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The icele guide to webcasting.
The icele guide to webcasting.

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Published by: iceledem on Feb 23, 2010
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Webcasting can be approached as a one-off activity for special
events, however if you have more than a few relevant events then it
can be more cost effective to equip staff to carry out webcasts
themselves. This makes it easier for webcasting to become part of the
ongoing operation of the Council. It’s important not to underestimate
the resources (especially people) required to webcast effectively.
Levels of resourcing will of course depend on the volumes of
webcasting that is being done. It is reasonable to expect that each
webcast will require an additional member of staff at the event being
webcast as well as some preparation work. The other area where
resource is required is in marketing the webcasts as it is important to
make sure that they are pushed effectively to the public in order to
achieve significant viewership.
Training is essential and initial training should be followed by regular
practice/refreshers to build up a pool of expertise amongst staff, and
links should be made with the relevant user forums to share
information and experience with other authorities.
As with any project webcasting needs the support of both members
and officers in order to work well. From the Council’s who are already
using webcasting on a regular basis it is clear that the most effective
projects draw on a cross departmental team. The project is probably
best led either by democratic services or by communications,
depending on the strategic emphasis for the project. However support
is required from both these groups as well as from the IT department.
The eGovernment officer and member should also be involved and if
there is a physical install then the facilities team will need to be



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