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Dr A Miller

Foreign Aid to South America

With corruption rampant in the Mexican,
Brazilian and other South American
governments who support, aid and abet
drug cartels in their country, it does not
make sense for us to keep sending them
foreign and military aid, if we are serious in
winning this drug war, then we must act
now, this is the time to act to nail this
beast down the war on drugs must be won

Border Security
We need to enforce our Immigration laws
and secure our borders criminals, drug
cartels, rapists, killers, murderers and
dangerous people cross our open border
everyday and many of them come to the
US i.e the Drug gangs there buy US
military styled weapons and take them
back to Mexico and South America.

Dig a dam at the border to separate

US from Mexico

Border security option two

Energy Depedence
America must not rely on energy from
South America.
Sanctions on Venezuelan and Mexican Oil
exports to America
Increase American Energy Production
creating more American Jobs and lowering
our unemployment rate.
Increase spending in Clean Energy and
Clean Coal Technologies.

She deserves to grow up in a world that is at

peace not a New World Order of corruption
and violence