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All officers are expected to be active FBLA members and contribute

ideas as well as encourage others to. Officers must fulfill their roles and
take part in making decisions about activities or events.
Must attend officer meetings
Provide an environment that allows professional growth in all members
Welcome suggestions
Keep members informed about activities
Encourage individual and chapter participation in conferences


The president is the highest chapter position that requires conducting meetings and making sure
events flow smoothly.
Presides over and conducts meetings according to parliamentary law
Keeps members and discussion on track
Coordinates chapter activities by keeping in close touch with the other officers, members, and advisor
Calls special meetings as needed
Maintains chapter correspondence by writing appropriate letters
Shows interest in the activities of the other officers and inspires them as well as the membership to
better serve the chapter
Encourages public relations in the community by contacting speakers or guests for chapter meetings
Represents the chapter at special school events, civic clubs, and other out-of-school organizations

Vice President
The Vice President is the second highest position and works closely
with the President
Assists the president in the discharge of duties
Presides at meetings in the absence of the president
Is prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the president
if the need should arise
Oversees all committee work and the management of assignments

The Secretary's main role is to take notes during meetings and type
them up
Prepares the Program of Work once it has been approved by the local
chapter advisor
Prepares and reads the minutes of each meeting
Prepares the Monthly Chapter Reports

The Treasurer's main job is to keep track of spending and budgets
Prepares the chapter budget for the year
Keeps an accurate count and roster of the chapter membership
Writes receipts for all members when they pay their dues
Keeps financial records neat and current
Plans, with the assistance of the members and advisor, fundraisers

Develops media lists for chapter meetings
Plans public relations activities for the chapter
Gathers and classifies chapter news
Prepares new releases and articles for publication
Assists with the planning and arranging of chapter
Prepares a local chapter newsletter at least twice a year
for members

H istorian
Files clippings and pictures of the chapters activities in
the chapter files
Keeps all chapter files updated on an on-going basis
Keeps a chapter publicity and activity scrapbook
Prepares an electronic slide show presentation for the
end-of-the year meeting or awards banquet

Parliam entarian
Assists chapter members in understanding the basic
purpose of parliamentary procedure
Is prepared to advise the president and other chapter
members on parliamentary procedure
Watches for significant irregularities in parliamentary
procedure and calls them to the attention of the chair

Com m unity Chair

The Community Chairs main job is to help find and
conduct community service projects
Help find community service projects and presides over
these events

Helps the treasurer keep track of budgets and run ticket
sales during events

The social chairs main job is to plan and set up the
Come up with the theme, decorations, food, games, etc.
for chapter parties
Helps with ice breakers and games to help bond the