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Jason Co
Professor McKeever
English 1010: Reflection
29 July 2015
Word Count: 603
My Growth
Being in this fantastic English class and with an amazing professor really helped and
improved my writing skills. I moved here fours ago from Hong Kong, it was extremely different
than what I had always been used to. The biggest difference was the culture and the language.
we spoke a completely different language. That was really difficult for me to get use to. I had to
go to a english tutor everyday to get better to socializing with people and so I can understand my
teachers in school. With all the hard work I put in, I have grown to be a smart, hardworking
For me, high school was a challenge, yet I succeeded. I always thought something would
happen to me that would make me not get through high school. Nevertheless, I made it. I was
really surprised and excited. Moving onto college, I realize the work load and classes will be
more challenging. Yet, I will just work harder to reach my goals. To help me reach this goal, I
took the English summer class to help better prepare myself. Since English is a diffcult subject
for me, I knew it would help me focus myself more on this certain subject. If a person works
hard enough on something, their goal can easily be reached.
The first day of this english class my professor told us that we will have to write seven
essays. I have never written seven essays in such a short period, and I was more than worried
about how I would be able to finish it. Yet in a blink of an eye, the last day of English came and

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flew by so did all seven essays. This showed me that even though things may seem hard at the
beginning, if a person takes it one step at a time, anything can be done.h
Time has flown by, and glancing at all the essays I have written, I can tell I greatly
improved my writing styles. We did a total of 7 essays including this one, and we also did 6
different kind of essays. The professor covered all of the different style and category of essays
that we will be using in college, which was really helpful. We learned how to write : Reviews,
Arguments, Evaluating an Argument, Personal Narratives, The SoundTrack To Your Life,
Summary, Reflection. practicing all these different themed essays will greatly help me in the
future of how to properly write. h
Writing all these essays immensely improved my writing skills. Compared to where I
was before I took the class to where I am now, I can not even believe how much improvement I
have made in the past 8 weeks. I believe the skills I learned will help me in the future, whether it
will be to write essays for my future classes, or just furthering my knowledge by knowing the
proper way to write will help me get better grades in classes. This class really improved my
skills in writing and prepared me for college. h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
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