1000 Questions and Answers 10
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. In a survey 4% of US employees never do what at work? Laugh Which sitcom was set in Dunns River Connecticut? Soap Fred Silverman invented the name Scooby Do named after who? Frank Sinatra What does Intel stand for? Integrated Electronics Which game was called Beano till Edwin Lowe renamed it? Bingo In the US what was free before 1863? Mail service What was Helen Keller's first word? Water Middle Ages having what creatures in the house was good luck? Ants What is the full name of the creator of Peter Pan? James Mathew Barrie On a piano the left pedal is the soft what's the right called? Sustaining One anger Two mirth Three wedding Four birth what are they? Crows Specifically to what does Episcopal refer? Bishops Which sort of court case causes the most perjury? Contested Divorce Which country consumes the most chicken per capita? Saudi Arabia And which country comes second? Israel Saint Homobonus is the Patron Saint of who? Business People Which item first appeared in Superior Hotel Montana in 1908? Gideon Bible What became a full Olympic sport in 1992? Badminton Which actor used to sweep out lions cages for a living? Sylvester Stallone The average American does it 1811 times in their life - what? Eat at MacDonald's Who was the first computer millionaire? Herman Hollerith Tasseomancy is fortune telling using what? Tea Leaves In UK whose private house has its own court and 11 prison cells? Lord Mayor London Mansion House The buffalo weaver is the only bird to develop a false what? Penis to flash for mates In what famous US building would you find Broadway? Alcatraz - main prison block Whose memoirs were called There and back again? Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit Which dish gets its name from the French meaning to stir? Ratatouille Where would you find the stuffing box and sucking rod? Oil Well Pump Pidge appeared in which Disney film? Lady and Tramp pet name Lady The average size of what is a grain of sand? Meteor There are 20 days in the week in whose calendar? Aztec A young dogs a pup what's the correct name for a young skunk? A kit or kitten Okamoto in Japan is the worlds largest maker of what? Condoms Apis Mnevis Onuphis 3 names for the sacred what of Egypt? Bull It costs $30 a day in Austria to do this nude in winter - what? Cross country skiing On TV what team worked out of Iolani Palace? Hawaii 5 0 Escaping convicts used to drop what to throw dogs off the scent? Red Herrings What first name has been used by most presidents? James The word cruise comes from which language? Dutch Kruisen In a survey US ERs what is the most commonly broken bone? Clavicle or Collar Bone In computing who are floppy and mootilda? Gateways cows In the US money is still top marital argument what is second? What to watch on TV In Japan they sell a last climax - what is it? Brand of tissues In US only 8 % of women do it - but it changes their lives what? Propose marriage to boyfriend The Swiss spend the worlds most money per capita on what? Insurance Arthur Paul designed which icon - appears on a magazine? Playboy bunny

2 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. The Jewish prayer for the dead Kaddish is in what language? Written Hebrew but in Aramaic What is the name of Doctor Claws pet in Inspector Gadget? Madcat Which magazine is most often stolen from US libraries? Sports Illustrated Which actress had a job putting cosmetics on corpses? Whoopee Goldberg So far 11 US presidents have been what? Generals 6300 was the biggest cast in a commercial for what company? British Airways Knock-Knock was the first cartoon starring what character 1940? Woody Woodpecker The Sweater Shop International was a competition which sport? Snooker Greek mythology women of Lemnos did what to their husbands? Murder Goodfellow's Lumholtz's and Bennett's type of what animal? Tree Kangaroo TVs Ben Casey started with Man Woman Birth Death and what? Infinity What was banned in Indonesia for stimulating passion? Hula Hoops If a Turkish judge breaks a pencil what does it mean? Your death sentence In the film Jumping Jack Flash what is Jack's code key? B Flat Washington police officers get a half hour class in how to what? Sit Down What is the worlds largest food company? Nestle What is a cremnophobe afraid of? Falling down stairs What is the most common name for Playboy centrefolds? Susan Who is the tallest telletubbie? Tinky Winky Boston Red Sox are The Pilgrims but what were they before? The Somerset's In the A Team name Murdoch's invisible dog? Billy In 1900 Americans did it for 9hour 20 min now its 7hour 20 what? Sleep The first one was 5 x 20 the first what? Spreadsheet 1 in 20 children born in US today will do what? Serve time in prison Where in the world are the most roses grown? Texas In the USA on January 1 you have the greatest risk of what? Being Murdered Lexico was invented in 1932 what did it change its name to? Scrabble Ten 1000 virgins bought insurance against what in 2000? Immaculate conception Which profession drinks the most coffee? Health care Which duo has won seven Oscars? Tom and Jerry What is tattooed on the Marlboro mans hand? An Eagle The classical music term fugue comes from Latin meaning what? Flight What Bond thing did Roger Moore not do in 7 films? Drink Martinis - and smoke The term warts and all comes from a portrait of who? Oliver Cromwell Nevada and Canberra are varieties of which vegetable? Cauliflower For which game would you win the Plimpton Cup? Backgammon What was the distress call before SOS? CQD - come quick danger Where would you see sprites blur jets and elves? Thunderstorm electrical discharge Name Casper the friendly ghosts horse? Nightmare What is the most common surname for Motel owners in the US? Patel Ancient Romans dyed their hair with what waste product? Bird Shit What in history were the Beaver, Dartmouth and Eleanor? Ships Boston Tea Party Name Lois Lanes stewardess sister? Lucy Lane Who is on the most popular us commemorative stamp? Elvis Gabriel Fallopius is credited with inventing what? Condoms What does Honolulu mean in Hawaiian? Sheltered Harbour Food served nivernaise has what ingredient? Carrots What is a hoblet? A Vasectomised ferret 209 Popes have been Italian which country has the 2nd highest? France

3 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. A Cruciverbalist is interested in what? Crossword Puzzles Name Indiana Joneses dog? Indiana The Indian name Singh translates as what? Lion What is the only patented uniform / costume in the USA? Playboy Bunny Girls What was the first 90 minute TV series in 1962? The Virginian Trismus is a muscular spasm where in the body? Jaw - like lockjaw In films who could win the Golden Boot award? Actors in cowboy films What do the initials IOU stand for on an IOU? I Owe Unto A fagotist is a person who does what? Plays the Bassoon What are popcorn, moss and seed? Knitting Stitches Which food item contains the most residual pesticides? Peaches In the US what job has an average IQ of 104? Policeman Great Brother is the Chinese translation of which drug? Viagra Which English name produces the most nicknames? Elizabeth Which fruit is the symbol of hospitality? Pineapple Which city is built on 118 islands? Venice Before it meant tall building what did skyscraper mean? Tall sailing ships masts Rudolf the red nosed reindeer had a girlfriend - name her? Clarissa Which author sold most books in the first half of 20th century? Edgar Rice Burroughs In which sport is the Lugano trophy awarded? Road Walking Which song is performed at start Indiana Jones Temple of Doom? Anything Goes Amnesic, Diarrhetic and Paralytic main types of what poisoning? Shellfish Donald Baxter McMillan compiled the first what dictionary? Eskimo - English In 1950 what character was on first metal lunchbox in the US? Hopalong Cassidy And in 1985 who was on the last one produced? Rambo Which US state has the highest divorce rate? Arkansas What was the first publicly televised sporting event in Japan? A Baseball Match If you have a buccula what have you got? Double Chin Which insect is the symbol of female potency? The Honey Bee Optiphone, Lustreer and Mirascope early names for which item? Television The name of which fabric comes from the Persian word for spun? Taffeta What job does an Oikologiost do? Housekeeper In 1969 Sport was the first magazine to run an ad for what? Condoms Purple green gold are the official colours which annual event? Mardi Gras What is Homer Simpsons greatest fear? Sock Puppets Cassius Marcellus Coolidge painted which famous paintings? Dogs playing pool cards etc Why was McDonalds fillet of fish invented? Meatless Lent Lusophone describes countries whose main language is what? Portuguese Where would you see analog watches showing 10.10? On most watch advertisements In WW1 what warning device was on the top of Eiffel Tower? Parrots According to doctors people with what pets fall asleep easiest? Fish What is sometimes referred to as Zulu time? Greenwich mean time What was originally called olive oil water? Vaseline Average US male does it in 11.4 mins but female takes 13 what? Shower Nylon was invented in 1934 what product first used it? Toothbrush Who was the original choice to play the terminator? O J Simpson What rivers name translates as river of hate? Styx in Hades The average what is designed to last for 180 wearings? Bra What is the full name of Batman's butler? Albert Pennyworth On which annual day do most heart attacks occur? New years day

4 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. writers 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. What does Abraham Lincoln never do in any photographs? Smile Pif Paf Pof is the Dutch equivalent of which English phrase? Snap Crackle Pop Before 1687 clocks never had what? Minute hands What is the most profitable section in supermarkets? 1 Meat - 2 Fresh veg 3 Pet Food The average American eats 5666 what in their lifetime? Fried Eggs Who is the spouse of the Duke of Normandy? Philip Duke of Edinburgh Which old English time unit is 1.5 minutes long? A Moment In Las Vegas which gambling thing generates the most profit? Slot Machines What colour is Queen Elizabeth's blotting paper? Black Where can you find Clippit? Excel help assistant paperclip In the 13th century European children were baptised with what? Beer Which popular cartoon strip has never included an adult? Peanuts What is the most common street name in the USA? Park Street According to one estimate Benjamin Franklin had 24 what? Bastards Illegitimate children Before tennis what drew spectators to Wimbledon? Croquet Which famous ship and whiskeys name means short underskirt? Cutty Sark Beethoven gave up what while writing his ninth symphony? Bathing In 1776 the first union went on strike in the US what job? Journeyman Printers Name the first foreign company to open a factory in the USA? Volkswagen Whose secretary was Loelia Ponsonby? James Bond Who was Mussolini's favourite cartoon character? Donald Duck According to truck drivers which US state has the worst drivers? California Name Frosty the Snowman's son? Chilly Millie Daughter Crystal wife What's most commonly used password on computer systems? Password Who was the first trapeze artist to perform without a net? Jules Leotard If you suffer from protanopia you cannot see what? Colour red What occurs in September and December more than any other month? Letter E Alectryomanchy is another name for what banned UK 1849? Cockfighting In Bewitched Aunt Clara had a collection of what? Doorknobs For what was Joan of Arc made a Saint? Her Virginity What was the most bombed place in WW2? Malta As a performer what one thing would Elvis never do? An Encore The word Utopia from Greek means what? Nowhere Wife Beware in 1933 was the first film shown where? A Drive in theatre What did Einstein call "the most difficult thing to understand"? Income Taxes Firefly, Longhorn, Harlequin and Tortoise types of what? Beetles El Dago was the name of whose first private plane? Frank Sinatra Mentu Egyptian Tyr Norse Gods of what? War What is the name for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros? Google Who invented wax paper? Thomas Edison What is the name of Porky Pigs nephew? Cicero Ancel Keys developed which US soldiers item? K rations If you suffered from acronyx what have you got? Ingrown Toenail What was the first TV theme song to hit number one US charts? Davy Crocket Brownie Wise first cover woman on Business week developed what? Tupperware Party What was the first food designed for the microwave? Popcorn In the US what was the first TV test symbol? Dollar sign Which painters work is the most stolen? Pablo Picasso Name award shaped like a teapot with a skull and crossbones? Agatha - for crime mystery

5 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. Disney's Pluto (nee Rover) was originally whose pet dog? Minnie Mouse Who is only artist that toured with Elvis, Beatles and Eagles? Roy Orbison What is the most used expression in any language on earth? Ok In US what sporting good outsells Base Basket and Footballs? Frisbees sales beat all combined On what common item would you find a worm? Corkscrew it's the spiral part What is the only creature born with horns? Giraffe In CHIPS what make of motorcycles did they ride? Kawasaki Where is the busiest highway in the USA - It's a bridge? New York's George Washington Which screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations? Woody Allen What job would regularly use kerfs? Carpenter - first cut to guide saw In the New Testament publicans had what job? Tax Collectors Which US city was once named Porkopolis? Cincinnati A puggle is a baby what? Echidna Men without chest hair are more likely to get what disease? Cirrhosis of the liver What common item were once called moth patches? Freckles What is written at the bottom of a Oiuja board? Good bye Tucson Arizona what's officially known as pavement deficiencies? Potholes in the road What would you find in a vivarium? Snakes What does YoYo mean in English? Come-Come What word do Alaskan sled drivers shout to move their teams? Hike not Mush Cardinal, Barlinka and Napoleon are varieties of what? Black Grapes Which word literally meaning sweet paste is a breakfast item? Marmalade What is the only edible orchid? Vanilla Average woman's 1.5 times bigger than average mans - what? Circumference of Thighs What plants name means wild growing by the Volga? Rhubarb - Rha is Volga Barb - Wild Writing with light is the literal meaning of what word from Greek? Photography 1964 Iowa City had one Tokyo the other only ones in world what? Sperm Banks The British consume twice as much per capita as the US - what? Baked Beans On Quaker Oats what word is written on the scroll on the box? Pure Anhedonia is the inability to feel what? Pleasure What is 42% carbohydrates 5% protein and 53% fat? Chocolate Literal translation what Persian word is leg garment? Panamas What was originally called flowmatic? Cobol Who was born in Wattenscheid Germany November 11th 1920? James Bond What was the first item made from aluminium? Rattle for Napoleon III In Happy Days name Fonzies dog? Spunky In 1477 the first advert in English offered what for sale? Prayer Book Only dead people can be on US postage stamps except who? Astronauts In 1778 name the first country to send an ambassador to US? France What did the ancient Romans throw at weddings? Wheat Eisenhower trophy is given annually to what best amateur team? Golf Name the dogs in Magnum PI? Zeus Apollo The name for which body organ translates as all flesh? Pancreas According to historians what is the oldest device still used? Toothpicks Women do it weekly to sleep better men every two weeks what? Change sheets Who rejected the Olivia Newton John role in Grease? Marie Osmond 80% of restaurant diners don't do what? Eat dessert Anthropologists say what is the worlds oldest profession? Witch Doctor The hop-low is the worlds smallest what? Mushroom

6 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. At the borders of reality is French translation what TV show? The X Files What does a hygrometer measure? Humidity Cross garnet, Strap, Butt and Back flap types of what? Hinges Archaeologists found 145 what in King Tuts tomb? Loincloths 63% of Americans spend five minutes a day looking for what? TV remote control Which vegetable is 91% water? Cabbage A melcryptovestimentaphiliac compulsively steals what? Knickers Name the 3 headed dog in Harry Potter and Philosophers stone? Fluffy What product ranks number one in consumer brand loyalty? Cigarettes And which one comes second? Mayonnaise 9% of divorced people say they still do what? Have sex together Common, English, Flemish, Running and Stack types of what? Brick wall bonds how laid Which English word comes from the French for candle? Chandelier On Earth what would you find in an orbit? Eyeball - orbits eye socket skull Which European capitol city is a cannon fired at 1.00 pm daily? Edinburgh A shroff is an expert in what? Testing coins Quiz bandlore coblentz disk all different names for what item? Yoyo - from Tagalog Name first person to hit a golf ball over 400 yards with 6 iron? Alan Shepherd on the moon Which countries name translates as place with a great river? Paraguay Rose O'Neil created the Kewpie doll where is it signed? Sole of Foot Worldwide most capitol cities begin with which letter? B Who's first person to win Wimbledon singles on a tie breaker? Evonne Cawley In 1789 Britain legally adopted what officially? Hanging - before it was burning What Frenchman was the king of chefs and chef of Kings? August Escoffier What has the chemical formula H2O2? Hydrogen Peroxide Medieval wine measurement there are two buts to a what? Tun Which materials name comes from the French for rag? Chiffon What is the state fruit of Louisiana? Strawberry In Italy their I Puffi In Hungary Torpok Samafu in Japan - what? Smurfs What musical instrument has gourd, shoulder, nut and leaves? A Sitar Mountain ranges like Sierra Nevada what does Nevada mean? Snow Topped How often does a quotidian thing occur? Daily 1838 Los Angeles man needed a licence to do what to a woman? Serenade her In Burma illegal possession of what item can mean prison? A Modem At a Quaker wedding it is forbidden to do what? Take photographs Which variety of apple is on the Beatles apple label? Granny Smith Which Shakespeare play was originally entitled What You Will? Twelfth Night Name was the first city to mint its own gold coins in 1252? Florence thus florin In the US 20,000 what are made for children each year? TV ads 7000 cereals What was added to Band Aids in 1940? Red opening string Little Larry Puny Pete Small Sam considered names of who? Dickens Tiny Tim What did Barbie first get in 1962? Her car made by Irwin for Mattel Which member of lily family is named from Greek for sprout? Asparagus Whose alphabet was called the Futhark? Vikings Azote is the old name for what element? Nitrogen British sailors got lime juice US cranberry what Danish get? Sauerkraut to stop scurvy If you ain't done it by age 40 chances are you never will what? Go to Prison During menstruation the sensitivity of woman's what is reduced? Middle Finger What product was originally called drybak? Duct Tape A pogonip is what type of weather condition? Heavy winter fog with ice crystals

7 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. Why is rice grown in flooded paddy's? Drown weeds What is the most easy thing to recycle? 1 Aluminium 2 Glass 3 Paper What is roasted in South Africa and eaten like popcorn? Termites Which cartoon character lives in Sweetwater? Popeye's home port The Ideal toy company was the first to mass produce what item? Teddy Bears Which European city spends the most on the arts each year? Frankfurt If you had Tritonopia what would you not see? Colour Blue Whose advert slogan was You press the button we do the rest? Kodak Thunder music is the literal translation of which musical term? Philharmonic US actor William Gillette invented which characters phrase? Elementary my dear Watson What is the sacred animal of Thailand? The white elephant Collective nouns - a streak of which creatures? Tigers In 1926 Japan deleted 800000 feet from US films showing what? Kissing - it was unclean What could Victorian advertisements not show? Beds - hidden behind curtains Jumping Badger was the original name of which Indian leader? Chief Sitting Bull 1878 Wanamaker's of Philadelphia first US store to install what? Electric Lights Mansard, Gambrel and Hip all types of what? Building roof Utah the states name comes from Navaho meaning what? Upper What is the fastest racket sport - over 200 mph? Badminton Which key word was removed from the Olympic charter in 1971? Amateur What is taught at the Californian Academy of Tauromaquia? Bullfighting In their lifetime the average human grows 8 feet of what? Nose Hair What's unusual about phone directory in Iceland? Alphabetical by forename We know who Darth Vader is but what's Vader mean in Dutch? Father A mouse's is bigger than an elephants - what? Sperm 40000 Americans are injured each year where?In the toilet Lahnaphophobia is the fear of what? Vegetables One third of Taiwanese funeral processions include what? A stripper In Holland what would you do with bare buttocks in the grass? Eat them mix of string and navy beans What's name translates from Chinese as white vegetable? Bok choy In Korea which animal is the symbol of long life? The deer What on average is two inches wide but 2 miles long? A lightning bolt What do dieters say is the most difficult food to give up? Cheese What was the punishment in Ancient Rome for water pollution? 100 lashes In the US women own 35% of what? All businesses In the 1950s which film star was paid $5000 a week? Lassie In 1996 what was the most common use for a computer 46%? Bookkeeping invoicing WP 45% What does the energiser bunny wear on his feet? Flip flops Epistemology is the study of what? Knowledge In 1999 20% of all US tourists came from which country? Japan Which US TV show was the top rated in the 1988 89 season? Roseanne In Shakespeare what is Richard III title before he becomes king? Duke of Gloucester Hermes, Symphony and Anik are all what? Communication satellites Wine brandy sherry almonds raisins orange make glogg in which country? Sweden a Christmas punch drink Red Connors played by Edgar Buchanan which cowboys partner? Hopalong Cassidy Ignoring obvious what links Minotaur Harpy Centaur and Sphinx? All part human What comes in varieties freestone and clingstone? Peaches

8 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. What links Pythagoras, Hitler, GB Shaw and Henry Thoreau? Vegetarians The Westminster is the oldest and biggest what in the USA? Dog Show Men play it at 40 feet women 30 feet what game? Horseshoes Which city has the most homeless cats per square mile? Rome Abbot - Costello routine who's on first name the pitcher? Tomorrow What links Wade - Spode - Misen - Delft? Pottery What creature is the symbol of medicine? Snake A male racehorse can do it in 14 seconds - what? Copulate as can any male horse What body part gets bigger as the day progresses? Feet 5 to 10% In 1995 the average US public school had 75 what? Computers installed 60% of women say they have eleven a day - 11 what? Emails Limnology is the study of what? Marshes from Greek limoe Illustrator Sydney Paget created the trademarks of who? Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker The dybbuk is a creature in which peoples mythology? Jewish migrating soul enters body Wyatt Earp, Frank James, Abraham Lincoln what actor links? Henry Fonda Something that is fistular is what shape? Pipe shaped What brought Frosty the Snowman to life? An old silk hat The most common hat in the world is made out of what? Bamboo In a church who would use the chancel? Choir they sit there Which male name means God will judge? Daniel What is the oldest country in Europe? San Marino 301 ad Who would wear motley? Jester voloured clothing In the film industry what is a flipper (used by child actors)? False teeth to hide gaps Common non domestic animal is not mentioned in the Bible? Rats Cats are domestic Which countries name translates as land of the free? Thailand The sliothar is a leather covered cork ball used in which sport? Hurling If something is coked en brochette how is it done? On a skewer What physical feature gives the platypus it's name? Webbed feet Who would use a plessor? Doctor reflex hammer In Shakespeare who is Romeos love - before Juliet? Rosaline Which country did the French know as Terra Napoleon? Australia In Greek mythology what type of creature was Chiron? Wise Centaur In British nobility which title is the highest? Duke Waving a yellow flag is the international signal for what? Infectious disease Who would wear a diadem? Kings headband In an orchestra which instrument has the greatest number? Violins Shoot the moon is a term used in which card game? Hearts - win all Zapateodo is a rhythmic device used in what music style? Flamenco What is always served early in a formal Japanese meal? Sashimi - raw fish What is the correct name for a two handed timber saw? Whipsaw Which animals make a sound called nuzzing? Camels What was the working title of the TV series Dallas? Houston In your body where is the macula? Eye centre of the retina With what would you rock the baby or walk the dog? A Yoyo Who was known as The man in Black? Johnny Cash In Dick Dastardly's Vulture squadron name the mechanic? Clunk he did not talk but whistled In 1956 Irme Nagy lead a revolt in which country? Hungary against Russia - Stalin What river flows from Mount Hermon into the Dead Sea? Jordan via Sea of Galilee The liqueur crème de cassis is made from what? Blackcurrants

9 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. What agency began as a group of mercenary guards? Texas Rangers In Bewitched name Samantha's identical cousin? Serena The Stasi were an intelligence organisation in what country? East Germany Who got a gold single for the song Daniel in 1973? Elton John The Flavian Amphitheatre is better known as what? Colosseum in Rome Miso a basic ingredient in Japanese cooking is made of what? Soybean paste The musical word scherzo comes from Italian meaning what? Joke A villanelle is a type of what? Poem like Dylan Thomas Go not softly etc Which cities name comes from Algonquin meaning traders? Ottawa Five out of six of the Village people have got what? Moustaches What's the correct name for a young un-bred male fur seal? Batchelor Strine is the vernacular language spoken in which country? Australia Cardinal and Ordinal are types of what? Numbers - 1 2 3 - 1st 2nd 3rd What's the name of Disney's Little Mermaid? Aerial Where does the abbreviation for pound lb come from? Libra the scales What was Disney's Donald Duck originally called? Donald Drake What was the longest running primetime TV drama 20 seasons? Gunsmoke What is generally thought to be the oldest breed of dog? Chow-Chow In which European city is Charles university? Prague Which girls name comes from German meaning battle? Hilda 1200 in Roman numerals gives what sporting body? MCC Red white blue yellow green which colours missing from Rubik's cube? Orange Where would you find a canton, halyard and field? On a Flag This sport is called camogie women play what's it when men do? Hurling A Treskilling Yellow sold for over $2 million in 1996 what is it? A Stamp Name of which household object comes from Latin to wonder at? Mirror Which vegetable is also a flower? Broccoli What does a necrographer do? Writes Obituaries Name bald head character that peers over walls saying wot no? Chad Those born on April Fools day are what star sign? Aires In British army what ranks between Major General and Colonel? Brigadier In beer measurement 72 pints make a what? Firkin In the Chinese horoscope what animal comes last alphabetically? Tiger What is a leprechaun's usual job? Cobbler or shoemaker What did Robert Ballard discover in 1985? The Titanic If you are using Prime Tierce and Octave what are you doing? Fencing What is measured in units called phon? Sound In June 1906 where was the worlds first grand prix held? Le Mans in France If silver's is stamped with a leopard in which city was it assayed? London 1899 what first was installed Palace Royal hotel San Francisco? Jukebox In which city is the Kentucky Derby run? Louisville What is the only silent film to win best picture Oscar? Wings In 1923 the BBC first broadcast what on the radio? Opera Which of Santa's reindeer comes first alphabetically? Comet November 28th 1948 what was the first TV western in the USA? Hopalong Cassidy Which dance means in Portuguese snapping of a whip? Lambada In 1965 who became country music's first millionairess? Loretta Lynn Which country began the tradition of exchanging Xmas gifts? Italy What is the English name for the constellation Mensa? Table Who ordered the building of the Tower of London? William the Conqueror

10 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. In the Simpsons name Ned Flanders wife? Maude What was the first food consumed on the moon in Apollo 11? Turkey France and which country contested first ever world cup match? Mexico In the song My Darling Clemantine how did Clemantine die? Drowning Terrence Nezman became more famous as who? Stanley Kubrick What was introduced to the UK 1799 as a temporary measure? Income Tax What was the full name of Dr Henry Jekyll's alter ego? Edward Hyde In Curse of the Pink Panther who plays Clouseau after surgery? Roger Moore In Wacky Races who drove the Turbo Terrific? Peter Perfect Beelzebub is Hebrew for which phrase - also a novels title? Lord of the Flies Fado is a musical style popular in which country? Portugal 1961 who was first actress to win Oscar for a non English film? Sophia Loren Which European city's name means home of the monks? Munich or Munchen Which pop group had the most US No 1 singles in the 70s? Abba WG Grace captained England at cricket and what else? Bowls How did Scotland's Robert the Bruce die? From Leprosy Caneletto is famous for landscapes of Venice and where? London Name the first Bond film not based on an Ian Fleming book? Goldeneye In which sport would you compete for the Nino Bibia cup? Bobsleighing What is the most common name for US cities 66 of them? Fairview In what game would you use a baguette? Boule - measuring / marking In astronomy what are Pallas Vesta and Davida? Asteroids In Friends where does Joey keep his favourite book? In the Freezer One of the band steps is nicknamed H what's it stand for? Hyperactive Which silent films stars contract forbade him smiling on screen? Buster Keaton Who drove a Rolls Royce with a number plate FAB 1? Parker in Thunderbirds Rapa Nui is better known as what? Easter Island An Antarctic island was named after which cartoon character? Huckleberry Hound Which western entertainments name literally means go round? Rodeo In which city is the worlds busiest MacDonald's? Moscow Who was the first golfer to get hole in one on British TV? Tony Jacklin Baron Silas Greenback was the enemy of which cartoon character? Dangermouse Which Shakespeare character had a daughter called Jessica? Shylock In which sport do you need to score five to win? Fencing - five hits In the original Star Trek who has unrequited love for Mr Spock? Nurse Chapel The pop group Satan's Jesters found fame under what name? The Rolling Stones Scientists took the word quark from which authors work? James Joyce A female fox is a vixen what is the male fox called? Dog What is myrmecology the study of? Ants The chako war 1932 to 1935 was between which two countries? Bolivia and Paraguay In the original Star Trek series name Spock's mother? Amanda What is the English name for the constellation Hydra? Water Snake Brian Warner is better known as who? Marilyn Manson In the Chinese horoscope what animal comes first alphabetically? Boar What are you doing if you use the egg position? Skiing 1579 the Netherlands achieved independence from what country? Spain Which TV detective kept his gun in a biscuit jar? Jim Rockford In Monty Pythons Flying Circus Dinsdale was a giant what? Hedgehog In 1931 what was the first live televised sporting event in the UK? The Derby In dry measure 16 pints make up a what? Peck

11 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. Rome 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. 530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. Where would you find bow, bay and traytime parts of what? Male deer's antlers What nationality was Cleopatra? Greek Sergey Bubka broke world record over 30 times in which event? Pole Vault In which London street is the US embassy? Grosvener Square Who is the alter ego of Henry the mild mannered janitor? Hong Kong Phooey Which German city was the setting of Auf Wierdersehn Pet? Dusseldorf Ailsa Craig, Bedford Champion and Rijnsburger varieties of what? Onions What interested a nomologist? Scientific Laws Which car company was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922? Jaguar Post boxes in the UK are red what colour are they in France? Yellow What would an Irishman do with his shone? Cut Peat In mythology who are sometimes called the dioscuri? Castor Pollux Zeus twin sons Which group had hits with Fernando and Angelo? Brotherhood of Man Vaduz is the capitol of where? Liechtenstein The Simpsons are the longest running cartoon who is second? The Flintstones 1777 George Macintosh created a red dye cudbear what is it? Litmus Ammonia and lichens In which form of Japanese theatre are all roles played by men? Kabuki Which spirit was once known as kill devil? Rum 18% of Americans mention who in their will? Their pet In Greek mythology Cronos and Rhea were the parents of who? Zeus Richard Adams wrote the novel Shardik what was Shardik? A Bear What was the last European nation to accept the potato? France Which comic strip hero shares his name with a town in Turkey? Batman In Bewitched name the witch doctor who treats Samantha? Doctor Bombay The Archie Moore cup is competed for in which sport? Polo In Gone With the Wind name Ashley Wilkes plantation? Twelve Oaks In Ancient Rome what creature was the symbol of liberty? The Cat In TV series The Prisoner what's the name of the giant balloon? Rover Mrs Hugh McCorquodale was famous as what literary figure? Barbara Cartland In the Rocky films what was the name of Rocky's wife? Adrian In which country is the worlds longest road tunnel? Switzerland Who was the first UK royal interviewed on television? Prince Philip In Ren and Stimpy what sort of dog is Ren? Chiuhauha Thurle Sandstorm first world champion in 1923 at what sport? Ten Pin Bowling What was the name of James Bonds housekeeper? May Released in 1908 what was the first ever horror film? Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde The word opera is a plural of opus meaning what? Grand Work Fatima is a Christian shrine pilgrimage place in which country? Portugal In which country would you find Lake Disappointment? Australia What is measured in grains - four grains to a carat? Pearls In Algeria what is rai? A form of music Swansons introduced them in 1953 - what? TV Dinners Which city was superman born in? Kryptonopolis Which actress was the Connecticut state golf champ at age 16? Katherine Hepburn Manticore was a mythical beast head of a man body of what? A Lion Charles Bronson got acting job because he did what on demand? Belch or Burp What herb gets its name from Latin for jewel of the sea? Rosemary Ros Marinas Which job was so dangerous staff adverts wanted orphans only? Pony Express Which painter spent last 4 years of his life on the run for murder? Carravagio for murder in

12 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. year 572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581. 582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587. What is a gurdwara? A Sikh temple The aardvark is first animal in the dictionary what's second? Aardwolf Frodo Baggins was the first to enter Britain using what? Pet Passport he was a dog The Roman festival of Hilaria is equal to what modern day? April Fools Day In Only Fools and Horses what is Rodney's middle name? Charlton What was voted toy of the 20th century? Lego Before 1938 toothbrushes were made using hairs from what? Beaver What does the name Dracula mean in Romanian? Son of the Devil Thanatology is the study of what? Death Who wrote the book Gremlins in 1943 - later filmed? Roald Dahl Whose name translates as Emperor of all? Genghis Khan What group had a 70s hit with Ride a White Swan? T Rex Dantes Inferno what crime was done by those in the lowest level? Betrayal Who sang the theme to The Spy who Loved Me? Carly Simon Which place, now an airport, once staged the Grand National? Gatwick 45% of wives say husbands do it 5% husbands admit it - what? Snoring The Dove awards are presented annually for what? Gospel music Cape Comorin is the most southerly point of where? India Xmas UK children hang stockings what do Dutch children use? Shoes In a survey 32% of wives would change their husbands what? Weight The French newspaper La Monde translates as what? The World Where is the dirtiest skin on your body? The face According to USA today what is the favourite luxury car? 1 Lexus 2 Mercedes 3 BMW The Demologos was the first steam powered what? Warship In which city is the distinctive building of the saddledome? Calgary A university has a campus what does it literally mean? A Field What is the name of Snoopy's sister? Belle Which country invented the clothing button in the 13th century? France Richard Bachman is a pseudonym of which author? Steven King What was invented in the 1800s and sold as a diarrhoea cure? Tomato Ketchup Who was once billed as The Atomic Powered Singer? Elvis Presley Where would you find Puck Miranda and Ariel? Circling Uranus Fangio the greatest ever F1 driver once had what job? Bus Driver Calamine is the ore what is the product? Zinc According to Samuel Johnson what is the drink for heroes? Brandy Which TV characters blood pressure was minus 3? Herman Munster What is the opposite of dry - if its not wet? Sweet In mythology which giant made of brass guarded Crete? Talus In the Bible David played the Kinnor what is a Kinnor? Lyre In which film did Woody Allen direct Sylvester Stallone? Bananas - 1971 Stallone a punk The Amazon river dolphins are what colour? Pink Elvis Presley said big what on a woman turned him off? Feet Which French philosopher hid in alleys mooning passers by? Rousseau What is thought to be the oldest English Cheese? Cheshire Near Ayres Rock is a lake named after which composer? Mozart In 1937 the BBC first televised which sporting event? Wimbledon The lutra-lutra is which semi aquatic animal? Otter What are Bullace, Kirke's Blue, and Opal varieties of? Plum Harold H Hilton only Englishman to do what in golf in 1911? Won UK and US open same

13 588. 589. 590. 591. 592. 593. 594. 595. 596. 597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619. 620. 621. 622. 623. 624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. What European country has no rail lines? San Marino What bird is depicted on the Canadian $1 coin? The loon coin nickname is loonie Who wrote the children's book Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Mary Norton Which country was the first to issue parking tickets? France Marfona, Romano and Pentland Javelin varieties of what? Potatoes In a survey what is the most popular UK kids TV programme? The Simpsons Tequila Cointreau (triple sec) and lime make which cocktail? Margarita What would you buy in a Manitee length? Pearls - a 24 inch choker Skopje is the capitol of where? Macedonia In Finland who rides a goat named Ukko? Santa Clause Who directed the film of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451? Francois Trufeau Which mythological monster had nine heads? Hydra What does Dorethy have to steal from the wicked witch in oz? Her Broomstick Where would you see rope, hoop, ball and ribbon used? Modern rhythmic gymnastics Amnesiac and The Bends albums of which UK group? Radiohead In 1752 Mr Blake and Callahan raced and began which sport? Steeplechase The Semites are a group descended from whom? Shem - Noah's son What items name translates as distant voice? Telephone What is the capitol of the United Arab Emirates? Abu Dhabi In Japan a trainee geisha must leave what uncovered? Upper lip unpainted Who wrote the novel The Betsy? Harold Robbins The Parthenon is named after Athena Parthenon what's it mean? Virgin or Maiden Nigel Neil created which famous UK Professor in the 50s? Professor Quatermass Where was Bonnie Prince Charlie born? Rome In Gustav Holsts Planets suite which planet represents old age? Saturn In which Irish county can you kiss the Blaney stone? Cork In the bible - Leviticus - what was lapidation? Death by stoning Who is the Patron Saint of sailors? Saint Elmo Babba Louey was the sidekick of which cartoon character? Quick Draw McGraw If not Shakespeare what links Juliet Cleopatra Mark Antony? Commit Suicide What flavouring is in frangelico liqueur? Hazelnuts Which comic book hero rode a horse called storm? Aquaman storm was a seahorse Which Irish writer appeared on the Irish £10 note? James Joyce In a famous Disney film who are Flora Fauna and Merryweather? Fairy Godmothers Sleeping Beauty John de Lancie played which character in the Star Trek series? Q From which plant do we get linseed oil? Flax The Hart memorial trophy is awarded in which professional sport? Ice Hockey Stamps are the most collected thing in the USA what is second? Dolls Star which TV show really a programmer written 20 books on it? Buffy Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Geller In a MORI pole what does MORI stand for? Market opinion research international A mountain is the symbol of which film company? Paramount Artistic movement shared name with French for hobby horse? Dada thus Dadaism What does a phlebotomist do? Draws blood samples Mendelssohn's symphony number 4 is nicknamed what? The Italian What is Snoopy's mothers name? Missy Who first appeared in the Star Trek episode Space Seed? Khan Its branches are Soto Renzai members ponder Koans what is it?Zen Buddhism Which sport awards the Maurice Podoloff trophy? Basketball NBA MVP

14 636. 637. 638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645. 646. 647. 648. 649. 650. 651. 652. 653. 654. 655. 656. 657. 658. 659. 660. 661. 662. 663. 664. 665. 666. 667. 668. 669. 670. 671. 672. 673. 674. 675. 676. 677. 678. 679. 680. What is the first word sung in Queens Bohemian Rhapsody? Is ( Is this the real life) Credits on all Bond films finish with 4 words James Bond what? James Bond will return In 1950 the Minnesota valley canning company became what? Jolly Green Giant What I did for Love came from which Broadway musical show? Chorus Line Which actor studied as a priest then an architect before acting? Anthony Quinn Calvin Broadus is better known under what name? Snoop Doggy Dogg Julius Sturgis in 1861 built the first US factory making what? Pretzels What is unusual about the 1965 horror film Incubus? Only one in Esperanto If a bird nidifies what has it just done? Built a nest Introduced in 1964 name Barbie's sister? Skipper According to the cowboy encyclopaedia what is an orejano? Unbranded calf In 1967, which airline became the first all-jet airline? TWA Which characters are described as being three apples high? The Smurfs In the comic strip Garfield what is the teddy bear's name? Pooky What liqueur means cupid in Italian and love in Latin? Amaretto The film Midnight Express is set in which country? Turkey Dik Browne is the author of which cartoon strip? Hagar the Horrible On a racing form what does the letter u indicate? Unseated rider John Downland was 16th century composer for which instrument? The Lute Domingo is Spanish for what? Sunday In the UK at least which products selling feature is a magic inch? E A Careys Pipes In 1741 Robert Keeler first to commercially manufactured what? Marmalade in Dundee Scotland Wadi al Muli is better known as where? Valley of the Kings Name origins Baker obvious but what had a Palmer done? Pilgrimage returned with palm leaf In 1900 caterer Harry Stevens introduce what words to language? Hot Dogs Garnet is the birthstone of January - what does it symbolise? Truth - consistency In which Dickens novel does the character Fezziwig appear? Christmas Carol Scrooges first Boss Who wrote the song Johnny be Good? Chuck Berry In Hawaii what is the annual Kona festival? Coffee picking contest Mimi is the first name of which Warner Bros cartoon character? Roadrunner What was Marilyn Munroes original last name? Mortenson Valentine Michael Smith is the central character in which book? Robert Heinlein's stranger in a strange land Rocketbuster make the worlds largest authentic what? Cowboy boots Name the first African American doll produced by Mattel? Francie Urchin is an old English name for which British native mammal? Hedgehog Whose debut album was Definitely Maybe? Oasis Between 1956 and 1960 which song made top 40 seven times? Mack the Knife Bobby Darin best version Michael Bond created which children's character? Paddington Bear Commandaria is a desert wine made for over 800 years - where? Cyprus Someone with the initials DD after their name has what qualification? Doctor of Divinity In the 1944 film National Velvet name Elizabeth Taylor's horse? Pie What singer was nicknamed by his fans The Lizard King? Jim Morrison What breed of dog advertises hush puppies? A basset hound Which sports trophy was named after Fredrick Arthur? Stanley Cup Fred is Lord Stanley Syncope is the medical name for what condition? Fainting

15 681. 682. 683. 684. 685. 686. 687. 688. 689. 690. 691. 692. 693. 694. 695. 696. 697. 698. 699. 700. 701. 702. 703. 704. 705. 706. 707. 708. 709. 710. 711. 712. 713. 714. 715. 716. 717. 718. 719. 720. 721. 722. 723. 724. 725. 726. 727. Which character was invented in a comic for Montgomery Ward? Rudolf the red nosed reindeer A Romana Café features what liqueur? Sambuca On "Sesame Street," what is the name of Big Bird's teddy bear? Radar Which character was born in Riverside Iowa? James Tiberius Kirk The dog breed borzoi gets it name from the Russian for what? Fleet or swift In Star Trek who rules the Ferengi? Grand Nagus We know what a bronco is but what does it mean in Spanish? Rough John Hetherington in London introduced what in 1797? Top Hats The French call it Gulf de Gascoine what's its English name? Bay of Biscay In MacDonald's what is served in a blue wrapper? Filet-O-Fish In Happy Days what was Potsies full name? Warren Webber Which US vehicle company has a bulldog as its symbol? Mack trucks Cuffs and Buttons was a cocktail in the 19th century what's now? Southern Comfort What is a cathedra? Bishops throne or chair Which characters were invented in 1957 in Belgium? The Smurfs Which playwrite was nicknamed doc? Neil Simon In which country was Chopin born? Poland You ordered nem in Vietnamese restaurant what would you get? Spring Roll Sunrise Sunset came from which Broadway musical show? Fiddler on the Roof What was the name of Barbie's first horse? Dancer What drink began in Morison's drug store Waco Texas in 1885? Dr Peppers In you called Jl52020 or 555 2020 in film who would answer? Ghostbusters In Norse mythology women were made from a tree - which tree? Elm Which western writer created Hopalong Cassidy? Louis L'Amour Which group were originally known as the Russellites? Jehovah's Witnesses What flavours cavatappi al nero pasta? Squid Ink What does a thurifer do? Swing censor Anglican high mass Operation Olympic was a WW2 invasion plan not used where? Japan they surrendered Which dog breed gets its name from German meaning to splash? The Poodle William Perks became more famous as who? Bill Wyman In religious art, which Saint is associated with an ox? Saint Luke Where would you find your natal cleft? Arse it's the crack If you landed at MCO airfield where are you? Orlando Florida The Sicilian, French and Alekhines are all used in which game? Chess Which American Indians modern name in Spanish means village? Pueblo Kaleidoscope. Daddy, Palomino and Changes name the author? Danielle Steele Istanbul and Constantinople what else was it called? Byzantium Olof Sonderblom conceived and patented what technology? Token Ring Networking American Literary Association gives Caldicott medal for what? Illustration best of year What is the name for the sacred circle in Tantric Buddhism? Mandala Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what? Rain In a state of readiness is the literal meaning of which job title? Waiter Name group originally called the golliwogs had hit Proud Mary? Credence Clearwater Revival Boxing, Wrestling and which Olympic event still exclude women? Weight Lifting Which Greek Philosopher taught at the lyceum? Aristotle In Sesame street name the detective who often said egad? Sherlock Hemlock What is the more common name of Sildenafil Citrate? Viagra

16 728. 729. 730. 731. 732. 733. 734. 735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. 741. 742. 743. 744. 745. 746. 747. 748. 749. 750. 751. 752. 753. 754. 755. 756. 757. 758. 759. 760. 761. 762. 763. 764. 765. 766. 767. 768. 769. 770. Which poet wrote "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"? Alexander Pope essay on criticism In the Bible where was Jesus when he ascended into heaven? Bethany Aldeberan is the brightest star in which constellation? Taurus Six copies of what are stored under bell jars in Serves France? The Kilogram in platinum iridium What was Bruce Lees first Hollywood produced film? Enter the Dragon Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death? Julius Caesar Common liquor in Alien Urine Sample, Napoleon, Blue Hawaiian? Curacao All inhabitants of Pitcairn island belong to what US religion? Seventh Day Adventists Dalmatian dogs originated in which country? Yugoslavia - Dalmatia Nelis, Seckel, Forelle and Bosc all varieties of what? Pears Mao wrote the red book who published the green book on African unity? Moammar Qaddhaffi Which countries name come from the wood its first major export? Brazil Dionea Muscipula is the Latin name for which flesh eater? Venus Fly Trap Unimak is the largest island in which group? Aleutians Paronite and caronite are the ores what is extracted? Titanium A web designer might use CGI scripts what does CGI stand for? Common Gateway Interface Which French General left Napoleon to become King of Sweden? Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte What is the worlds fifth largest religion? Sikhism Outside the work is the literal meaning of which snack food? Hors Derves Who is the Greek Goddess of the moon? Selene Python film quote Your mother was a hamster father smelt of what? Elderberries Who wrote The Joy of Sex? Alex Comfort Which breed of dog gets its name from the French for earth? Terrier In the book Little Women what is the sisters surname? March Which war was ended by The Congress of Westphalia? Thirty Years War In Greek mythology who invented the lyre? Hermes The continental title baron is equal to which UK title? Earl Name the boat on which you can see Niagara Falls? Maid of the Mist What creature called reem in Hebrew mentioned in Deuteronomy? Unicorn - but reem has 2 horns What sin have inhabitants of Dantes first circle of hell committed? Pride - they are crushed by stones Kenneth Daigneau won $100 for naming which product? Spam The Romans called it Numidia what do we call it today? Algeria Norse mythology Asgard was home of the Gods what's Midgard? Earth The Sound and the Fury took its title from what other work? Macbeth Krusty the Clown and Chandler in Friends have an extra what? Nipple Heinrich Schliemann archaeologist famous for excavating where? Troy In the strip cartoon Dilbert name Dilbert's girlfriend? Liz In what sport would you find the terms hack, tee and hog line? Curling Name the British General in charge of the 1916 offensive WW1? Sir Douglas Haig Which Saint is associated with an eagle in religious art? Saint John Which girls name means farseeing? Prudence The Greeks used hexagonal or triangular ones of burnt clay what? Coffins Bean setting, Leap frog, Laudnum bunches types of what dance? Morris dances

17 771. 772. 773. 774. 775. 776. 777. 778. 779. 780. 781. 782. 783. 784. 785. 786. 787. 788. 789. 790. 791. 792. 793. 794. 795. 796. 797. 798. 799. 800. 801. 802. 803. 804. 805. 806. 807. 808. 809. 810. 811. 812. 813. 814. 815. 816. 817. What plant is sometimes called the poor mans weatherglass? Scarlet Pimpernel Which mountain is called Goddess of the Harvest by the locals? Annapurna in Nepal The French call it pomplamouse what do we call it? Grapefruit The Sejm are the legislative body in which country? Poland Which theatre styles name translates as skills or talents? Noh Hathor Egyptian, Branwen Celtic, Frigga Norse Goddess of what? Love What was the name of the changeling on Deep Space Nine? Odo In the Flintstones what order did Fred and Barney belong to? Water Buffalos Who was European correspondent New York Tribune 1851 till 1862? Karl Marx The name of which language means off the coast in Arabic? Swahili What was originally made of bamboo then a plastic called grex? Hula Hoops by Arthur Melin 1958 Name the son / daughter of Eliot / Ruth Handler? Barbie / Ken yes those dolls Cancha, Cesta, Cinta terms in which sport? Jai Alai - Court Glove Tape Britain's live cable TV used to show what game topless? Darts - filmed in Australia In the original trivial pursuit brown was what category? Geography Hal Jordan was the original alter ego of which comic super hero? Green Lantern now Kyle Rayner Which company brewed harp lager? Guinness Wired Digital Incorporated created which search engine? Hotbot What fictional planet orbited the red star Negus 12? Superman's Krypton Who wrote the book The Puppet Masters later a film? Robert Heinlein Xavier Roberts was the original creator of which toy? Cabbage Patch Dolls In the Muppet band Zoot plays which instrument? Saxophone What was invented by Garnet Carter of Chattanooga in 1926? Miniature Golf What is classified on the Fujita scale? Tornados 1 to 5 Pope John Paul II played for Polish national team what sport? Rugby In the Bible what in Hebrew means Place of a Skull? Golgotha What did Tantalus serve to the Gods that caused his punishment? His dismembered son Pelops Wilma Rudolf first black US woman to win Olympic gold where? Rome in 1960 won 3 In Sesame street name the two headed friendly monster? Frank and Stein French word meaning growth is applied to top quality wines? Cru Walter Wagers novel 58 minutes was the basis for which film? Die Hard 2 In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Dab-Dab? Duck Italy where are Monterosa Ave Park of Victory Constantine Ave? On a Monopoly board Double diamond, Croquet and Rover terms in which sport/game? Croquet What was the recently closed Wembley Stadium called in 1923? The Empire Stadium Name the lion in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? Aslan Which countries translated name means Land of the Eagle? Albania Which classical composer wrote Hark the Herald Angels Sing? Felix Mendelssohn Gentleman Verona, 12th Night, Merchant Venice name links? Characters called Antonio Which decorative art means in Arabic stripped cloth? Macramé On what date Greek Russian orthodox churches celebrate Xmas? January 6th In which sport is the Wingate trophy awarded? Lacrosse what are Nissan, Av, Adar and Tishrei? Jewish calandar months What was unique about Pope Adrian IV? Only Englishman Nicholas Breakspear The Dogs of War took its title from which other work? Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Norse God invulnerable to all else was killed by mistletoe? Baldur Hyundai and which other car manufacturer are located in Korea? Kia

18 818. 819. 820. 821. 822. 823. 824. 825. 826. 827. 828. violin 829. 830. 831. 832. 833. 834. 835. 836. 837. 838. 839. 840. 841. 842. 843. 844. 845. 846. 847. 848. 849. 850. 851. 852. 853. 854. 855. 856. 857. 858. 859. 860. 861. 862. 863. 864. Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell it sank? Turtle The Newbery Medal is given annually for what? Best Children's book Peter Parker is the alter ego of which superhero? Spiderman Who wrote the Science Fiction novel The Left Hand of Darkness? Ursula LeGuin Which company produces PageMaker, Photoshop and Acrobat? Adobe Greek mythology which character was raised by centaur Chiron? Jason - of Argonauts On which badge are Minerva, Clipper ship, Grizzly bear, Eureka? California Highway Patrol - Chips Who was nicknamed The First Lady of Song? Ella Fitzgerald In which game would you use the royal fork? Chess knight threaten king queen Which variety of cheese was invented by John Jossi? Brick - rhymes with dick In Hebrew what does Am rotze min mean (ah-knee ro-tsay)? I want sex In formula one grand prix what does a black flag waving mean? Car go into pits In 1987 U2 won Grammy for best album of year name it? The Joshua Tree Englishman John Woodhouse created which fortified Italian wine? Marsala In which 1960s kids show is The Hood the supervillian? Thunderbirds In which city was Galileo born? Pisa Which toilet fittings name comes from baggage laden pony? Bidet Patusnaya and mallasol types of what? Caviar Who wrote the Royal Firework Music? George Friedric Handel Where are the grapes for the wine Lacrima Christi grown? Mount Vesuvious In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Gub-Gub? Pig O'Henry created which western character in a short story? The Cisco Kid Star Trek the Ferengi 10th rule of Acquisition what is eternal? Greed Which dog is named for the German word for muzzle? Schnauzer What is grandpa Simpsons first name? Abraham Prosopography is the study of what? Careers N2O is more commonly known as what? Laughing gas Which area of water separates India from Sri Lanka? Palk Strait Where did you find Shadow Speedy Bashful Pokey? Pac man Blinky Pinky Inky Clyde The star Castor is in which constellation? Gemini Which musical instrument was originally called a busine? 13th century trumpet Which organisation officially known as Holy Spirit Association? Unification Church Moonies Spanish restaurant if you ask for La Quenta what do you get? The Bill Charles Portis wrote the novel of the film John Wayne's Oscar? True Grit Memonites are what Christian sect founded 1525 Conrad Grebel? Anabaptists like Amish Which UK artist painted The Rakes Progress in the 1700s? William Hogarth In Star Trek Voyager what is the shuttlecrafts name? The Delta Flyer Where is King Arthur supposed to be resting? Avalon Who was THE woman to Sherlock Holmes? Irene Adler David kills Goliath in which book of the Bible? Samuel Which operas last lines are Mimi Mimi? La Boheme Which company operates the Central Selling Organisation? DeBeers - diamonds Cognac must be at least 5 years old before it's labelled what? Napoleon Which religious festival begins with sighting of the new moon? Ramadan Scott Joplin's music used for the film The Sting name the tune? The Entertainer Catholic calendar what is the 50 days following Easter called? Pentecost Who comes on stage before conductor and tunes orchestra? Concert Master / Mistress 1st

19 865. 866. 867. 868. 869. 870. 871. 872. 873. 874. 875. Badges 876. 877. 878. 879. 880. 881. 882. 883. 884. 885. 886. 887. 888. 889. 890. 891. 892. 893. 894. 895. 896. 897. 898. 899. 900. 901. 902. 903. 904. 905. 906. 907. 908. 909. 910. In Star Trek Generation what does Captain Picard drink? Earl Grey Hot In Christianity which day is known as the festival of lights? Candlemas 2nd February Vodka, Orange juice and Cranberry juice make which cocktail? Madras In Islam what is the fourth piller of wisdom? Fasting in Ramadan Name UK TV show with Jim Hacker and Sir Humphry Appleby? Yes Minister Which car company manufactured the leganza? Daewoo What name in Hebrew means to add? Joseph Which search engine gets its name from Latin for wolf spider? Lycos Pomona was the Roman Goddess of what? Fruit Trees Boaz appears in which book of the Bible? Ruth The song There is nothing like a dame appears in which musical? South Pacific Queequeg, Daggoo, Tashteego had what job on the Peaquod? Harpooners in Mocy Dick Which composers third symphony is nicknamed the Polish? Pytor Illyich Tchaikovsky Name the detective in My gun is Quick, Murder is my Business? Mike Hammer Mickey Spillane Which drug company manufacture Viagra? Pfizer Which food item gets its name from the French for melted? Fondue Narita is the main airport of which city? Tokyo Which pop group were named after the inventor of the seed drill? Jethro Tull 1980 Pac Man was released arcade version by which company? Midway Annika Hansen is which characters name in Star Trek Voyager? Seven of Nine Traditional Advent candles are two colours pink and what? Purple Daniel Keys wrote which 1959 Hugo award winning SF novel? Flowers for Algernon In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Too-Too? Owl Bondi Grape Blueberry Lime Tangerine Strawberry colours what? Apple Imac The Character Mary Goodnight was the Bond girl in which film? The man with the golden gun Star Trek Generation who was the chief of security killed off? Tasha Yar The star Antares is in which constellation? Scorpius In Islam what is the third piller of wisdom there's 5 in total? Charity - 2.5 % of income Andrew Patterson wrote which definitive Australian song? Waltzing Matilda Who was vice president US when A bomb dropped on Hiroshima? No One - was not one At the request of EMI who was painted out Sarge Peppers cover? Mahatma Gandhi What is divided into 114 surahs? The Koran - Surah = chapter If a doctor says you have singultus what have you got? Hiccups Which female name means bright or illustrious? Clare or Clara Richard Hannay hero of the 39 steps is which nationality? Canadian Which group had a hit with Mr Tambourine Man? The Byrds Which English brewery has the oldest patent on beer? Bass Ale What is the second largest city in Ireland? Cork Hitchcock appears in a newspaper in Lifeboat who wrote book? John Steinbeck Which detective dies in The Final Problem? Sherlock Holmes In Greek mythology Penthesilea was the queen of which people? Amazons Which UK city is the home of the Halle Orchestra? Manchester Name the X man who shoots laser beams from his eyes? Cyclops Titanic music score sales are greatest which film did it beat? Chariots of Fire Vangelis In which novel did we meet Jack, Ralph and asthmatic Piggy? Lord of the Flies What's in 5 groups Today Arts People Well being Outdoors? Classifications Girl Scout

20 911. 912. 913. 914. 915. 916. 917. 918. 919. 920. 921. 922. 923. 924. 925. 926. 927. 928. 929. 930. 931. 932. 933. 934. 935. 936. 937. 938. 939. 940. 941. 942. 943. 944. 945. 946. 947. 948. 949. 950. 951. 952. 953. 954. 955. 956. 957. Skadi is the Norse Goddess of what? Winter and the Hunt The religious text Mishna comes from which religion? Judaism Amerigo Vespucci airport is in which city? Florence What type of food is a sacatorta? Chocolate cake or gateau Which places name means many islands? Polynesia What was advertised as anytime anyplace anywhere? Martini The sequel to which famous novel was called 20 years after? The Three Musketeers In 1782 in France what was louison or louisette? The Guillotine before renaming it In which country do the Sumi people live? Lapland Who captained the sloop The Witch of Endor? Horatio Hornblower Cross country, Riding, Swimming, Fencing what's missing? Pistol Shoot Modern Pentathlon The star Spica is in which constellation? Virgo Which psychologist invented the terms introvert and extrovert? Carl Jung According to J K Rowling what are muggles? Ordinary people no magic In the Bible who was Adam and Eves youngest child? Seth or Shet In food what does UHT mean on the carton? Ultra Heat Treatment Who released the album Invincible? Michael Jackson Which order of monks are famous for their silence? Trappist In which country could you spend a taka? Bangladesh Who composed the opera Turendot? Giacomo Puccini Which group of Marvel superheroes fought Doctor Doom? Fantastic Four Which chemical was introduced to US as a cough suppressant? Heroin Meaning person who overcomes name the ancient Indian religion? Jainism "The curfew tolls the knell of parting day." which poems start? Elegy written in a country churchyard Lovely Rita meter maid appeared on which Beatles album? Sergeant Peppers What is the name for the group of men who elect a Pope? College of Cardinals 2 categories of ballroom dance used in competition Latin and which? Smooth Abel Magwitch and Biddy appear in which Dickens book? Great Expectations In the Simpsons name the Police Chief? Chester Wiggum Original Star Trek the Horta was a life form based on what? Silicon The Zagros mountain range is in which country? Iran The Treaty of Paris in 1856 ended which war? The Crimean war Name Greek Goat Amaltheas horns that good things flowed from? Cornucopia Which mythical UK creature becomes an evil boggart if annoyed? Brownie The second piller of Islam Salah involves what? Daily prayers Which battle was fought at Senlac hill? Battle of Hastings Which Biblical heroes name meant splendid sun? Samson Who wrote The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra? Benjamin Britain Insertion, Heap, Topological and Bubble types of which IT thing? Sorting methods in programming Operation Urgent Fury was the US invasion of where? Granada What is the staple food of the Maori people of New Zealand? Sweet Potato The IAAF finally recognised women in which sport in 1995? Pole Vault Hashimoto's disease is the malfunctioning of which gland? Thyroid Which UK punk group had hits White Riot and London Calling? The Clash Petroselinum crispum is the Latin name of which herb? Parsley Dobby Selvages and Filling are terms used in which process? Weaving In music if F major is the key what is the relative minor? D minor

21 958. 959. star 960. 961. 962. 963. 964. 965. 966. 967. 968. 969. 970. 971. 972. 973. 974. 975. 976. 977. 978. 979. 980. After The Red Baron was shot down who took over his squadron? Herman Goering In Greek mythology which woman's name means all gifts? Pandora A lido is open air swimming pool where was the original lido? Venice Name the test applied to computers to see if they can think? Turing test Where would you find a bema narthex and apse? In a Basilica Which company manufactures Calvin Kline's Obsession? Unilever Name UK General who defeated Montcalm on Plains Abraham? James Wolfe Jim Rhodes is the alter ego of which Marvel comic book hero? Iron Man Old Dominion was a nickname of which US state? Virginia Bor and Bestla his parents Vili and Ve his brothers name him? Odin chief Norse God The computer language LISP means what? List Processing The Shining Path is a revolutionary movement in which country? Peru Name European Cathedral known as the coronation cathedral? Rheims Which stars name means chained maiden? Andromeda Which novel opens and closes with the letters of Robert Walton? Frankenstein In Star Trek Deep Space Nine which character had a simbiant? Jadzea Dax If you landed at Mirabel international airport where are you? Montreal Which pop singer was nicknamed The Groover from Vancouver? Brian Adams Agni, face covered in butter, is the Hindu god of what? Fire The religious text Tripitaka comes from which religion? Buddhism Who had the gift of prophecy and curse of not being believed? Cassandra Daughter of Priam of Troy 981. Which books chief rival is the Encyclopaedia Galactica? Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 982. Harold H Lipman received a patent in 1858 for what invention? Gluing a rubber on a pencil 983. The opening lines of which classic Russian novel are in French? War and Peace eh bien mon prince 984. From the Earth to the sun is one AU what does AU stand for? Astronomical Unit 985. Captain Hans Langsdorff captained which German Battleship? Graf Spee 986. If a doctor says you have ecchymosis what have you got? A Bruise 987. In TS Elliot's book of practical cats name the mystery cat? Macavity 988. Copper gets its name from which Mediterranean country? Cyprus where it was first found 989. In his will who left his wife his second best bed? William Shakespeare 990. Who is the Patron Saint of boy scouts? Saint George 991. Who designed the difference engine finally built in 1991? Charles Babbage's computer 1796 992. What is the largest environmental organisation in the world? Greenpeace 993. Enterprise Alabama they erected a monument to which insect? Boll weevil no cotton better cash crops 994. Odin owned Geri and Freki what were they? Wolves 995. Which female name means worth of love? Amanda 996. In Greek mythology Deianeira was the wife of who? Hercules 997. Who composed the opera Ill Travatore? Guiseppe Verdi 998. Troy McClure appears in which cartoon series? The Simpsons 999. Illinois second largest city and a TV detective share what name? Rockford 1000. In Star Fleet Will Riker plays which musical instrument? Trombone Who produced and directed the Death Wish series of films? Michael Winner Mozart wrote Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman what's its English title? Twinkle Twinkle little

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