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Grade 1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: _1


Question 1-What is important about being a friend?

Question 2- What are ways that friends cooperate?
Question 3- What should friends do when they have a conflict?

Text 1

Text 2

Friends Who Share

Katie and Katie (D)"

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1 Task 1 Main Idea

Look for the big idea.

1.2 Task 2 Summarize

What are the main things that
happened in the story? Cite
evidence from the text.

Task 1 Social Studies- Cooperate

with friends SS1.28
Read text and Discuss what are
some things that friends help each
other do?
Task 2 Social Studies-Make
Anchor Chart about Cooperation
After watching the Being a Good
Friend video, Guide students to tell
ways they can help, share, and work
with friends in class. Write these
on a Class Anchor Chart.
Task 3 Social Studies -Solve a
problem with a friend. SS1.29
Work together to put a pack of
Number Cards in order. Spread
them out on the floor, #1-100, if

Additional Resources/
Links Guided Lesson

Plan & Discussion Cards.
Video- Friends:
Song/video- The More We Get
Song/video: Best Friends(-or- You've Got a Friend in Me
from Toy Story)
Read Aloud Library book: We
Are Best Friends by Aliki (about
making new friends)

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Draw and label a picture of you and your friend. Complete a sentence stem
about how you and your friend share or help each other. Use the Class Anchor Chart to help you.

Grade 1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: _2


Question 1- What kinds of things did grandfathers do in the past?

Question 2: Can grandfathers do fun things in the present?
Question 3: What are some things that are different now and then?
Question 4: What are some things that are the same, now and then?

Text 1

Text 2

When Grandpa Was a Boy

Then and Now

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1Task 1 Infer/Predict
Stop when reading the story, to
think-aloud, modeling how to
Infer or Predict.
1.2 Task 2 Understanding
Discuss and cite the text: What
does Grandpa like to do? What
did he do when he was a boy?

2.1 Task- Social Studies- Talk about:

How have you changed over time?
SS 1.35
2.2 Task-Social Studies- Describe
people and things with details,
that relate to the past and
present. SS1.36
Describe a realia item from the
past. Practice with a partner
describing things from the past
or present in the text.

Additional Resources/ Links Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion Cards.
Song/video- Grandparents Song_
Pictures and realia, from the past.
Grandparents' LetterWriter:

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Draw two pictures, one of grandpa today and one from long ago. Add details from
the time period. Using sentence stems, write a caption sentence for each, telling who, what, when, where.

Grade 1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: _3


Question 1-Why is going to school important?

Question 2- Are rules important at school? Why?
Question 3 - What do you do at school?

Text 1

Text 2

Curious George at School

Maria Goes to School

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1 Task Monitor/Clarify

Model by think-aloud how to

monitor when reading.
1.2 Sequence of Events
Use transition words: first,
next and last, when retelling
the story.

2.1 Task 1 Social Studies -What is

my responsibility at school?
Retell everything Maria does at
school. Tell what things you do at
school. (Use Wordless book from
website, if necessary, for support.)
2.2 Task 2 Social Studies- What
would happen without rules at
school? SS1.29 Choose one
school rule; what if no one
obeyed that rule?

Additional Resources/ Links Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion Cards.
(If needed, Wordless Book copy.)
Video Clip, Curious George at the
About School:
Short a Wordbuilder:
Interactive games:
Website with games, videos:

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Draw and label a picture about obeying a rule at your school.

Grade 1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: _4


Question 1- Who can you meet in a neighborhood?

Question 2- What places are in your neighborhood; where are they on a map?
Question 3-How do people help each other in a neighborhood?
Question 4 - What jobs do people do there?

Text 1

Text 2

The Places in our Town

My Neighborhood

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1 Task Text and Graphic

Features - How do they help you
understand what you read?

1.2 Question Ask questions as

you are reading. What do you still
want to know?

Additional Resources/ Links

2.1 Task Social Studies

Describe how your community affects
your food, clothing, shelter,
transportation and recreation. SS1.21
State or describe the work of
community workers. Guided Readding

Lesson Plan and Discussion cards.

2.2 Task Social Studies

Label a map of your neighborhoodimportant landforms, streets, parks,
buildings. Summarize that a map is a
representation of a space, such as the
neighborhood. SS1.17,21

Read Aloud Library book: Me on

the Map by Sweeney

Maps/ globes, videos about the


Create a map of the neighborhood

with major streets, landmarks,
parks, and important
businesses/buidings. for students
to label.

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Create a "Me on the Map" circle flip-book. Label home, neighborhood, city, state,
country, continent, planet. Use picture cues on each page.

Grade 1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: _5


Question 1- People like animals: do you?

Question 2 - Why do pets like to be with people?
Question 3- How do pets act when they like people?

Text 1
A Cat Named Ben
Journeys ELL Reader

Text 2

Additional Resources/ Links

Lily the Cat (D)

1.1 Story Structure

Tell who, where and what
happens in this story.

2.1 Task Science - Some animals are

pets. What care do pets need? Do a
K-W-L chart as a class.

1.2 Analyze/Evaluate
What do you think about the
story? Why do you think that?

2.2 Task Science- Discuss why

people enjoy pets. Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion Cards.
Pet Videos- Discovery Educationcaring for animals
All About Me and My Pet interactive:

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Pretend a friend is coming to care for your pet. List things they must do to care
for your pet. Tell what your pet needs; tell what he likes and dislikes.

Grade _1 Unit: __1__ Lesson:6


Question 1-Is winning easy or hard work?

Question 2- Can slow and steady sometimes win a race?
Question 3 - What lesson can be learned from The turtle & the Hare fable?
Question 4- What are the number words, one to ten?
Question 5- Can you count up to 20 objects, even if they are scattered?

Text 1

Text 2

Go Turtle! Go Hare!

How Many? (C)

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1 Task 1 Understanding

What are two things Hare does in
the story? What do these things
show about Hare? Make a T-Chart.

1.2 Task 2 Summarize

Can you retell the story using


2.1 Task 1 Math- Know number

names. (& words) CCSS MathContent
2.2 Task 2 Math - Count to tell the
number of objects (even scattered).
CCSSMathContent K.CCB4

Additional Resources/
Links Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion Cards.
For counting practice: Counting
items; number word cards;
number cards. (1-10; 11-20)
Aesop's Fables - library book I'm Reading,I Can Do
Videos of

Culminating Activity with two Texts: (Writing) Rewrite the events of Go Turtle! Go Hare! as a number
story. Put number words in each sentence of this summary to make sense. Illustrate.

Hare hopped, but Turtle walked. First Turtle walked ______ slow steps . Hare hopped
_________ fast steps. Hare stopped to eat _______ apples. Turtle did not stop. Hare went
to sleep for ________ minutes. Turtle did not sleep. Turtle walked. Hare hopped. "I win
________ dollars!" said Turtle.

Grade _1 Unit: __1__ Lesson:7


Question 1-How do different animals move?

Question 2-What do animals do at night?
Question 3 - How do animals get their food?
Quesetion 4- What ways are people like animals?
Question 5- What senses do animals use in special ways?

Text 1
Busy Animals at Night
Journeys ELL Reader
1.1 Task 1 Main Idea and Details
What is the text about? Make a
word web for the main idea and
1.2 Task 2 Infer/Predict
Use text clues to figure out
important ideas.

Text 2

Additional Resources/

Night Animals
2.1 Task Science
List nocturnal animals from the
texts and what they do at night?
1.2. Task Science- Animals can be
grouped by their habitats or habits.
Tell what senses nocturnal animals
use for night-time activities. Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion

Culminating Assessment (Research Writing) Make a 3-column chart about Animals at Night. Include:
Animal Name, How it Moves at Night, What it Eats. Use both texts to include many animals. Don't forget

Grade _1 Unit: __1__ Lesson: __8_


Question 1- What does your family like to do together?

Question 2- Can I retell a story, tell what is first, next and last?
Question 3- What is one custom in your family?
Question 4- What are the traditions of your family?

Text 1

Text 2

"Our Day at Nanas House

All Kinds of Homes (G)

Journeys ELL Reader

1.1 Task 1 Sequence of Events

Use transition words when retelling.

1.2 Task 2 Analyze/Evaluate

Tell how you feel about the text, and


Additional Resources/ Links

2.1 Task 1 Social Studies- Discuss

your family home, customs and
traditions. SS1.3 Guided Reading

Lesson Plan and Discussion Cards.
also Common Core Supplement.

2.2 Task Social Studies - What is I Can Read/My Family

your favorite tradition in your

family? SS1.5

Culminating Assessment (Writing) Make a "House" foldable with one window for every family member you have.
Open window flaps and label with the person's name, relationship, age, likes/dislikes and a picture. Inside the door flap,
write your family name and list customs and traditions for your family.

Grade 1_

Unit: __2__ Lesson: __9__

Question 1- Do you have some favorite things or products?
Question 2- Who is a famous producer and his product?
Question 3-What makes a producer famous?

Text 1

Text 2

The Man who Made


I'd Like to Be...(E,H,K)

Thomas/Journeys ELL

1.1 Task 1 Text and

Graphic Features

Make a chart about two

pictures in the book.

2.1 Task 1 Social Studies - A

Producer and Product

Make a T-Chart that shows people from

the book who are Producers. Tell their
product. SS 1.8, 1.9

1.2 Task 2 Question

Ask and answer questions
about Jim Henson.

Additional Resources/ Links Guided Reading Lesson Plan

& Discussion Cards - more activities,
resources and higher order questions.
Video: Trailer for The Muppets Movie with
Extended Theme

Culminating Assessment (Opinion Writing)

Draw a picture of a producer and his product that you liked in the two texts. Write a sentence about why you like this producer
or product. Support your reason with details from the text. Present your picture and writing to the class.