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Welcome to Ms. Fuentes 6 grade Social Studies Class!

Course Description:
In this Grade six course, you will investigate the origins and development of
ancient societies of major western and non-western civilizations. Included are the
societies of Egypt, Africa, the ancient Hebrew civilization, Greece, Rome, and the
classical civilizations of India and China.
For each of these societies, emphasis is placed on their geography, religious
development and beliefs, achievements and contributions, political and social
problems and accomplishments and their societal structures that support the
civilizations major contributions, achievements, and beliefs that have influenced
civilizations across the centuries to the present day known as G.R.A.P.E.S. Through
a blended learning approach, homework assignments, projects, tests, and small
group collaboration will be operated regularly.

I expect you to:
Follow the 5 Ps through evidence of practicing our classroom rules.
Be honest at all times.
Put 100% effort into everything you do for this course.
Bring all necessary materials to class, including 3 or more sharpened pencils.
Keep your composition books neat and organized.
Get the notes from a friend if you are absent.
Bring the book you are reading at home in your backpack everyday.
Have access to a computer and internet outside of school


Each student will be an active participant in our classroom community. Everyone is

responsible for maintaining the safety of our classroom. All students will have the
chance to have their voices heard and the more discussion we have together, the

If you are disrespectful:
1. First time= Verbal Warning
2. Second time= Take 2 Dojo Points Away and possible seat change
3. Third time= Asked to step outside for a talk or asked to stay after class for a
talk with a reflection after class, note on your record, and/or detention.
If behavior does not improve, principal and parents will be contacted for a parent
conference and a behavior plan will be set up

Grading and Homework:

Grades will be based on individual achievement of summative and formative
assessments. Each student's grade will be determined according to the Common
Core and Content Standards.

Standard Opening Procedures:

1. Be in your seat with all of your materials out by the start of the
2. Hang up your backpack on the hook and begin writing your
homework in your agenda, set up your notebook and complete
the Do Now.
3. Be prepared to show completion of necessary homework.
4. Review and complete the schedule

Contact Information:
My Office Hours for tutoring or priority conferences will be Tuesday-Thursday after
school, however I encourage you to e-mail me at if you
have any questions or concerns or would like to make a special appointment. I will
e-mail you back as soon as I receive the message. Come on by, there are no bug-aboos!

Dear Parent Guardian,

My name is Ms. Fuentes and your daughter/son will be in my Ancient
History class this year. I am looking forward to an exciting year. It is my
goal to provide all students with engaging lessons that improve their
literacy, writing, and critical thinking skills.
Sixth grade Ancient History demand the best of your student. In order
to be successful, your daughter/son will be expected to pay attention
in class, and discuss what he/she has learned at home. There will be
homework assignments often, and if students come home without
homework, they need to spend at least 20 minutes each day reviewing
notes and vocabulary in their journals, and/or using the interactive
resources I have posted on Google Classroom. Each student will have
usernames and passwords.
Attached to this letter is the class syllabus for Ancient History. Please
make sure both you and your daughter/son read the syllabus. I am
available before or after school to answer any questions you might
I have high expectations of all my students, and I believe your
daughter/son deserves the best education possible. I plan to be in
communication with both you, and your daughter/son about their
progress in school. You can expect that I will hold your daughter/son
accountable for the work they complete in class, and I hope to have
your support at home to make sure your daughter/son are putting forth
100% effort.

To learn more about what your child will be learning, I welcome you
into our Ancient History class whenever you are available. I can be
reached at (323) 352-8034 or
I look forward to meeting you, and to working in partnership with you
and your child.
Warmest regards, Ms. Fuentes

Queridos Padres y Guardianes;

Mi nombre es Sra. Fuentes y su hija / hijo estarn en mi clase de
Historia Antigua de este ao. Tengo muchas ganas de tener un ao
emocionante. Es mi meta para proveer a todos los estudiantes de
participar lecciones que mejoren su alfabetizacin, escritura y
habilidades de pensamiento crtico.
Sexto grado Historia Antigua exigen lo mejor de su estudiante. Con el
fin de tener xito, se espera que su hija / hijo a prestar atencin en
clase, y discutir lo que l / ella ha aprendido en casa. Habr tareas a
menudo, y si los estudiantes vienen a casa sin los deberes, tienen que
pasar por lo menos 20 minutos cada da revisando notas y vocabulario
en sus diarios, y / o el uso de los recursos interactivos que he
publicado en Google Aula. Cada estudiante tendr los nombres de
usuario y contraseas.
Adjunto a esta carta es el programa de clases de Historia Antigua. Por
favor, asegrese de que tanto usted como su hija / hijo lee el plan de
estudios. Estoy disponible antes o despus de la escuela para
responder a cualquier pregunta que pueda tener.
Tengo grandes expectativas de todos mis alumnos, y creo que su hija /
hijo merece la mejor educacin posible. Tengo la intencin de estar en
comunicacin con ambos, usted y su hijo / a acerca de su progreso en

la escuela. Usted puede esperar que voy a mantener a su hija / hijo

responsables por el trabajo que completa en clase, y espero contar con
su apoyo en casa para asegurarse de que su hija / hijo estn poniendo
todo su esfuerzo 100%.
Para aprender ms acerca de lo que va a aprender su hijo, les doy la
bienvenida en nuestra clase de Historia Antigua siempre que est
disponible. Me pueden contactar al (323) 352-8034 o
Espero contar con su presencia, y para trabajar en colaboracin con
usted y su hijo.
Espero conocerlo pronto y trabajar juntos con su hijo o hija.
Calurosos Saludos,
Ms. Fuentes