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IIMs WAT-PI Experiences - Mindworkzz

WAT Topics
1.What are the solutions for the evils of Democracy?
2.Health care facilities in India are getting expensive .Give some suggestions to improve this condition.
3.How can we improve the Tourism in India. Suggest few ways to attract foreign tourists in India.
4.Corruption in India. Suggest some ways to curb it?
5.Role of NGOs in the development of the country.
6.Development of Education in India.
7. Democracy needs to be more democratic.
8. 10 solutions on the education system in India.
PI Questions
1.Questions related to the work experience like job profile, hobbies, engineering subjects questions (for the
students of engineering background)
2.What are your views on the Telangana issue?
3.Why do want to do MBA?
4.Why do want to do MBA now?
5.Why do you want to join MBA in IIM-Lucknow?
6.What are your views about the current Budget?
7.What are your views about the consequences of urbanisation in India?
8.Questions related to latest political events.

How will you cope up at IIM Lucknow?

A few questions on Mathematics (for those with engineering background).
Questions on latest events that have occurred till now.
Questions on the books that you have read so far.