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Jared Wallenmeyer


Artist Report Outline

a. Personality
Piet Mondrian was considered a spiritual man and was known to believe that you
can uncover an energy from the universe through the balance in art. He felt that
using basic elements was a good way to do this. He was known to have said To
approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality,
because reality is opposed to the spiritual. I believe most would say that he was
a fan of minimalism and that it would lead to a happier balanced life.
b. temperament
He was considered to be a nice man. He was quiet and wanted to help people.
He was also known to shy away from the incorporation of natural elements in art
and life, therefore he could be seen as someone who looks forward and away
from the given same old.
c. family life
He was known for neglecting his family in order to participate in activities involved
with the churches and to do charity work. In his early years he grew up in the
Netherlands with his family. He had four siblings. He never married and never
had children.
d. Time period
Piet Mondrian was born in 1872. He was actively creating works of art in the
1880s through the 1940s. He started creating his own style of art in the 1920s
and created a way of expressing himself and his view on the world through the
use of his abstract paintings.
Describe one work of art that you feel was the most significant piece your artist
produced and in your own words explain why.
Description of painting: I feel that the most important piece of work that
Mondrian created was the Tableau No. IV.

Why: I feel that this was a point in his art career that was the most clean
mainstream piece that you can look at and understand what the picture is
meaning, while still maintaining a trace amount of obscurity that allows you
to wonder what the underlying abstract message could be. I think it is a
beautiful piece that is very straight forward. I feel that this is a piece that
would make most people want to look into and purchase his work.
Describe what emotions you feel this painting portrays and explain how the artist
used the Principles and Elements of Design to convey these feelings.
Describe your emotions: I feel a guided sense of direction and movement in
life. The flow implies there is forward movement away from something dark
and that you are looking to the brighter purer things ahead. I also feel that it
tells of limits where you can move forward, but you want to keep a level
head. If you are too high up youre in the red, too far down and you sink into
something that creates a small amount of darkness. I like this painting
because it invokes a lot of feelings of movement in life.
Describe the Principles and Elements used:
In this painting there are lines, shapes, color, patterns, movement, and unity.
Describe your artists style: Piet Mondrians style is his very own and thats a very
good thing if I were to include it in a category I would have to say that it is included in the
abstract art category. He liked to stick with unnatural shapes and designs and use the
primary colors, as we all know now the primary colors can create all the colors so in a
sense it is a way to keep things as simple and minimalist as possible, while at the same
time including everything that could be from it.
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