen
the Olive. You have seen the Olive 'oil in the bottle,
From where the mustered oil comes. It is ffom the
mustered seed, the oil is coming. You are seeing in the
bottle. Similarly the ,PQwer of God is there. You
remember all fickleness, restlessness. all thought waves.
Let me put in you and let me merge in you.
You remove all bad qualities, .anger, pride, evils from
me, all your diversities, all your dilusion, illusion, error.

Until you remove it you can not know God. You can
not feel calmness. Power of God is your blissful
from that I want to see. Ido~'t want to take so many
olive fruits. I want Olive oil. I don't want mustard seed.'
I want mustered oil to rub my body.
What is your blissful form. Calmness, Seclusion,
alertness, then you will get blissful form. Sound, light,
vibration, his presence, always joy, always joy. How
kind you are. I want to see your blissful stage.
The person who is abiding in whole universe ineve!'y
human being, it is He. In you who is abiding? In plant
he is abiding. I~'every part of the body, he is abiding.
Seven qualities are in your body. So everywhere he is
abiding. So you have to watch him in everything.
Which is your blissful form that I want to see, this is
first Kriya. Sound-you have more sound now. Who is
abiding in me. In every human body. in every animal
body, in plant body, everywhere so it is I 3m abiding
every where in each body. This is Iso Upanisad 17
verse. You read that, There is gulf of difference which T
am telling now.
But every moment my meditation is changing. I am
getting powerful stage nearness to God so that power
is coming. The more you meditate, that you are reading
today and tomorrow ,you will read. you will get
different meaning. Third day you will read, you will get
the different meaning. The more you will procee.d
towards divine goal, the more you will get new







23 -5

- 84

Now you see beautiful. What is beautiful? Calm and

peace. Now you are in calmness. Shut your eyes. This
is your sleeping pill. Remain in the needle point. Hear
Sound. Now I am telling. You bow seven times. Who
is bowing? Not you. Lock your ears. Offer your money
center to God. Bow seven times quickly. God is bowing'
seven times.
God will remove all your troubles. Hear Sound. Offer
seven centers to God. Again go to the needle point
injection. Remove your hand, shut your eyes. Take the
mental injection needle. Prick it. Take very slow breath.
Watch Him . You will see. This is your foundation. Light
Sound, Vibration. The blissful band of Jesus is moving.
The blissful hand of Mosses is moving, Blissful hand of
all agents of God is moving. Tt is moving in the pricking
point of injection and with slow breath watch. You will
hear Sound, Light, Vibration. Remain in the pri.:king
point. You are not flesh, bone, skin, blood, marrow. You
are the real power of God. Now you all . practice Maha
Mudra. God is practicing. He is on the left field. Give
pressure, bend and bow, then to opposite side whole
body. Shift. sit up, watch. That needle point is moving.
T ke rest. See the peqdulum is moving on the needle
point and that pendulum is moving on your money
. center. Sex center, which is moving on the top
moving on the Naval center. If you remain only in
the foundation, Pricking point, that will change your



body. God is changing you. Now you are God. Your
body is god. Your Soul is god. This is Hansa. Love.
Whole World willlove"you. With/love, God is inhaling.
God is exhaling. God is stretching. God is bending.
Then your bad qualities will disappear, every day . You
will see whether your bad qualities are disappearing.
Calmly sit. Feel that you are not body. Only on the
pricking point pendulum
is moving. Pendulum is
moving on the heart and the neck and the fate and the
whole body. Now you practice the third technique.
Pressure straight. Th.yroid, Head down. Straight. Bend
right side. You are free from diseases. Sit calmly. Don't
practice now. Only you see. You are not body. Only
you watch. You are Soul. On the pricking point of the
injection needle. see that it i,s mavin g. Also sound," The
pendulum is moving in the brain. Inhale God in. Love
God. Offer your brain to God. Remain in the injected
pricking point. The needle has come to your face. It is
moving in the face. Now you are pricking needle from
the Fontanelle. The needle is moving in the whole face.
Hear Sound. Keep wrinkle, the tongue rolled up. Love
G;d. That he has given you beautiful face. Feel that it
is his face. Inhal~<dad on you.
This is the third techniql1e. You are offerin~ your
body to God. God has pricked the injection needle from
the Fontanelle. From the top of your head injection
needle is moving on the heart. Watch that needle
Hear sound. Keep wrink les. Your heart is remaining in
the Fontanelle. Love God. He loves you. Offer your
heart. lungs to God. Pray God. You will never get any
diseases or trouble and you will cure diseases. Watch

that movement sensation in the heart. Needle is gradually coming to your intestine. It is moving on the top.
Ir is moving in the intestine. You are on the needle
point. God is living, staying in your intestine. When
you will eat. you will love God. Offer your intestine to
God then see it is comin~ from the Fontanelle upto
the Sex center.
Remain on the fontanelle. The Pituitary. He is
moving on the sex center. Offer it to him. Say Lord it
is your center. It is your body and Exhale. Again you
sit. Then in fontanelle you are on the money center. It
is moving on the top. It is moving on the bottom.
Hear Sound. Love him. You have offered every thing
to him. So you have no body. You are only feeling.
Something is moving in the Fontanelle. Above the
Fontanelle and hear sound. Gradually like Helicopter. It
is moving and you are going up in the heaven. Hear
Sound. All over, the World. This is real liberation. This
is Super Powt>r. a kind of Samadhi. You are floating in
the heaven. Needle is in the heaven You are merged.
You love )lim. You are not watching your brain. Love
him. You have many troubles. Many diseases. In future
you may get many troubles, may anxieties. You all will
be old and all ;will die. This is your immortal stage. Your
limited body is aU pervading body. soul is floating
in the heaven and you are merged. J.<.emain in the
heaven. Those who are practising second Kriya, they
will practice. They wilL feel all centers are purified and
they are in the heaven. This is your
. change. You don't know where y0U sit. You are in the
heaven. You. don't know where' is your body volume.
You are in the heaven. It is moving. It is sound.


You can not imagine your body.
your face. So you. are dead.

You can not imagine

You are merged. This is called real meditation.

Beyond mind, thought, intellect, body sense, worldly
sense. You are merged. Suger is given in the tea. Suger
is merged. This is called mother nature. Your body
nature is your delusion. Your mother nature dis-illusion
as real soul. The more you can seek, more it is gain for
. you. Now vou all practice the last technique. Joyti
Mudra. As directed keep your fingers straight, Joyti
Mudra. Cover your eyes; Hands up, head down. (To
me everyone is male, Soul is malt:. Now you cover up
your eyes. With hollow plam and lock your ears, sound
light, vi brat ion .
Now you remove your hand. You touch head on the
ground. See your change. Touch your head and. ~ay
Lord Jesus. Sorrows, sin, anger, p~ide all bad quahtle,s.
Give me Love, give me all round development. I will
meditate dail y, regu);i~ly. sincerely with love and surely
you will give divine change. Sit up. I bow thousand
times. Shut your eyes and feel that it is moving in the
heaven. You all are in the heaven. Keep wrinkles. You
are coming down from heaven gradually .. You have
come down, on the ground. It is moving above your
head. Then open your eyes and see whatever you are
seeing, the scene is there. I am seeing every body. I
want to bow to every body.
Look at me Take my Power. Thank
This is 20 minutes meditation. Just 20 minutes.

You see your change,

so you maintain this mood.

( This meditation guidance

can 'not; be followed by those who are.not




22 - 10 - 84

You should know God if you humbly remain on

guru, bow him with humbleness. Question about SoulCulture: Serve Guru .
That you are taking food in the house, Rice, You
bring little rice for Guru. Bread for Guru. A little
Service is to Guru and then automatically the affection
of Guru will come and in India they also touch the Toe
because we are walking on the Street. So whole current
of the body is entering into the ground. Guru never walk
with bare foot. They put on wooden sandIe or plastic
!lhoes. So their meditation is remaining in the body.
So if you touch the electricity with bare foot then the
electric current will enter into your whole body.
Similarly the Divine current is remaining and depositing in the body of Guru. So if any body touches the
Guru and touches the feet, the whole power is passing
through his feet because the toes are moving like. tbis
and it creates electricity. Thus their p~wer when they
are giving their evils to Guru and snatching the whole
power which is coming down in the lower portion. For
liberation right feet and for prosperity and all round
development the left /feet. So in India everyone is
coming, who ever will come he must touch body of
Guru. Even then th~y do something like service, they
must do like that a little massaging.





You should put questions on how to get Sou] culture.

Question: By Kriya yoga can one be imperishable? Body
is perishable but soul is imperishable and if you meditate
and if you keep your attention inside four inche~,
deepest into it. and whole day if you watch, the breath
is coming from this place. Sound is coming from this
place. Sound is coming from this place from the soul,
then your whole body will be educated. Education
means perception of the self in the body as the Doctor
student is going in the Medical College his whole body
becomes Doctor, gross body is Doctor and mner body
is also Doctor. From foot upto head whole gross body
is Doctor.

In my family heredity every three generations one

person becomes monk. So when I am born from that
~ime within two years time my father mother and every
body came to know that I am the person whose destiny is
a ,divine destiny. So the teachers quality can enter into
t~e students. I told in the meeting that the Doctor
student will be DOctor because they are coming to the
Doctor teachers.

Similarly if you watch him you are always sound.

You are always power of God. If you feel it t~en you
are earning immortality. Constantly immortality and
you will get balance. If you come to the touch of my
family then you can come to know. In my life from my
infancy I never made any quarrel. I have never given
any stroke to any body. I have never rebuked. I have
never shouted whole life. Only the relative will speak
ill of the person. Tt is very difficult to get reputation
from the relatives. You C:.lnget reputation every where
outside but your relative knows all your defects because
you are constantly with them. So all of my relatives
even my father. even mother, even my all brothers and
brother's wife, they all took initiations from me. So I
am telling itis n~t the quality of one year. one birth.
You are Doctor but all people are not Doctors. This is
pre.destined. It is predestined.

. ,til


Our heradity is divine. That divine, the Soul is

immortal. When Soul is immortal and Sou] is remaining.
in every human body, then your destiny your power
is undoubtedly power of God. Due to environment,
your mind is going that'side that side. Thi's is nature's
law to make your self always on bad side. To climb
up a coconut t~ee is very difficult. and to get down from
the coconut tree is very easy. In the 15th chapter,
Bhagawad Gita and first version. Second verse. It is said
that all divine qualities are remaining on the top.
Adasha Urdha, as in the tree so many leaves are
coming down, falling down. Similarly we have divine
leaves. divine qualities. Also we have many bad qualities
like the leaves they are going down. falling down. Bad
quality is not for bad thing, mistake is not for mistake.
It is for correction.
So you are always immortal. So if you watch and
meditate daily sincerely then you will always remain in
Soul. You are always on 'Soul but you do not fee]. I am
talking from the Soul. Only you are, to maintain two
things. I am not talking. If you feel this, then you will
remain in the family. You earn rhoney. and you - remain






on the top, This is your liberation and in this way, in
sex center yqlJ,will enjoy ~nd if you can avoid like us
then I will s~y it is prede~tined. It is possible. I know.
I came to the touch of twin brothers in' Germany. Their
age is 24. Both then one day, when we were talking,
they went to India and c~me back.
They both say Swamiji as the Indian boy and girl
they do not mix, so long they are not married. Similarly
we two brothers are always remaining together, and
going every where. We have never come to the touch
of any girls. Let me say we have no girl friends. We
have DEver enjoyed, although we are remaining in
Germany and we both promised that when we will get
a suitable girl. spiritual girl, then we will marry
and when we come to the touch, we remain whole
life together and after that they selected girls, my
deciples and married. Two brothers selected two sisters.
They are two sisters not twins. They are also meditating
and meditated after marriage and after marriage they
had tolerance, no quarrel. Twin brothers told that we
have meditated. have no quarrel although the girls were
quarrelling and I with love and affection am giving good
advise to them. They have also changed. They are
leading very happy life. So second centre that is coming
from God. If you feel it you have three months, four
months. One month when yoq. are in the mother'~
womb you are taking food from the navel of the mother,
When you were born that navel was cut. This is your
first month. This is your second month from that day
you are eating and gradually you are growing and you are
getting so many worldly things and if y<?ustay in anger,

. .
nJoymg,. mIx,mg, gettmg so many troubles,
.rustratI?ns, ~ornes, anxieties, then they seek God. This
IS t?e thIrd mouth. This is called Astha month. Astha
chaltany~ me~ns aspiration of peace bliss joy and that
peace blIss JOY is coming from the Soul. Medulla i. e.
Vagus nerves two vagus nerves. So they are corning to
a Guru. They are corning to so many monks Le
mg, medItatIon but meditation was not d
ow e me ItatlOn will be deep when you'll
f; 1
on y
ee you are not body. So there are so many holes, Enr
where here, there, is a hole, So you are to make weldin y
of the whole feature by the practice of Kri
y g
en your body will be completely introvert and ht
a get It - echOlque - If you make weldinO" th
en you
requIre technIque. If you want to join two woods it has
some, technique.
They are making some hole Then th ev
. .
are }OInIng to rivet it. Then the Jesus was nailedcruslfied on the wood. Similarly you are to make welding
You are to infuse God, Here, God here .. Welding mean;
every where God is there. In the nail in the>
~ woo,d
every where. every where.

, i


Be, ~onscious. you are gossiping conscious. You are in

the CInema, conscious and always grateful to God E
d I
' '.
ay say, ord, 1 know thee, r ~m still alive and still
fit. Have your desire? I do not 'kn
Ow ow ong vou wIll
keep me so I bow thee. I love thee S' 'I 1-- 'f
Iml ar y 1 you
a ways say ,and you are to' keep your heaith alright. You
are your ffIend. You should kno
w your system.
ccordIng to your system, if you help the nature, the nature
of every person varies. Your body and my body
are not the same body. So your (ood and my food will







not be same fcod. So you should seek food. You should

know when you should be clean. How you will be
clean. Every system is not same.
Kurnama is taking bath at 7-30 every day. If I take
bath every day at 7-30 then I will not be able to
come here. Because I am Indian. It is tropical
country. In India every day I can take bath.
But here I am to think. I tried but I got cough.
head lche. So what I do. Every day I take bath. But in
homeopathic dose. I take water in the mouth .. Making
this I am pouring water. 21 times in the eyes. Then .you
will never get eye trouble, headache. After seven tlm~s
you will take water and you will rub it. Here. You, w~ll
rub it here. If you place your hand in my ear. you WJll
never see any dirt. I am to take water fill it nicely.
There is no dirt. After that I give water here very easy
every where i. e. whole skull. You will get a li~tle water
then wash it. Wash it with little water and WIth towel,
Clean it drv nicely. Also cleaning with hot water in the
towel dried. Sri Yukteswarjl used to take the bath once
in a week. not bath. dry cleaning like this and in a ye~r
he used to take bath one day full bath. Only one day m
the month of April. He used to take bath only one day.
.But was cleaning daily. So every system varies. So you
are your friend. You will see how you will take bath.
how you wiil see cinema. 0any
people; have eye
trouble. If they go and see cinema for two hours, then
sur ely he will .get strain, Here in the eyes. So balance
life and in every step of your life.
If YOU practice soul then whole day you will feel
liberation. You will remain in the material world and



you will .always feel how fortunate I am. God is

constantly with me. So as the Doctor's body is Doctor.
si"milarly, the spiritual person if they feel they are spiritual then their body will be divine body and they
will earn some super Power because he is remaining
constantly alert. That liberatio)l will remain whole life.
The more you are going to make your life in order, the
more your habits are changing. and your nature is
changing. Cells, atoms, tissues. muscles, diaphragm,
your hair and my hair is growing up.
God has given everything to you and snatching every
day from you every thing. \Vhy ? He is giving you time.
You love me:Three times. I love you, You love me. So
he is giving you ten stages. In ten stages from babyhood up to death, 10 stages. The day you are born every
ten years there is change. Change. Change. There are
many in the Universe like Jesus. They are spiritual from
infancy and this is pre-destined. So if you only practice
daily Kriya Yoga. then in this life whole life you will
feel liberated. Even after your death. Body will surely
die. But you will get liberation and no question of birth
and rebirth. Because many they do not agree with birth
and rebirth. This is the answer of the question. Now I
tell you. We ,should meditate with one question. You all
go deep into it. Here make the foundation ot the bui]d~
ing. I was in Germany at Cologne. I was ~t~ying on 5th
storied building. Whole puilding is made of wood.
There is nothing. All building is made of wood. So I
talked with Dr. Baba. How is it possible and Dr. Baba
said surely they have given nice foundation. reinforced concrete below. There is wall.' big beams. So big beams,
So foundation is essential.





What is the foundation of our spiritual life. To go

deep into it. I told God entered into this place and he
came straight here. ~our inches deeper. If you can go
there pricking injection point, atom point, atom cannot
be seen by the eyes.' So if yo~ remain in the atom point.
This is No.1. No.2. You- are to watch breath. In atom
point injection, atom point. you are taking little breath.
And if you seek Him then your humanhood will
disappear. Only you will feel that you are Soul and
immediately you will hear sound. These two things.
One you are pricking the injection. Doctor is pricking
the injection.
Doctor will not move the injection
needle, this side, that side, and when it is pricked
patient will not move like that because patient knows if
I move then the' needle will break from where the
medicine is entering. You remain in that point.


~.' l.

This is your soul, and you should take very

little breath, by whi ch your attention will not come
down from the needle point. This is your Muladhar,
Swadhistan, Manipur, Anahat, Bisudha all are there. It
is Christ center. It is called two petal lotus. It is called
the power. Main switch of the house, body house. So
you all go inside. I am seeing light because r see there. I
am talkillf!. I see your face. not seeing your face, because
I have gone to third eye, light, and I:}ffi taking breath
from that place. I see light. If you go there with your
eyes open and if you feel that you are that soul without
that you have no hand, and if you take a little breath.
then you will see the silver light with your eyes open.
If you practice if you remain inside then your will see
light over here. But you are to see your own soul. It is a
most important talk about God realisation.

This is partial Samadhi. It is called Tanmanasa

-introvert third grade of Samad hi. So you all enter, take
very little short breath. Seek him and love him. You
will hear sound. Very sweet feeble sound. Remain there.
Arrow point. Search, who are you. Your whole, you
with your eyes open In Bhagawad Gita, 5th chapter. 7
verse, I see light. You see more light. So you will see
less light. Eyes open {three times} introvert. I see light
because I am going inside the Soul. Jesus said if thine
have single eye, 1 e. third eye, then the ~hale body will
be full of light. Hear sound. This is your real you, This
is your liberation. Ihis your meditation. You are off.
You only see inside the needle point. You see
me from the needle point. This calmness is Godliness.
Be still.

When there was no creation and God was in his
formless stage, extremely formless stage. Then how he
imagined that he will create man in the image according
to his own image. When he had no form how did he
imagine that according to my form I will create man
and woman. I say God first heard the sound. How to
make creation? The word came from thtGod
that he'
will create and after that he imagined the human form.
So you are all image of God. You have potential for
purity, for peace, for perfection.
All the dead persons who are remammg in other
lakas, Jam loka, Tapa loka or Satya loka, can not go
higher because they do not posse~s body. They can not





meditate. Only the meditation of their children can

evolve them and liberate them. They will merge in
God. As the father and mother evolve their children,
similarly children can evolve their parents. They have
left the universe. By your honesty, and perfection, they
will remain there and merge in God. Also your father,
mother, they will get liberation.

see, He directs ears to hear. He allows mouth to speak.

Who is speaking from the mouth of h"uman being. So
how talk can receive the power of God 111 him ? So I
have done wrong.

They can not meditate because a dead man cannot

talk nor can eat. What is in a box you can not see, unless
you open it. So when you have left the world and have
taken the aggregated balance sheet of your work to the
astral plane and you are remaining in astral plane. you
can not do anything, but by the power of meditation
of your children you will merge in God.


: How does God look like?

Answer : Formless - all



omnicient etc.
( He says Rupam Ruparn . ) But it was not on Satya
period, period of truth. It is in dwapar period. Its role
is Formless. \Vith my thought I have made Siva,
Krishna, Durga. Kalli. So many. In so many places I
have made so many deities and I have also made so
many human prayers which is wrong on my part.
because he can be expressed only by the truth.

~ f

" !'

You are beyond form, but formless that what are

given so many forms to the " Anur bachaniyata".
God can not be perceived by mouth. by seeing. by
hearing. because he is formless. He directs the eye to

You are all per.vading. But I thought many people are

going to religious places. So can make many places
where I will put so many deities. So I have made so
many mistakes, this is the adulteratIon on my part
that you are formless and I have' given the form, then
please execuse me for my defect.
I am telling, in the era of truth, there was only teaching uf Yoga. The word yoga means - JIBA. ATMANI,
Et\BAM, EKAY t\M. Oneness of body and soul, that
oneness of body and soul is always with you. Soul is
pulling inhalaticn and if it does not pull inhalation, then
it is a deadbody. So Yoga is l"Immortal" Yoga. Imperishable Yoga, deathless Yoga, "Yoga
Kausalam" - in that period, they were only teaching
some technique by which the people they were going
beyond mind, thought, intellect. ego body sense and
world sense. They w~re only perceiving formless stage and
getting divine pleasure, joy and peace. That Yoga. that
integral Yoga. At that time they were teaching Yoga or
stands with the "Astanga Yoga".' The stand with
Astanga Yoga is Jama, Niyama, Asana. If you can tell
\\}ith words "I can operate the patient." Similarly
what I know, what I 'do, if you hear. how you can
heal him? So by the practice of Kriya Yoga. you can
heal epileptic and many many cases. Asthma patient
and this Kriya Yoga technique, win make you free from

lungs trouble" ( and then Gurudev narrated the effect
of Kriya Yoga on many other ailments as narrated in
other talks ).


From where we have come

the goal of human life.

Quest ion : Children, whose parents

have expired,
can they get liberation and also can come back to the
earth ?

must return,



\Ve all came from God, and we are to go back to

God. We are to remain in God in every moment of our
life. That is the Goal of human life. Before creation,
God was formless, all-pervading, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

If you take the 4 techniques, you will get the power.

and you will get liberation. When you get liberation,
then all your family wlll get liberation. If one person,
father. is earning money, c.hildren are enjoying money.
They are not going to the office and children's father is
not telling I am giving good money and good dresses.
This is a selfless work. Similarly if the children
meditate, they will get liberation. They have the atom
power of the father. ThEY have enjoyed sexually. Only
from one seed, he has come. You all have come. So
father and you are the oneself. Same current, same
blood, same body. If you meditate, yo~ can liberate
your parents, The whole family, even your friends, the
local people.


It is written in the Taitariya Upavished that it was

the desire of the Lord of the Universe to become many.
So, Formless God, according to His desire. created five
gros8 elements I first, vacuum; second, air; third. fire;
fourth, water; fifth, earth. Everywhere in His creation
you will see these five gross elements.


God has created man in his own image. So man can know
God only through self realisation, But this is not pussible in a
state of mind full of waves of diquietude
arising from' the
of the self with the changing states of body and
mind. This gives a distorted image of God like the image of
Sun .on the unsteady surface of water.'



j '


The highest creation of God is the human being. There

is rationality in the human being, This is why only
the human beinj;! can know God. In the spine of every
human being. there are five gross elements. In the
cervical center Bisuddha Chakra there is vacuum.
The deity of that chakra is Shiva. In the dorsal center
Anahat Chakra there is air, and the deities of that
center are Krishna, Vishnu, Rama, Jagannath
Narayan. These deities are all of th~ same category. In
the lumbar center there is fire. The deity of that center
is Surja (Sun), In the sacral center Swodhisthan there
is water. The deities of that center are Shakti. Durga,
Kali, Jagadhatri, Annapurna and Saraswati. They are



of the same category. In the coccygeal .center, Muladhara there is earth, and the deity o~ that center is

and five gross elements. He is the Lord of the b::Jdy of

every human being. If the indwelling Soul does not pull
inhalation through the nose, then all sense organs, all
five deities and the whole human body are dead Tf the
Soul does not inhale, there is not Shiva, no Krishna, no
Sun, no Shakti and no Ganesh. These five agents of
God are inactive without the power of G()d, who is
constantly inhaling and exhaling. These five agents of
God are part and parcel of God. No one can kill God
No one can touch God. No one can cut God.

The human being also have five sense organs. The

ear correlates with the vacuum center; skin with the
dorsal center; eyes with the lumbar center; and nose
with the coccygeal center.
God has given these five sense organs to every huma.n
being, and He has also given the extrovert stage, that IS
delusion. illusion and error. Our five sense organs are
our enemy. They are always pulling us from the truth.
Although these deities are remamIng in. o~r five
sense organs and in our five gross elements InsIde the
soine, stilI, all human beings are over powered by the
Devils Asuras. ft is written in Chandi, that all deities
are overpowered by the Asuras.
Hindus are worshiping these fi'/e deities:
J ag:mnath, Surja ( Sun ), Shakti and Ganesh. They are
all'deities. but they are not God. They are the agents of
Cicd Hindu Brahmins are daily worshipping these five
deines. In spite of that. they do not attain the goal of
human life.
So the question is this: Why do they not attain the
goal of life? Because. they are not practicing systematically. Their worshipping is always a religious play
with dogmatic views. So, they do not feel the indwelling
Soul, who is the power of God. They do not feel it is
the Soul who is the conductor of the five sense organs

In the Hindu religion, there are many techniques

prescribed before every act of deity worship, such as
But at present, the
1 l RIKANY'\'3H,
Hindus cnly read books and do not practice th~se
techniques. If they really follow the techniques. they
wjll get the introvert stage, and the KundaJini ~hakti
will come up from the lowe! centers to the upper
centers. If you only read a book about swimming, can
you swim? If you only read a book about flying an
airplane. can you raise the airpldne from the ground
to the vacuum, and bring the plane quickly and safely
to the proper place ? To fly an airplane, Qne should
learn the technique practically from a teacher and, at
the same time, ~hotJ]d foHow the b:Jok. Similarly, to
rjr awaken your Kundalini, you should learn the techniI que from a realized Yogi, who can help you to lift
your Kundalini from the lower centers to the upper
centers. You must corne above your five.sense organs.
In the Vedic period, human beings. by practicing
Yoga, all attained the pGwerful divine state which ig

the truth, which is Abayk.ta, the formless stage. In the
Aryan period. hllman beings aiso attained the same

After that Hindu period came to a time when h.u~an

. 1M any highly ...splntual
become very SOCIa.
h uman bemgs thought that if God was matenahzed
. .. 10
human form, it would be easy to 'talk. with thIS. hvmg
form of God. Among them, one fixed his attention. on
the ear and on sound. As he was imagining some fon~s.
he felt the image of Shiva. He then wrote the Shlva
SANHIT f\ and many mantram$ of that deity. H~ then
taught that if you'meditate on this form, .you will feel
divine pleasure, peace ~fmind ~nd l,iberatIOn. A .seco~~
devotee fixed his attentIOn on VIbration of the skm a
on the whole body and imagnied Krishna, Vishnu, Ra~:
and Narayan. He wrote many PURANAS and sal
that if you chant the name of God a.n~ read all the
books. you will get concentration and dlvme pleasure.
Many songs of the Vaishnava scriptures were co~posed.
The Vaishnavas are shouting. singing. dancmg and
feeling that they are very advanced, but in fact. they
are remaining within the five sense organs. They a~e
the admixture of opposites. A third devotee kept hIS
attention on light and on the eyes. He said that the Sun
(Surya) is the living visible God. So if you do Tratak
SADHANA. which means to constantly look at t~e Sun,
from morning until noon, you will get concentration.
It is also said that if you read the ADDYAST,?T~A,
you will get no disease and you will get self:reahzatlon.
But those who do, also. remain absorbed 10 the five

sense organs, which cannot lead a human being to God.
In Keno Upanishad, it is written that what the eyes
cannot see, but who directs the eyes to see', know that
alone is God and not what people worship here.
Another devotee fixed his attention on the sense of
taste, on the mouth and on talk, and imagined the
Divine mother, Durga. He advised that if you chant
DURGA. OURGA, and read the whole Chandi. you
will get the blessings of the Divine Mother. But in
Keno Upanishad it is said that what speech cannot
reveal, but who reveals the speech and taste, know that
alone is God and not what people worship here.
One devotee fixed his attention on the sense of smell,
on the nose and on the coccygeal centre. He meditated
and imagined deeply that he perceived that Ganesh is
the power of God. He taught that if you meditate
deeply, you will get peace of mind and success in your
life. So every business-man of India keeps the image of
Ganesh in his shop for prosperity. The people of South
India especially worship Ganesh. The Persian people
of Bombay conduct more worship of the Sun. The
human beings of Rajasthan, SUrat al)d Orissa are
Vaishnvas. They give more importance 'to Krishna and
Vishnu. The people of the hills do more worship of
One ridiculous and astonishing this. Basically,
in Hinduism, there are five main cults; Shakta, Shaiba,
Saura, Vaisanaba, and Ganapatya, but they do not mix



with each other. On the contrary, they speak ill of each

other. It is my firm conviction that if any of them
would get the truth and enjoy the divine taste, they

4) Whether Krishna, who was always engrossed with

thousands of beautiful ladies, should be worshipped?


Whether there is any importance

prasad of the Lord Jagannath temple?

would no longer quarrel.

of the Moha-

. I

The main thing is that the five deities are conducted

by the Soul. If the Soul does not inhale, the human
being will die and the five deities-Shiva. Krishna, Surya,
Shakti and Ganesh will be inactive. W ~ perceive the five
deities by the power of the Soul. For example, there
are lights in five rooms, but when the main switch is
off, there is no light in any room. The main switch is
just like the 250 volts of the body house, and power
house is just like God where there is unlimited
voltage. Each body house and each of the five rooms of
the house are connected with the powerhouse. As the
same electric current is everywhere, so also, everything
is the power of God.
I have delivered lectures in many universities, colleges
and public meetings in India and abroad. These
educated and scientific persons have asked me many
questions. For example, they wonder:
Whether the naked vulgar lady standing
bosom of her husband should be worshipped?

on the

Whether the slim exquisite and beautiful lad\'

Durga, could fi.ght with hundreds of thousands
healthy Asuras ( Demons ).

3) Is it possible that Ganesh, who has an elephant

head, nose and face, can be worshipped?


I scientifically and philosophically satisfied them. I

told them the metaphorical meaning of all this and
they were all satisfied. I wrote all of this in the 'Hindu
Puja Rahashya' book, both in Oriya and English. Please
read this book, and you can learn the truth that is in
Hinduism. But remember that the ultimate goal of
every religion is Nirgun ABYAKTA,
that is the
formless stage. Until you can introvert your five senses,
you cannot perc(:ive the truth.
Jesus said that all human beings are remaining in the
lower centers. It is why they cannot go to God. Jesus
said. I am always remaining in the upper center, above
the cranium. This is the kingdom of God. This is
heaven. If you do not follow me, you cannot go to God.
Jesus said, you are born of the flesh. so you are
always after the flesh. You are to be born again . You
must be born from above through water and spirit. You
need not go to grave first. Heaven is in yoUr hands. If you
desire God, then meditate now and you will get God. You
will get constant liberation and the formless stage.

The same thing is also said in Hinduism. You should

be Dwija, which means you are to be born twice.
Once you are born from your mother's worn b, and the
second time you are to be born from the pituitary.



In the scriptures it is written Pindam kund~linim

withdraw that mental wave by bre .th control and by

magnetizing your spine, then your mind will be free
from wordly thoughts.

shaktim hamsa itee udahrutaam rupam~lndum

itee gyenyam rupateetam nJ.'ran]'nam
., .' ThIs
, means
h I gross body IS KundahOl shaktI, whIch
t h at our woe
gives us constant delusion, illusion and error. But we
are that powerful soul.

Here if; onE:'example. During th", time of our sleep

we get a different type of breath whnch helps us to get
extreme calmness. At that time, our mind, thought,
intellect, passi n, anger, viciousn~ss and sorrow have
completely stopped. Kriyayoga technique uses a similar
type of i~halation. By the practice of Kriyayoga, you
will get complete breath mastery. Your mind, intellect,
ego and wordly senses will be completely transformed
into knowledge, consciousness and cosmic-consciousness.
The whole power of the lower centers will come up the
soul; and you will only feel divine Sound, divine light,
divine vibration, divine love and the formless stage.

The form of our real soul is "atom", which mea~s

formless so by practicing the technique, we can go wIth
our body, mind, intellect. ego and senses from the lower
center to the upper center to the soul. , Then. surely
our wors 1p, me 1 a v
W e WI'II b e beyon d ego, prI'de , anger and VICIousness.
We will get purity, perfection, love, sweetness; balance
of mind. amity, affection, oneneliH, and feel t~e human
., 10 G 0d and God is in the human be1Og.
b'elOg IS

The formless stage is the ultimate goal of every

human being. The more you meditate and go higher
and higher, the more you will get wisdom. Wisdom
means, Pragyan Proganam Brahma. The knower of
Brahma becomes Brahma. That means the devotee goes
in Nirbikalpa samadhi which means pulseless stage.
In that stage, the devotee goes beyond divine sound,
divine vibration and divine light. Only in that stage
does the devotee merge ib God, This is the fermless
stage. This is <Abyakta stage, This is th~ ultimate goal
of every human life.

I n BaQ:avad G't1 a, 14th Chapter,

18 'h
verse, it says
Urddw~ gachhanti satwatha. ThIs, mea:s t ~t
those who are true seekers will always remam a ove 10
the cranium.
J.n B agava d G't1 a.. 4th Chapter 42nd Verse, it is said,
A gyana. sa,mbhutam etc Sree Krishna was telhng. t
Oh Arjuna. by the weapon of conscience you must c u
off the Ignorance
w h'ICh' IS b orn t'rom your heart.
, .Then
vou can become free from all dou.bts. Don t .Slt 10 a
lleart-broken stage. Practice the technIque of Krtyayoga
and come up above your cranium to the soul . Sree
Krishna also said that the human mind comes down to
the lower centers of the spine due to wordly attachment
and being engrossed in wordly objects. If you can

In the ~ncient age of the vedic period, every human

being, men and women, boys and girls, educated and
uneducated, rich and poor, would pl"dctice this Kriyayoga technique. By its help, they became realized and

~ fl.,


powerful. Even though they remained in the family,
they would feel what is done by me is done only by the
indwelling self. So they would always remain free from
delusion and would always get constant liberation and
conscious samadhi Sabikalpa Samadhi.

The main thing I want to say is that our inhalation

is our life. Without inhalation, our ears cannot hear, our
~eyescannot see, our mouth cannot speak and our hands
and legs cannot work. That inhalation is pulled by the
soul from within. from the pituitary.

Every human being is born for self-realization. That

self means the soul which is always remaining in thf'
body. That soul is the doer of the body.

You must fix your attention 100 percent in the pituitary and calmly watch how your soul is pulling inhalation from within. If you watch how that air is going
and touching the formless body of your soul, then
surely you will get the extremely calm, introverted
stage. and you will automatically hear divine sound.
But for this you reqt..;re extreme desire for Soul-culture.
This is the first foundation of your SOlllculture.

If you get real culture, you will feel that soul is not
your body. As the driver is a sep~rate body from the
motor car, so also your soul is not the body
By the help of an electric current, you use the radio.
television, lights and heater. The moment you turn off
theswitcb, you cannot hear a song from the radio or
see a play on the televisi.on. Similarly, without your
soul current you cannot enjoy any worldly things. It is
why gracious God descended from heaven and is
remaining in a soul-form in every human being.
You cannot see light or hear sound in the electric
current. It is constantly remaining detached. So also
your soul is not engrossed in money in the coccygeal
center; in sex pleasure in the sacral center; in food
pleasure in the lumbar center; and so on. Soul is always
remaining detached from everything.



By the practice of breath control, if you awaken your

Kundalini Shakti in the lower center, you will always
get caution in your five sense organs. In every step of
your life you will get divine bliss; divine love and
indebtedness to God.

Before you go to the lavatory, you get the desire to

void urine, then you go and do so. Similarly, before you
get Soul - culture you must first watch calmly your
incoming and outgoing breaths. That breath is pulled
by the soul and is the source of your life from your
infancy. God has been kind to you from your birth. He
is constantly pulling inhalation and giving you allaround pleasure. so you must be indebted to the power
of God, that is to the Soul. Without Soul you have
noth" .lg so you must remain indebted to him in every
stage of your life.
Sree Krishna first spoke in the 4th Chapter of the
Bhagavad Gita about the Yoga of Knowledge. then in
the 5th Chapter he spoke about KARMA SANNYAS,
or the Yoga of Action. This means that if you do not
know the technique of Soul-culture, and you do not
practice it properly, according to the instruction of a

realized master, you cannot get the Yoga of Knowle(
In the 6th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Sree Krist
spoke in detail about spiritual food. From food y
will get energy, life and divine life. He also prescril
how you should sit and where to keep your attent:
for your Soul-culture. He further described how y
should breathe where your breath should go and what
should touch. Also, He said how to balance your brea
so that it will equally between vour nostrils. h(
to get rest for your heart, how to get the breathlessne
stage which is deathless stage, how to get consr~
liberation and formless stage, and how to get real lc
for God, who is constantly inhaling and exhaling a
giving vou all round development, So, if you truly se
him through the royal road of your spine, then vou ~
reallv feel one Soul. An agent of God is working in ea,
center: Shiva is working in your vacuum center and
your ears; Krishna in your air center and skin; Sun i
your food center and eyes; Shakti in your sex centl
and mouth; and Ganesh in your money center and nos
God is working not only in your spine and sen:
organs, but in your body. The body is a miniatUl
form of a world, and the power of God is all~pervadin
your whole body-world. If you deeply meditate and fe
it, you will attain the highest goal of every human beinl


The goal of human life is not far away: It is' alwa)

within you, because God is every where. If you seE
Him within and follow the whole Bhagavad Gita, yo
will always get divineness, liberation, the Sabikalp
Samadhi stage and Nir bikalpa Samadhi which is t~
formless stage and is the ultimate goal of all religions. \