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Two examples of communication and education I provided for

ED staff related to red bin waste. Below are Team Meeting

Topics (aka TMTs) from February and a email sent to all ED
staff in February. The charge nurse reviews TMTs before
each shift with oncoming staff. Additionally, TMTs are
emailed to all ED staff. The email below was sent to all ED
staff to reinforce education provided by educational sheets
and TMTs a couple days before I removed red bins.
Team Meeting Topics
In effort to decrease our Red Bin Waste, cans will be removed from
each pt. room. Red waste biohazard bags will be available in each
bedside cart for limited use. If a red waste bin is needed, you can
obtain one from a dirty utility room. Please clean the bin with a caviwipe and place a red biohazard liner inside the bin and take to the
patients room (treat this procedure like a bedside commode). When
finished with the red bin, return it to the dirty utility room removing
the red trash liner and place it in biohazard trash. Contact Julie
Edgerton for questions/concerns
Hi Everyone,
As you may have read during your bathroom breaks, I will be removing
most of the red bins from the regular rooms for two weeks.
Why am I doing this? Because Red bin waste is:
-bad for the environment
-can be placed in dirty utility
-currently full of regular trash
Red bins will not be removed from front rooms.
Red bags will be stocked in bedside carts in drawer w bed
pans/chucks. If used dispose of them in large red bins in dirty utility.
Red bins will be available in dirty utility. If you have a room
generating continuous biohazard waste caviwipe a bin before bringing it
into that room. Return to dirty utility when done (just like commodes).
Remember biohazard waste is:

Containers containing: blood, semen, vaginal secretions, Pericardial/ peritoneal/ pleural /syn
liquid stool, filled urine specimen containers
Items thoroughly contaminated/saturated with above body fluid(would not pass the squ
test: bandages, gauze, dressings, incontinence pads, PPE
Commode bags- closed and taken to dirty utility
Suction canisters- closed before taken to dirty utility
Thank you!