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Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore

Mechanical Engineering Department

CLASS TEST -2 (3.4.2009)
Turbo Machine ( ME-605)
TIME : 1 hour

Max. Marks : 20


Draw the velocity diagram and drive the power output for Pelton turbine and also find
out the condition for maximum hydraulic efficiency.


Explain the Reheat factor for the steam turbine with neat sketch.


In a Persons reaction turbine

Mean diameter of blades 68 cm
RPM of the turbine = 3000 rpm
Mass of steam = 13.5 kg/s
Steam velocity at exit from fixed blade 143.7 m/s
Blade outlet angle 200
Calculate the power developed and stage efficiency
If carry over coefficient co = .94
And Blade passage efficiency P = .92


A Pelton wheel working under a head of 500 mtrs has an overall efficiency of 85% and
runs at 430 rpm developing 6990 KW of shaft power. Taking the bucket speed at 0.47
times the jet speed and assuming coefficient of discharge = .97.
Find (1) wheel diameter (ii) jet diameter