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Effective Petitioning – the Internet Way

Effective Petitioning – the Internet Way

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The icele guide to epetitions.
The icele guide to epetitions.

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Published by: iceledem on Feb 23, 2010
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Most councils will have information within their constitution about
who is able to start or submit a petition. The same rules hold true for
In general, there are unlikely to be any age restrictions. Some
councils may only allow people who live within the local authority
area to start and submit petitions; other councils may allow anyone
with a valid interest in the area to do so.
These constraints are likely to apply equally within the ePetition
system. Most ePetitions can be signed by people from anywhere
around the world, although local issues are more likely to be
supported by local residents. The Number 10 ePetitions website
specifies that those signing an ePetition must be British residents.
The encouragement given to children to sign ePetitions should be
considered in light of the possibility that under-13s are being
prompted to divulge contact details online. We recommend that
children are only encouraged to sign ePetitions under adult
supervision and with the context and purpose fully explained, such
as in a school or community group setting. Schools should be given
specific guidelines on ePetitioning.



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