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1000 Questions and Answers 2

1000 Questions and Answers 2

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1000 Questions and Answers 2
1000 Questions and Answers 2

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Published by: Mehboob Hassan on Feb 23, 2010
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1000 Questions and Answers 2
1. What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War? Sideburns 2. In what village do Tom Sawer and Huckleberry Finn live? St Petersburg 3. What Opera's story is about a female cigar factory worker? Carmen 4. E is the international car registration plate for which country? Spain (Espania) 5. USA has most roads what country has second most? India 6. In the Chinese calendar what year follows Monkey? Chicken 7. What river flows through 8 countries and four capitols? Danube 8. What does the word Desert (from Latin desertus) translate as? Abandoned 9. In 1848 The London Daily News carried the worlds fist what? Weather report / forecast 10. What is a Kakapoo? Nocturnal New Zealand Parrot 11. Part of the human body can expand 20 times its normal size? Stomach 0.5 litres to 5 litres 12. In the 1920s Dr Ida Rolf developed Rolfing as what alt therapy? Deep Massage 13. Which dinosaurs name translates as speedy predator? Velociraptor 14. Price one kilo went from $63 to $260 in 1976 when sale illegal? Ivory 15. The island of Yap has the worlds largest what? Coins up to 12 feet across 16. Which tennis player was sued by his fan club? Jimmy Connors 17. What animal - faster horse - longer no water than camel - see behind? Giraffe 18. What is a chemically castrated cock called? Capon 19. Nessus killed Hercules - What was Nessus? Centaur 20. Eva Shain was the first woman to do what? Judge pro heavy boxing Match 21. Ben Franklin invented it - Britain tried it in 1916 - What? Daylight saving Time 22. In which country is Mount Aspiring National Park? New Zealand (South Island) 23. Alfred Wallace coined which phrase - Wrongly given to Darwin? Survival of the Fittest 24. Who won the first Nobel prize for Physics in 1901 - gave away? Wilhelm Roentgen 25. What countries days include Fire day, Water day and wood day? Japan Tue Wed Thu 26. What city has the longest metro system? London 27. Yoga (the meditation) is a Sanskrit word meaning what? Union 28. What was invented 1903 - patented 1906 G C Beilder? Photocopier 29. Which SF author invented the idea of the com Satellite? Arthur C Clark 30. What country consumes the most coal each year? China 31. What was Hebe the goddess of? Youth 32. What are a Galliard, Sarabande, Morisca and Courente? Dance Types 33. Who composed the overture Hebrides (Fingals cave) two names? Felix Mendelssohn 34. Tanjong Panger Container Terminal where worlds largest containerport? Singapore 35. What would an anemometer measure? Wind Speed 36. In Britain pool and snooker players call it side what USA name? English 37. What form modern sculpture invented Calder named Dechamp? The Mobile 38. What book featured Topsy who growed? Uncle Toms Cabin by H B Stowe 39. Where - accident 1953 - motor sport killed 83 spectators? Le Mans 40. James Outram invented what? Tramways 41. If you were eating calemare - what are you snacking on? Squid 42. Which women injured riding eloped with a poet dog called Flash? Elizabeth Barret Browning 43. The Bermuda Bowl is world championship in which game? Bridge 44. ROK international car registrations which country? Korea 45. USA has most cars what country has second most? Japan 46. All Sikhs must possess five things one is a Kangha what is it? Comb 47. What colour graded slope do expert skiers use? Black 48. Randy Newman said short people don't have what? Reason to Live

2 49. To which gentleman's club did Phineas Fogg belong? The Reform 50. What's the only alt therapy fully recognised Western medicine? Osteopathy 51. Over 90% of the worlds total population of what gone since 1970? Rhinoceros 52. 1804 J M Jacquard invented first programmable device - what? Loom (programmed punch cards) 53. Sobek was an Egyptian god - in what form is he seen? Crocodile 54. The Amati family were famous for making what? Violins 55. Oliver was fed gruel - its made from water and what? Oatmeal 56. Arnold Cream was a famous (early) boxer - who? Jersey Jo Walcott 57. Bunyon wrote Pilgrims Progress - where? Bedford Jail 58. Who did Mork call to each week on Ork? Orsen 59. What composer boasted "I could set a laundry list to music"? Rossini 60. What dinosaurs name translates as three horned? Triceratops 61. Nacre is more commonly known as what? Mother of Pearl 62. In the 18th century Siberia used solid blocks of what as money? Tea 63. In fable who pulled the thorn from the lions paw - not eaten? Androcles 64. Thomas Chippendale mostly worked in what wood? Mahogany 65. The USA has the most railtrack - what country second? Canada 66. What device did Henry Doherty patent in 1972? Pooper Scooper 67. Earl D Biggers created which oriental detective (both names)? Charlie Chan 68. Whose backing group was The Coconuts? King Creole 69. What does soviet mean? Workers Council 70. What is a smew? A type of wild duck 71. Aleksei Leanov was the first to do what? Space walk 72. What is the name of Moses and Aaron's sister? Miriam 73. The American Triple Crown - Belmont st Kentucky Derby and what? Preakness Stakes 74. John Gore, Edward Saunders pioneered what org in Australia? Salvation Army 75. What dog in ancient China was restricted to the aristocracy? Pekinese 76. Which actor wrote the book The Outlaw Trail? Robert Redford 77. What was pirate Captain Flint's ship called? Walrus 78. Bartommelo Christofori invented what? Piano 79. What is a ziggurat? Mesopotainian Temple tower 80. Daisy Hawkins original name of which Beatles hit song? Eleanor Rigby 81. Name Captain Nemo's pet seal? Esmeralda 82. Rouget de Lisle did what to make him famous? Composed Marseillaise 83. The Caspian Java Bali what became extinct in 19th Century? Tigers 84. Whose magazine is called The Watchtower? Jehovah Witnesses 85. What does a manometer measure? Gas pressure 86. Why did the USA govt open Lincolns coffin in 1887 and 1901? Check body still there 87. You'll Never Walk Alone came from which 1945 musical show? Carousel 88. Which Greek philosopher wrote The Republic and The Laws? Plato 89. EAU international car registration plate which country? Uganda 90. Iolanda Balas - Romania - won 150 consecutive events - what? High Jump 1956 - 67 91. What county has the largest army in the world? China 92. In which city is the worlds oldest museum - Ashmolian 1679? Oxford 93. Which American state has the motto Esto Perpetua - its forever? Idaho (Gem State) 94. What is the correct name for The Laughing Jackass? Kookaburra 95. Marilyn Munroe was the model for which Disney Character? Tinker Bell 96. Which insect has the best eyesight? Dragonfly 97. The Campbell-Stokes recorder measures what with a glass ball? Sunshine 98. Which country are the current Olympic Rugby Champions 1924? USA

3 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 99. What did William Young invent in 1800? Different shoes left right Who was La Purcelle of Voltair's poem? Joan of Arc Name the actor who played Ben Casey (both Names)? Vince Edwards What links Elvis Presley, Bruce Willis, Richard Gere? Married in Las Vegas What - advertised phrase "Even your best friends wont tell you"? Listerine mouth wash Who wrote Don't count your chickens before they are hatched? Aesop - Milkmaid and her Pail Last Words I am Dying with the help of too many Physicians? Alexander the Great Man shall not live by bread alone - Which NT book? Matthew 4.4 RL international car registration plate which country? Lebanon Which dinosaurs name translates as double beam? Diplodocus Which SF author wrote The Day it Rained Forever? Ray Bradbury Who said "The die is cast" (on crossing the Rubicon)? Julius Caesar Who composed Peter and the Wolf in 1936 (both names)? Sergai Prokofiev Who painted the Water Lilly Pond in 1899 (both names)? Claude Monet Magazine wrote Fighting for peace is like fucking for chastity? Knave March 1977 In what film was line A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do? Alan Ladd Shane Which famous whore said - God is love but get it in writing? Gypsy Rose Lee Jenny Von Westphalen was married to who? Karl Marx What city is closest to Copacabana beach? Rio de Janeiro Who wrote the music for the film ET (both names)? John Denver In Greek legend what was Pygmalion's kingdom? Cyprus What was the first penal colony in New South Wales? Botany Bay In Hamlet who is Ophelia's father? Polonius Guru Nanak founded which religion? Sikhism What was unusual about the Gossamer Albatross aeroplane? Man (pedal) powered What country is nearest to the North Pole? Greenland If you were in Lou Grants office what city are you in? Los Angeles Who wrote Private Lives - 1930 - Blyth Spirit 1941 (both names)? Noel Coward For which company did Elvis Costello program computers? Elizabeth Arden In what Hitchcock film did Shirley MacLaine debut in 1956? The trouble with Harry The original Peeping Tom had what job? Tailor What song is sung the most? Happy Birthday What city is known as The worlds chocolate capital? Hershey Pennsylvania What is detective Hercules Poirot's brothers name? Achille To what family does the hippopotamus belong? Pig Smith most common USA name what's second? Johnson Who secretly married Sara Lowndes in November 1965? Bob Dylan The Mbuti tribe in Africa are the worlds what? Shortest race Grace Metalious wrote which famous novel (and TV show)? Peyton Place Who said Old age isn't so bad - considering the alternative? Maurice Chevalier Who composed the opera Billy Budd in 1951 (both names)? Benjamin Britain What film was a California cinema showing when it went on fire? The Towering Inferno What phantom ship is said to haunt The Cape of Good Hope? The Flying Dutchman In which city is the worlds oldest tennis courtfrom 1496? Paris What word appears over 46000 times in the Bible? And What food dishes name translates as pepper water? Mulligatawny from India 1891 what city held the first weightlifting world championship? London In what magazine does Alfred E Newman appear? MAD What amateur Reached Wimbledon Semi final in 1977? John McEnroe (aged 18) Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867? Otto Von Bismarck

4 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. What advertised phrase Born 1820 still going strong? Johnnie Walker Hugh O'Brian played the lead in what Old Western series? Wyatt Earp What dinosaurs name translates as roof lizard? Stegosaurus In which country did Turkeys originate? USA What is Radar from MASH home town? Ottumwa - Iowa In Macbeth what witch speaks first? The first witch What fabled monster has a lions head and a serpents tail? Chimera CH car international registration plate which country? Switzerland Who said Give us the tools and we will finish the job Feb 1941? Winston Churchill In The Marriage of Figaro - who did Figaro marry? Sussanah What state was founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah? Pakistan What nationality are the most immigrants to the USA? Mexican Who steals the Pink Panther in the original film? The Phantom What is Challa? Bread - often plaited Cher Ami saved the Lost Battalion in 1918 what was it? Pigeon Whose girlfriend was Virginia Hill - The mobster Bugsy Siegel What is the oldest known alcoholic beverage? Mead In 1986 Graceland was the Grammy album of the year who's? Paul Simon What is the world deepest lake? And for a bonus the deepest depth point? Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. The Olkhon Crevice, the deepest point of the lake, has a depth of 5,370 ft Complete advertising phrase from 1935 My Goodness? My Guinness Who said - "The bigger they come the harder they fall" 1899? Bob Fitzsimmons What is Lolita's surname in Vladimere Nabokovs novel? Haze From what country does the Elkhound originate? Norway An isohel on a map joins place of equal what? Sunshine A Regatta is a boat races - where was the original Regatta? Venice In England what would you buy or get at a Mop Fair? Servants for Hire Who was the little gentleman in velvet - death William III? A Mole From what country does soave wine originally come? Italy Antipater of Sidon first listed what 2nd Century AD? 7 Wonders World What are Limerick, Round Bend, Aberdeen and Octopus? Fishing Hooks What fluid ran through the Greek Gods instead of blood? Ichor Who is Oscar, Zoroaster, Phadrig, Isaac, Norman,Henkle,Emmanual, Ambrose Diggs? Wizard of Oz The Marie Celeste sailed from which port? New York In Milton's Paradise Lost what was the lowest point of Hell? Pandemonium (Hells capitol) Pat Reid wrote which book - filmed and TV often? The Colditz Story How was William Huskinson killed in 1830 - first ever? Run over by Railway Train In which country is Zug? Switzerlands smallest Canton Who was captured and kept in a cage by Stromboli? Pinocchio Which USA record producer played maracas Stones 1st album? Phil Spector Who was nicknamed The Brocton Bomber? Rocky Marciano Name the Hotel in Arthur Haley's novel / film of same name? St Gregory Frank and Jesse James father had what job? Minister What was the Grammy album of the year in 1967 (Full name)? Beatles Sergeant Peppers McLean Stevenson played which character in MASH? Colonel Blake Which company slogan was "We're No 2 We try harder"? Avis rent a car Who said the quickest way of ending a war is to lose it? George Orwell 5 items a Sikh must have Comb Dagger Hair Metal Bracelet and? Knee length undershorts 5Ks Edward Teach became famous as who? Blackbeard the Pirate

5 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247. To which dog was a statue erected in Edinburgh? Greyfriers Bobby What does a Puissance event test in showjumping? High Jump wall Who wrote the music to the film The Odessa File? Andrew Lloyd Webber Which Dickens novel features Waxford Squears? Nicholas Nickleby What is the national flower of Australia? The Wattle Blossom A nudist is Spain fined £65 £60 for being nude and £5 for what? Having no ID papers Adolf Hitler took nude photos of Ava Brown - What part why? Arse - so she not recognised What links Sheffield, Edinburgh, Rome? Built on 7 Hills What pet did Florence Nightingale carry with her? An Owl (in her pocket) What did the S stand for in Harry S Truman? Nothing Women 375 - 1 Men 1400 - 1 chance of doing what? Living to 100 What colour is Octopus blood? Blue A Rafter is a collection of what creatures? Turkeys In Maryland it is illegal to maltreat which creature? Oyster What are the worlds smallest trees - (not Bonsai)? Dwarf Willows (Greenland) 2 inch Paul Revere was a silversmith, copper engraver and what? Dentist What fruit did Eve give to Adam in the bible? Fig Apple mistranslation Gavrilo Princip assassinated who? Archduke Ferdinand What is the only bird that can smell? Emus Apart from man what is New Zealand's only native mammals? Bats Wo Fat was the enemy of which TV detective? Steve MacGarett Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rd? Charlie Chaplin What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt? Yellow What country excludes women from the graveside rituals? China An Arab horse has less what than other horses? Bones - one vertebra less An exultation is a group of what animals? Larks Pertussis has what more common name? Whooping Cough Which actress was jailed in 1982 for tax evasion? Sophia Loren In what country did red onions originate? Italy March 21st to April 20th is what Star sign? Aries Viscum Album provides an excuse for stealing what? A Kiss (its Mistletoe) A haboob creates what? Sandstorm Desert Wind Felix Salten wrote which Disney cartoon? Bambi Nephologists study what? Clouds - Meteorology Speed skating started in which country? Netherlands What job did Ernest Hemmingway do in WW1? Ambulance Driver Betty Joan Perske is better known as who? Lauren Bacall What was the name of the Roman God of sleep? Somnos Vivaldi the composer had what other profession? Priest What is the name of the four holy books of the Hindus? The Vedas Pat Sullivan created which cartoon character? Felix the Cat What is the national flower of Mexico? Dahlia The Pindus is the main mountain range in what country? Greece What animal always gives birth to same sex twins? Armadillo What was the final episode of MASH called? Goodbye Farewell and Amen Joe Yule jr born 1920 became famous as who? Mickey Rooney In what sport are Triffus, Miller and Rudolf moves? Trampolining Albert Finney turned down which role - Peter O Tool - Oscar? Laurence of Arabia Douglas Engelbart invented what - we all use it? Mouse Hans Christian Anderson had what job before writing? Actor What colour is named after a battle fought in Italy in 1859? Magenta

6 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. In Scotland what was the tawse? Teachers Strap or belt Which authors books are most borrowed from libraries? Catherine Cookson What do you add to vegetables to make the dish salmagundi? Duck or Chicken What is unusual about the nobody crab? Transparent appears No Body Collective nouns - what group af animals are a labour? Moles Durbarry is cream of a vegetable soup - what one? Cauliflower What is the Australian name for a long narrow ox bow lake? Billabong Les Reed wrote which famous song for a Welsh singer? Its not Unusual Tom Jones What does hours d'oeurve literally mean? Out of course hence Extra Dish Nossa Senhora da Aparecida is the Patron Saint which country? Brazil What airline used to be called Dobrolet? Aeroflot The Acropolis - what does the word literally mean? Highest point (of a city) What is a Dolly Varden? Large Hat Whose last words were - "That was the best soda I ever tasted"? Lou Costello What is the common name for the astyeroidea? Starfish Jonquil is a shade of what colour? Yellow Vincent Furnier is better known as who? Alice Cooper If you were severed a dish 'belle h'elen what fruit would it be? Pears Terrance Nelhams became better knows as who? Adam Faith Dick Turpin the highwayman served and apprenticeship as what? Butcher What is the main food of the Oyster catcher bird? Mussels In which cop show did Petrie and Isbecki appear? Cagney and Lacey In the Bolshoi ballet what does the word Bolshoi mean? Big Which acid gives nettles their sting? Formic acid In the Hindu religion what is a Mandir? Temple Which wine grape variety is most planted in California? Chardonnay A paddling is a group of which animals? Ducks From what country does the dish skordalia come? Greece What is a geoduck? Clam What is Sean Connery's real first name? Thomas What nationally was Mata Hari shot as a spy? Dutch Who said - Toe err is human - But it feels divine? Mae West Names - Baker - Cook Smith easy - what did a Chandler do? Make Candles Declan McManus became famous as who? Elvis Costello Robert Fitzroy captained which famous ship? The Beagle Who said "I have no problems with drugs - only policemen"? Keith Richard Which American city was named after a British Prime Minister? Pittsburgh Spelling counts - what is the singular of scampi? Scampo What plant was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow? Iris Which sailor dreamed of Toasted Cheese in Treasure Island? Ben Gunn Who played the girl on the motorcycle in a film of same name? Marianne Faithful What writer was paid $5 for writing thanks? Rudyard Kipling What sort of animal is a fennec? Desert Fox Vermicelli pasta literally translates as what? Little worms Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Ranier Maria Rilke - Common? Mothers made them Crossdress What foodwise is a Fieldlane Duck? Baked Sheep's Head When does a Bride walk up the Aisle? Never Aisles at side only How did Marc Quinquadron die while setting a new world record? Food Poisoning ate 7 snails 3 min Why two car thieves caught trying to sell stolen car in 1976? Tried to sell to owner

7 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 352 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. Ernest Hemmingway said what would protect against allergies? Having lots of sex The Gettysburg Address was written on what? Used envelopes Collective nouns - a siege of? Herons Who was banned from writing USA Constitution - secret Jokes? Benjamin Franklin The 9 banded armadillo and humans have what in common? Both catch Leprosy How did Attila the Hun die on honeymoon? Booze Honeymoon 30 day booze up What better name is Mary Westmacott better known? Agatha Christie In the Bible what did David give Saul as a dowry for Michal? 200 Foreskins from Philistines What did Dr Samuel Mudd do that your inspired "name is mud"? Treated J W Booth Life imprison How do you Rizzle something? Sun dry If you suffered from pruritus - what would be wrong? Itching Andr'e Gide the writer was expelled from school for what crime? Masturbating during lessons What is the most popular Saints name? Felix - 67 John 65 What type of food is a munster plum? Potato Old superstition Wearing socks inside out protection from what? Witches What food item did Pythagoras advise his followers to avoid? Beans What happened to the first traffic lights outside HP 1868? They exploded What was unusual - beauty contest judge Percy Moorby 1985? He was Blind What ruined Cesar Borgia's honeymoon night? Mate gave him Laxatives John Ruskin Art Critic Marriage collapsed when wife had what? Pubic Hair Who called himself 8th wonder of world cos of his big dick? Charlie Chaplain What given out celebrate birthday of King Bjumbal Thailand 1983? Free Vasectomies What would a nidologist be interested in? Birds nests In the 18th century what job did a fart-catcher do? A footman walk behind master What is a young pigeon called? Squab Around which French town is the champagne industry located? Epernay What country invented castanets? Egypt Who is the patron saint of music? St Cecilia Whose first box office film was called Risky Business? Tom Cruise What is the smallest state of Australia? Tasmania What is measured by an interferometer? Wavelength of light What airlines identification code is VS? Virgin Atlantic In which G&S operetta is eating a sausage roll a secret sign? The Grand Duke What emperor ordered St Peter crucified? Nero What was the name of Ali Babas female slave? Morgiana In which novel does the character Quebec Bagnet appear? Bleak House Sarah Josepha Hall wrote what? Mary had a little lamb What is the main ingredient of faggots? Liver Who were the first people to measure the year? Babylonians Who voices the female hyena in the lion king? Whoopee Goldberg Billie Holiday, James Dean, Eva Peron, Janis Joplin - Common? All were Prostitutes What subject Ben Franklins letter to Royal Academy - Brussels? Perfuming Farts Reginald Carey became famous as who? Rex Harrison What is a Chorizo? Spicy Sausage What do the quarters of a hot cross bun symbolise? Four Seasons What is the literal translation of terrapin? Eatable (Algonquin word) What to a French or Spanish man is an OVNI? UFO What is it against the law to kill in Pacific Grove California? Butterflies a local ordinance

8 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. Anthony McMillan became famous as who? Robbie Coltrane Roy Thines played David Vincent in which TV series? The Invaders What colour is the cap given to an England cricket player? Blue What capital city began as the village of Edo? Tokyo Whose music was on the soundtrack of When Harry met Sally? Harry Connick Jr In which sport is there a York round? Archery In Penny Lane what is the nurse selling from a tray? Poppies Whose last words were "lets do it"? Garry Gilmore The Black Swan is native to which country? Australia Who said "All the world's art ain't worth a good potato pie"? L S Lowrie Collective nouns a Toc of what? Capercailzie If you had podobromhidrosis what would you have? Smelly Feet What instrument is also called the octave flute? Piccolo What type of food is coulibac? Russian Fish Pie What spice is used to make a whiskey sling? Nutmeg What sort of creature is a tarantula hawk? Wasp - hunts spiders Where does the spice saffron come from? The Crocus What tennis player had trials with Bayern Munich soccer club? Boris Becker Which children's character was created by Mary Tourtel? Rupert the Bear What does the name Ghengis Khan mean? Very Mighty Ruler Who was Canada's first prime minister? Sir John MacDonald In Utmost Good Faith is the motto of which organisation? Lloyds of London The Shadows first record went straight to no 1 - what was it? Apache What is the most common disease in the world? Dental Caries Cirrus is a cloud type what literal translation of Latin name? Lock of Hair Which country was the first to make seat belts compulsory? Czechoslovakia What do Stacey Keach and Oscar Wilde have in common? Reading Jail Mathew Webb swam the channel - where did he drown? Niagara Falls In what movie did Sinatra sing My Kind of Town? Robin and the 7 Hoods Whose last unfinished novel was The Last Tycoon? F Scott Fitzgerald What do callipygian people have? Prettily shaped buttocks Collective nouns a Host of? Sparrows Zubin Mehta conducted who in concert? Three Tenors Who wrote and starred in the 1922 version of Robin Hood? Douglas Fairbanks Where were the 1952 Olympics held? Helsinki Franz Halls Laughing Cavalier what's the paintings real title? Portrait of a man Cheers exterior shots featured a real bar - what's it name? Bull & Finch What flavouring is used in the Belgian beer Kriek? Cherries A young what is called an Eyas? Hawk Who was given an honorary Oscar in 1985 after 50 years acting? James Stuart Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith was written for what instrument? Harpsichord Which US state is known as the Nutmeg State? Connecticut In a Gynocracy - who rules? Women In golf the no 10 iron is usually called what? Wedge What was the name of the Jester in As You Like It? Touchstone What alternative scale (not Richter) measures earthquakes? Mercalli A paratrichosic person has extra what? Hair in unusual places What is added to brandy to make a sidecar? Cointreau or Triple Sec Josip Broz became famous as who? Marshal Tito The Pampero blows over which mountains? Andes Which Canadian city is know as The Steel City? Hamilton - Ontario

9 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. If an alloy is an amalgam what metal must it contain? Mercury What stretch of water separates Italy and Sicily? Straights of Messina The Althing rules in which country? Iceland Who won an Oscar for the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire? Vangelis Collective nouns - a Barren of what? Mules Dorethy Parker said "Scratch an actor and you will find" what? An Actress What animal could be Siberian or Caspian? Tiger Collective nouns - an Array of what? Hedgehogs The Plains of Abraham overlook which city? Quebec The Mariners Compass or Pyxis is what? Constellation The Sam Maguire Trophy is played for in which sport? Gaelic Football The Somers Islands has what more familiar name? Bermuda The Three Stars is the national ice hockey team which country? Sweden How did camerawoman Lee Lyon die while working? Charged by Elephant What type of animal is a markhor? Wild Goat Who received the first ever Gold Disc? Glen Miller Chatanooga cho cho What is the National Bird of India? Peacock Who directed Sharky's Machine? Burt Reynolds The Weir of Hermiston - last unfinished novel of who? Robert Louis Stevenson What is the last book of the Bible? Revelations What historical event was referred to as Black 47? Irish Potato Famine What game was patented under the name Sphairistrike? Lawn Tennis What organisation did C T Russell found? Jehovah Witnesses Paris and where had the worlds first telephone link? Brussels Tempera uses water and what to paint with? Egg Yoke What colour is the cross on the Greek Flag? White What was used before the baton was invented to conduct? A Violin Bow Leslie Lynch King became famous as who? Gerald Ford Who was Andromedas mother? Cassiopeia Lack of vitamin B1 causes what condition? Beri Beri What song was The Pittsburgh Pirates anthem? We are Family Sister Sledge What countries parliament is called The Storting? Norway Who directed Four Weddings and a Funeral? Mike Newell Which company developed the Laser Printer? Cannon Parsley is a member of which family? Carrot What does lager literally mean in German? Storage Franz Kafka wrote in German what nationality was he? Czeck Which car company produced the first front wheel drive 1934? Citroen Who produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons until 1956? Fred Quimby The name of which countries capital means good air? Argentina Buenos Aires The sackbut developed into which modern instrument? Trombone The GRA govern which sport? Greyhound Racing Association Which record label signed the Rolling Stones in 1991? Virgin In heraldry gules are what colour? Red Reginald Truscott-Jones became famous as who? Ray Miland What is the food of the secretary bird? Snakes What bridge links a Palace with a State Prison? Bridge of Sighs in Venice The African and French marigolds are native to what country? Mexico Who is the Patron Saint of Grave diggers? St Anthony What is Muckle Flugga? Rock and Lighthouse on Uist Mary Read and Anne Boney had what job in common? Pirates

10 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. Short actors stand on what wooden object - to appear bigger? Pancake What is the commonest name for a pub in Britain? The Red Lion What does the word economy mean in original Greek? Home Management Pok ta Pok started in Mexico - what modern game/sport is it? Basketball George Simenon created Maigret - what nationality was he? Belgian Country singer Hank Wangford had what profession? Gynaecologist Pit Straight - Lesmo Bend - Roggia Bend - which Grand Prix? Monza Italy What is a Chuckwalla? Lizard Edward Whymper was the first to do what? Climb Matterhorn What is Pancetta? Bacon In what film did Bruce Willis play a time travelling criminal? Twelve Monkeys Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in Olympics? Nadia Comaneci What bird is sacred in Peru? Condor What was Colombo's dog called? Fang - Basset Hound What industry would use a mordant? Dying - to fix a colour Catherine the Great of Russia was born in which country? Poland What tanker caused a severe oil spill in 1989? Exxon Valdez (Alaska) Which soul singer was Sittin on the Dock of the Bay? Otis Redding In which city would you find The Blue Mosque? Istanbul What country makes Sukhindol wine? Bulgaria The minnow is the smallest member of what fish family? Carp Lucille Le Sueur became famous as who? Joan Crawford In which city is The Abbey theatre? Dublin Which islands capital is Flying Fish Cove? Christmas Island Where in the world is Radwick racecourse situated? Sydney Australia What has a palimped got? Webbed Feet Treifa foods are forbidden to which religious group? Jews - opposite of Kosher Which metal is the best conductor of electricity? Silver What ship was sunk in Auckland harbour in 1987? Rainbow Warrior (Greenpeace) A Myologist studies what? Muscles Orpheus went into the underworld to rescue who? Eurydice Where on the human body is the skin the thinnest? Eye Colleen McCullough wrote which best selling book? The Thorn Birds What would you put on your escutcheon - if you had one? Coat of Arms The Germans call them Stumphhose - what are they? Tights Who might wear a wimple? A Nun What is the largest country in Africa? Sudan What tree can be English, American or Eurasian? Elm Which dictator preferred 50,000 rifles to 50,000 votes? Benito Mussolini What was Alka-Seltzer first marketed as? Cold Cure What would be happening if you suffered from canitis? Greying Hair According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest? Forbidden What animals name literally translates as earth pig? Aardvark What dance is usually performed to Orpheus in the Underworld? Can Can What country was once named New France? Canada Name ship sunk by the submarine Conqueror Falklands War? General Belgrano In which country were modern banknotes first used? Sweden What was invented in the Humpty Dumpty store Oklahoma? Supermarket Trolley Which country produces wine in the Casablanca valley? Chile The Air Canada Silver Broom is won in which sport? Curling Iain Stewart - dropped - looked too normal - what pop group? The Rolling Stones

11 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. 530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. What is the main flavour of aioli? Garlic What was the worlds first passenger jet aircraft? Comet What does the syrinx help a bird to do? Sing What member of the weasel family is over 1 meter or 3 feet long? Badger Capability Brown was a famous Landscape Gardener 1st name? Lancelot Boccaccios collection of ten stories are known as what? Decameron What do fennel leaves taste of? Aniseed What country is the home of the Ashanti people? Ghana 12 is the atomic number of which metal? Magnesium What was Beethoven's only opera? Fidelio In which of Aristophanes plays do the women refuse sex? Lysistrata Which Australian writer won the Nobel prize in 1973? Patrick White What is a hypocaust? Roman Heating System What 18th century German soldier told tall tales of himself? Baron Munchhausen Which country imports the most champagne? Great Britain Thomas Keneally wrote which book (Oscar winning film)? Schindler's Ark What is the name of the metal discs set in a tambourines rim? Jingles Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Liszt, Ravel what in common? Bachelors What were China 14 Raduga 14 Himwari 3? Orbiting satellites What is a Flemish Giant? Rabbit Somerset Maugham, A J Cronin, Richard Gorden - in common? Not Writers - Doctors What does Stet mean to a printer? Let the Original stand In Paris what are FD Roosevelt Stalingrad Louis Blanc? Metro Stations English writer - Died Typhoid - Drank Paris water - Prove safe? Arnold Bennett 1931 What food item in French literally means twice cooked? Biscuit What religions sacred writings are divided into the Tripitaka? Buddhism Herodotus the Greek is known as the father of what? History The old French Royal family - Boy Scouts share what symbol? Fleur-de-lis We have used the Latin phrase ad hoc - what literally mean? For this special purpose Which dancer died in 1927 strangled by scarf on car wheel? Isadora Duncan What do astronomers call the red sky before sunrise? Aurora A beast of prey sometimes called a glutton - what is it? Wolverine French novelist - nearly 100 books all La Comedie Humaine? Honor'e de Balzac What is the correct name for food permitted under Moslem laws? Hal-al What country is known to its inhabitants as Suomen Tasavalta? Finland What French blue cheese (similar to stilton) is made ewes milk? Roquefort A Suffragan has what job? Bishop - no parish helps other Segmental, Primitive, Doucine, Elliptical are types of what? Arch (in construction) Who got Judas job as the twelfth apostle? Matthias Which famous horse race was won Urban sea, Carnagie, Lammtarra? Prix de l'arc de Triomphe Elvis Stojko was an ice skating word champion - what country? Canada What animals make up the Suidae family? Pigs What is the word (derived from Malay) for unhusked rice? Paddy Joel Chandler Harris wrote which series of stories? Uncle Remus We have heard of the Renaissance - what's it literally mean? Rebirth In film making what does a Blimp do? Covers camera reduce noise Where would you find a Walloon? South Belgium Native Flemish What do we call what the Japanese call Oshugatsu? New Year Tete-beche is a familiar term in which hobby? Stamp Collecting Good King Wenceslas was the King of which country? Bohemia (Germany)

12 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. 572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581. 582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587. 588. 589. 590. 591. 592. 593. 594. 595. 596. 597. 598. Sir Jack Cohen founded what? Tescos - supermarkets What does rabbi literally mean? My Master What port lies at the mouth of the Swan river? Freemantle (Perth) Who starred in the film Sixth Sense? Bruce Willis KLM is the national airline of which country? Holland Name the most famous English artist who painted mostly horses? George Stubbs Who were Curier Ellis and Acton Bell? Bronte sisters pen names What is the official title of the ambassador of the Pope? Nuncio Chaconne, Rigadoon, Passepied are all types of what? Old style dances What British birds lay only one egg during the nesting season? Fulmar or Guillemot Who would use a Jigger, Buzz, Flagging iron, Round shaver, Adze? Cooper making barrels What pop group had a "Message in a Bottle"? Police If an Italian was having Pranzo what would they be having? Lunch What currency consists of 100 Groschen? Austrian Schilling In Greek mythology who created man? The demigod Promethus Hibernia was the Roman name for which country? Ireland Mincing Lane in London is traditionally home of what trade? Tea What sport is played at Smiths Lawn? Polo What are fallows, lutinos and opalines? Budgerigars In Paris there are two islands - Ile de la Cite and what? Ile St-Louise Mapother IV is the real surname of what film star? Tom Cruise Jean-Christopher Denner invented what musical instrument? Clarinet Mendavoy and Martinez are characters in which TV show? NYPD Blue Fredrick Bulsara was the lead singer of what pop group? Queen - Freddie Mercury The Titanic has a sister ship - name it? The Olympic What was sharkskin once used as? Sandpaper What does an otologist study? The ear and its diseases What is the essential ingredient in a mornay sauce? Cheese Sardines are the young of which fish? Pilchard Who wrote Oedipus Rex? Sophocles The Camorra was the forerunner of what organisation in the USA? The Mafia What is a Havana Brown? A Small Rabbit What did Simon of Cyrene do in The Bible? Carry Christ's cross In what sport is a stimpmeter used? Golf - measure greens pace Gene Hackman sheriff Big Whiskey - got Oscar - What film? Unforgiven What countries flag red circle on green background? Singapore Georgius Panayiotou became famous under what names (both)? George Michael Capers are pickled flower seeds of what plant? Nasturtium In 1925 at Windsor Bookies went on strike - against what? Betting Tax What is a doucet? A Stags Testicle What is the worlds largest sand island northeast of Brisbane? Fraser island FT (London) Dow Jones (USA) what is Japans Share Index called? Nikkei Who was the leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book? Akala What's the difference between sleeping gorillas and men? Gorillas don't snore Nobody Does it Better was sung in which Bond film? The Spy Who Loved Me Halcyon is the poetic name for which bird? Kingfisher Who had a hit with Sylvia's Mother? Dr Hook Who composed the music for the opera The Tales of Hoffman? Jacques Offenbach In the Bible from whom did David steal his wife Bathsheba? The Hittite warrior Uriah The Cassegranian, Gregorian and Schmidt are types of what? Telescopes Shakespeare - Antony, Romeo, Othello - what in common? Suicide

13 599. 600. 601. 602. 23 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619. 620. 621. 622. 623. 624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. 636. 637. 638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645. 646. What causes the tangy smell at the seaside? Rotting Seaweed In 1976 in USA 23 people got swine fever and died from what? The Treatment Who said If a lie is told in the Whitehouse Nixon gets royalty? Richard Nixon In the 1976 Olympics who were the Yellow Bananas? Officials (cos of uniform colour) Amuhea Princess of Medes was the wife of who? Nebuchadnezzars What Roman Emperor was killed by an overdose of laxative? Nero - by an aunt How did folk singer Roy Harper catch Toxoplasmosis? Kiss of life - to a sheep What was Louis 14th born with two of - that amazed everyone? Teeth The Associated Powers - the original proposed name of what? The United Nations Which author published 59 new books in 1955? Enid Blyton If you had distrix what condition would you have? Hair - split ends What did the ancient Greeks use instead of soap? Olive Oil X only letter in alphabet that there is no name for who using? The Devil What country do Brazil nuts come from? Bolivia Why would women dislike using a West Indian Dildo? Its a cactus Which country invented French fried potatoes? Belgium In 1990 there were 99 public executions Suadi Arabia Drugs How? Beheading Marion Barry - Mayor of Washington arrested for what? Possession of Crack What head of Government was the first to give birth in office? Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan 34% of Californian Male students 10% of Female lied to get what? Sexual Partner The sale of what counterfeit delicacy outranged the French? Truffles - White dyed Black In February 1990 160 million bottles of what were withdrawn? Perrier contaminated by benzine What sport was deemed to violate civil rights banned New York? Dwarf Throwing from Aus 16 feet What is Damson Cheese? Thick Damson Jam What was the name of the ship that brought Dracula to England? Demeter In Australian slang what is underground Mutton? Cooked Rabbit PG Woodhouse books Bertie Wooster used what London Club? Drones Why would a train spotter want to see number 4468? The Mallard a record steam train speed Samuel de Champlain founded which city? Quebec Tour de France what colour jersey best Hill Climber wear? Red Polka dot What country had an airline called Rottnest? Australia Fuggles and Goldings are varieties of what? Hops Fingal O'Flaherty Wills is better knows as who? Oscar Wilde Britain's call it sellotape What's the brand name in Australia? Durex John Dunlop developed pneumatic tyres - what profession? Vet Zoisite is a semi precious stone - National stone which country? Norway The Thunderbirds boys were named after what theme? Apollo Astronauts Britain's most dangerous job killed one person every 3 days? Trawlerman In the Bible who did God appear to on Mount Horab? Moses What animal head appears on the badge of the RCMP? Bison St John the Divine wrote which book of the Bible? Revelations Collective nouns - A Chair of what (tradesmen)? Glass Blowers Distaff is the female family side - what is the male? Spear Who is the patron saint of Gypsies? St Sarah What instrument is sometimes called the clown of the orchestra? Bassoon What world capital city is heated by volcanic springs? Reykjavik (Iceland) What is the main ingredient of a maron glace? Chestnuts Only one woman's lifespan is given in the Bible - Who? Sarah Wife Abraham 127 Genisis

14 647. 648. 649. 650. 651. 652. 653. 654. 655. 656. 657. 658. 659. 660. 661. 662. 663. 664. 665. 666. 667. 668. 669. 670. 671. 672. 673. 674. 675. 676. 677. 678. 679. 680. 681. 682. 683. 684. 685. 686. 687. 688. 689. 690. 691. 692. 693. 694. 695. 696. In cookery how is something julienne prepared? Thin Strips In Ireland what is a Gombeen Man? Moneylender In Australian slang what is a dishlicker? Dog How - two thieves convicted 1984 executed in Sudan Aug 1990? Crucified What is Samsoe a type of? Cheese A fylfot is a heraldic name for what symbol? Swastika Where would you find a howdah? Back of Elephant (basket) In what country is the language Fanti spoken? Ghana What flowers name translates from the Greek as Water Vessel? Hydrangea Which of Henry the Eights wives was the widow of elder brother? Catherine of Aragon The Boys from Syracuse is based on what Shakespeare play? The comedy of errors Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of what? The Sky The larva of the click beetle is called what? Wireworm In Australian slang what is a ten ounce sandwich? Liquid Lunch - Can of Beer What is the name of the largest moon of Jupiter? Ganymede The Mason-Dixon line separates Pennsylvania and what state? Maryland The kinkajou belongs to what family of animals? Raccoon What is the Hindu Kush? Mountain Range Caligari is the capital of what island? Sardinia Grunge music originated in which American city? Seattle The word bungalow comes from which language? Hindi What is the Japanese Shinkasen? High speed Train In what country are the Drakesberg mountains? South Africa Name the author who created Hannibal Lecter? Thomas Harris Dodie Smith wrote what book (later filmed by Disney)? 101 Dalmatians Venice stands on what river? The Arno Gary Boker Bobby Harrison Ray Rodger were in what pop group? Procul Harem What country launched its first space rocket January 1961? Italy What have Jan Zajic and Quang Duc got in common? Self Immolation In 1962 - cost 20,000 - size of a small suitcase - what? Portable computer In France what is Framboise? Raspberry What held up a Cricket test Match between England Pakistan? Mouse on pitch What was banned from New York schools in 1962? Reading of Prayers How to Handle a Woman came from which stage musical? Camelot James Drury starred in which TV western series? The Virginian Who had a hit with the song Loco-Motion? Little Eva Who won the Tour de France 4 times 1961 to 1964? Jacques Anquetil What new domestic device was launched by Hoover in 1963? Steam Iron What was the Soviet Vostok 3 space flight the first to do? Send back TV pictures What was the first country to leave the United Nations? Indonesia What car company made the first glass fibre racing car? Lotus What whisky brand was advertised with two terrier dogs? Black & White Dorothy Cavis-Brown made news at Wimbledon - why? Lineswoman - slept in chair What did The Musician Union ban on TV in 1966? Artists miming to records What is a travelator? Horizontal Escalator Who wrote the novel Love Story (Both Names)? Erich Segal What job did Agatha Christies husband do? Archaeologist Britain Ireland and what country joined the EEC simultaneously? Denmark In Australian slang what kind if food is a mystery bag? Sausages Who was Cuisine Minceur designed for? Slimmers (Fine cooking)

15 697. (1971) 698. 699. 700. 701. 702. 703. 704. 705. 706. 707. 708. 709. 710. 711. 712. 713. 714. 715. 716. 717. 718. 719. 720. 721. 722. 723. 724. 725. 726. 727. 728. 729. 730. 731. 732. 733. 734. 735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. 741. 742. 743. Who recorded the Album In Through the Out Door? Led Zeppelin Jan 21 1976 What linked Bahrain and Rio de Janeiro? 1st Concord passenger destinations In the 60s a Yellow Golliwog worn by a girl symbolised what? Proud of non virginity What kind of creature was Sam on the Muppet Show? Eagle Who had a hit with Tiger Feet? Mud Patty Hearst was kidnapped (later joined) which organisation? Symbionese Liberation Army The Murryfield Racers play which sport? Ice Hockey Quakers Natural, Prewetts Honey, California Revival types what? Museli What was Paul McCartney's first solo album called? McCartney What company pioneered floppy discs? IBM What were Tricity Triumph, Kelvinator, Lec De Lux? Refrigerators What tennis players name meant Tall trees by still water? Evonne Goolagong Which musical did the song Send in the Clowns come from? A Little Night Music Where in Australia British satellites launched in early 70s? Woomera What was Clint Eastwood's first film as a director? Play Misty for Me Who wrote the Science Fiction novel Slaughterhouse Five? Kurt Vonnegut What was a Royal Navy frigate accused throwing Cod War 1973? Carrots at Icelandic Gunboat Who wrote the novel The French Lieutenants Woman? John Fowles Whose cat was sold for $153000 in an Arizona auction? Adolf Hitler's Who wrote the play Amadeus? Peter Shaffer Jeff Lynne - Roy Wood - Bev Bevan - what pop group? Electric Light Orchestra Where did Jim Morrison die? Bath - in Paris hotel What did the Ayatollah Khomeni ban in 1979? Music on radio Mstislav Rostropovich was a maestro on what instrument? Cello What is Kensington Gore? Actors fake blood Margarita Carmen Casino became famous as who? Rita Heyworth What job does the Gaffer do in the film industry? Chief Electrician What was the name of Dagwood Bumstead and Blondies dog? Daisy What short sighted cartoon character had a nephew - Waldo? Mr Magoo What Shakespeare play was the basis of The Forbidden Planet? The Tempest Frederick Austerlitz became famous as who? Fred Astair What is a Maine Coon once thought to be extinct? A 20 lb cat What dictator was the first to be abducted prosecuted USA drugs? General Manual NoriegaPanama In which EEC country is abortion still illegal? Ireland What heavyweight boxer was nicknamed The Cinderella Man? James J Braddock What is the capitol of Chechnya? Grozny What is absinthe traditionally flavoured with? Wormwood In 1829 Cyrill Damien invented which musical instrument? Accordion At the battle of Actium who beat Mark Anthony and Cleopatra? Octavian - Emperor Augustus What links Ada - Lisp - Algol? Programming Languages How did Joy Friedericke Victoria Adamson die in 1985? Murdered in Kenya What city stands on the river Torens? Adelaide - Australia In Hindu mythology Agni is the god of what? Fire To the ancient Greeks what was an agora? Public meeting place / market (forum) Tomika and Uyeshiba are the two main forms of what? Aikido Where was Napoleon born? Ajaccio - Corsican capitol French riot police were ordered to the Rivera to deal with what? Hundreds topless women

16 744. 745. 746. 747. 748. 749. 750. 751. 752. 753. 754. 755. 756. 757. 758. World 759. 760. 761. 762. 763. 764. 765. 766. 767. 768. 769. 770. 771. 772. 773. 774. 775. 776. 777. 778. 779. 780. 781. 782. 783. 784. 785. 786. 787. 788. 789. 790. 791. 792. 793. What did drinkers first see on Jan 24 1935? Beer Can Allium Sativum is better known as what? Garlic Rhapsody, Aromel, Tamella Cambridge favourite types of what? Strawberry Varieties What arts/literary movement founded by Tristan Tzara in 1915? Dadaism Which author wrote screenplay Bonds You Only Live Twice? Roald Dahl Dalmatian dogs are born which colour or colours? White - spots come later What did Emily Davidson do? Suicide under kings horse 1913 Edward de Bono - Maltese Doctor - developed what concept? Lateral Thinking The song I Talk to the Trees comes from what musical? Paint Your Wagon What is the capitol of Ghana? Accra In Greek mythology who was the Goddess of Chastity? Artemis sister of Apollo What was Madam Curie's husbands name? Pierre The USA president lives in the White House - Who Blue House? President South Korea What does an aronophobe fear? Internet What links Edegra, Cavetra and Erix? Brand-names for Viagra In what city is the worlds largest carpet manufacturer ? Kashmir What element was named after the Greek word for green? Chlorine What hotel hosted the first Oscar ceremony? Roosevelt Hotel The name of which Indian city means Village of Boiled Beans? Bangalore James Hoban designed what? The White House Semiology is the study of what? Signals What county has its map on its flag? Cyprus What X rated movie won an Oscar? Midnight Cowboy Lucknow is a city in India - and what other country? Canada Mitsibushi now cars planes during war literally means what? Three Diamonds What invention was nicknamed the Noisy Serpent in 1902? Vacuum Cleaner In which sport would you find the Sag Wagon? Cycling - it picks up dropouts What product was introduced as a cure for urinatary problems? Pepsi In New Zealand what is morepork? A Bird - call sounds like morepork In what city was Audry Hepburn born? Brussels In what country was the worlds first wildlife sanctuary set up? Sri Lanka 3rd cent BC What word could Ernie Bilko not say without stuttering? Million What country has a regiment of bicycle mounted soldiers? Switzerland Who did Valerie Solernis shoot on Jun 3rd 1968 in New York? Andy Worhole Shakespeare character says "Blow winds and crack your cheeks"? King Lear Which Greek astronomer wrote the Almagest? Ptolomy The Queen has what music with her breakfast? Bagpipes - Started by Victoria Baile Atha Cliath - Official name what capitol city? Dublin - its Irish Gaelic In the wild what animal pollinates banana plants? Bats What colour is the Black Box carried in aircraft? Orange Taidje Khan became famous under which name? Yul Brynner Autolycus - accomplished invisible thief Greek myth whose son? Hermes In the theatre what is behind Barn Doors? Electricity Sockets Joe Yule became famous as who? Mickey Rooney Norse mythology who was killed with mistletoe by blind Hodur? Balder - most loved god Bob Clampett created which character in 1938? Bugs Bunny Who wrote the children's classic Ann of Green Gables? L M Montgomery Gaur, Gayal, Banteng and Kouprey are types of what? Wild Cattle What is the literal meaning of Cenotaph? Empty Tomb The Yellow Kid by Richard Felton Outcault in 1896 first what? Comic Strip New York

17 794. 795. 796. 797. 798. 799. 800. 801. 802. 803. 804. 805. 806. 807. 808. 809. century 810. 811. 812. 813. 814. 815. 816. 817. 818. 819. 820. 821. 822. 823. 824. 825. 826. 827. 828. 829. 830. 831. 832. 833. hubby 834. 835. 836. 837. 838. 839. 840. 841. 842. In 1987 the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten what? Mars Bar A Baseball travels 9% faster in which US city? Denver - thinner air What was Joseph Pujol - La Petomanes stage act? He farted imitating music etc James H Pierce was the last silent film actor to play who? Tarzan Who said I'm never through with a girl till I've had her three ways? John F Kennedy Iris Somerville - killed London 1982 - Lightning struck what? Metal Support on her Bra What play is set in Venice and Cyprus? Othello - Shakespeare In 1797 3 pence could buy you a good (second hand) what? Wife Between 1659 and 1681 illegal celebrate what in Massachusetts? Christmas How did the Emperor Claudius die? Choked on a Feather What country do Great Danes come from? Germany Who said - "One more drink and Ill be under the host"? Dorethy Parker The average Britain in their life consumes 1000 lb of what? Carrots What animal provide 50% of all the protein eaten in Peru? Guinea Pigs Jimmy Carter was the first US president to have done what? Born in a Hospital Who won an Oscar posthumously? Peter Finch for Network Which actor has been portrayed most on screen by other actors? Charlie Chaplain Sergai Kalenikov holds the world record in what? Pig Kissing In California you can't legally buy a mousetrap without what? Hunting Licence Who won the best actress Oscar 1959 Room at the Top? Simone Signoret What did ancient Egyptians rub on their dicks to enlarge them? Crocodile shit Which animal has legs but cant walk? Hummingbird A Paris grocer was jailed for two years in 1978 stabbing wife what? A wedge of hard cheese Howard Hughs used to store what in large metal containers? His Urine Which classical poet said Amor vincet omnia Love Conquers all? Virgil If you were eating fragrant meat in Hong Kong what is it? Dog What country invented Phonecards? Italy What was invented in Rome 63 bc by Marcus Tiro? Shorthand and the & sign What is the literal Greek translation of Sarcophagus? Flesh Eater French artist Aquabouse paints cows in what material? Cow shit An Arab/Israeli band Abu Hafla - record called Humping meaning? Enjoyable Gathering First ad on Radio Luxemburg 1930s for Bible Beans - which are? Laxatives 74 year old Margaret Weldon FL 2 hole in one 2 days - unusual? She was totally blind aided In what Hitchcock film did heroine find shrunken head in bed? Under Capricorn Amaxophobia is the fear of what? Riding in a vehicle The Bovespa is the stock exchange in which country? Brazil What is a Dandie Dinmont? Dog - Borders Terrier Shoot a Waco was the original name for what drink? Dr Peppers Who wrote the satire Candide published in 1759? Voltaire Whose ghost appears in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar? Caesar's Ghost In which play and film does Jean Valjean appear? Le Miserables Psychologists says men who do what during sex are insecure? Keep socks on Whose is supposed to have had sex with his nanny when aged 9? Lord Byron What animal can sleep 3 years but only mates once - 12 hours? Snails In Norway 1980 man fined for being drunk in charge of what? Mobile vacuum cleaner Louis the XVI France only two (recorded) what in his lifetime? Baths The same Louis did not consummate his marriage 7 years - why? Overgrown Foreskin Only 6 people died in what historic event? Fire of London 1666 Why could William Tell not have shot the apple with a crossbow? Crossbow not known 13th

18 843. 844. 845. 846. 847. 848. 849. 850. 851. 852. 853. 854. 855. Wild 856. 857. 858. 859. 860. 861. 862. 863. 864. 865. 866. 867. 868. 869. 870. 871. 872. 873. 874. 875. 876. 877. 878. 879. 880. 881. 882. 883. 884. 885. 886. 887. 888. What TV did 44 million USA watch while 27m Eisenhower sworn in? I Love Lucy Between 15 and 20% of what disappear from shops each year? Supermarket Trolleys French racing driver Jean Behra kept a spare what in his pocket? Plastic right ear President Roosevelt was the first president to do what? Fly 1943 secret trip Casablanca What is unusual about the number 8549176320? Digits alphabetical order Who said in 1951 - "I married beneath me - All women do"? Lady Nancy Astor In Iowa 1978 Judge dismissed drink driving charge - why? Too Drunk to sample 1936 film started with world war and ended with space flight? Things to Come HG Wells In 1984 BA stewardess called police she'd left what in cupboard? Husband in Bondage Until 1819 technically you could be hung for what in Britain? Cutting down a tree What's still legal in Paraguay if the participants are blood doners? Duelling Tsar Paul I decreed death by flogging to anyone mentioned what? His Baldness What actress said "I dress for women - Undress for men"? Angie Dickinson The average Britain in their lifetime eats 5400 what? Bags Crisps - chips Here we go round the mulberry bush - what was original bush? Tree in Wakefield prison walked round What hath God Wrought was first message sent by Who 1844? Samuel Morse Washington to Baltimore In what city 1985 was the worlds first computer museum opened? Boston What elements name comes from the Greek for light bearing? Phosphorous Astronomer Josephe-Jerome de Lalande eat what on bread butter? Spiders Skeleton is derived from Greek - what is its literal translation? Dried Up Edward Hunter USA Journalist invented what term Korean war? Brainwashing A man has first at 18 then every day spent 106 days by 60 what? Shaving What links Da Vinci, Picasso, Charlie Chaplain, Ben Franklin? Left Handed Flies and humans can both get which condition? Athletes Foot We call them Turkeys what do the Turks call them? American Birds The Audi car company created by August Horch means what in Latin? Bear What country has the worlds most vending machines per capita? Japan Who said - "A woman only a woman - good cigar is a smoke"? Rudyard Kipling Hans Steininger had the world longest what - that killed him? Beard - Tripped over it down stairs In Czarist Russia it was illegal to do what? Smoke What play has line - Shall there be no more cakes and ale? Twelfth Night A fisherman in the Arral sea had his boat destroyed by what? A Cow - USA air force dumped it St Brigit of Ireland could do what amazing trick for visitors? Bathwater into Beer What Saint said - Lord grant me Chastity - but not yet? St Augustine The average Britain in their life consumes 18 lb of what? Dirt bad washed food Roller coasters originated in what country? Russia - ice on sleds What unusual item can you buy - vending machine Paris Metro? Levi 501s in 10 sizes We've heard phrase I don't give a toss - but Tos Greek for what? Bear A Dorset shop sells bookends made from 140 mill year old what? Fossil Dinosaur Shit Every ship in the Royal Navy have customised what? Zippo Lighters What meat outsells mutton and lamb combined in Sweden? Horse meat An American in Maine got a divorce cos wife fed him only what? Pea Soup How did Pope Hadrian IV die? Choked on a fly Who said "sex appeal 50% what you got 50% they think you got"? Sophia Loren St Fiacre is the Patron Saint of what? Piles William Buroughs coined what phrase used by Steppenwolf 1968? Heavy Metal - Born to be

19 889. 890. 891. 892. 893. 894. 895. 896. 897. 898. 899. 900. 901. 902. 903. 904. 905. 906. 907. 908. 909. 910. 911. 912. 913. 914. 915. 916. 917. 918. 919. 920. 921. 922. 923. 924. 925. 926. 927. 928. 929. 930. 931. 932. 933. 934. 935. 936. Thomas Watson in 1943 there is a worlds market for 5 - what? Computers and he was chairman of IBM What product did the first commercial in the USA advertise? Bulova Watches Estimated there are 4 100 million billion molecules cubic inch what? Air In Ohio by law pets have to carry what? Lights on tails at night The average man or woman spends one year of their life - what? On the Telephone 80% of household dust is actually what material? Dead skin What is the best wood for making pencils? Incense Cedar The average Britain in their lifetime eats 4907 what? Loafs of Bread Oysters can do what - according to water temperature? Change sex Name USA city it's illegal to have a nude shop dummy on display? New York A dog was arrested in Seville in 1983 for what crime? Handbag Snatching Who starred as Daisy in The Great Gatsby? Mia Farrow Jacqueline Du Prey is a master on what instrument? Cello Who wrote the music for Showboat? Jerome Kern Who said sex is a bad thing it rumples the clothes? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis The average Manhattan wife takes 14 minutes to do what in bed? Turn off Light Which animal sleeps with one eye open? Dolphin Sandra Wes of Texas died in 1977 was buried in what? Her blue Ferrari What happened to the man who tried to hang himself over river? Rope broke drowned in river After sex what does the female marine bristleworm do? Bites off eats penis What nationality was Pontius Pilot by birth? Scottish - Fortingale nr Dunkeld The average person spends 12 years of their life doing what? Watching TV St Appolonia is the patron saint of what? Toothache Packy Ease an amateur boxer - what name become famous? Bob Hope What was stolen from a Hotel Garden in Britain in 1991? Onion Crop What word comes from Arabic means reunion of broken parts? Algebra Charles Conrad took a cassette to the moon on Apollo 11 who? Jerry Lee Lewis First feature film US TV Heart of New York what was subject? Washing machine inventors Royal Society Prevention Accidents 1991 7500 injured by what? Shopping Trolleys 4000 patents for a variation of what issued since first 1838? Mousetrap A Limousine was originally what (From Limousine in France)? French shepherds protective cloak Dwight Eisenhower was the first president to hold what? Pilots Licence What does a geophage enjoy? Eating earth The Reknas company - Calcutta worlds biggest exporter what? Human (skeletons) At least a quarter of humanity is what? Short Sighted What first occurred at California Disneyland in March 1981? Murder Who said "sex older women best they think its their last time"? Ian Fleming Ping Pong and Pang are characters in which opera? Turendot - by Puccini 1300 to 1500 it was illegal for Englishmen to have 3 what a day? Meals Harold J Smith a Canadian changed name famed as sidekick? Jay Silverheels Tonto What is special about the hooded pitohui bird (New Guinea)? It's highly poisonous In 1984 Bloomingdale's started selling 100000 year old what? Glacial ice from Greenland What happened to golfer Lee Travino on green 13 27 June 1975? Hit by Lightning What links elephanta, bad-i-sad-o-bistroz, oe, whuly, zonda? All winds What tree is mentioned just once in the Bible? Poplar The average Britain consumes 14571 what in their lifetime? Pints of beer What job involves walking an average 60 miles in a 5 day week? Waiter In the UK 3% of people store what in their fridges? Live Maggots

20 937. city 938. 939. 940. 941. 942. 943. 944. 945. 946. 947. 948. 949. 950. 951. 952. 953. 954. 955. 956. 957. 958. 959. 960. 961. 962. 963. 964. 965. 966. 967. 968. 969. 970. 971. 972. 973. 974. 975. 976. 977. 978. 979. 980. 981. 982. 983. 984. 985. 986. A tittiliomaniac has a compulsion to do what? Scratch Police in Winchester - got call - Man being held by wife - how? Hidden artificial leg Stephano and Trinculo characters in which Shakespeare play? The Tempest William Hurt won best actor Oscar for which 1985 film? The Kiss of the Spiderwoman Fescue is a generic type of what? Grass Creed Prayer Alms Fasting Pilgrimage five pillars what religion? Islam Alex Raymond created which comic strip character in 1934? Flash Gorden What does a carpophagus animal feed on? Fruit Gregorys powder is a type of what? Laxative What does a Hafiz know? Koran by Heart Pocahontas was baptised and given what English name? Rebecca In London 1915 what became illegal subject to £100 fine? Buying a round of drinks What is the longest river in Australia? Murray-Darling Who said "No sex is better than bad sex"? Germaine Greer Who won the Eurovision song contest with Jack in a Box? Clodagh Rogers Margie Belcher provided the body movements - which character? Disney Snow White The average person spends 8 years of their life doing what? Being ill 1987 A Philadelphia Councillor bill banned carrying what in public? Snakes Alain Boubil - Claude-Michael Schonberg music what hit show? Miss Saigon Pluto (the Planet) was almost called what name? Zeus Most lipsticks contain what unexpected item? Fish Scales It is illegal to pawn what in Las Vegas? Your Dentures Slugs have four of them - what? Noses What word in English has the most definitions? Set John Flynn invented what service in Australia? Flying Doctors The Greek version of what is called the Septuagint? Old Testament The eyes of which animal have rectangular pupils? Goat Modern Olympics - only Greece and which country in all? Australia What is the only bone in the body unattached to any other bone? Hyoid in throat There are more than 1500 varieties of what food? Rice Mageiricophobia is a fear of what? Having to cook What animals eye is larger than its brain? Ostrich In 1990 there were 15000 accidents involving what? Vacuum cleaner Roman men had to swear on what to testify? Holding their testicles Why did pirate wear earrings? Improve their eyesight Under the snow and ice Antarctica is actually a what? Desert In ancient China people committed suicide by eating what? Salt One lb will kill you Who took out a $5000 life insurance before dying in battle? George Armstrong Custer The average Britain consumes 4907 what in their lifetime? Loaves of bread Who said "Iv'e sometimes thought of marriage - then re-thought"? Noel Coward Name actor Von Ryan's Express, The Third Man, Brief Encounter? Trevor Howard In USA / Britain give finger - What do you show in Thailand? Sole of foot What was the traditional ancient Persian new years day gift? Eggs The French Laurousse Gastronomique 9 recopies cooking what? Camels What common item was a sign of wealth in 19th century England? An Umbrella In Utah in 1870s what could you get from a slot machine? Divorce - Papers cost $2.50 What do male butterflies like to lick? Stones - to get nutrients Desire for more cows is the translation what Sanskrit word? War - same in English Elvis Presley collected statues of what famous woman? Joan of Arc The city council of Chico California set a $500 fine for what? Exploding nuclear bomb in

21 987. 988. 989. 990. 991. 992. 993. 994. 995. 996. 997. 998. 999. 1000. What is the most mentioned name in the Bible? David - Jesus is second Tip Throat Vamp Collar Shank are parts of what object? Woman's Shoe What is a spermologer interested in? Trivia Who is the biggest landowner in New York city? Catholic Church What fish can blink its eyes? Shark What was the first name of the cartoon character Mr Magoo? Quincy It is against the law in Albania to play what on Sundays? Dominos Hearts bells leaves and acorns card suits which country? Germany Which vegetable got its name from a precious stone? Onion - Latin unio large pearl On average 100 people a year choke to death on what? Ballpoint Pens In 2000 what state removed confederate flag - statehouse dome? South Carolina What language (not dialect) has the most characters in it? Cambodian Florinzel is a character in which Shakespeare play? The Winters Tale What is 2000 in Roman Numerals? MM

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