1000 Questions and Answers 6

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Sacrofricosis is what sort of sexual behaviour? Pocket holes public masturbation According to law what must all London Taxis always carry? Bale of hay for horse Im Westen Nicht Neues what famous novel 20s later film? All Quiet on the Western Front Anreas Cornelis van Kujik was who's manager? Elvis Col Tom Parker What was unique about all the mens foil winners 1952 Olympics? All Left Handed Maryland No1 Montana No 1 Minnesota No 3 types of what? Pigs American Breeds What aria from Madam Butterfly is a Michelle Pfeiffer 1996 film? One fine Day Ei-Hajj Malik Ei-Shabazz better known as who? Malcolm X What opera premiered in Paignton Devon 30th December 1879? Pirates of Penzance Name the first space probe to land on the moon 13 Sept 1959? Luna 2 In what film did Paul Robeson sing Old Man River? Showboat El Monte California illegal for who/what to sleep in bathtub? Horse - unless ridden Who compete in the Maccabiah Games? Jewish world athletes What TV family lived at 1124 Morning Glory Circle Westport Con? Stevens in Bewitched Poland has a coastline along which sea? Adriatic Colonel Paul W Tibbets did it first - what? Dropped Atom Bomb What fish has its head at right angles to its body? Sea Horse 18. Kate Mulgrew plays who in a Gene Roddenbery based series? Capt Katherine Janeway Voyager What is the oldest bridge over the Seine in Paris? Pont Neuf An Ochlophilliac gets sexually aroused from what? Being in crowds In Oxford university what's barred from the library by rule? Sheep An Asian gecko and a sweet European wine what word fits both? Tokay What common word comes from the French for purse or wallet? Budget Daimants Sur Canape French translation of what film? Breakfast at Tiffanys Tracy Marrow a former convict born 1958 changed name to what? Ice-T Marmolada nearly 11000 feet highest peak what mountain range? Dolomites Dr George Wander invented what drink in Switzerland 1860s? Ovaltine Broadway 59 music Ordinary Couple, Preludium, Processional? The Sound of Music Rhus Radicans shrub green flowers white berries common name? Poison Ivy Fulton John Short - Later John Fulton first US to do what? Qualify as Matador In Malibu California its illegal to do what in a theatre? Laugh out loud In fiction who's mother Monique Delacroix died when he was 11? James Bond 33. Charles Henry Stuard Gmelin was the first UK what 6 Apr 1896? Olympic competitor 4th 3rd heat 100 m Salvatore A Lombino used Ewan Hunter what famous pen name? Ed McBain What song on the Rubber Soul album became No 1 Overlanders? Michelle - 1966 Palindromic word means raise to the ground or a mine passage? Level The Mexican bearded and what are the only venomous lizards? Gila Monster In WW2 Germans used a Schlusselmaschine E what do we call it? Enigma coding machine Away we Go was the original 1942 title what musical show/film? Oaklahoma Gemellus is a fancy name for what? Testicles Where would you find the Ponte de Sospiri? Venice - Bridge of Sighs Rosemead California its illegal eat what with a fork in public? Ice Cream Hierosolymitan is of Greek origin and pertains to what city? Jersualem

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Not Indians what links Cherokee Apache Arapaho Comanche? Piper Aircraft Brilliant Bumper Bubbles Bigheart Boofuls Baby Bonny are who? Jelly Babies E J Allen led spies to South Civil war what name better known? Alan Pinkerton Gene Kelly Michael York Joss Ackland all played who? D'Artagan Who wrote The Last Frontier first published in 1959? Alistair Maclean In what TV series did we see Del Floria tailors shop? The man from UNCLE 50. Kenneth Weekes nick Ban Ban born Boston only US do what? Play Test match cricket West Indies 51. Glen Morris was the last Olympic gold medallist to do what 1938? Act Tarzan in Tarzans Revenge 1938 In Mexico it is illegal for the police to sell what? Their Guns Hydrated Magnesium Silicate is better known as what? Meerschaum or Sepiolite Seen on Egyptian rivers what is a Shadoof used for? Water bucket on pole Old Arabic word for palm of the hand is what in modern sport? Racket What General Motors plastic bodied car was built in Tennessee? Saturn George W Trendle and Fran Striker created what Western hero? The Lone Ranger Biblical city was the code for RAF bombings of Hamburg WW2? Gomorrah 59. What musical was produced on London stage 30 years after film? Singing in the Rain Tommy Steel 1983 60. What was Vivian Leigh's character won Oscar in her 30s? Blanche Dubois 61. In what Italian town can you find the Piazza del Erbe? Verona 62. What author married Leon Trotsky's secretary in 1924? Arthur Ransom 63. In Delaware by law a newlywed must do what if wife asks? Take her Shopping 64. Where would you find an Orcadian? Orkney Islands 65. The Venice Cup is for women only playing what? Bridge 66. What is Supergirls Kryptonian name? Kara 67. Name the hero Len Deightons Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin? Not named in books Harry Palmer in films 68. Who commanded Bill Jukes Cecco Noodler Skylights Starkey? Captain Hook 69. Anna M Jarvis of Philadelphia started what she never qualified? Mothers Day May 1908 Childless 70. Robert Brown M Caroline Bliss Moneypenny who was Bond? Timothy Dalton 71. What countries head of state has been dead for years? North Korea - Mr Kim 72. If you were using Highroller Snooker 7 Lukki what are you doing? Fishing artificial flies 73. Where can you see Lenny Bruce E A Poe Karl Marx H G Wells etc? Sergeant Peppers 74. In Key West Florida what are barred from racing in city limits? Turtles 75. What began 24 Jan 1848 thanks to John Marshall at Sutters mill? The Gold Rush in California 76. Who played by Luther Adler Roy Goldman Peter Sellers etc? Adolf Hitler 77. What is the SI unit of power equal to 1.341 horsepower? Kilowatt 78. Anna Maria Louisa Italiano changed her name to what? Anne Bancroft 79. In Scandinavian mythology what is the day of final doom called? Ragnerok 80. His campaign slogan was vote for AuH20 whats his name? Barry Goldwater 81. Organisation in the US was co-founded by Ballington Booth? Volunteers of America 82. Paul French George E Dale pseudonyms for what SF author? Isaac Asimov 83. In what country is the worlds largest pyramid? Mexico - Quetzalcoatl 84. What was/is the giant Musashi built in Japan in 1974? A Crane 85. Sporting terms loose on left Tight on the right who in centre? Hooker in Rugby 86. In Frankfort Kentucky its illegal to shot what off a policeman? His Tie 87. Dybowski's Formosa and Japanese are types of what? Sika or Saki Deer

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In what area of Washington does the State Dept hang out? Foggy Bottom Who made his debut in a 1955 Warner Brothers cartoon? Speedy Gonzales What is the English title of Voyna i Mir? War and Peace The stuff that dreams are made off - last words in what film? The Maltese Falcon Nessiteras Rhombopteryx Latinised name of what - as a Hoax? Loch Ness Monster In the game of Bridge what are the first six tricks won called? The Book Batrachophobia is a fear of what? Frogs and Toads What was the name of Alistair Macleans first best selling novel? HMS Ulysses Name the superspy man from Z.O.W.I.E. played James Coburn? Our Man Flint In what sport would you see a Chistera? Pelota In Washington its illegal to buy what on Sunday? A Mattress Who wrote the musical The Desert Song? Sigmund Romberg Eddie Slovak only American to do what 31/01/1945? Executed desertion WW2 In Wyoming it is illegal to wear what in a theatre? A Hat if others can't see over it In New Zealand what is a Punga? A Fern In Feng Shui what colour inspires passion? Pink In English superstition what bird should you wish good day? Magpie else bad luck What city was known as Christiana until 1925? Oslo - Sweden William Hartnell was the first to play what TV character? Dr Who Who wrote the play " What the Butler saw "? Joe Orton In 1998 the space probe Luna Perfecta found what on the moon? Ice What sea is directly north of Poland? Baltic sea What was the original filling of the savaloy sausage? Pigs Brains Carlos Menim was elected president of what country in 1989? Argentina In Natoma Kansas illegal to throw knives at people wearing what? Stripped Shirts What is the Tibetan Yab Yum? A sexual position Crossair originated in what European country? Switzerland What does a Zamboni do? Machine cleans ice hockey games What is the name of the cranial bone just above your ear? Temporal Who led the Soviets when they invaded Hungary in 1956? Nikita Khruschcev What tennis player made it to finals US open 8 times in 80s? Ivan Lendl What musical direction comes from the Italian meaning cheerful? Allegro What nationality was Fredrick Chopin? Polish Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm? Peace What book translates as My Struggle? Mein Kampf When a satellite closest to Earth its position is called what? Perigee In 1659 Massachusetts outlawed what? Christmas - it was illegal What can keep for up to 4 years if stored in a cool dark place? Standard Condoms What French relish sounds like a machine gun firing? Ratatouille Fundador is a potent brandy made in what country? Spain Who directed Serpico? Sidney Lumet Type of precious stone has a name literally means blue rock? Lapis Lazuli Middle ages it was believed birds picked mates what Saints day? 14th February Saint Valentine A Russian space programs name meant East what was it? Vostok Which Greek hero finally tamed Pegasus? Bellerophon What is the Western ( cowboy ) name for a motherless calf? Dogie The PH scale measures acid or alkali what's PH stand for? Potential of Hydrogen What character Tamed the Shrew in the Shakespeare play? Petrucchio

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In St Louis Missouri its illegal for a fireman to rescue who? Undressed women full dress only Casanova ate fifty each morning to increase potency 50 what? Oysters In sport what stands four feet by six feet? An Ice Hockey Net What name is given to the smallest type of liquor glass? Cordial What was Heindrich Himler's job before lead Gestapo in WW2? Chicken Farmer What author criticised evangelism in his novel Elmer Gantry? Sinclair Lewis What was the first man made object to leave the solar system? Pioneer 10 What holiday is called Head of the World in the Jewish faith? Rosh Hashanah What gemstone has a name literally meaning not intoxicated? Amethyst Who starred in Ceiling Zero as a pilot? James Cagney Italians often eat a whole what to cover garlicky breath? Coffee Bean What is the longest river in western Europe? The Volga In Oxford Ohio its illegal for a woman to disrobe where? Before a mans picture Celibate Egyptian priests were forbidden to eat what aphrodisiac? Onions What countries native name is Land of the long white cloud? Aoteraroa New Zealand Maori Who would you expect to see in the Leftorium? Ned Flanders shop The Simpson's The Italian for tail what comes at the end of a musical score? Coda Caesar Salad originated in which country? Mexico In Schulter Okalahoma illegal for towel wearing women do what? Gamble Bacardi and Carioca rums come from what country? Costa Rico In RKO movies what does RKO stand for? Radio Keith Orphium What golden yellow gem sounds like a fruit related to lemons? Citrine What country finally adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752? England What was the name of John Glens first orbiting craft? Friendship 7 The murder of Gonzago was performed in what Shakespeare play? Hamlet What's the collective noun for a group of gulls? Colony In astronomy what are rapidly rotating neutron stars called? Pulsars Nicknamed The Tiger who lead France at the end of WW1? George Clemenceau What microscopic animals name comes from Greek little Staff? Bacteria Goddess sprang full grown from the forehead of her father Zeus? Athena In Morrisville Pennsylvania women need permit to wear what? Cosmetics What are put into an omelette in a Hangtown Fry? Oysters What English brand of sherry is considered the King desert wine? Harvey's Bristol Cream Mickey Rooney made a series of films based on what family? Hardy family What gemstone was reputed to heal eye ailments? Emerald What Russian revolutionary founded Pravda? Leon Trotsky What country is ruled by King Hans Adam II? Liechtenstein In 1856 John C Freeman was the first what? Republican candidate US president What are ratite birds the only ones not to do? Fly In 1959 Able Baker first put out in space by USA what were A/B? Spider Monkeys According to Christian religion what happened at Epiphany? Wise men visited In South Carolina what's barred Fountain Inn without wear pants? Horses Who wrote The Poseidon Adventure? Paul Gallico V.O. and Pedigree whiskeys made by what Canadian company? Seagrams Noel Coward gave what director his start on In Which we Serve? David Lean How many spices are mixed in allspice? None it's single spice What was Richard Wagner's second Opera - idea during sea trip? The Flying Dutchman According to its name what major Italian city is the new city? Naples - short for Neopolis What is the only flag permitted to be flown over the US flag? United Nations Flag

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Where was Mark Twain born? Florida - Missouri What is the name of the ruling house of Monaco? Grimaldi The word Atom comes from the Greek meaning what? Indestructible From Memphis restaurants its illegal to take what away? Any Pie What gems name means sea water in Latin? Aquamarine Danish variety caraway flavoured liquor driest and most famous? Aquavit What Soviet leader seized control from Khrushchev in 1964? Leonid Brezhnev 1984 till died 1992 A primate called a Galago has what more common name? Bush Baby What Shakespeare King was killed at Pontefract Castle? King Richard III Name the Lieutenant Colonel who was first black US in space? Bluford What is a Shofar? Carved Rams Horn Jewish faith Who directed Spartacus and Lolita? Stanley Kubrick An Ounce whisky glass and a small keg what same name? Pony California Valley and a Chinese cabbage what word means both? Napa In the Simpsons who is the godfather of the Springfield mafia? Don Vittorio In Mesquite Texas its illegal for children to have what? Unusual Haircuts Who rode a horse called Phantom? Zorro Who sang the theme song in the Bond film For Your Eyes Only? Shena Easton What actor died during the filming of Gladiator? Oliver Reed Who would perform the Maha Mantra? Hari Krishnas Mould board Disc and Rotary are types of what? Plough In the US flamingos are only outnumbered by what similar thing? Plastic flamingos What's unusual about Ernest Vincent Wrights 50000 word novel? No letter E What film star role was played by over 48 different animals? Babe the Pig Collective nouns a Blessing of what animal group? Unicorn In New York where is it illegal to talk to a stranger? An Elevator The average one has 248 muscles in its head - what? Caterpillar In WW2 what linked members of the Caterpillar club? Life saved parachute What cartoon character was 5 foot 6 inches tall? Popeye What part of the body is most bitten by insects? The Foot In sport what is exactly 5 foot 8 inches off he ground? Bullseye on Dartboard An average person does it six times a day - what? Goes to bathroom What is the oldest known cultivated vegetable? The Pea Name Elvis Presley's twin brother? Aaron What causes an Iatrogenic illness? Doctors or treatment In Florida it's illegal for a single woman to do what on Sunday? Skydive Which French cheese is ripened in caves? Roquefort ewes milk Term literally jointed foot applies to insects spiders crabs? Arthropods In what European city was the first book in English published? Bruges - Belgium In what US state is the town of Maggie's Nipples? Wyoming The Musee de Orsay in Paris was originally what? Railway Station Meridian is a shade of what colour? Green In what country was John McEnroe born? Germany Who was offered and rejected the role of Indiana Jones? Tom Selleck too busy Juliet Gordon Low founded what in Savannah Georgia 1912? Girl Guides California illegal to shoot game from moving vehicle except? Whale Where is your Puricle? Space thumb extended forefinger What European country has no head of state? Switzerland

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Almonds - the nuts - are members of what general family? Peach Name the first US president to serve ice cream at state dinner? Thomas Jefferson What was pirate Captain Kidd's first name? William The cob nut is the fruit of what tree? Hazel The Rikkesmuseum is in what European city? Amsterdam A shark is the only fish that can do it - do what? Blink with both eyes same time In Italy what is Provolone? Smoked hard cheese Hartford Connecticut its illegal to do what to wife on Sunday? Kiss her Not obvious colours - what links orange silver purple? Can't rhyme in English The are 336 on a standard one 336 what on what? Dimples on a Golf Ball 90% of bird species are what? Monogamous In Yorkshire in 1872 what took 3 days to pass by? Swarm of Ladybirds In 1985 William Beckman paid no tax on £100000 profit why? William was a dog so cant pay tax 50% of the US annual rainfall falls in what month? April In what country would you dance The Sirtaki? Greece What is the common name for a birds Ventriculus? Gizzard Where on your body would you find your Rasceta? Creases on inside of wrist In Oregon it is illegal to wear what on clothing in public? The Number 69 What animal is in the hassen in hassenpfeffer? Hare or Rabbit What city in the USA has the fewest % of native born residents? Huston - Texas In some parts of China what is the Long Nosed General? Pigs - unlucky to mention pig What creature in nature is most sensitive to heat? Rattlesnake organs between eyes In London in 1985 a man was convicted of stealing two what? Crime Prevention Posters Who wrote The Last Picture Show? Larry McMurty Who was nicknamed The Bronx Bull? Jake LaMotta What male name comes from Greek meaning defender of men? Alexander 3 chemical elements most % human body O 65% C 18% and? Hydrogen 10% In Charleston by law carriage horses must have what? Diapers on A Polyorchid has at least three what? Testicles In 1963 what finally ended in Alaska? Mail by dog sled Who played the role of Miss Hannigan in the film Annie? Carol Burnett 3 countries on 2 continents Russia Turkey (Asia Europe) and? Egypt - Africa and Asia What kind of car was Kitt in Knight Rider? Pontiac Trans Am In the first voyager program who were the Maquis fighting? The Cardassians Who are Patience and Fortitude at New Yorks Public Library? Stone Lions Outside What happened to Laika first dog in space? Suffocated no air burned re-entry Tartuffo in Spain Kartoffel in Germany and Russia what is? Potato In Virginia its illegal for a man to do what to his wife? Pat her Derrieres What are male crabs known as? Jimmies What female name comes from the Greek for foreign woman? Barbara What is the oldest soft drink in the USA? Doctor Pepper Who or what could win a Golden Clio award? Advertising film If you were indulging in Sciomanchy what are you doing? Imaginary Combat What could an Australian win a Stanley for Cartooning Name Hopalong Cassidy's horse? Topper What food stuffs name come from the Italian for Pick me Up? Tiramisu A Librocuricularist does what in bed? Read In Seattle women can get six months for doing what to men? Sit on lap bus/train without pillow

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Two villains first appear in Batman Comics 1 - Joker and who? Cat - Later called Catwoman In Astrology what is the ruling planet of communication? Mercury What singer sang the song Spank Me? Madonna In what state did the 1862 Sioux uprising start? Minnesota In 1988 there was a shortage of what exotic food fish? Swordfish What male name comes from Greek meaning lover of horses? Phillip If you suffered from a luxating patella what wrong with you? Moving Kneecap Musashi was the first Japanese to use two what simultaneously? Swords - famous for it White ribbed red cabbage is named from Italian for Chicory? Radicchio In Wyoming its illegal for women to stand within 5 feet of what? Bar when drinking Someone who dibbles is drinking like what? A Duck George Armstrong Custer was court martialed in 1867 for what? Hit a fellow officer Name the Australian film about the pianist Halstadt? Shine What is a Characin? Small Fish What actor began his career doing Doctor Pepper commercials? Bruce Willis In cookery a ganache is made from cream and what? Chocolate What kind of car was the General Lee in Dukes of Hazard? Dodge Charger What male name comes from the German meaning army rule? Harold What spice is essential in a New England Clam Chowder? Thyme In West Virginia its illegal to snooze where? On a train In SF California by law what is guaranteed to the masses? Sunshine In Star Trek what is the name of Spock's father? Sarek What company produces Olympia beer? Miller in USA What vegetable is found in the dish chicken divan? Broccoli In what country is the car model the Treka produced? New Zealand Whose slogan was plop plop fizz fizz? Alka Seltzer What actor is the spokesman for the National Rifle Association? Charlton Heston What would you find on Pink Sheets? Bid Asked prices OTC stocks Name the first web browser publicly available? NCSA Mosaic In Kansas the law prohibits shooting rabbits from where? A Motorboat In MASH who planted the vegetable garden? Father Mulcahy Dragon Stout is brewed in what city / country? Kingston Jamaica What company introduced the first commercial minicomputer 65? DEC What was Mae West sent to the workhouse for in 1926? Writing starring in play called sex Aurore Dupin born 1804 changed her name what 19th cent author? George Sand What was the name of Juliet's cousin killed by Benvolio in R+J? Tynbalt Jockey / Author Dick Francis what injury on his wedding day? Broken collar bone Mary Kelly was the last known who? Victim Jack Ripper Name the person who caused Chicago kids to get school milk? Al Capone In New York by law the death penalty is required for what act? Jumping off a building In the Superman comics name the shrunken city in a bottle? Kandor What beer is represented by a goat? Bocks Beer What fish is known as poor mans lobster? Monk Fish What movie actor was (among other jobs) a bridge painter? Paul Hogan What was the most commonly occurring name on the internet? Bill Clinton What astrological star sign covers July 24 - August 23? Leo What song is about a sheep stealing suicide? Waltzing Matilda Who wrote The Screwtape Letters? C S Lewis Name first car model with transverse engine front wheel drive? Austin Mini

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In Texas its illegal to shoot a buffalo from where? Hotel second story In the Flintstones Dino was Fred's pet who was Barnie's? Hoppy Ouagodougou is the capitol of what country? Bakina Faso Roy Rogers girlfriend Dale Evans rode what named horse? Buttermilk Goyanthlay (one who yawns) famed under what Mexican name? Geronimo What does the initials NMT on a prescription mean? Not More Than usually narcotics What is the world tallest horse? Shire Horse In WW2 the Germans launched operation Bernhard - what? Counterfeit British notes What is the ruling planet of the astrological sign Taurus? Venus What bird lays the largest clutch of eggs? The Grey Partridge up to 16 In Texas by law criminals must give their victims what? 24 hours advance written notice On ER what is the character name of Mark Greens daughter? Rachel What Zimbabwe beer is named after a river? Zambezi In what part of New York did the Great Gatsby live? West Egg Name Merlin's owl in Disney's Sword in the Stone? Archimedes Jerry Yang and David Filo created what? Yahoo Who was the leader of the notorious Gambino Mafia family? John Gotti Name William Shakespeare son? Hamnet What is Barbara Streisands middle name? Joan What is Carambola? Starfruit In Thailand its illegal to step on what? Nation's Currency In Lynch Heights Delaware its illegal to do what in an airplane? Sneeze Victor Buono played what Batman villain in the original series? King Tut What Ferrari model was named after the makers son? Ferrari Dino Actor was known as Singing Sandy (dubbed) early in career? John Wayne A Stag with 12 point antlers is known as a what? Royal In what state was the largest cavalry battle in the civil war? Virginia Brandy Station 20000 men In the Bible Jesus walked on water who else did this? St Peter - to Jesus from boat What was Motowns biggest hit in 1968? Heard it through the Grapevine The Kung San people live in what area of Africa? Kalahari Desert in Botswana What is the most popular Mexican beer in the USA? Corona In Kansas its illegal to eat what on Sunday? Snakes Beverly Hillbillies what did Jethro get Jed for his birthday? Electric Pencil sharpener Whose cusine would offer you Leberkas? German it's liver Where did Hamlet send his girlfriend Ophelia? A Nunnery What was the police chiefs name in the first two Jaws films? Martin Brody What group sang about a Suicide Blonde? INXS What African country gained independence in 1980? Zimbabwe Where were the 1964 winter Olympics held? Innsbruck Austria In Sioux language the Paha-sapa is what place? Black Hills - Dakota What Wimbledon finalist (loser 1879) murdered his wife? St Leger Gould In Topeka Kansas its illegal to install what in your house? Bathtubs Simpson's what was Homers nickname as baseball team mascot? Dancing Homer What companies cars are nicknamed mopars? Chrysler Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind was born where? Charleston The King Cobra is the only snake that does what? Builds a Nest What does a hotwalker do? Walks a hot racehorse In what county did the Aryan race originate? India

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What 80s band had a hit with Tainted Love? Soft-Cell What is a Texas Ruby Red? Grapefruit What is used to flavour Kriek Belgian beer? Cherries In Halstead Kansas doing what is illegal at the airport? Walking and loud burping In Life of Brian what name does Stan want to be known as now? Loretta "Its all Greek to me" comes from what Shakespeare play? Julius Caesar What was the name of the high school in the movie Grease? Rydell In what city was the first playboy club opened in 1960? Chicago In the Bible in what city did Jesus perform his first miracle? Cana - John 2:1.11 Water into wine What was the Mark Twain in WW2? A Bombsight Charcarodon Carcharias is the Latin name for what creature? Great White Shark If a prescription said b.i.d. what would it mean? Twice Daily What Indian tribe did the army most often use as scouts? Crow In Brockton Mass you must have a licence to enter where? Towns Sewers Happy Days was a spin off from what US TV show? Love American Style What river in Africa carries the most water? Congo - Zaire HG Wells invisible man had what physical oddity? Albino Who was known as The King of Pop? Michael Jackson Measure for Measure deals with what contemporary theme? Angelo harasses Isabella sexually Where is the base city for Porsche cars? Stuttgart Germany What is Gohan? Japanese Rice What does Mit Hefe on a German beer bottle mean? With Yeast In Detroit wilfully destroying your old what is illegal? Radio In Montreal you cannot park a car blocking what? Your own driveway What US city hosted the final of the 1994 football world cup? Pasadena Dr David Hessian 2nd Catherine Cookson what type his books? Gardening In Indian cookery what dish literally translates as Red Juice? Rogan Josh Sol Sacs created what classic US TV show of the 60s 70s? Bewitched Who was the first president to be televised? F D Roosevelt Worlds Fair 1939 What's the more common name of the thyroid cartilage? Adams Apple Adolph Hitler had a phobia - what? Claustrophobia How did Karmuala Searlel - an early Tarzan die? Mauled by Elephant In Guelph Ontario a by-law makes what illegal in the city? Peeing A no Pee zone What links Paul and Ringo in the Beatles? Left Handed A Chinese eunuch invented what in the second century? Paper Hannibal had only one what? Eye after Rome attack A mature Japanese sea squirt eats what? It's own Brain Collective nouns - what's a group of donkeys? A Herd What bird can see the colour blue? An Owl Construction hard hats were first used on what project in 1933? Hoover Dam In Victoria Australia by law only electricians may do what? Change a lightbulb Rudolf Rasendil is the hero of what novel and film? The Prisoner of Zenda Beijing drivers fined 40 Yuan doing what at pedestrian crossing? Stopping its illegal All US presidents have worn what? Glasses - not in public Holiday resort of Marmaris is in what country? Turkey The White House has 13092 of them - what? Knives forks and spoons Lil'folkes was the original name of what comic strip? Peanuts Where on your body are the most sweat glands? Feet

426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472.

What's the most popular name for a female pet cat? Samantha Kangaroos and Emus can't do what? Walk backwards Dan Emmett a northerner wrote which song? Dixie What's the correct name for a male turkey? Tom In Denmark there is a 20 Kroner fine for not reporting what? Your own or anyone else's death Pennsylvania was the first colony to legalise what? Witchcraft Ignoring obvious what links Jupiter Neptune Uranus and Saturn? All have Rings Two most commonly sold items in stores are sodas and what? Breakfast Cereals Your eyeballs are 3.5% what? Salt Rafflesia flowers smell like what to attract pollinators? Rotting Meat Where would you find an ideo locator? Map - You are here arrow Why did Ghengis Khans soldier ride female horses? To drink their milk G Roddenbery Star Trek 2 radical ideas Spock's Ears and what? Woman second in Command What country had three presidents - in the same day? Mexico In England it is specifically illegal to be drunk where? In a pub What mammal has hair - on the soles of its feet? Polar Bear Harvard University was originally called what? Cambridge Harvard gave 400 books There are 300 distinct different types of what food? Honey The are 16 of these on a dollar bill - 16 what? Number One What is the coldest capital city in the world? Ulan Bator Mongolia Janette Rankin in 1917 first to do what? Woman elected to Congress The average person in a lifetime grows 7 foot of what? Nose Hair Hotfoot Teddy was the original name of what icon? Smokey the Bear Victoria Australia law illegal wear pink what after noon Sunday? Pink Hot Pants Collective nouns - a tribe or trip of what? Goats England its illegal for a lady do what on a public conveyance? Eat Chocolates What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial? South Africa The human bodies got 45 miles of them - what? Nerves The Best or Nothing is the motto of what company? Mercedes-Bentz Johnny Depp is afraid of what? Clowns Samuel Morse the inventor was originally what till he was 46? Portrait Painter What dog has the best eyesight? Greyhound Who cut the US flag to pieces and was honoured for it? Robert Peary left bits at North Pole A Vexilliologist is an expert in what? The history of flags England its illegal for a boy under 10 to see a naked what? Mannequin What is banned by public schools in San Diego? Hypnotism Unusual words - What's the only word 4 double letters in a row? Bookkeeppers In Tokyo there is a restaurant restricted to who? Dogs The average person does it 17 times a day - what? Laugh What is the most common sexual fantasy act? Oral Sex The Eggplant is part of what family of plants? Thistle What Canadian province has been virtually rat free since 1905? Alberta What ancient languages writing has no spaces between words? Ancient Greek Collective nouns - a group of swans are called what? A Bevy In England placing what upside down is considered treason? A Postage stamp Monarchs head Duffel bags were made in Duffel - what country? Belgium What happened French President Fronsois Faure on dying 1899? Whore contracted so had to cut off penis 473. Born Aug 24 to Sept 23 what star sign? Virgo

474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520.

In Star Trek who would go to Sha Ka Ree? Vulcans it's heaven What makes Kirminski church in Finland unique? World biggest wooden church January in the USA is National what month? Soup Name the Monkeys only film made in 1969? Head What was French frigate Isere's most famous cargo? Statue of Liberty 56% of men have had sex where? At Work In Scotland its illegal to be drunk in possession of what? A Cow Where does the dollar sign come from? U on S bottom U dropped out $ They are only found in Lake Nicaragua - what are? Fresh water sharks The Chinese only do it every 10 years what? Celebrate Birthdays Roschfort was a baddie in what book and (many) film versions? The Three Musketeers James Doohan became famous playing what character? Montgomery Scott Name Popeye's hungry friend? J Wellington Wimpy Countries name means Place where one struggles with God? Israel November 18th is who's birthday? Mickey Mouse 16th century where the most fashionable place to wear a ribbon? Pomaded grown female pubic hair In Singapore you can be fined 10% of income for not doing what? Flushing public toilet What country is the world leader in Cobalt Mining? Zaire What is the national religion of Scotland? Presbyterianism The average West German does it every seven days - what? Changes washes underwear How did Lavan in Utah get its name? Its Naval backwards middle of Utah What should be done with a used worn out flag? Burned Small country has more 1000 dialects and two official languages? Philippines What was the first daily comic strip in the USA? Mutt and Jeff Review This show suspends all belief it will never work what? Original Star Trek What's the most popular name for a male pet cat? Tiger In South Korea traffic police must report what? Tourists bribes taken Elkhart Indiana it's illegal for barber to threaten to do what? Cut off youngsters ears George Bush removed what from the White House menus? Broccoli In 1907 who was first English writer win Nobel prize literature? Rudyard Kipling Name the science fiction writer who lives in Sri Lanka? Arthur C Clark What pop group were dedicated followers of fashion? The Kinks CaCo3 is the chemical formula of what common item? Calcium Carbonate Chalk Name Elvis Presley's father? Vernon Presley In what novel does Dr Hannibal Lecter first appear? Red Dragon The Ionian islands are nearest what country? Greece In Portsmouth Ohio who does the law rank with vagrants thieves? Baseball Players suspicious chars In WWW terms what does i.e. mean on a domain name? Ireland Seawood's Folly is better known as what today? Alaska What is a Roastchaffer? A Beetle What Pope started the Inquisition? Gregory 9th Ecuador was named after who / what? The Equator Liza Minelli played what character in Cabaret? Sally Bowles Who wrote the scripts for Hill street Blues? Steven Bochco What European language is unrelated to any other language? Basque In the 70s The Bahamas gained independence from who? Great Britain Kentucky people wearing what on streets get police protection? Bathing Suits

521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. 530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569.

In what country did bongo drums originate? Cuba Stewart Goddard changed his name to become what pop hit? Adam Ant What's the main feature of a Chong Sang skirt? Split up side The Davis Strait lies between Canada and where? Greenland Henri Charrier is better known by what nickname? Papillion The Butterfly What fashion designer is credited with the Bob hairstyle? Mary Quant Melba sauce is made from what fruit? Raspberries Who was with Macbeth when he met the witches? Banquo Children take SATs what does SAT stand for? Standard assessment tasks Winston-Salem N Carolina its illegal under 7 year olds do what? Go to College A lion and a sword appear on what countries flag? Sri Lanka A carbonade is a dish that must contain what? Beer What company owns Rolls Royce motors? Volkswagen What was Oscar Wilde's only novel? The picture of Dorian Grey What writer lived at hilltop near Hawkshead now museum to her? Beartrix Potter French artist Edward Degas noted for what particular subject? Ballet Dancers Who is the Greek God of the sky and the universe? Uranus Collective nouns - a Dule of what? Doves The pharaoh hound is the only dog that does what? Blushes - Nose and ears redden Blue Earth Minnesota illegal under 12s do what without parent? Talk on Telephone Fallstaff first appears in what Shakespeare play? Henry IV part 1 What is a roker? A foot long ruler A vestiphobe is afraid of what? Wearing Clothes In what film would you find The Orgasmitron? Woody Alan's Sleeper Racing driver James Hunts nickname was Hunt the what? Shunt In 1906 the John Gable Entertainer was the first what? Juke Box In the food industry what is TVP - i.e. what's it stand for? Textured Vegetable Protein Who wrote the book Coma? Robin Cook What country designed and developed the bayonet? France In Massachusetts its illegal to put what in clam chowder? Tomatoes Collective nouns - A Descent of what creatures? Woodpeckers What's the words most popular brand of malt whisky? Glenfiddich Prospective Italian grave diggers have to take what test? Exhume - dig up a body Who was the lead singer in Herman's Hermits? Peter Noone According to Elvis Presley who / what was Little Elvis? His Dick or Penis In US Emergency rooms what toy is often found in rectums? Barbie most common doll up ass What is Calvados? Apple Brandy Who first appeared on TV December 17th 1989? The Simpsons Episode 1 in USA Turf Stone and Hedge are all types of what? Mazes Seattle ordinance says goldfish in bowls must do what in buses? Stay still - not move What animals are likely to die first from global warming? Polar Bears In the film Tommy who played The Acid Queen? Tina Turner What is a goat sucker? A Bird Where would you find the Spanish steps? Rome Five named Beatles on Abbey Road cover J P G R and who? Volkswagen Bennie Hills Ernie fastest milkman in the west - name his horse? Trigger How did Van Gogh dispose of his ear? Gave it to prostitute According to survey what European country has the vainest men? Britain Who would spin a Gob on their nose end? Glassblower

570. 571. 572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581. 582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587. 588. 589. 590. 591. 592. 593. 594. 595. 596. 597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618.

In Albany New York what's it illegal to do in the streets? Play Golf Collective nouns - What are a group of greyhounds called? A Leash Who first played Flash Gordon on film? Buster Crabbe What basic skill is lacking in most Royal Navy entrants? They cannot swim What common word comes from Knights after the Crusades? Freelance What was the most valuable thing ever stolen? The Mona Lisa The Intelligent whale was the nickname of an early what? Submarine What Welsh singer used to work as a condom tester? Shirley Bassey What speed record has remained unbroken since 1938? Steam Train - Mallard The annual Hackademy awards are given for what? Smoking in films Idaho Falls Idaho its illegal for over 88 year olds to do what? Ride a motorcycle Old times mid eastern women swallowed what as contraceptive? Foam from camels mouth Who narrated Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds? Richard Burton What was invented 1963 150 billion made since? Ring Pulls on cans not cans What used to be caught in a fanny trap? Foxes Mid ages fem fox nick fanny What toy was first launched as The Magic Screen? Etch - A - Sketch Originally a Toss Pot did a lot of what? Drinking - Alcohol Amanda by the Sea was a US version of what UK comedy show? Faulty Towers A is Alpha is the international alphabet but A used to be what? Able According to psychologists the happiest people watch what TV? Soap Operas In Tampa Bay Florida its illegal who who/what to leave ships? Rats Men women compete 3 Olympic sports Equestrian Shooting? Yachting If you were Cock Throppling what you be doing? Bending a horses windpipe What animal has the best hearing? Bats In what film did Mary Poppins - Julie Andrews bare her nipples? S.O.B. A Scatologist studies what? Excrement Crap - Shit How was Tristram Shandy (fictional character) circumcised? A Sash window fell on it Men must toss what at least 3 times during Olneys Great Race? A Pancake What have men played with for longer than anything else? Dice Collective nouns - A Down or Husk of what animals? Hares In Urbana Illinois its illegal for who/what to enter the city limits? A Monster In Russia by law the homeless must be where after 10pm? At Home Name the racehorse decapitated in the Godfather? Khartoum In the opera Tosca what was Tosca's profession? Opera Singer Where will the 2002 Winter Olympics be held? Salt Lake - USA What is the US equivalent of the UK Anglican church? Episcopalian Paper Porter Dresser Mud Dauber types of what? Wasp In the theatre what do the initials FOH stand for? Front of House Name Irelands oldest licensed whiskey distillery? Bushmills Name the capitol of Libya? Tripoli In New Jersey 1879 stopping a constable doing what $25 fine? Catching a runaway goat What links Mozart's Don Giovanni and Bizet's Carmen location? Set in Seville in Spain West End Girls was the debut hit for what pop duo in the 80s? Pet shop boys Who sculpted the four lions in Trafalgar Square? Sir Edwin Landseer In what modern country is mount Ararat? Turkey Walter Gropius founded what art / design movement? Bauerhus in Germany Elizabeth Bennett is the central character in what novel? Pride and Prejudice What are Ingrid Marie and Blushing Golden? Varieties of Apple Edward Ricardo Braithwait wrote what novel? To Sir with Love

619. 620. 621. 622. 623. 624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. 636. 637. 638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645. 646. 647. 648. 649. 650. 651. 652. 653. 654. 655. 656. 657. 658. 659. 660. 661. 662. 663. 664. 665. 666. 667.

Who was the court portrait painter of Henry the Eighth? Hans Holbein In Massachusetts by law bars cannot offer what? Happy hours In 1887 who solved his first case? Sherlock Holmes In the 19th century what was known as inheritance powder? Arsenic as a poison What did model manufacturers Airfix first make? Plastic Combs In what TV series did we meet Admiral Nelson? Voyage to the bottom of the sea How would you feel if you were forswanked? It means very tired What kind of wood is used on Rolls Royce dashboards? Walnut In the rhyme who married The Owl and the Pussycat? The Turkey Which US actor woke up when a elephant crapped on his head? William Shatner In Cornwall where would you find two legged knockers? Tin Mines goblins North Carolina $50 fine having what furniture on front porch? Upholstered What would you do with a blue willie? Raise it - it's a flag USSR saying No ugly women in world just shortage of what? Vodka What two things are used to stuff a welshman? Cheese Leek pastie In Old England what would you do with your titties? Its an old word for Sisters What creature has seven penises assorted shapes sizes? Cockroach What English king was killed with a red hot poker up his arse? Edward 2nd Parachutes were invented for what use? Fire escapes people jump What colour is puke? Dark Green What is the most commonly prosecuted illegal act? Speeding In Florida it's illegal to molest what? A Trash Can In Old English what kind of person often had a 'shite'? Gossip - phrase Chit Chat from it If the vestal virgins were caught having sex what punishment? Burried Alive What act do the French call The English Perversion? Whipping Flagellation What cartoon characters first name is Quincy? Mr Magoo In USA by law only 2 paid services limited to one sex - what? Sperm Doner Wet Nurse In the olden days what would you put in a large Bosom? Clothes - it's a chest What activity is featured in the magazine Winkers World? Tiddlywinks In the Terminator film who was the boy who would be the leader? John Conner mother Sarah Leather Apron was an alternative name for what famous figure? Jack the Ripper In Wisconsin by law you must carry fire insurance on what? A Jet Ski English law males should do it 2 hours week watched by vicar? Archery Practice 1836 Mr Gray a gasfitter 10 years penal servitude stealing what? One Rabbit What does a Belly Man do for a living? A Piano Tuner In parts of Siberia wives threw what at men to show wanted sex? Worms or slugs What animal has the most taste buds over 27000? Catfish What is sometimes nicknamed Adams Profession? Gardener Until 1955 in England you needed a licence to take what on road? Lawn Mower Who is known in Argentina as The Filthy Satanic Whore? Madonna In what European country are the villages Vomitville,Fukking? Austria A Illinois law prohibit men from doing what in public? Having an erection According to a survey what people have the most hated job in UK? Double Glazing Salesmen Idi Amin of Uganda excelled at what sport? Rugby In a poll newlyweds spend most time on honeymoon doing what? Arguing or Fighting What profession makes regular use of vibrators? Potters - remove air from clay What was used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1971? Tie Break System What part of the body ages the fastest? The Hands Mr Doberman developed the breed protection at work - what job? Tax Collector

668. Elvis Presley Adolf Hitler Errol Flynn all had what kinky habit? Peeping Toms 669. Apart from drinks what used to be stored in pub cellars? Corpses - cold place 670. In Memphis Tennessee beggars must have what before begging? A $10 begging licence 1996 law 671. How do you catch a Phart? With a net it's a fish 672. What can be rigid, semi-rigid, or non-rigid? Airships 673. A Capriphiliac has sex with who or what? Goats 674. What was The King of Trains and The Train of Kings? The Orient Express 675. Who used to do naked cartwheels to amuse the English settlers? Pocahontas 676. In brewing what do the initials OG stand for? Original Gravity 677. What sport can take place on sand ice or water? Wind Surfing 678. Florence Nightingale took what cos she was around young men? Bromide 679. The sweetener saccharin is made from what? Coal Tar 680. In Maryland its illegal to frighten who or what? A Pigeon 681. What is the word Taxi short for? Taximeter 682. 56% of men cannot tell you the colour of what in their house? Vacuum Cleaner 683. Sportsman are most likely to get diseased anuses / rectum? Water Skiers 684. After death what bit Walter Raleigh did his wife carry around? His Head 685. What kind of person would have had a twat on? A Nun part of habit 686. The character Marion Crane died in what film? Psycho in the shower 687. 16th century husband had to stop doing what to wives after 10pm? Beating Them 688. What company was the first to mass produce watches in 1893? Ingersoll - sold $1 each then 689. 48 extras from what Oscar win film died within a year making it? Babe - all pigs 690. In Tennessee age of consent is at 16 unless the girl is what? A Virgin then its 12? 691. James Edgar in 1890 was the worlds first store what? Santa Clause 692. What is the correct name for a male red deer? Hart 693. In what country were Trabant cars made? East Germany 694. P L Travers created which famous character? Mary Poppins 695. Olympic athletic event is there no official world record? Marathon same distance diff courses 696. RCA and what other company launched the first vinyl records? Columbia 697. Excluding cars what the most commonly used 4 wheel devices? Supermarket Trolleys 698. Where on a woman is her J spot? Nape of the neck 699. In 17th century if you got Xmas clap what have you been given? A Kiss under Mistletoe 700. Indiana smoking banned in the legislature building except when? Building is open being used 701. In Bexley Ohio its illegal to put what in an outhouse? Slot Machines 702. Well known phrase Mad as a Hatter - but what made them mad? Mercury Poisoning 703. Pluto Greek god of the underworld - what was Plutus god of? Wealth 704. Victoria was not Queen Victoria's first name - what was? Alexandrina 705. Indoors 6 players a side outdoors numbers vary what sport? Volleyball 706. Scapegoat meaning blame taker comes from what religion? Jewish Yom Kippur 707. What is the correct name for a dandelion seed ball? A Clock 708. Dianne Fossy the naturalist is famed working with what animals? Gorillas 709. In musical notation there are five lines in a what? Stave 710. Silverwood Michigan its illegal to kill what using your hands? A Bear to impress a girl 711. What is the correct name for the flower the Michaelmass Daisy? Aster 712. Round, flat, filbert or sword types / shapes of what tool? Paintbrush 713. Who wrote the novel The Seventh Scroll? Wilber Smith 714. The song Mack the Knife comes from what stage show? Threepenny Opera 715. Johnny Rotten describe sex as five minutes of what? Squelching

716. 717. 718. 719. 720. 721. 722. 723. 724. 725. 726. 727. 728. 729. 730. 731. 732. 733. 734. 735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. 741. 742. 743. 744. 745. 746. 747. 748. 749. 750. 751. 752. 753. 754. 755. 756. 757. 758. 759. 760. 761. 762. 763. 764.

An Arizona prostitutes organisation is called TWATS meaning? Tucson Whores and Tricks An elephants penis is shaped like what? Letter S Where the worlds first air raid in 1849 from hot air balloons? Venice What is a Rocky mountain canary? A Donkey In Haifa Israel its illegal to take what to the beach? A Bear In medicine what is nicknamed a blue pipe? A Vein What did Farters collect? Pigs - its an old English word Psychologists say men who prefer small breasts what mentally? Depressed What country had the first banknotes? Sweden China paper money not banknotes A Blue Tits breast is what colour? Yellow What sport was called The Royal Sport? Cock Fighting What British author was offered £250000 to write book of ET? Jeffrey Archer If you were given a French Gobelin what would you have had? A Tapestry What cities underground has the most stations? New York Lang Kansas illegal ride a donkey in public unless it has what? A Straw hat on What creature make the loudest noise - 188 decibels? Blue Whale What gets nine inches longer when its up? Concord by heat expansion What was Lady Chatterlys first name? Constance Enid Blyton character name changed to white beard for Politicaly Correct USA? Big Ears Mans formal dress coat called tails is named after what bird? Swallow Christine Jorgensen in 1952 was the worlds first what? Sex Change Operation Name the first chocolate bar created by Forest Mars in 1923? Milky Way In the poem who dug cock robins grave? Owl with his trowel In what athletic event is it illegal to carry weights? Long Jump In Arkansas a man can only do what legally once a month? Beat his wife The fish eating bulldog is what type of creature? A Bat What has been called The most unnatural of all perversions? Celibacy What are the most commonly ordered item from sex catalogues? Novelty Condoms What creature will only mate if the females mouth is full? Spiders Knickerbockers used to be the residents of where? New York What is the name for a chicken less than one year old? A Pullet British playwright wrote the screenplay for The French Lt Woman? Harold Pinter What explorer wrote the history of the word in prison in 1600s? Sir Walter Raleigh British king was known to family friends as David his last name? King Edward the 8th At the Alamo its illegal to drop what nut shells on the ground? Pecan In Brookings South Dakota its illegal for a cat to live where? In a dogs house if dogs there What police resource was first used in the Jack the Ripper case? Bloodhounds The Algarve is in what country? Portugal The term red herring comes from what activity? Foxhunting The Egyptian god Horus had the head of what creature? Falcon In 1964 who was the first non royal to appear on a UK stamp? William Shakespeare Name the Hong Kong stock exchange? Hang Seng In what city was Mozart born? Saltzberg Margaret Thatcher day is 10th January in what area? Falklands Islands Buckroe Beach Virginia illegal put what in someone's swimsuit? A Dead Fish What is a bandy bandy? A Snake What did Brian Epstein manage before the Beatles? A Record Shop What was Bogart's full characters name in Casablanca? Rick Blain What fruit is used to flavour Southern Comfort? Peach

765. 766. 767. 768. 769. 770. 771. 772. 773. 774. 775. 776. 777. 778. 779. 780. 781. 782. 783. 784. 785. 786. 787. 788. 789. 790. 791. 792. 793. 794. 795. 796. 797. 798. 799. 800. 801. 802. 803. 804. 805. 806. 807. 808. 809. 810. 811. 812.

What 70s pop group was originally called The Engaged Couples? Abba St Snithney is the patron saint of what? Mad Dogs What would you do with a soft cock? Wear it - it's a wig What is Warren Beatty's first name? Henry What is the fastest creature raced for sport? Pigeon Jones Chapel Alabama illegal guy take gal where till 4th date? Horseback Riding What is a Cattalo? Buffalo and cow cross US Pres mom said Looking at my children wish I'd stayed virgin? Jimmy Carter Name Lancashire town first test tube baby born? Oldham The New Testament originally written in what language? Greek What would you do with a Romeo's Rouser? Drink it - its a real ale Where did Cajun music originate? Louisiana 1727 Helen Morris put in asylum for putting what in a newspaper? Lonely Hearts Advert Grolsch lager comes from what country? Holland Who wrote the Savoy Operas? Gilbert and Sullivan In Okalahoma City its illegal for a prisoner to wear what? Pink Bikini Underwear Steven the 1st founded what country in 1000 ad? Hungary What was originally called Eskimo Pie? Chocolate Ices Cab is a shortened version of what word? Cabriolet If silence is golden what is silver? Speech What queen banned mirrors as she got older? Elizabeth 1st Starts with F ends with K if you cant get one you use your hand? Fork What is the main ingredient of an edible faggot? Liver What is the only Christian country in Asia? The Philippines In Christian myth man was created from dust what in Islam? Clots of Blood In Bristol Rhode Island its illegal to smoke during what event? Public Hanging in the town square 13th century Paris brothels were the first to have what? Red Lights In what country did Bridge originate? Turkey A snake has two penises but only one what other organ? Lung Canaan Banana was the first president of where? Zimbabwe What hairs are the last to lose their colour with age? Eyelashes Ignoring obvious what links Venus and Mercury? No Moons In golf what is the penalty for playing with opponents ball? Two strokes added on What insect in Spain is known as La Cucaracha? The Cockroach In what country was Che Guevara born? Argentina In Kansas City its illegal to what with more than 12 potatoes? Juggle with them In Texas it's illegal for what profession to be communists? Pharmacists The Black Death came to England from what port? Calais Which coin weighs exactly one Troy ounce? Krugerrand The Perils of Penelope and Dastardly and Mutley spin offs what? Wacky Races The Mantu and Heath tests check for what infectious disease? Tuberculosis Which US state has a buffalo or bison on its flag? Wyoming What would you do with a nan prick in Thailand? Eat it - It's a hot sauce In 1895 the world's first disposable item made - what was it? Razor Blade King Camp Gillette In Odessa Texas Star of David and Peace symbol are what? Banned satanic symbols Porn star Candida Royale was named after what? A vaginal yeast infection The Brownies ( junior Girl Guides) used to be named what? The Rosebuds Brass is an alloy of copper and what? Zinc

813. 814. 815. 816. 817. 818. 819. 820. 821. 822. 823. 824. 825. 826. 827. 828. 829. 830. 831. 832. 833. 834. 835. 836. 837. 838. 839. 840. 841. 842. 843. 844. 845. 846. 847. 848. 849. 850. 851. 852. 853. 854. 855. 856. 857. 858. 859.

R D Blackmore wrote which classic novel? Lorna Doone In what country was Greenpeace founded in 1971? Canada In squash what colour dot indicates the slowest ball used? Yellow A statue of Lady Godiva stands in the centre which English city? Coventry Eddie Irvine contracted to drive for which car company in 2001? Jaguar The Bazuki is a traditional musical instrument of what country? Greece The word athletics comes from the Greek athlos meaning what? Contest Aphallatosis is a mental disorder caused by the lack of what? Sex life Jeri Ryan plays what character in the Star Trek series? Seven of nine in Voyager In 1925 the worlds first what opened Luis Obispo California? Motel - Called Motel Inn Norma Talmage in 1927 made the first - the first what? Footprints concrete Grumman theatre According 1890s doctors women eat mustard vinegar do what? Masturbate too much What countries language is Magyar? Hungary Where is your zygomatic bone? Cheek What item used in offices was voted the product of the century? The Paperclip What is named after Dr Ernest Grafenberg? The G spot The horned dinosaur Torosaurus had the biggest what on land? Head - Skull nine feet long US IRS manual gives the plan for collecting taxes after what? Nuclear War Where was the worlds first supermarket built (country)? France Bubba is Yiddish for what? Grandma In the USA where would you see a crossbuck? X sign on railroad crossing Los Pedernales is a Spanish translation what TV show? The Flintstones Palas is the correct name for what playing card? Queen of spades According to Hite report masturbating women like to use what? Candles Collective nouns - a spring of what? Pheasants Cous-cous is Iranian for what? Vagina Brings your ancestors back to life - translated advert for what? Come alive with Pepsi - in China A doromaniac had a compulsion to do what? Give gifts Skokie Illinois St Paul Minnesota what official instrument? Accordion A temple in Sri-Lanka is dedicated to what? Buddha's tooth Church law once mandated death for believing in what? A vacuum The Phoenician symbol for mouth is now what letter of alphabet? P theirs was Pe What US city buys the most blond hair dye? Dallas Texas Name two self cleaning organs? Eye Vagina What cities gothic cathedral started 1386 was completed 1805? Milan Who wrote the series of Palisair novels? Anthony Trollop Alcoholics get the DTs what does it stand for? Delirium Tremens Flying fish is the national dish of which country? Barbados Dr Susan Lark recommend what cure for menstrual cramps? Orgasm increased blood flow helps Bunc was the first name for what product? Coffee 200 years ago all white people knew what were deadly poison? Tomatoes In East Anglia England what put in house walls to ward off evil? Mummified Cats The Greek word meaning The writings of prostitutes now what? Pornography According to the ancient Chinese what cures headaches? Swinging your arms In 1904 May Sutton Brandy was the first US woman to do what? Win Wimbledon singles All American umpires wear what? Black underwear Texans consume 40% of farm grown what in the USA? Catfish

860. 861. 862. 863. 864. 865. 866. 867. 868. 869. 870. 871. 872. 873. 874. 875. 876. 877. 878. 879. 880. 881. 882. 883. 884. 885. 886. 887. 888. 889. 890. 891. 892. 893. 894. 895. 896. 897. 898. 899. 900. 901. 902. 903. 904. 905. 906. 907.

Most of these animals are bisexual - what animal? Giraffe People answered the first telephones by saying what? Ahoy there St Boniface is the Saint of what? Sodomy Frass is the correct word for what? Insect faces - bug shit What is the fastest growing religion in Ireland? Buddhism One person in Texas is killed annually doing what? Painting road lines Bob Dylan said you should never trust anyone what? Over 30 Rocket USA is going to produce a wind up doll what figure 2002? Homer Simpson What body of water separates Australia and Papua New Guinea? Torres Strait George Washington Thomas Jefferson Sam Adams all did what? Brewed own beer In California more what are raised than in any other state? Turkeys Hebrew comes from a Babylonian word meaning what? Vagrant Ejaculation comes from the Latin meaning what? Throwing Out A cat is feline but what's leporine? Rabbit In some religions mistletoe represents God's what? Testicles - balls to you Patricia McCormick became USA first what January 20th 1957? Bullfighter Ciudad Juarez Mexico 1894 Orville Gibson started worlds oldest company make what? Electric Guitars What country has the lowest teen pregnancy rate Western world? Netherlands What shop outnumbers MacDonald's 3 to 1 in the USA? Adult Bookshops Corie Ten Boom was the first licensed female what in Holland? Watchmaker The first what was installed in Antarctica in 1997? ATM cash point machine In 1897 who were the first baseball team introduce a ladies day? Washington Senators The President of Gabon banned the use of what word in country? Pygmy Which domesticated pet animal is never mentioned in the Bible? Cats 50 years ago Texas giving advice on what was prison sentence? Birth Control What activity burns up 140 calories per hour? Standing There are over 32000 known species of what in the world? Spiders May 21st 1881 Clara Barton founded what? American Red Cross If a dog is canine what is cirvine? Deer Pliny the philosopher believed dead souls went into what? Beans An arenaceous plant grown in what type of soil? Sandy Who wrote the book The Complete Angler in 1653? Isaac Walton Back Blanket and Button Hole types of what? Stitches There are over 1000 recognised slang words for what? Vagina What USA state drinks the most beer? California Who or what was "strong to the finish"? Popeye - cos he eats his spinach For $150 you can become a licensed what in Texas? Dead animal hunter In 1917 Lucy Slowe was the first US what? Black tennis champion The Aetherius Society believes who is alive and living on Venus? Jesus Christ China Sun-Fin-Chin, Russia bayan, Norway trekspill what is it? Accordion What animal's penis is four feet long when erect? Giraffe Bulls Blood wine comes from which country? Hungary The North and South Islands of New Zealand separated by what? Cook Strait In what Dickens novel is there a case of spontaneous combustion? Bleak House In the game Tomb Raider what's Lara Crofts profession? Archaeologist In 1979 who sang about Walking on the Moon? Police What links tulip balloon and flute? Types of glasses What is the currency of Egypt? The Pound

908. 909. 910. 911. 912. 913. 914. 915. 916. 917. 918. 919. 920. 921. 922. 923. 924. 925. 926. 927. 928. 929. 930. 931. 932. 933. 934. 935. 936. 937. 938. 939. 940. 941. 942. 943. 944. 945. 946. 947. 948. 949. 950. 951. 952. 953. 954. 955. 956.

Martina Navratilova won most doubles with which partner? Pam Shriver Names Cook Baker obvious what did a Chandler do? Make Candles Rod Taylor starred in a 1960 version of which HG Wells story? The Time Machine Liam Devlin often appears in novels by which author? Jack Higgins Name the Duke of Wellingtons horse at Waterloo? Copenhagen There are 72 scenes on what famous article? Bayeaux Tapestry Chinese bean sprouts are usually the sprouts of which bean? Mung bean Locomotive 4472 is better known by what name? Flying Scotsman At Prince Charles's wedding who was the best man? Nobody brothers were supporters Which famous ship had a total crew numbering 430? Star ship Enterprise Captain Kirks What takes place in Happy Valley Hong Kong? Horse racing Imperial Airways in 1925 was the first to do what? Show an in flight movie And what was that movie? Conan Doyle's The Lost World Where is the grave of Oscar Schindler? Jerusalem Which magazine uses the winged horse Pegasus as it's logo? Readers Digest Which English King was crowned on Christmas day? William the Conqueror in 1066 In traditional wedding anniversaries what's given on the eighth? Bronze Collective nouns - a sneak of what animals? Weasels Which country grows the most sugar? Brazil Who would use a technique called pleaching? Gardener twine branches to hedge Glycyrrhiza Glabra is better known as what? Liquorice A kamikaze shooter contains Vodka Triple sec and what? Lime juice If you saw a hummock off your port bow what are you looking at? Ice broken from berg Name Alfred Hitchcock's first sound film as director? Blackmail Chernoble is in which Russian province? Ukraine Who does Adrian Mole lust after? Pandora Where did the philosopher Plato teach? Academia The Moluccas are better known as where? Spice Islands What used to be called (in Europe) Arabian wine? Coffee Who was killed in The Little Bastard? James Dean - his cars nickname What character did Disney add to Winnie the Pooh not in books? Gopher Heinrich the lion founded what city? Munich J H Robertson invented what? Automatic Gearbox Name bar John Wilkes Booth got pissed in before killing Lincoln? Star Saloon In Prokoviev's Peter and the Wolf what instrument is the wolf? Horn Garlic and Chives belong to which plant family? Lilly There are two general types of skiing Alpine and what? Nordic Adolf Dasler created which company? Adidas Cents in a Dollar Pennies in a Pound what in a French Franc? Centimes What is extracted from the ore cinnabar? Mercury Hugh Lofting created which fictional character? Dr Dolittle In what city is the Uffizi art gallery? Florence Orient Express restarted in 1982 going from London to where? Venice Collective nouns - a romp of what animals? Otters Which King was the intended target of the Gunpowder plot? James 1st BB King gave his guitar what nickname? Lucile The town of Banana in Queensland is named after what? A huge bullock In traditional wedding anniversaries whats given on the seventh? Wool In what country was the espresso machine invented in 1822? France

957. Who wrote Candide? Voltaire 958. What type of wine was Napoleons favourite? Burgundy Chambertin 959. The average person has 1460 what each year? Dreams 960. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1972? Nobody 961. Name Santa Clauses (St Nicholas) French brother? Bells Nichols 962. Name the largest Mediterranean island? Sicily 963. Bambi was the first Disney film without what? Human characters 964. Highway 9 is the official name of what thoroughfare? Broadway New York 965. Film character played by 4 people head body voice breathing? Darth Vader 966. Mizaru Mikazaru and Mazaru are better known as who? Three Monkeys 967. A weavers knot is known by seamen as a common what? Sheet Bend 968. By law every Swiss citizen must have access to what? Personal bomb shelter 969. Who played the alien in Predator jumping and climbing scenes? Jean-Claude Van Damme 970. Clark Gable used to do it 4 or more times each day - do what? Shower 971. Who in US was given Hitler's Supreme Order of German Eagle? Henry Ford 972. It's illegal in USA for any citizens to have contact with who? Extraterrestrials or their vehicles 973. In Madagascar its illegal for pregnant women to do what? Wear Hats or Eat eels 974. After English what's the most widely used language on the net? German 975. Two thirds of the worlds geysers are found where? Yellowstone Park 976. What town and stream in West Australia same name pop group? Abba River 977. Which European airport has the international code LIS? Lisbon 978. AMSTRAD companies name comes from what i.e. what mean? Alan Michael Sugar Trading 979. Where were the worlds first paved streets? Rome 170 bc 980. What kills 100000 Americans each year? Reactions to meds 981. The word Angel derives from the Greek meaning what? Messenger 982. What profession has four times the average aids in USA? Catholic Priests 983. Venus is the only planet that does what? Rotates Clockwise 984. On average what weight nine pounds? Cremated Ashes 985. Name the first film to have its sequel released in same year? King Kong - Son of Kong 986. There is approximately one what for each person in the world? Chicken 987. What is Europe's largest port? Rotterdam 988. Craven Walker invented what 60s fashionable icon? Lava lamp 989. In Missouri it's illegal for anyone to do what on Sunday? Play Hopscotch 990. In 1973 Roland Ohisson was buried in a coffin made of what? Chocolate 991. Where can you see the sun rise Pacific set Atlantic? Panama on Isthmus 992. Name the first cartoon character made into a parade balloon? Felix the Cat 993. What's unusual about the moons of Uranus? Named Shakespeare characters 994. What common word comes from two Greek art/craft area study? Technology tekhne logia 995. In 1925 two men first drove round Australia in what make of car? Citroen 2 seater 996. T H White wrote the book for which Disney animated feature? Sword in the Stone 997. Egypt Masbout - Armenia Sourg - Japan Koohii what is it? Coffee 998. Marie Tussaud was born in what country? Switzerland 999. In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the 14th? Ivory 1000. Collective nouns - a giggle of what animals? Hyenas

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