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LEADERS LEAD Great Leaders

The Church has another celebration each year to honor these spiritual brothers. It is
called the Dedication of the Basilicas of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Rome. A
basilica is a great church dedicated to the memory of an important person or event.
Tradition tells us that the basilicas honoring St. Peter and St. Paul were originally
built over the places where they were martyred. This double feast is celebrated on
November 18.

Together, St. Peter and St. Paul, our greatest missionary, were so important to the
growth of our Church that we honor them with a joint feast day on June 29th. They
both died as martyrs for their belief in Christ. To learn more about St. Paul,

In St. Peters Basilica there is an ancient chair that has been carefully protected for
over 2000 years. People believe that it belonged to St. Peter. It is a tradition for
every pope and bishop since Peter to have a special chair in their cathedral church.
From this chair, the bishop preaches and leads his people in celebrations. Each
year, the Church honors this tradition by celebrating the feast of the Chair of St.
Peter on February 22. It is a sign of our unity as Catholics. Together, we gather
around our pope as pastor of the entire Church.

Following the Example of St. Peter

St. Peters great love for Jesus made it possible for him to do everything that Jesus
asked. The Lord asks the same of each of us. Like Peter, we can use our strengths
to continue his work of bringing love and peace to others. We can pray that Jesus
will help us to overcome our weaknesses so that we can serve him every day. Jesus
can and will work through us, as he did with Simon Peter, the Rock of the Church.
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