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Extracted tcxtually from the Gospels in

Greek, Latin, French, and



// //// an Introduction

NOV 1 7 200*

so-called Jefferson Hible, more accu

THE rately

Life and Morals of Jesus of
now the property of the
United States National Museum at Washington,
having been obtained by purchase in 1895. The
following is a description of the volume:
Measurements: Height, 8^4 inches; width,
4} ii inches; thicknessatback, i }{ inches; in middle,
i?a inches; at edge points, i inch.

Binding: Full red leather with gilt tooling.

The back divided in five (5) panels; in second (2d)
panel from top title in gold: "Morals of Jesus."

The margin of the covers of all four sides on

the outside, and on the three outer ones on the
on the edges, are tooled in gold.
inside, as well as
Inside of the upper cover is on the left side top a
label containing the words: Hound by Fred A.
Mayo, Richmond, Va."

The cover inside as well as the fly-leaves are

covered with gray paper marble designs. in

Order Upper
: cover; two
(2) manuscript leaves
in the handwriting of Jefferson, containing on the
first two and a half pages the table of texts; the rest

is blank; fly-leaf; three (3) blank leaves; title

IN T X O J) U C T1 O N
in manuscript in Jefferson s handwriting,





folded printed maps of Palestine and Asia Minor,

taken out from a book; that of Palestine
has on top in print: "page and that of Asia

Minor "page 414;" blank page excepting for a

black line in its middle, running from top to
bottom. Then come, on numbered leaves, begin
ning on the left side of the first (the reverse of

the page just described), and closing on the right

side of the last, the extracts arranged in two
columns, separated by a black line, on each page,
in thefollowing order: On the left hand page
Greek and Latin, on the right, French and Eng
lish. The sources are indicated in the margin in
Jefferson s
handwriting. The numbers of the
leaves, which run from i to 83, are on the left
side top of the left hand pages. Leaf 83 has
extracts on the right hand page, the left hand

page has only the black line it is followed by ;

three (3) other blank leaves, the first of which

has the black line on both sides; then come the
ily-leaf and the cover. Between each of the
leaves, with the exception of the blank ones, there
are alternately one and two narrow strips of paper
bound in.
That Jefferson had in mind the preparation of
such a book, and that he actually prepared it, has
been known to students of his letters and writ
ings, and especial attention was drawn to the fact
in "The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson,"

by Henry S. Randall, published in three volumes,

New York, 1858.
It was, moreover, brought to the attention of

the Government very definitely in the form of a

report, Fifty-first Congress, First Session, Senate

Report 1365, presented June 14, 1890, by Senator
Fvarts of the Committee on Library, and ordered
printed. This report was with reference to a bill
relative to the proposed purchase of the manu
script papers and correspondence of Thomas
Jefferson, which does not appear to have been
followed by favorable action. In it the following
description is given of the book in question, which
was written by Mr. Ainsworth R. Spofford, then
Librarian of Congress:
The I\lorals and Life of Jcsns oj Nazareth*

extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek,

Latin, French and Fnglish. Title and very full
index in his own hand. Texts were cut by him
out of printed copies of Greek, Latin, French and
Fnglish Testaments and pasted in this book of
blank pages, which was handsomely bound in red
morocco, ornamented in gilt, and titled on the
back in gilt letters, The Morals of Jesus. 1 is 1

original idea was to have the life and teachings of

the Saviour, told in similar excerpts, prepared for
the Indians, thinking this simple form would suit
them best. But, abandoning this, the formal
execution of his plan took the shape above
described, which was for his individual use. He
used the four languages that he might have the
texts in them side by side, convenient for com
parison. In the book he pasted a map of the
ancient world and the Holy Land, with which he
studied the New Testament."
In 1886 I was engaged, when a fellow at Johns
Hopkins University, Baltimore, in cataloguing
a small but very valuable Hebrew library gathered
I. Cohen.
together by Dr. Joshua Amongst the
books were two copies of the New Testament
mutilated, which contained on the inside of the
cover a newspaper slip giving an account of what
Jefferson had undertaken, and referring to a letter
to John Adams, dated October 13, 1813, followed

by the words here given:

This and the corresponding vol. are the iden


ticalcopies alluded to in the above article. They

were purchased by me at the sale of Dr. Mac-
aulay s Medical Library, by whom they had been
bought at the sale of Mr. Jefferson s library.
"See letter to John Adams,
"Jefferson s Works, vol. vi, 217.

/.V TK O D f C TJ O .V

The following is the title page of each of these





With the approval of the family I did not in

clude these books, nor others of general interest,
in the privately printed catalogue, which was in

tended to describe only the contents of a special de

partment of the library. Hut I undertook to search
for the volume, first through Miss Sarah N. Ran
dolph, who, just as I was about to call on her on
the subject, died, and, after a lapse of some years
and with ^teps that it is not necessary to detail,
obtained it from Miss Randolph, her sister, then
living Shadwell, Va.
at The latter, in a com
munication dated July 27, 1895, states of Jeffer
son that "the idea he had at first was to compile
a book which would be valuable for the use of
the Indians."

This little book was one which occupied a

great deal of Jefferson s attention, and the fol

lowing statements and extracts from his letters
directly bear upon its making.
On April 9, 1803, he wrote from Washington
to Dr. Priestley, referring to Priestley s compar
ative view of Socrates and Jesus, that in a con
versation with Dr. Rush in the years 1798
and 1799 he had promised some day to write a
letter giving his view of the Christian system.
This letter he had as yet only sketched out in
his mind. It was evident that he considered the

Gospels as having much extraneous matter and

that by careful priming there could be selected
out those sayings which were absolutely the
\vords of Jesus himself. After discussing the in
justice done by these later additions, he says to
Priestley, "you are the person who of all others
would do it best and most promptly. You have
allthe materials at hand, and you put together
with ease. I wish
you could be induced to ex
tend your late work to the whole subject."

In a letter of ten clays later, April 19, 1803, to

Edward Dowse, he writes that he considers "the
moral precepts of Jesus as more pure, correct and
sublime than those of the ancient philosophers."
Under date of April 21, 1803, Jefferson
wrote to Dr. Benjamin Rush, sending him the
syllabus of an estimate of the merits of the
doctrines of Jesus compared with those of others.
This is the communication to which he had referred
in his letter to Dr. Priestley. In the letter

accompanying the syllabus he tells Dr. Rush that

he sending this for his own eye, simply in per

formance of his promise, and indicates its con

fidential character in the following words: "And
in confiding it to you, I know it will not be
exposed to the malignant perversions of those who
make every word from me a text for new mis
representations and calumnies. I am, moreover,
averse to the communication of my religious
tenets to the public, because it would counte
nance the who have en
presumption of those
deavoured to draw them before that tribunal, and
to seduce public opinion to erect itself into that
inquest over the rights of conscience, which the
laws have so justly proscribed. It behooves every
man who values liberty of conscience for himself
to resist invasions of it in the case of others, or
their case may, by change of circumstances,
become his own."

On January 29, 1804, Jefferson wrote to

Priestley from Washington that he was rejoiced
to hear that Priestley had undertaken to com

pare the moral doctrines of Jesus with those of

the ancient philosophers. I le writes I think you :

cannot avoid giving, as preliminary to the com

parison, a digest of his moral doctrines, extracted
in hisown words from the Evangelists, and leav
ing out everything relative to his personal history
and character. It would be short and precious.
With a view to do this for my own satisfaction,
I had sent to Philadelphia to get two testaments
(Greek) of the same edition, and two English,
with a design to cut out the morsels of morality,
and paste them on the leaves of a book, in the
manner you describe as having been pursued in
forming your Harmony. But I shall now get the
thing done by better hands."
This is the first definite statement of Jeffer
son s purpose to prepare such a book, which
he apparently at the time abandoned in the
hope that Priestley would take it up. In the year
1808 Jefferson was greatly interested in the trans
lation of the Septuagint made by Charles
Thomson, the Secretary of the first Continental
Congress, and wrote several communications to
Thomson on the subject. In 1813 John Adams
began a voluminous correspondence with Jeffer
son on religious subjects, the letters following
each other very closely. Adams had access
to a number Priestley s letters written to
various persons and in a communication dated
at Ouincy, July 22, 1813, he reminds Jeffer
son of his intention of preparing the work which
he (Jefferson) had handed over to Priestley. He
writes: "I
hope you will still perform your
promise to Dr. Rush. If
Priestley had lived, I
should certainly have corresponded with him."

On August 9, John Adams again writes to

Jefferson, sending further extracts of letters of

Priestley and saying that he did so because

wish it
may stimulate you to pursue your own
plan which you promised to Dr. Rush."
In a letter to Adams written from Monticello,
October 12, 1813, Jefferson gives a description of
the volume as follows: "We must reduce our vol-
ume to the simple Evangelists, select, even from
them, the very words only of Jesus, paring off the
amphiboligisms into which they have been led,
by forgetting often, or not understanding, what
had fallen from him, by giving their own miscon
ceptions as his dicta, and expressing unintelligibly
for others what they had not understood them
selves. There will be found remaining the most
sublime and benevolent code of morals which has
ever been offered to man. I have performed this

operation for my own use, by cutting verse by

verse out of the printed book, and arranging the
matter which evidently his and which is as easily

distinguished as diamonds in a dung-hill. The

is an octavo of forty-six pages."
Itwould appear from this that Jefferson made
two such books, one a volume of forty-six pages
which he later enlarged to the book which is
here given.
Under date of
January 29, 1X15, Jefferson
wrote from Monticello to Charles Clay: "Prob
ably you have heard me say I had taken the four
Kvangelists, had cut out from them every text
they had recorded of the moral precepts of Jesus,
and arranged them in a certain order, and although

they appeared but as fragments, yet fragments of

the most sublime edifice of morality which had
ever been exhibited to man." In this letter how
ever Jefferson disclaims any intention of publish
ing this little compilation, saying: not only write

nothing on religion, but rarely permit myself to

speak on it."

Again, in a letter to Charles Thomson, written

from Monticello, under date of January 9, icSi6,
he says: too, have made a wee little book

from the same materials, which I call the Philos

ophy of Jesus; it is a paradigma of his doctrines,
made by cutting the texts out of the book, and
arranging them on the pages of a blank book, in
a certain order of time or subject. A more beau
tiful or precious morsel of ethics I have never
seen ;
it is a document in proof that / am a real
Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines
of Jesus."

Later in the letter Jefferson makes a statement

which indicates that he is not describing the
volume now in the National Museum, but the
preliminary one of 46 pages, for he adds: I "If

had time I would add to my little book the Greek,

Latin and French texts, in columns side by side."
In a letter dated April 25, 1816, written from

Poplar Forest, near Lynchburg, addressed to Mr.

Fr. Adr. Vanderkemp, Jefferson gives further
details as to how he made this preliminary vol
ume. After telling his correspondent that he
was very cautious about not having the syllabus,
which he had prepared, get out in connection with
his name, being unwilling to draw on himself "a

swarm of insects, whose buzz is more disquieting

than their bite," he writes: my own

I made, for

satisfaction, an extract from the Evangelists of the

text of His morals, selecting those only whose

style and spirit proved them genuine, and his own.

* *
It was too hastily done, however,

being the
work of one or two evenings only, while I lived
at Washington, overwhelmed with other business,
1 XTR O /) CC T/ O X
and it is
my intention to go over it again at more
leisure. This shall be the work of the ensuing
winter. gave it the title of I
The Philosophy of

Jesus Extracted from the Text of the Evangelists.

Yanderkemp was undertaking a publication and

desired to use
Jefferson syllabus and extract, s

which Jefferson agrees to, with the following con

I ask
only one condition, that no possi


bility shall be admitted of my name being even

intimated with the publication."
October 31, 1819, he writes from Monticello
to William Short, speaking of the extract from
the Kvangelists and his desire to see a proper one
made: The last I attempted too hastily some

twelve or fifteen years ago. It was the work of

two or three nights only, at Washington, after

getting through the evening task of reading the
letters and papers of the day."
This concludes the references in Jefferson s

writings that bear directly upon the little volume

in question.
They are brief extracts from a col
lection made from all sources, published and
Randall, in his life of Jefferson, already quoted,
volume 3, page 451, says:

It was in the winter

of i<X
16-17, it is believed, that Mr. Jefferson car
ried out the design last expressed. In a handsome
morocco-bound volume, labeled on the back,
Morals of Jesus, he placed the parallel texts in
four languages. The first collection of
Knglish texts, nu-ntioned in the letter to Thomson,
is not preserved in Mr. Jefferson s family, but his
grandson, Mr. George Wythe Randolph, has
obtained for us a list of its contents. That, in
different languages, is in the possession of his
oldest grandson, Colonel Thomas Jefferson Ran
Randall gives a list of the passages of

both volumes in his appendix, and adds, is "It

remarkable that neither of these collections were

known to Mr. Jefferson s grandchildren until
after his death. They then learned from a letter
addressed to a friend that he was in the habit of
reading nightly from them before going to bed."
It would appear from the letter to Short that

Randall deduction as to the date of this larger


compilation is not warranted and that it was

actually made in 1819 or subsequent to that year,
although it is true that in the letter to Vander-
kemp (April 25,181 6) he speaks of the larger com
pilation as being the work of the ensuing winter.
In Appendix No. XXX to Randall s work, he
gives the list of the contents of the first com
pilation of forty-six pages as well as the list of the
contents of the present book. These are not
exactly identical. It is interesting to note the

title of the first compilation, which reads as follows:


"Extracted from the account of his life and

doctrines as given by Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John. Being an abridgment of the New Testa
ment for the use of the Indians, unembarrassed
with matters of fact or faith beyond the level of
their comprehensions."
The National government had purchased Mr.
Jefferson s papers and had published an edition

1 8
/ .v TA o /> rc rio x
of his writings. Considerable interest was ex
pressed in the so-called Bible after it came into
the possession of the United States National
Museum, and it was in consequence of this inter
est that the present compilation is
It is
printed in pursuance to the following con
current resolution adopted by the Fifty-seventh
Congress, first session :


That there be printed and bound, by photo

lithographic process, with an introduction of not
to exceed twenty-five pages, to be prepared by Dr.

Cyrus Adler, Librarian of the Smithsonian Institu

tion, for the use of
Congress, 9,000 copies of
Thomas Jefferson s Morals of Jesus of Nazareth,
as the same appears in the National Museum;

3,000 copies for the use of the Senate and 6,000

copies for the use of the House."




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j. ( . JeU ur.Jucmi-nl - lii .nvani J .///;/ this taxing was first made

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Htlh U liem , pa rttli, into Judea, unto the city of
l)a\ id, which ib called ticlh-lchcni
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born son, and wrapped him in
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no room tor them in the inn.

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seeking him.

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Hcrode, Phiiippo autcm fratre

cjus tctrarcha kurxae, & Tra-
chonitidis region!-;, &: Lylania
Abilcn.-y tctrarclu,

2 Sub principiUis; 4 Fuit Joannes biptizans in

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bat indumentum luum e pilis
canu-li, & zonum pelliceani
irca lumbum fuunj : cfca ay-
lou cjus crat locuil.-c &: incl
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I ratrcs
cjus .& <!ilcipnli tjus,
& u nianffrunt i;nn niultii*
^to. Et a*u bout de troisfours ,
46 And if came to pass, that af-V,
ils le trouvereutdans Ic Temple, er three clays they found him in
uu milieu drs Uocleurs , le* the U-mple, sitting in the midst of
je couluut cl Icur
faisant des ques
the doctors, both hearing tlum,
CCUT qui TenliMi- and asking; them questions.
i ;. Et totia
doient e loient ravis dc sa sa^esse 47 And all that heard him were
-t do se rc ponscs. astonished ut his
ft Marie l
iS. Qiiaiul Joseph ml answers.
furent etonni s et sa
vimit, ils ;
48 And when they saw him, they
in i- IT luidit : Manenfant , pour-
&i avec nous were amazed: and his mother said
qnoi as-m ainsi

Voild ton pi-re et moi qui tc chcr .into him, Son, why hast thou thus
cltions e tant fort en pejne. :!ealt with us? behold,
thy father
;nd I have sought thee sorrow in^.
.Si. II *Vn alia ensnite avec cnx 5 And he went down
them, wit"h

et vii .i a Nazareth , il lcuri toi U :

and ame to Na/areth, and uas


unto them:
i 5a. HiJ-su< croisso nd Jtsu-
:en tuttnre , t-t cu jirarc.

* -y. -y dc in and
a un^edel
A"TjuTii/u-int eippir
.li- Tibirc LV^ar, Poiut- 1 ilal in the year of
mi Gouverneur de la JiuKe
the rei;;n of 1 iberius Cesar,
Hcrodc i iant Tetraique d( la Ga :

1oniius ilale btin;.; ^ovtrnor of,


Philippe son fvcre,Ti lrarqui
- tetiViT.h
de I ltuii-c ct do la piotinci- ill I..
Judea, iuul Ifcrcxl l>L-in

of (ialilee, and iiis brother Piiilip

Tracbouite,et Ljsauias,Titrarqm
rf Abileuei tctrarch of Iturea i;nd of the i;e-.
2. Anne et Ca iphe tiant Souvc-
:;ionof Trachonilis, and Lysanlas,
raiiu Sucrificateura ,
the tctrarch oi bilene,
2 Aniiiis and Caiaph.Js bciii^jhe^
liij;h_ priests,.
4, Jesn dausl* :
<ert 4 John did bapti/e in fl:
(^ !>nj)tisojt

*. Ce Jean uvoil un liabit r-
4 Ami the s;.mc John l.a.I l

poils de chameau , ct uuc coin

lure de cuir uuioiir de
ra huent of camels hair, and a
el sa Dourrilnre eioit d( S
saute leathern i /ir Uc alx>ut his loins;
rtlles el mi el sanvage. du and his incut was locusts iuut
Alors ceux de
Jerusalem, et wild hor.ey.
de loni le pays de environs
du him Jeru
Jourdaio , veuoicnt a lui. 5 Then, went out to
6. Et ils c toiria
baplisrs par Ini salem, and all Judea, and all the
danslf Jounlain, i\ round ubuutjcrdan.
6 And were baptized of him in-

i3. Alors Jesus vint dc GuliKe oinetli ! .3 It .en . i

n Jounlain vers Jean , ^ln unto John, to!

pour (laliic c lo wOrdi-.n
biiplisr- par Int.
b.j:lizo! c f him.
23. MI, rloii tilurs ago d en-
I i l
And Jesus Rlmsettoegftn ~2.>

viioii IreutftkBiis
be about thirty years of iw;c v

12. Apreft l.i it dfsreudil 2 After this he went tlown to Ca J.I

i i
, . 1

Caueraaun avor sa .Mt-re , set

he, and his mother, and

et se* Disciples e liU n

|Frrres his brethren, and his disciples;
; >

Ideincuftreni qti pen ile jurtnt ;

and they continued there not majiy

; Et prope erat Pafcha
il.Torum. & afcciidit Hicrofoly-
nym Jc fus.
13 Kt invcnit in
templo vcn-
tlcn.-es hovcs, & ovi-s, ^ C(.}u:n,-
bas, Se numuiarins fedcnrcs.

15 15 Et facicn 1
fla^ellum ex
ix J 0-
funiculis omiies /.jecit c>. r<-n\-

Ti CPj5oO?flC
plo, &. ovcs 3c bovc^ : & nu-
mulai ioryin r/fuciit monetam,
cV inenla^ ubvcrtit.
VI- T6 5 Ta; TjaTf
f XSjfJit,
1 6 K-u T5~<
ret nrs.-trs I/"- F.r cr! vend^ntibus
Ii :!r : Aufv-rff if}a hinc in- fa- :

cite doimim putris rnci domum


za Port hacc venlt

Jrfus &
diicipuli ejus injudaeamtcrrami
& iilic morabatur cum eis, ^
11 AXOUC-flf ^ 9 llKTCVC OT!
Joanne, truditus cflet, fcccfht in
GaliUeam :

17 Ipfe cnim HeroJes mit
tens prehendit Joannem, &
airev iv T?
vinxit cum in cuftodia,
WV j-wvaTxa <>-

Herodiadem uxorem
y TW airw, OTI ou- Philippi
fratris fui,
cam duxerat.
cnim Joannes

l3 o 1 8 Dice-bat
Hcrodi :
Quod non licet tibi ha-
berc nxorcm

19 H 19 At Herodias mfidiabatur
aifoxfmi 1
illi : & volebat eum occidere, &
nod poterat.
20 O ya; 20 Nam Hcrodes mctuebat
Joannem, fciens cum viruni
2*Xaioy juftum tV fandlum & conferva- :

bat eum, & audicns cutn, multa

faciebat, & fuavitcr eum audi-
f Tof ir Et fa&a die opportune,
fTr.-ift TO~C quum Herodcs natalitiis fui
cocnam faciebat principibu?
fuis, & tribunia, Of. primis Ga-

az Et injrrefla filia i

rodi.idis, &. faltante, &placaite

Hfoi: x T0f r Htrodi & una re cymbcntihiiv
tTifry o 0yiXuc ait rex puellx : Pete a me quic-
t. t-rr.vw
-o Eav
quid vclis, & dabo tibi.

23 Ka CB/Z93-IV OT( 23 Fr juravit illi : Quia quic-

ia y /ui aiTiy>!j,
quid pcticris, dabo tibi,
rco;ni nici.
1 ! And the Je\\ s*
passo\er \vaVat-
luind ; and Jesus went u[) Jeru t<>

11 And found in the
piocic ;
Ilinlllit a those that sold oxen, and shei p,
il I cm.
itiul doves, and the
ii. M tr-m-i <Hn< 1,- T. changers of

i .
ft <lf s .

dis v i :

cliangcun.jui scour e of small cords, he drove

^r1V tuii-ni|
K |:. avaiii f,,, ,,n four, ,1,
l m al1 out ol tllc U

the sheep, and the oxen; and

ilu !
mpl.-. .-i Ics I, i< I, is i-t I. poured out the changers money,
and overthrew thv t;ihles;

:-,old doves. Take these thiiu-.s

s ()|,/ |,ut n la il ii i . Ircncc; make not my leather s
ft DC pa* la failt s ilt- Maivm (! iiouse an house of merchandise.
inon Pin-, uiH-maiMin !<
v. h .hiiV.s -ame Ji-- J-
AIIIV-, <-,
. I. Va .ill.-i
ns and his
disciples into t!ie land
v I ..,,
Jiuk-u; and tiieie he larri-.d

Or ) \\i-i
ayarU 1- \-
, i i i i
r| i

No\V, uhell Jesus heard


.in ;i\ ml It mi s u <

p. ,

1 HIS I . r,:.!i!, c .
tn;tt ~ () hn was ea-.t iiit ), he

~. ar ll>i^(if a\ nit <n\i.\ deported into (iaiilee :

*^kz;:i^:^^^^ lliiiiitv .1. s,,,i and laid hold upon J<.

hili|i|it- forth,
.:.o:i i.

l *ie , navcc M ,<i hi ii i l ii i I -. (

i,S. Car iliM,,l a II

od. It is noi \\i\\ hi! i

lane niuunr j
u;us tile uc pou-

Icioit, il Lisoil nit nie Lt-aticuuji ~ !

) r ori Ier<>(! iVa .xd John. k:.< ,

at;|Ui I HcMiil. laisoit K I

saiiaiwtufr anx Gunuli . .. .

tl .iin.s. ;.u-i heard !,,m I
de MI com- aux oHiu.i -^ ,
i !
J| A:;,! \ l.t :i a (M .veir I

, tt au.x pnutipaiix ti- la
W usf.JUi .,;!iat ie.rod. o:; hi .
;il (1
w. L a

r,n a-ii.T.Mr, : ,H ,..,,,i ,-?>
live ,
ri :ivanl iLns,- av .nit j.l i .
, t J" ,
f^p lulil:> ;i!l(l

a Herudc -t a crux qni Ion nl i ( (/ilil< e ;

talile (ii lin It

I.i , Mm <hi >

__ j And w!:en the (Uai;;liter of the

I), i.ian-1. ...o, .

jjcune :

^ , ( i cl

(/( rKl s eame in and danced,

III \Oll<il lS <*t I* /( litflllli I

iT .-ut ^c tu in . 1
.-^.uiJ-- -L J? i w ll| SL ^ - l i l :>n Slll( ullt "


damsel, As!; of mi; -.vhalsocvei;

u \\ilt, .i:i<i 1 will i.e it thee.
.\nd he sware unto lu-r,\\ liat-

soi ver tlioii tiluill ask of me, I ill \>

ive /. tliec, unio the .half of my

24 M tiX0ra, ifrri T? 2^ Ilia vrro c-jro.Ta, dixir
ftfp air
T i
ei\Tr.70fA.a,t J r! mntri fux : Quid pet.tni? IlUi
& i.Vr i

xt-^aXnv j-y rt? vcro ;dt C. ptit Joannis Bap-


fa&f5. titl*.
25 Kai 2.? Kt in^rcfTa ft. tim
Audio ad rejjem r pctivit, dicens:
SlXw "va
Volo ut inihi dcs rx ipia in diico

c.iput Joaiinis Baptiuic.

2$ Ka 7! & \
26 Et contriftatus fa&iis rer,
/sariXii/;, 1* B^
proptcr juranicnta, & fimul dil-
iv- .t c -ini])cntes, non voluit cam *c-

27 27 Et ftatim mittens rrx
fpeculatofem, injunxit
caput tjus. Illc autem abieus
dccollavit eum in carcere :

28 O 28 Et attulit caput cjns in

diico, & dcdic illud pudUe,
atiroD i?rJ w Sc
puclla dedit illud rnafri

21 if K- ai Et ingrediutitur in Caper
naum : & ftatim Sabbatis ia 7 -.

greflus in fynagogam, doccbat.

Kat ITTI 22 Et fupef

air do<lrin a cjus : Em cnim docens
if ^ eos quafi au<ftoritatem habeas^
k non licut Scribne.

r TNT illo tcmporc abiit Jefus
Sabbatis per fata : at dt-
p^rj^. jua.* cl Jt /u.adn a) av-
fcipuliejus cfuricrutit, & capc^
d J liiVacrav, xj >")f(>Te
TlXXtjv run t vellcrc fpica%& manducarc.
aXvaj, *)
1 7 3. i iv. a VerumPharifrci -videntes,
*.Oi ?i
J: t3|f, |7- dixeruiit ci : Eccc difcipuli tui
TOV ftVTff "iJtf,
f*a.QJia.i ftj TT5I- faciunt quod non licet facerc in
kri e UH i^lf i -ouT tv c~aC^a- Sabbato.
W, 3 Illc verS dixit cis: Non lc-
3 J a -
l7fl-j atTor? OfcJt gifHs quid fccerit David, quan-
^x1 TI twot iiat AafiJ, Jfrl iTrli- do efuriit ipfc qui cum cff? &
ayi a UTS?, avrw
/UIT* ; 4 Quomodo intravit in do-
4 n? ii<7>ix8 s-y iff t\v a?xo TM mum Dei, & panes propofitio-
tu, K, rt^f apTt/c T^? r
ofifVi4 c nis comcdit, quoA non Jicitum
erat ci cderc, neque his qui cum
co, nifi Saccrdotibus lolis?
5 Ant non Jtgiftis in lepc,
t* a!yo)TS in Ta r;/u;, quia Sabbatis Saccrdotcs in fa-
JTI TB~f aGayiv cl
Itpff -it TV cro Sabbatum riolant, k incul-
pati funt
Tli Bt n^Ufi,
*f? C*C<oTo x)

Jiaitioi tin ;
she went forth, and said

24 And
nto her mother, \Yhat shall I

Abkr and she said, The ht-d of

,e liajrtist.

.ul she came in straightway

vf\\\\ haste utito the kin.;- a

c- :
l^uc dfinuuilci ;it jt- . I.IA</
I will that tliou
ed, say m;;,
r/irrdluiUtt Diwande Ja u- li
by in a
- l
. t

me, by u:id clu.r/.-i

Ji au-I .i)i i*lv. *<-

:.. Li tuuii incontinent Ktnirn head of John the Baptist.

av:c cinjuessoiiu-iit \crs Ir K<i . 26 And th.- kin-- wi.s exceedin
lie lui lit *;i dtqiaude i-l tin dit oath s suke, anil
sorry ; ij t for-his

\ umli nis luut u I lieurt In

lh~ir sal.cs \viiich sat with him-.

j:i ilaiis mi lui^-ui la

l tic Jtun-liapli-stc.
he would not :vje t her.
). Et It? Koi ni tit trixt,- re-
-. 27 And immediately the kin i
pfiidant u. cause sfiuunt. sent an executioner, and <iu

dc ccux qui tuicul a tublt

mandcd hi* head to be brou -ht
l :

; r /uz , il IK- \uulut U5 la

and lu went and beheaded him
t-nvova rtirontiuent u
lit the prison ;

.t lui r,.ninaud.

. W And brought his head m a

a p porter la trte J Jiu/i. the dam
charger, and gave it to

sel: and the damsel gave it to her

2O. /-<f
garde \ alia ,
tl lui
run pa la It ti: tl.ti-> la |rJMin : i ;

1 ., .
c i
,.,,... L>a>MU ,

il (a do:ii)a a l.t
iiuc- lillr , el la 21 Andthey went into
jttioe liUe la |in svi.i. a sa m- ie.
nm ; and straightway on tl^e sab-
21. Knsuite ili eiurijiut a Ca lie entered into the syna-
pernaum et Jesus t-taut d aboiJ and taught.
nitre dam

^K ue,
Suijo;;ue le jm;i 22 And
du S. il they \\eiv astonished at-
y fim-i^iioit, for he taught them
22. lit ils t toicnt t loune y d : lis doctrine :

doctrine ,
car il !<<

t-usei;n.:L as one that had authority, and not

Icoinme ayant- autoril? , oi i ou is i In- sr.ribi-s.
coininc les Soiibcs.
that time J^sus \\eat on
Jpa< J

/ TTT \ CL- t< m<-la ;

.Trsus pnssoit par
dt Mr* uu Uir tli .s. illicit the sabbath-flay through
\*j i

rl s-s Di^fiplys avaul hum ,

s nn tlie corn; and his disciples were
jc:ii a urrucber dcs cpts , it a t-n an hungered, and be^an to pluck
inau-er. the ears of corn, and to eat.
7. Lt-s Phnrisieua vovant cela ,

2 But when Pharisees sau th"

\"f,ia ti-s Di
lisi dirvnl .ripl- qu :

f,,nl < i
.l ii M p >!>

ii iis di < . ,
they said Miito him, Ik- .iold.

fiir U |"iir
du thy disciples do which is not
lawful to do upon the sabbath-day.
But he said unto t liens Have

ye not read what David did when

he was an hungered, and they,
that were with him ;

4 I low he entrred into the house

of (iod, and did eat. the shew-
bread, which was not lawful for
him to eat, neither for them which,
I HI MC lr-.S.
were with him, but only for tin-
du Sal-bal, \ i

Or, have ye not lead in the

law, how that on the sabbath-days^

the priests in the "temple profane
the sabbath, and
9 Ki Jit tranilcns indc, vcnit in
: 7* l

10 JC*
fynagogam coruni.
i r. lit ccr c homo crat manum
habens aridam,^, inu rrojr.ihanc
uni, diocntc-,, Si luct S^bbatis
cur.iro ? ut accrfarciit cum.
ra n ri
Ipfeautcmdixit illis, Quis
1 1 O W irwiv at-TO?; Tif <-<
ex vobis homo qui luihchit
i i.(ui)v v$v t *, ej jfn TTjo Ca- ovcin unain, ^i d cccidtrit h:cc
to iv.
5 ta Ifji-rricn TT TO~C Sabbatis
in fovom, nonnc
Ctecai nc ap-
;0i/ircv, J^i Xfaln- prchcudct cam & cxiget ?
tu airo iti"; II Qiianto ij;iturpr;e(i;at ho
mo ovt ?
Ita.^ue licet babbatis
bona ficerc.

Kai iXf^ivatT^; To
Jii T V ai j-a)~cv sj/Hul
27 F.t ditdiat Sabbaturti :

pro ptcr homiium

faolun clt,
non homo proptcr Sabbatum.

14 Oi Jt 14 At Pharifxi conCliuin co
permit adverfus cum, cxcuntcs,
ut eum pcrderent.
15 At Jcfus cognofccns, re-
^ rxcXe6r-av atrf ceffit inde & liquutaiiunt cuni

turb;c multa:, & curuvit cos

omiics :

12 r.ittii-n cSl .;:itcui in di ,

12 [;,; . .

ln:s il i^cxijt in montemorarci

fiTr-i r: UufiC
pci jiodtuili
, E .t ill
fjr>9;v --/if "< fi". (M".

JjV EV T^ f f;..^u5 I iT t
, I
i.l K}T fyt
-./s^ ^t..^;-- .vlvooavi: difc-piil ..s fuo; : &:
!->:r: rev; f. -^-- ^ lii-civ- c,
i >

<!ucd< i
hn, quo*
.t*i :?- S- aV .-- , rxv -"sJ
txi, (
A: A [Mil ,(;!;> no:nir..ivir.
:n ^ nomi-
-.T5r -?.v; oniutifg 54 .tir.(.i! -..

14 (; :/-.<v-rt,
. v
a- fu-rs. : r..-,nt Peri um, ^ Aiidrcnm fra- (

r;r.-,^ v.?j:v v/, ftii.v^a r,\-jn <

-ins J. .rv,f>;;:u .*:

^ l*aV -
or- v
:S, ,
-,v. i
; nc:n. Philippum cc >;th .lo-

ariuccin, qui & fuit trudi-
1 7 Lt defccfidons cum ii!i>,

ifWKni-T/ *,

dij cipuloruir.
cju , ^ -.tmlritnclo
rraVrr toii>(a l,-]>iy a!) oinr.i u
. -. ,, .

r, niiurma
^a,.aX. w Ti> ;
J\;-j ,c E .i .^ai ^ Veil,-: LM)tl qi

e. .AJ ;
ai,;;l, ia-iV.tti aiulirc t c.faiulri .
. .
^ cir;, la a- i
v9 TTmT wlieu Ke was
departed 7W-. 72.
thence, he went into their syna
gogue :

10 And, behold, there was a

man which hud hand wither

M. lit.iut parti de-la, il vim dart*
ed. And they asked hinvsav.
U in svn:>g:iguc. iii. Is it lawful to heal on the
i . I .i il v trouva tin liommt
sabbath-days f that they might
inn- mail) si-cbr ct ill !ui
accuse him.
dcmatidereiit, pour avoir lieu t!

Iaceusri : Ksl-il nerm u degiieVir And he suid unto them, 1 1

dans j-iurs dcSabbal? le< \Vhat man shall there be among

11. l.i il dit Oui *cra i-lui
you, that shall have one sheep,
I- ii c

d litre insc
HIM- brrbis, \
and- if it fall into a pit oil the tuh-
tlli- tombe ati

jour du Sabbat
dam inn b.s-,1- in la it 119 bath-day 7 will he not lay hold on ,
I i n n-tiiT f it, and lift it out ?

i >.Kt i unliommr neraut*

.inil.ii n 12 How much then is a man
pa-, m u ux iri ii-u bn !; II cst ,
better than a sheep? Whenefbrc it
pi iiuis
il, l.i;ii-iln biiiiilans
Irs I-.IUA is lawful to do well on the sab-<
if c S;,bl,:n.

il lour dit : Lc Sabbat bath-clays.
w A*

|J I le tail
pour lionmif -l nun
27 And lie said \futo then\, The./Tfo.

p is rii iuiinc
pour lc Sabbat. sabbal .i was made for man, and
i t.Lu-dc^ os Irs PTiarisirns riant not man for the sabbath :

soi tii, iK lil>. n it nt eiitrVux coni-

Iinrnt iU le lero u ut pi-ric. Then the Pharisees went oiuy
1 4
1 j. Mais Jesus comioissaiit crla, and held a council against him,
partit de-la , cl une prande mul- how they mi;;ht destroy him.
li nl. If suivit
15 But when Jesus knew it, he

11. I In ce tems-lA , Jisus alia withdrew himself from thence: -

MII inif moiiti iu-

pour prior 5 ci and jjreat multitudes followed^
ll passa loule la unit it |.ri. D n. i .

i3. LH il. ,(|u. le jour fut vcnu il him,*

nppela ses Disi-ipN ^, el il en choi- 1
And it came to pass in those L. 6
doyze d entr cun qu il nomnia that he
A poire). days, \\c-nt
fup into a
Savoir and continued Simon mountain to pray,
i i. ,
, qu il nom-
ma aus^i Pierre , ft Anilrc sou prayer to Cod. all
ni.^lit in
frcie , .nd wlieii it was d.; ; \ he call
Jacques ct Jean , Philippt
ct B.u tin Icini
i5. Malthieu el
ed unto him his disciples and
Thomas, Jacques ofj ;

ji/.vd AIphec, cl Sjinoii lc

hem he chose twelve, whom also;
Ztfh- ; named Apostles
ic ;

r Jude/r<?r*dcJacqaeet Judas
iBcariot, qui f|lt celaiquile truliit.
(whom he also named
14 Simon, \

i-ter,) and Andrew his Mother,!

17. Rtant fiisuile deaccndn aver
ux , iJ s arr/in dans une
James and John, Philip and Bar-|
plaine ,

avec troupe do sti Disciples et :holomew,


onegnmde muliitnde do pdipli 1 5 Matthew and

<Thoma.s, James
(It toutc la Jud^e t de Jeiusal.-m
he nun of Alpheus, iuid ,
in de la ronlrce maritime de
T^r called XeloU-s,
ct dc Sidun ,
qui etuicnt vcnu*
16 And Judj-.a thr brother of
fames, and Judas Iscariot, which
also was the traitor.
17 And he came down wivli
hem, and stood in the plain and ;

he company of his disciples, and

multitude of people out;
Judca and Jerusalem, and-
>f all
rom the sea-coast of Tyre and ,

iidon, which dime to hear him, j

tf .U T 1
autcm turbas, af-
ccnclit moiitrm :
in &
(Vdrntc to, advcnccunt illi diici-
i ins.
2 Kt apicrons oafuum, docc-
bat cos/dtccn* :

MaKa 5 -
TTT-xXfl Tw TtH\i- 3 Bcutipuu f )i.iv->fpiritu,quoMi-
4 lugcntcs, quia ipii

nlf.l Tax .x>.nr"jyTai. 5 Bcatj mites, quoniam ipfi
MaKit j iTi ci 77vi~? ori cv- hscrcditabunt tcrram.
xXn j 01 t/i*.*if o^ffi T^V yr*. 6 Beati cfuriente* & fititn-

6 Maxa ^iot J;- tes juilitiam, quoniam ipli f*

ci TTiitivTSf x)
7 Bcati mif: ricordcs, quoniam
milericordij aflicu-ntur.
8 Beati mundi corder, quo
niam ipli Deum vidcbuilt
JiV CTI oiTOl 70* HSy 3J.C Kcati pacific!, quoniam
ipu filii Dei vocabuntur.
c, t M**a ? ,o, oi
4 r

t ri ai TO* v\ "il uli xX^fliiy 10 -cati perfecutionc afff^i

JO proptrr juftiiiam, quoniam ip-
forum cii rcgnum czluruiu.
i Bcati cttis quum maled. X-

crint vos, &

& dixcrint onine nvihun vcr-
xa ur
u bum advtrfum vos, nicnticntcs,
voi, jiropttr me.
2 Gaudctc
i & exultate, quo
niam merces vcftra multa in
c:dii, fie cnim pf rlcquuti funt
Fropln-tas qtii ante vo.

24 \\riiiitamcn vne vobisdi-

cTra^i/. T>;>

i?jfjxX>!- vitibr.s, qu};i hubctlS- conibLi-

ti:)ncn> veil ram.
25 J Oia; L//.7-/ c! \ ly.TTi- V;u vobis inipkti: quia

tfuritti-.. V;u vobis ridt ntcs

y ci f j SXiri Ii; ^ vjy O T*
imuc :
quia lugebitu & .ricbi-*

26 Ct-xt i
y.rv ?rcy xaXw; i(
26 V;y quum lnnocji\ <rinc

vqbir. homiiKb: fu CutKlum lirre

tnim faciobanc.pfcadoplTbphctU .

patrcs corum.

1^ Y<x(~f f{-H TO a 13 Vos cflis 1UI tcrrac ;

fi a"

iT lav ^i TO aiXac (Au tcm lalinfatnatum lir, in quo

I jl cf ur? ad nihilum valet ultra,
li no<)
ejici fnras, & coiicultari,
ab homiiiihus.
14 T/wi?f ct TO <^i;
/4 Vos t-ftis lux mundi : nun
/utw, Ot Juvarai TrcXtc pottft ci vitas abfcondi ftipia
niuutcm pofifn. - .>
seeing the muhitude*, ^^-
he went up into a mountain :

ml when he was set, his disci

ples came unto him:
2 And he opened his mouth,
CH A PI THE V nd taught them, saying,
Sermon sur la 3 Blessed arc the poor in spirit :
ant tout ce peuple.roon-
or their s is the kingdom of hea-

ta sur one monta<;ne et s etant

JK3Usvo) ;

4 Blessed arc they that mourn :

ssis.scs Disciples s approche reut r
de Int. or they shall be comforted.
2. Kt ouvi ant sa boucLe , il les 5 Blessed are the meek: for
enseignoit tn disant : ,

they shall jnherit the earth.


3. Heureux Ics pnuvres en esprit;

carleRuvaume cUsciem est aeux. 6 Efte&sed are they which do
4. Heureux ceux qui pltuient unger and thirst after righteous ,

car iU seront consoles. ness : for they shall be lilled.

5. Hcureux lesdrbouu .ins car 7 Blessed art* the merciful for ; :

il* horiterout la terre.

6. affomis
tlnr ^liall obtain mercy.
DJessed arc the pure in heart :

et alte rei de la justice car ils

they shall see God.
for 4
seronl rassa
Heureux le* nmericorditux 9 Blessed arc the peace-makers:
7. ;
car iU obueodronl misericord for they shall be called the chil
8. lleurcux ceux

qui ont l- cu-ur dren of God.

pur car ils \ crioni Dun.

10 Blessed are they which are

9. Heureux ceux qui JM<

lu paix car ;
ils seront amu-lo ca- persecuted for righteousness
r j n* * *
laus de Dietti sake for their s : is the kingdom
10. Heureux ceux qni sont of heaven.
secutes pour la justice car le ;
1 1
Blessedarc-yewhenmrn shull
Rovauine dcs cieux est u eux.
11. Vous
trez heuu-ux, lorsqu N revile you, and persecute t/9u,
cause de moi on vous dira dts in and shall say all manner of evilJ
|ures,qu on vous persecuu ia et .

against you falsely, for my sake J

qu ou uirafausst incut cimlie 12 Rejoice, ajid be exceeding]
toute sorte dc nial.
12. Rejouisstz - vous alors et ,
gTiuT; For great ?. your rev ai d in
hessaillexde joie.paice que volrc heaven: for so persecuted they the(
coinpeuse sera grundt- dons les
car on a uiiiM persc cute lei prophets whirh were before you*
-l Uut woe ulito

ri iplit-iesqui ont etc nvani vous* yotf t:

i 21. Muismalhcur a VOIIA, rich ! for ye have received your,
marce quo vous av^z deju ie\u vo- "Consolation.

. 2. M.ilheia a vous
25 Woe unto you that are full !
ra^asie* ; parce que \oiis UUHE forye shall hunger. Woe unto"
luiin. Mallieur ii xjtis,
qui rio* you that laugh now for ye shall !

inuintenant car vous \nu. i., ;

mourn and weep.
knnlerez et vous plmn-\./ 26 Woe unto you when all men I
26. Mulhcur a \oiis ,

tout les homines dm ni du I

vous ; cur leurs pen their futhers. to Hie false wWiUs.

,oient dc tnruiu dcs luux Vn>~
^ e ar
1 the v;ilt of the earth:
uln -tes !
but if the salt have lost his savour,
3. Vous Acs le sel de la trrrr
| wherewith shall it he suited: il
main si le sel
peid *a saveur, ec
thenceforth j.-ood for nothing,
m in
IP salcra t-ou ? II nc vaul pins
i ion qu u *tr ii-ir tfthors, et ti e hut to be cast out, and to be trocl- <i

!.. ;! .nix
pieds par l-s hommffv den under foot of men.
i. \
- \n IHIIIM ilu inoD- K
4 Ye are the light of the world.
, ,

loe Uiie rillc T\(utr MIT UIK u,.ju-


A city that is set on an hill can
not be hid.

-iy. Xt/^.ov,
3 T 15 Ni-qtlc acccudunt
6i s<yiv atLToy l-Tra T-V 4?uv. a xx nam, & pr.nunt earn full ,niv.
lio, fed fr.pcr candelabrum, &
licet ouinibiH m (joiuo.
1 6 OUT!) 16 Siclucea^lox vfftra coram
hor.unibus, ut videant vi-ltr3

pulchra opera, & glorificent Pa- ,

trcm veftrjim r qui in c.-ulis.

17 Nc
putetis quo.i vciii dif- t

O TI rXfls? Jca a- folvcrc lejrem, aut Prophetas;

non vcni diffolvcn , fed adim-
iR Amen quipp<^ dico vobis,
7rctfX r, f donee prait crat ca:lum & terra,
jota unum, aut unus apex n^ii

prateribit a It-
ge, doiicc onmia

19 "Of
f /u-a.1 19(^1 ciyo folverit unum
mandatoium iflorum minini )-
rum, & docuerit fie homiues,
minimus vocabitur in regno ex-
cijavwv c; 3 v vorhr loriun qui autcm fecerit & do-

(Cuerit^hic maguus vqcabitur in

ngnb crclorum.
Aeyw yci^ u. 20 Dico enim vobis, quod fi
non abundayerit juftitia vcftiu.
plusScribarum & PhariHeorum;
non intrabitis in regnum co;lo-
21 Audiftis quia pronunciv
tum eft antiquis Kon occiilc-.: :

qui aurem o.cidcrit, obnoxius


u/xiv, STI erit judicio.

ru a JisX<*)a) I
22 Egoauti m dtfovobis.qitia
ro3 t *i. fvo^oIr a Ttixeirsi
omnis iraftens fratri fuo wn:nc-
J v 4 i
Toi a$:k<t>c ayrcS r if O) obnoxius erit jndjcio ;

ax i vcy- izaiTcawiZii* i( } auteni dixcrit fratri fuo Raca,

i) t /<**. t obno/.ius crit confcflui :
qui au
I; Tr>c

yMva TO? tcm dixer it fatue, obnoxius crit
a5 in gchennam ignis.
73 Si ergo offers munus tuum
ad altarc, & ibi r^cordafus fue-

ris, quia frater twus habet ali-

TiD d l.
advcrfum le,
f Jja 54 Relinquc ibi munus tuum
TOT ante ul tare,vade, priu rccon-

y s-ou.
cil uirc fratri tuo, tune venicns ^
ofrcr n;unus tuum.
15 Neither do men \\v,\* a ctm- /ft
die, and put it under abuahel, hut
on a candlestick, and it
<-n n turnt m
li^ht unto all t hat :u c in the-

h n. .U M.IM on h< .use.

la iin tin-
Ix/isscau , iaoi t-n In " t SI " "1
16 Let your li^hl so shine be
chandeln r i-t < ll< !.m toov fore men, that they may see your ;

i tont (Inns la mai%on. works, and glorify your

16. Quo lin->

Kathcr which is in heaven.

tvuni )e hoinuir^ nlin qu iln ,

bonno o uvres.i-l qn ils . >s

17Think not that I am come
2loniient vutre I tic (jut ai Uans to destroy the law, or the pro-
leacieax. I arn not come to
J)!K is :
17. fte ix-nnef point
qnr je Init to fulfil.
Venn aholir la Lot on l<
mjilu- Itf For
tW TCUU. unit pout I .1- verily I say unto you,
j je

botir niuis ponrlei ai<>ntplir.

Till Jieavcn and earth pass, one
Car je vuus dis t-u v^iiir jot or one tittle shall in no wiso
l}<. ,

u ce quo ! ml -t la lcri<
pass from the law, till all be fill-
--lit. il u v aura ricn d:n>t la
I-oi qui ne n
accoiuplisse ju ,u ,
( :\

tin 6i ul tiita , u tin st-ul n ;ut

i <!
19 Whosoever, therefore, shall
eltrt. break one of these least coin*
iQ.tVlni <lonr
qni aura ^ i>
Ui im manclmcnts and shall teach men
so, he shiill IK- called the least in


et qu fttiv.i ruru the kingdom oi lva\en: but who

in- .. seVu!!" Ic pin nt d
soever shall do, and (each /Ar;r,
It id v.! mm- il( s ( i<
u \ ; iiMitt colili
.n ohsffvos cl t
the same shull be called ^reat in
liseigiit s,

< in r.! i i -.linn -

cruud duns ! the kinpdoin of l e;.vcn.
in. ili rifux. . 20 Tor unto you, That
n je vous dn M votro
except your righteousness shall
iustico ne surp.nse cello lcScri-
Pharnicns vom exceed ilif nghfcoiUJiffa of the
!) et ties , ii t-n-

ti ci-ez le Uoyutune drs

snipes and Pl.arisecs, ye hhaU
point d^>s

cicux. inno case enter into the kingdom

21. Votnnvt-7 cnl -ndti
qn il a tie of heaven.
dil a tiX Alicicin .- Tu no ltiei;is
2] Ye have ci .rd that it was

point et ci tin (|ui iic-ra %eru jm

jiitsuldc par Ju^c^.

said by them of old lime, Thou
2V. Main inoi ,
jo VOIH din quc ,
shall not kill; and, whosoever
juicofu|ue HC nii-i en culerv ronire shall kill, shall be in danger of
Oil lii-ic C.IM-I- sci
, iaif> ,
[Mini the jud;;nu r.t :

par li % Ju/.i". et cclui qui l.i a .1


utt fii re, I.H i. sera Ic !i

X J tfut I
say unto you,
ptmi par
: I

Cuuicil et celui qui lui diia,Fou, whosoever is

an;rry w ith hi* firo^

ther without a cause, shaJl bs in

sera nnnisiable par la gi-iiciine du
Jeo.* danger of the judgment: and
a3. Si donctu pportOAtonoffran*
whosoever shall say to his bro
Ac u au ct i- lu in te HOU-
I t I ,

ther, Raca, shall be in danger of


\i- i,i.. a que toivfivrc qudquc

c!iv rontre toi the council: but whosoever shall ;

21. I. n - la Ion t.lli i! vnnt say, Thoii tool, sh,. II be in dun ;er ..i"l

mi, et \ u-t-rn pi c mi-n im ni


of |K II lire.
ilier aver ton Iri-rc; ,

t.ajii 2J i hertfore, iflhrm briivj thy

ic ieu* ctoll i
j^iftto the altar, and there re-.
inembercst that thy brut her h.ilh,
UUj hl against tin c ;

2-1 Leave there thy j.iTt

the altar, and j;o thy way fir-it,;!

be reconciled lo ihy brother,

.r, ;uul 1

then come and otVcr ihy jrift.

. r u i. v 7 0?*
ij^Efto bencfcftticnsaclvcrfa-
rioituo clto, dura in via rum c>

eo: neforti. tetradatadvcrfariui

Sc lu iiif-
jii Jici
tfji ik. in cuilodiajn conjiciark.

20 ,\ j6 Anu-n diio tii>i. non t xic

i aVcJ.;; r^ iudc. doucr rcddas nuvillJinuni

17 AtKli
c(l nnti(|ui>)
: Non mavhahcris.
18 ligo uutcin tiico vobis, qui
t fl/. t>ni!iis
tnulitrctn .*il

(Ar.r contnpifci iuhiin i-am, jam moe-

.haftisdt t^iii in tonic fun.
t.l bi o Si atitcni ocuhiH tuusdc\tcr

tt, f aiul.ili/.it ti jiruc nun, i<c

i>j ar.o t
jicc te : conftrt tniin tilii uC
WS>>r,Tai !> T /WIAW* yew, ^ /wn pi r. ;it uinim iiitiubrorutn tuo-
* Xs TC ;../. CM (iXr.Jfl jif y|. ruin. <Sc non totuin corpus tuunt
*V!0. in jji lunnam.
30 ^i j Kl It n
Ji^ja rfl; 3-*a. 30 Kt ft dtxtifi tua mnniij
JX ^H(Xco4 c aOTi, ^ /?rtXlert,
fcandaljzat tc, cam, al>fcindc t*k.

iJro etj- ffv - confVrt rnini tili

tfini yetf en, iVa projicc ah)*<c :

frtXr.rat iv 7* /MiXrr ^ou, ^ /xn ut pcrcut uiium mcnihroruui u- t

X TJ ./..
fl-;u /5A),9q It? J l- orunt, x non tutiun c<u-pu

ivvav* tuiiin conjiciutur in ^olicnuum,

JI "l-fyifo
8"i ?TI c<
a> n7rj>i5r
31 I miiuDciatuni
til .uif- m,
jnv yi;var* ai/rotJ, JST*; aiiT? a- quod quk-uiiiijucabfolvcrit uxo-
nin fuam, tUt ci rcpudium.
31 Kj;o uuti-m dii o vobis, (juia
Xu7i Tnx j lurxa ai-roi;, ffa
quicunqutaMoIvirit inomn lu-
I; Xtycu TTi^ui^c. TTtilT VTi am, rxci pt.l ratiotic formcatio-

i f lav nis, facit cam nurchari : qui <Sc

abliiluf.tin diuirir, adulttrat.

3 3
nXv JiXOiVs TE T ^ p/i- 33 Itcrum aiulillis quia pro-
Jn TBI ; J rtf^iiiic OI.K f ijno*- nuiu-ia tum eft antiquis : Nort
tiirn*, Vc** ^(f Ji T* KUf-ty pcrjurahis: rcdcUs autcm
rei; c
ft^r rev. tniuo juramcnfa tua.
34 "tyal
Jr Xij-w ^ui"?, /wn 9 <x.o-
( 34 H^o antcm dico vobis, n/ n
?Xf |Ur TI IV ToJ
( t aM, 6TI
jurarc omniiry, iicque
in titlo,

quia rlironus Dei <ift :

MJTI iv T? ^n, OTI 3? Nc-que in t, rra, quia fca-


prdum cju<:
25 Agree willi tiiine
adversary fa.f
quickly, whilst ihoti art in the Wa,v
with him ; lest at any time tlu-
adversary deliver tliee to the
jud;^e, and the jvidj^c deliver thec
25. Acctir<]toi au nlutut avcc ta
parlie advcrte pcud\int quc lu c ,
the officer) and thou be cast into
en c Imam nv die , dc tour qu t (
pa rljc -mlrfcse ne tt livre au
26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou
Juge cl quc le Juge nr tc livre au

6<rgftit, etque tu ue soi* ini* eu shalt by no means come out

prUott. thence, till thou hast paid the
26. Jetc di* en vcrite, quc tu ne
uttermost farihiu.-.
ortiras pas dela , jusqu a-cc
tu aie payc< Ic dernier qundrain.
27 Ye have heard that it was
27. Vousavez cntendu qu il ai le : said by them of old time, 1 hou
<lit aox Anciens: Tu ne coinmct- shalt not commit adultery: adulterc. 28 But say unto you, That
28. Mail moi
vons dis qno
, je ,
whosoever looketh on a woman.
qniconqne regardc une feminc
to hist after her, huth committed
pour la convoitcr ii a di ja com- ,

rois 1 adultcrc avcc ellc daus son adultery with her already in his
cocur. heart.
Quc ton droit te fait
29. si
29 And if thy ri^ht eye offend
p4chg arrachc-ltv thee, t

dc loi c.u il vuutj pluck it out, and cast / from ;


thee : for it is profitable for thve,

mieux ponr toi qnVin de tes UK ffi that one of j

thy members should

ibrt* pi risse , qut si tout ton coip*
toit heune.
t- perish, and not that thy whole
la gf
3o. Et N ta main droiic le fait body should be cast into hell.
toinbtr dans le pet In -
, 30 And if thy ri^ht hand offend
cl jclte-lu loin dt- toi ; cnr il vaut thee cut it off, and cast / from
mitux loi qu un di tcs mem-
thee for it is profitable for thee,
.brcs peiiv,c,quc si tout ton

e loit jri(- dam* la geheiuie.
that one of thy members should
5i . llattt-ditaussi bi quchju un :
perish, and not that thy
whole ,

il lui douuc
rcpudic salemine (ju ,
body should be cast into hell.
lalettrc de divorce. 3 Ithath been said, \Vhosoever

pour cause d adultvie , give her a writingof divorcements

.. ^^
v*. il

cxposc a dtvcnir adiilli-rc; unto you, That

ct quo
.V2 Hut I say i

commctua Vhosoever shall put away his

qui aura etc repudicc,
ad iltere.
55. Vou< avrx encone rntendu nutation, causeth her to commit
: Tu
qu il a lit- dit aux Ancicns adultery : and whosoever shall
mai* lu
ue te parjurera* point her that is divorced, com ;

cuvcrs le Seigneur marry

Yacqmttcras mit teth adultery.
de ce que tu auras promts aveo
sermeat. 33 AK& avc heard that "

3. Main moi,)c vru di- Nc ja- it huth veil said by them of old I

point du tout
le iii-1
,rez ;
ni par ,
.time, Thou shall not forswear
icar c tl le tronc de I)ieu :
35. Ni par la terrc, car c e^t son thyself, but shalt perform unto
the Lord thine oaths:

34 Hut I .say unto you. Swear

,-not at all* neither by heaven for ;

it is Ciod s lJiro.H :

35 Nor bvthc ear li ; for it is liis

on wflXi? tfl in Hierbfolyma, juia

36 MTI iv
TJJ 36 Ncquc in cnpite tuo j ira-
iyr,?, on ot *uvs-
vcris,quia non poresununi capiU
uxr* ^ /ui\aav Tre him allnim aut nigrum faccre.
37 Sit autem ft-rmo veftcr,
T9V- Etiam, ctium, Non, non quod :

aiitcm abuniiuns his, a nv.ilo ell.

38 Aiuiiltis quin pronuncia-

tym clt : Oculum pro oCulo, &
tkutem pro dcntc.
39 Ej-aJ Je n T- ^9 Egoautcfn dJcovobis,non
n-.ett Tai TTCVB trt pa- obfifttrc malo : fed quicunique
ts-n ITTI" TV te pcrcuilcrit in dc. .terani tuam
^TB* fv aXXtjv.
inuxillam, vcrtc illi &. aliam.
jf^ 5 "

40 Kal T jC 40 Et voienti tihi judicimn

|, tj
p parari, & tunicam 1 110411 tollcre,
^i~* ;3 diiuitte. ci & pallium.
4 K 41 Et quiainquc tc angario-
ir-tyt /*tr vcrit millioic miuin, vadc cum
41 Ti ifoZtri ert Ji Jo illo duo.
TiV S^fXtlT aTTO ftU J 4X Pftenti te, dn : & volcn-
tem a te tnutuure, ne avcrtaris.
43 Amlillh quia pronuncia-

&. odio habebjsininiicuni tuurh.

44 Ego aut cm dico vobis, Dt-
ligitcininiicosveili <w,btncdii.Jte
Ti f xaTa- u^ malediccntes vos: bcnejfucitc
VT. l:Ve Tiy, oditntibus vos, orate pro in- &
ffftantibus vos, & iufediuitibus

45 Ut fill s filii PaM-is vcftri

qdii iu ca: Us,
folcni fuum
prodncit fupor mulos bonoi, tt
& plult fuper juitos &: inju^os.
46 Si cnim dikxtritis dili-
Tiva n* gf ntcs vo, quani m rccdtni ha-
ITS; TE?>x
;ai bctis? uonnc & puklicMli idem
47 Kai lav 4; KC, fi falwtaveriris fra tres
X^.cji; y^ujtv T
vcHros tantum, quid abundans
JI?J TE; cCi i et T|X facttis? nonne &: publicani lie

faciuuf ?
footstool: neither by Jerusalem; /

for il is the city of the threat Kim, :

>6 thou swear by

Nei-.h r shalt
thy htatibecause thou canst not

maiciicpitd niparJe rusalcw,rac

make one hair white or Mark.
t cst 1 1 ville du grand Hoi.
5o. Nv nun plus par ta
. Hut let your coiumimicaiion

jure p >

trie .;.jn ne pi iix f.iik e de* tiiir be, Yea, yea ;

Nay. n.ty : fcr u hat-

rhcven Mane
in iful on noir. soever in more than these con.cth
3-v Mali quo volre parole soil, of evil.
t)ui Uui Non Non ce qu oa
, , , ;
3H\c have heanl that it hath
ilil do
p ti viftit du innlin.
38. You* avexenieodii qu ilne te been said, An ev f for an eye, and
!:! u.l ct deut pour a tooth for a tooth:

pour ueil,
dent. ;V.) 1
say unto you. That ye
3o. Mai* moi, jo von* di , do ne resist not evil: but whosoever
pa* a cclui qui vou* lait .i-iit i

shall smite thee on thy rij;ht

in d inaissi

un toliap- :

pc a ia jotic droiie, prcscntc-lui

cheek, turn to him the otht r ;ilso.
air. -i 1 \iuiu-. 40 And if any man \\iil sue thee
4o. Ft si qncjdu nn vrut pl.ndor at the law, and take au ay thy coat ,
coi.ue toi. ft t oier la
let him have
lui>at- iol>t,
clci.k aho. ///"

lui ncorel hahit.

-11 And vhosoo er sliall coni-
M. l .l qnr qu uiv It vfut r .n
; c

train*!-. r d allcr unc lituc a\ tc lui, P thee to go a mile, o v ith hi ir


vas-cii deux. twain.

, Douuc 4 cclui -12 Give to him that fiftketh thee;

ilc . c ! no Ir dctournc point do cc- and from hii .i that would borrow
lni qui vftilfMipnintfi di- loi. of thee, turn not tho\i away.
/i 3. avr/ i-ntrnduqu il at Vom ;
45 Ye have heard that it hath
dit : Tu nimnas ton piocLuiu, el

tu ton tiincnii.

been said, Thou shalt love thy
4 i. IMais moi, je vons dis Aimc ? neighbour, and hate thine enemy:

VO inn IM ui -M / n \i\ qni

i ini< , 44 But I say unto you, Love
vou mandissrnt faitrn du bicn
your enemies, bless them that

;iccux qui \ ons liu isst-nt ct prit-/ ,

curse you, do pood to them that
pour ccux qui vous oulrajjent i l

hule you, and pray for them which

qui vons pc-ntrul* nl

Alin quo votM^oyi-7 rnfnns

despitefully use you, and perse
, .

votrc- Ft-re qui r.sf dans Ir^ cicux;

MM cute you;
car il fait l-ver *<;n
s .1. il les
medians 45 That ye may be the children
t-t Mir-lt< !>uiM , ft il Fait (

pleuruir sur
of your Father which is in hea-li
i snr Ics ;

|DJUCM. ven: for he maketh his stm toi

Car ti VOIM n aimr/ quecciix rise on the evil and on the

.mm n -roni-
good, ,

qui Vf)tM lit

qm-lli: .

en aurcx-vous V
and sendcth rain on the just and s
|ensc p :i^crs l

in me n en lont-iK pas an taut? on the unjust.

47. I t ii nc Taint rnruil VM 46 For if ye love them which
tk \n\ frc-rn , qiic I ailrs- vou* love you, what reward have ?
y<. ]

3nextraordinaire ? l\-* p as *i n :

rnr uVu font- ils pas aulaut ?

do not even the publicans the
same ?

47 And
if ye salute your breth

ren only, what do ye more than

otlnm? do not even the publicans

34 Kt ii rrmtuum dedcritis a
OTct a L (
U? quibus fpcrafis r^ciperc, qux
wbis gratia eft.? .Etcnim
catores pcccatoribin focucran-
tur, ut recipiunt ie<junlia.
3.5 Vcruntar.K n ili .i^ifc ini-
micos v.-Oros, & bcnelacitc, &
muti .u:ii date nihHdefperantes :
^wij j^
*-jn o (Jii7 .l- i[A%i -ar;- ?< erit mcrcc< veilra mukn, &e
K, {ric"3n ^iivt fit i^,l-w critis fi .ii Altiffimi
quia ipft:

C TI tti/ra; J
r * * 7r T **f t tft iupcr ingratoa 5c

tLa.pi?V( ^ t 1J7{Hjyf. males.

3 (l
nvic S; t?v el*Ti*fji9 )t(, a- 36 Eftote ergo mifcriccrdcs,
ficut 5{ 1 ater vcilcr

K*<|). r . 6.
iTi rnv iM.uorvvnv I- f A Ttenditc miTtricordiam yc-
TffiJlVv f T3v ftram non faci-rt ante ho
y.r) vilTjOjfinv
5f TO &|3&>ivai aitorf mines, ad fpcctari cis : fi aiitcin

.J E, /^r3ov o: X,
i^fTi 7ra
a non,mtrcedinuionhabcti>apud
T iJ Patrem vcltrutn qui in ca-lis.
^ i/vCOwV
> Tfl t

"orav o?v wcinj fX.ii.uts-u*?! /, 2 Cum t

ergo fat.- is .-U en\ofy-

i 7 9 sv ca, nam, nc tub.i clanXeru autc te,
XTTiVj;; **{<,

ficut Tiypoorita: faciunt in fyna-

t; J
iv TK pu,uK, cjra. ? J;^*- gogis &. iji vicis, ut gloriliccntur
- ab hominibus : anan dice vobis,
excipiunt mcrccdcm fuum.

3 Tc autcm facicntr cltjtmo-

fynam, nc fciat finiilra tua <jvid

faciat dextora tua.

4-O7r; era; rj f>.nuorvv
4 Ut fit tiraelcemofyna in

flraT/ ;p CT6U fecreto : A Pator tuus videns in
Xfl^TTTW, I/T; { fccreto, ipfc reddet tibi iii nia-
o^S-f J C-OJ 1 TO) i -. nifefto.
<{xtl ;

5 Kai oTav 7rpriyy>),

OLX ta-jj 5 Et qwim ores, noil cris fi

ort cut hypocritae quia am;>.nt in

Tttp i.ffoXp.Ta* jflXoDyiv :

Ta i
f irvvyyayct^j KJ tv roi; j/w- fvnagogis, in angulis pla- &
ti-arum Irantcw orare, ut appa-
/i TOC rcant
amen dico ve-
bis, qand cxcipmnt merccdtfnv
CV /uicrfiov ftuim.
6 o rav wo 6 Tu autcm cum ores, intr*
in cubkulvini tuum,& clauden*
oftium tuum, ora Patrem tuum
qui in i ecreto Pater tuus : &
confyicscna in fecreto, reddet
tibi in app-rcnti.

7 Orantes autem nc inania

loqunmiui, iicut cthnici, arbi-
trauttir tMiim quod multilo- m i uo e.xaudicntur.

8 Nc igitur affimilemini eis :

novit enim Pater vcilcr qtioruni
W ij r iiium habctis, ante vos petcrc

31- And if ye lend to t/ifin of i-.6.
ye. hope to receive, what
tluink have >
e ? for sinners also
votnne prelezqn sicoux
f>. Bt si lend to sinners., to receive as much
di qui vous espenx de rocevoir ,

qu-l gre vous en saura-t-ou puiv

J5 iJut love ye your enemies,
qut les gin* d- raauvniie * ie pr
4. HI .in.. i aux gins di- mauvaiae .md do ^ood, aiid lend hoping for
, atiii d eu rccevoir l:i
pnreilllf. iiotliinvj a:n
iin and your rewaitl :

;;>. C en poiirquoi , aime/ vos shall be great, und ye shall be the

mis lies du n et prt--
children of the Highest: for he
t i . I., l)i ,

Icz sans en lien esperer etvotre

is kind unto the unthankful, and to

sera graride vous ,

sere/ Ics du ires-haul ;
the evil.

puree qu il est bon envers its m 36 He ye, therefore, merciful, as

gral* et les medians.
56. Soyez done mise riccrdieux your Father also if* merciful.
r I \\KL1 heed that
rornnif aiiisi votrc perc csl inise- ye do not
your alms before men, to be
garde de ne pas fain seen of he in otherwise ye have
I :

Pni:\r.zaumAiir dcvani lishorn

no reward of your Father which
mej, afm d en vuj antrrmcu ("lie

vous n en aim/ puiut de rt-eoin- is in heaven.

pense dc volie l i-re

qui est aux
2 Therefore, when thou doest
cieux. "

thine alms, do not sound a trum

l.Qnand donctaferaa Pauinoiie
Ue I i . sDinii hi di-
pet before tluv, as the hypocritts

vatil lot eoiuinr font in the syna^o ;;ues, ai.d in the


criles , dans les

Synagogues el streets, that they may ha\e glory
dans Its rues, afiu
qu ils // M, ,
of men. Verily 1 say unto you,
lionores ili s hommei. Je vons dit

tn verile They have their reward.

qu il recoivenl leur re- 3 Hut when thou doest alms, let
3. Mais tit fnis runmi me not thy lelt hand know what thy
q^uand ,

que la mam gauche no sache pa riifht hand doeth


ce quo Tail ta drnite.

4 That thine alms may be in
se Tasse t"ii aiim<*>nc

tu stti tl ord thy Father, which

tl Ivu i cre tt vui
j (jui
seeth in secret, himself shall re
dansle secret, tc Ie rendia publt-
ward thee openly.
.1. F.i
q iinn (I tn prieras, ne fau
5 And when thou pray est, thou
pascotnme IPS ^-poc rites eariU shall not he as the hypocrites are: ;

aiment a prii-rtn si- tenant dtlj mt for

they love to pray standing in

mci. Jr von disc-n vrrit.- >f

the streets, that they may
eur rerompenvp. of men. Verily I say un-
f. Maistoi.quand tupricv re .
o|| | u v have tht ir reward.

dan, ton cabinet rt hyant f l t hou, when thou pravcst,


uporte, pneton pireqoiM/ a

D But
*, ,

closet; and, wfaB

c- liru vent; ct ion
pire te
polfF.UUo thy
vojtdans Ie secret te rtfcompm- thou hast shut thy door, pray lo ,

,tfcy Father which is in sec.ret;
e omine^tlf ^J Father which seeth in

uens; car il* rroifnt qu iU m Secret, shall reward thee o])enly.

ront estate rn parlant beaueonp. 7 Jiut when ye pray, use not
H. Ne leur re* vain repetitions, as the heathen
ti- Pi-ie viit <!
f\ . -ivaut <|ii
\ 1,11 ,/,- |
/-;. for
they think that they shall
d> be heard for their much speaking.
He not yc, therefore, like un
tothem: for your Ftither kno\r-
eth what things ye have need of,
before ye ask him.

Otra-; tvv ^ciri j^ys Pater

.9 Sic crpo orate vcs :

IIA TUP- ;/x. o tv -rcTf ;

bolter qui in cxlh, fuucHficutm-
ayjaa^raj TS cvo/xa sreu

nomcn tuum.
10- Ac .vcniat rep;num tuum :
a cry, ; y
Fftt voluntas tua, ficut in ca-lo,
3 T^ >^
& in tx-rra.
-^ j
Tsv jT! ii y TW imeu- T i Pancm noftrum

ftanticjem dn nohis i~odic.
ia lit; dchita
-noftra, ficut nos dimittirnui & .

diibitorihus noilris.
13 Et no infcrasnos i tenia-
tioncm, led libcnt nos a inalo;
^JJ^J* OTt (Tt
Quoi?iam tuum eft rcgnum, f<

& gloria in fecula. A-.j
rsu? tt
men. .
14 14 Si enim djmiforitis homt-?
nibus eornm, dimittct C
U U^V 9 TTaT^p IfAWV 0V*
5 ( vobii Pater vcfter ccdeuis.

Ti roTf 15 Si autem non dimifcritr*

aT * homiuibus lapliis ipforum, ncc
Ss o
Trariip cLtfurtt Pater vefler dimittet lapfus ve-
p*7rTjy^*aTa ftros.
1 6 "Ora? J 1 6 Qtwm autem jejunatis, ne
fiatis ficut hypocritas, obtriftati;
9roi a4 >av oi; obfcurant cnim facies fuas; ut
eturtuv, i ffotf pots a>9jj- appareanthowjinibusjejunantes,
amen dico vobis, quis rccipiunt
&ri aTfi-xtvffi TCK mercc^em fuam.
17 Zw *c 17 Tu autem jejunans, mipe
jlt*aXnv, JL TO Trp)cr;?r4 crw
tunmcaput,& faciamtuam lava:
1 8 OTTWJ //fl $>avti{ ToTf 8 Ut ne appareas homiriibu*

jejunans, fed- Pa tri tuo qui in fe-

roi) H* T<

ttfUTrrx KJ
creto : &
Pater tuus videns in
/SXfWft V 6V T) HfWrlt fecrrto, reddet tibi in marii-
* Ig Mn
19 Ne thcfaurizatc vobis the-
Snravfovs ITTJ T?? fauros in terra, ubi asrugo &
ft 1 0paic t a tinea exterminat, & ubi fures
Vov t xX27rr{ perfodiunt, furantur. & ,

XXJ7JTOV0-1* jo I hcfuurizate. autem vobis

thefauros in cazlo, ubi ncquc
olif Iv oypa>w,
OTTOU rcrugo. neque tinea exterminat,
jSpi7(? ^aVt^, ^ C7T51/ & uUi fure^ non cffodiunt, nee
tW 5(OStVlT(3y5-*V Obit furantur.
41 "OTTOO yap 2 1 Ubi enirn eft thefauruj

tyxv, Ixfii" ?r* -^ vefter, ibi erit cor veftrum. &

O Xyyi J T .rircrn* rnrrions eft OCU-,
21 a->.

Jus; fi rgitnr oculus tuus lim-


plex fxierit, totum corpus tuum

kcidum crit.
After this niuiiiier, tlicrefore, 771.6
pray yc: Our
aUicr \vhic hart in

heaven; Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come. Thy
o,. Vous done he done in earth, as it u in ,
prirz ainsi X>tre will
l ii i-
qui ;iu.\ i ii u.\ tun lioin
heaven. ,

soil sanctifu- ;

10. Ton r gne virnnc la rolontl

1 (Jive us this day our daily ;

- faite sur la tern- (omnu-au bread.


citl ; 12 And forgive us our debts, as

11. Donne-nous anjourd hui uo-
we forgive our debtors.
trc pain quotidien
13 And lead us not into temp

i?. Pardonne-nou* nos plcliei ,

commc aussi HOUS p.n Jonuous a tation; but deliver us from evil:
u \
( nous ont offenses For thine is the kingdom, and the
<;ui ;

!. hit no nous abandonue


point and the fcl r y for ever.

la tmtation mais deUrre-nons power, ,

du raalin. Car a toi apparticnt le Amen.

rt-gne , la puissance , tt la a, For if ye forgive men tlteir
jamais Aint-n.
trespasses, your heavenly Father
i4. Si voiis pardonnez aux hom will also forgive you:
ines JeursofVcuses , \otrc 1 t-rc re -
este vons purdouneru nimi trs 15 But if ye forgive not men
Utfi S ; their trespasses, neither will your
i. sivous nc pordonnez pan
Father forgive your trespasses.
aux homrnes Icura oQVnst-s votre ,
16 Moreover, when ye fast, be
crc nc vous purdonucia
pas non
not as the hypocrites, of a sad
plus Ics voices.
Elquandron* jeunez, nc pro- countenanQc: for they disfigure
iuz pat un air triple coninu Ics their faces, that they may appear
car ils e vtniU-ni Ip
hypocrites ;
unto men to fast. Verily I say un
ut defait , alin qu i

ivuiv au.\ to you, They have their reward.

boBUnefqu ib ju
17. Mais ti tu um-s
1 7 But thou,when thou fastest,
quand j< ,

oiiis ta t( tc cl l;n r ton visage anoint thine head, and wash thy
iK. Ami qu il nc paroi>>te pasnu\ face ;

liommes quy tu jciiufs mais .

18 That thou apjH.-ar not
Ifitit-nt a ton !
qui \v/ en se !<

men to fast, butunto thy Father

cret; it Ion 1 en qui tr dans n>ii

le secret te a nui.ii. ,
which is in secret: and thy Fa-
q IH mi nt. i
ther,which seeth in secret, shall
19. Ne vous amassc/ IPS tr - :

reward thee openly.

soi 3 sur la tene , on !"-, \ r* cl la
rou lie
19 Lay not up for yourselves
gan-nt lout, el on 1

rou.s percent ! (l( iol)eiit :

treasures upon earth, where moth
ao.Mfcs amaM.voiM d.-s M.I
tiIVMII-S and rust doth corrupt, and where
daiis le ciel.on hs \.-rs m i., l "
" 1
thieves break through and steal:
le nc flat* nl ik-n.ot ou I. I.

ne. permit a! ne clcrobeni CO Bui 1,-y up for yourselves

21. Car on en votn- ticSor, treasures in heaven, where nei
stra iiiis .i \ ..IK i (i IH . ther moth nor rust doth
22.1/u.-i| e,t
and where thieves do not break
Si tluin tun ,, j|

nor steal:
For where your treasure is,
ther.- \\ill your heart be ;dso.
Tlu- li-la of i|,
t | U ;ly j s t|

i \ ,-:
therefore, thine eye be

single, thy whole body shall be

full of li/ht.

1 .
^aX/usf ycu i ^ Si aut .-m oculus tuus ma
23 Fiv o -ara-

70 oAfAO. i* CTXCTMO. ins fmrit,totum corpus tutim

VK^Of n. CXS^

*r*i. ill v. t TO vt; rr Iv are ,, yxt-v tenebrofum crit. ft cfgo Jumjrn

r^ Iff, -ft c-. .t:<& .TT <?n
j quod intc, tencbrx fiint, -
brac quant;*:
^ - _

24 Oth;; JJvarat Jv^i xip w 24 N<.mo

poteft duobus do-
?:^Xjt :<>.

Toy iv /uiyr^rj, minis i*<
rvirt* \iiut <.

ock-nt, &
iihcaim dRiget aut. :

unnm alteniin
amplexabitur, ^<

-t. non |
ottTcis Deo fcr-
viro & mummonoe.
Ani T-.U-r ^$ Proptcr hoc
dico vobis, nc
anxienu ni unimw vcllr.t, quid
mandnci tis & quid bibatis no- :

owe corpori veflro, quid indua-

ntini. r.onnc aniniu plus ell cic? t
t>Sl/X;47<>* j
& corpus, indumcntp?
46 F/A?Xt a6 Infpiciteibi volatilia cali,
TW S, quoniam non ftminant, ncquc
met tint, nequc congregant in
horrca, & Pater vtfter c.tlcili*-

palcit ilia, nonnc vos magis cx-

ct llitis ijlis ?

27 Qiiisantcn; e*; vobi- nnxin-

tus jmtt-it adjiccrc ^d ftaturatnj
*ay airiS luam cubitutu nmi .u ? ^
28 K 28 Et circa veftiiiK-ntum qm tl

f xa.
rape 6 tit tn anxiamini ? Obfrrvri
quomtxlo augcntiw : non
cD f xowja, | oC-Js ^ vij
gantur, nequc ncnt.
29 j\iy >

i/xfj, C TI c
49 Dico autem vobi*, quo
Xs/xi Y >
7r5-] T? &) air niam ncc Salomon in omnl*
iff V T6jJ jilY, fua tuiiidus ell lici.t
{(fta>lr3 gloria
3O { SI TOV J ^Of unum iihjrum.
30 Si autem fcerium r.<;ri
ho- ,

die cxiftcn?, (Sc.rr ii in clibamuu

1 us fie circutnoniati
I non inuku magi* vos, cxiguae
31 Ne igitur anxicmini, di*
centes : Quid manducnbimua,
r 31 Hav-n* yap rai/Ta. T 1
tQ aut quid bitiemus, aut qurd-Cir
i-rt^uni eTjg ^-af o waT>jp i/|U* cumi .micicmur?
T 3j.()mnia enim h.TC gcntea
9 t^aVt^ Ti TI .UTOJV 6
7TirA . Novit enim Pattr
3. Zrrinri Jj npuro* rrv jSa- veittr calcftis quod opus lift-

bctis horum omn>um.

regnum IK-I, & juftitiam cjus,

34 M>) fj uecomnia adponentur vobis, .

.fuv j,ig ttfftay /t*!f/xvfl^- 34 Nc

gitur anxiemini i in
BjKjTO* TJI ij|Ulf eras : nam
eras curabit fua ip-
xi n airrf 29. f fim: fufficicns dici malitia fua.
23 But if thine eye be evil, thy \\ftt.i.
whole Iwxly shall be full of dark

If, therefore, the li^ht tha,i ness.

thee be darkness, ho\v great s in I,

* that da- ness?
23. MjisJn tou o-il cst mauvais 24 No man can serve two mas- ,1

tuui UMI roipt atrn u;nelu nx.


:ei*s: for either he will bate MK-

il.jnc i n i i"i

-ie, and love the other; or eke

,,,:, n.i...-, mbi igreu
dei ccs icnebics ^ Will hold to the one, and de-

2*. Nul ue. pent servir dcuxinai the other. Ye cann jt serve
ties ;car on il hana Tun, ct ainu--Vj and mammon.
ra auire; ou il s alinrliera a 1 un,"^

Vout ne pou- Therefore I say unto you,

ctmt-pri era I nuire.
vez strvir Dicti u .Mammon. Take no thought for your life,
25. C est pourquoi je runs dis .vhat ye shall eat or what ) e shall .

^c sovcz point souci de votie

nor yet for your hotly,
vie dc cc que voiis manure*, 01
what ye shall put on. Is not the
de ci-q-ie vuusboirez; ui pourvo-
ill- more than meat, ahd the
tre cot p*, dc quoi VOUSSOITI vt tin. body
La pas pins quo la han raiment
- ellc
it esl

no-.milni c -l k-
turps plus^ut - Behold t .u-
, fowls of the air: It-

or they sou not, neither tlo they

car ilsnt- si-tnent ni nc moissoii eap, nor gather into barns; yet ,

in- nt ni u ainasscni ritfii dans dc

. our heavenly Father fei deth
Teiiirrs ,. el volir IVrr i l-->lr l<

hem. Are ye not much better

pnsbeuucuup han they ?
j,ls excelle 27 Which of you, by
Kt qni
2". t-cc d t-ntic rous taVuv^
qn par son stiui
puissc ajinuci .
nought, i an adtl one cubit unto
cud f a sa t illf : >

\is stature ?

tt pour ui i-sl du vt -tf

i| 28 And why take ye thought for

Hit ut
aiment ? Consider the lilies of
A pprni^V comment K Us he field how
they trrow -they 1< :

del inissciit- iK ln\\ ail- neither do they .spin

oil n->t, ;
kut ni ne lilt ill.
And yet I say unto you, 1 hat (I

S.llolllOll UK Illf Yen Solo non in all his i^lory

^loiic n a point tic \ -tu coininu vas not array td like one of these.

luudVux. .0 Wherefore, if (Jod so clothe

3.). done Dicu n-vt ninsi riifi - -t
lie grasb ui Uie, ticld, which to day

cliainps.qui .
e&taujuiird hui,
t dfiiiaiii SIM- a |Ht d ins is, and to morrow is cast into the : -

lour . IIL- \ouvrerrttra-t-il pas j

oven, a/tall /i" not much more
dc ptlilc
plulol o ye of little faith;
Ixancoup ,
you ? ()
.31 Therefore, tuke no
3i. Nc ovf7 done point t n suuei, thought,
disaut ljuc inan^ti on
- nous ?
. saying, What shall we eat? or,
lioiruiis-nous ? Ou dc quoi \V hat shall we drink ? or. Where
withal shall we be clothed?
33 (For alter all these tuing- da
the (icntiles seek :) for your ea- 1

\enly Father knowith limt ye

have need of all these tl.inrs.
JJ iitit seek ye first tiie king
dom of and his ri ;hteous-

ness; and all these thin s shall

be addetl unto you.
1 Take therefore no thought

for the monou for the mom>\v :

shall take thought foi* the things

of itself. Suflieiint unto the
v the e\il thereof.

ut nur\ judi-
XJE jitdicatc,

^ In quo enim judirio judica-

. L-riti.^, judicabiititui
: & m
nunfi iucritis, re-
qua nu iii ur.i vobis.

^ [)>\f,
& 1
dabitur vo )!?:
Mcnfui .mi bonam, confcrtam,

il; TO> tern dahunt in liuum voftruni :

Xi X -7iV t .uwV
3 : ot /3/tTrsi; TO K.i;

oc uh) lratristi;i,at in Mo
V X. l ^/v;.? - ;
oculo train m
non an mart vi-rt is ? i

dices fratri
4 . I
-TJU; |fj~f T* aJi\<j-w
rrcf 4 Aut quomudo
tuo : Sine c)icmu fciUcarn il

o culo tiio, &; cocc trabs in oc r.lo

tuo ?
5 Hypocrita, t-jlro jiriniurn
trabcm dc oculo tuo, & time
or Ten j^ intu cbcris ojircix fcflucuin dc
oculo fratiis l;i.
rov c JiX-j t? trot;.

6 N u JWTH ro Syjw TO"? Hua~t, 6 Neditis faiuflum canibusji

i^s i?.iXjrf TcL? /uaf j .jti raf i- neque mittat b margaritas v:f-j
f4VV E/XTTJOjaiV TWV J^OIfWV" /X^- tras ante porcos, n.c tottc con-
cukcnt ias in podibjus fuis, 6l
Z WOfflV ttOTWK, rf ^fVTI cuuvcru tiirumajit vos.
q^A fiV i.xac.
7 AtTs /Tf, ^ JwC> ;rTai vfjut 7 Paitc, & d aliitur vobis :

qurtrito, & irrvmiotis :

t <.

apt-riotnr vobis.
8 Onniis cnim ]afon3 nrci-

: & fju.Tri-ns invcnit, &
puli iinti -api. ri< .
9 "H Tl < IO* ? t/UftV V^-3U- o Attt qui$ t (t i x vol)is hunio,

pcticrit Jilins Ams pa-

ru i al-rnyr, o ii^f airoc ii
TOV, ju>;
X. Cj> 7rW;-l ritrra; ; ncni, iiuiiuuid l.ipidc-ni c!u1)it ci ?~
70 Ki liv i^ 6iv aTa>), /x^ jo I^t iipifcciM pdi Tit, nun-
quid fcrpcntcm dabit ci ?
ii Si
ergo VOB ma!i exiftci -:
tes, noflis dat-i boua dare filii*
vellris, qu.into lu-gis Pater vo
der qui in c.ilis, dibit bon:i pc-
tc-ntious fc ?

17, Omnia cr/o (piTciunque

vultis ut faciant vobi/s hoinints,
ita A: vos far it e illii. HA-C cnlnx
eft Lex *c Prophet T.
not, that yc. b
Fin <lii S, r iKjn j>nr la Mori-
2 For with what
|<H-/ point , rifm
qor \ .,
judgment ye
\i/ point
s. jud-e, ye shall be judged: and
i. t. ar on v<,!is
f ;;, tj,, ni. m with what measure ye mete, it
ii-fiuc nt shall be
qu, \.nii .in., t
ju.;, ; vired to you a^ain. m<

"I *<"<* in. -ultra il. t u nii m (iive, and it s!:: il be :


e:i uu- i v I L .b
I mi In v.

IiS iJounrz, t mi \ uus (Jomu r. i ;

do-.ui, and shaken topeti^.C n
on vons tlrinix . i il.ins It .i-in HIM ui niiH- over, shall men-5\e inio
cicpii r<|KUiili.i jiiir-iti-ssu*;
beholdest thou the
And why ft>
.>. I .l
piilirmioi | rd.K-m fur.

thy brother s eye, that is in

iln -ii : I ;: Ji> (;*! |i- n. \ .,is i* but considcrest not the beam that
UIH !((! is in thine own eye ?

|r,it!.i t|t..
,-.,. i ;iu- ,1 ?
I I I "
t. Mill, I III ,K 1(1 . ,- I., I,
Or how wilt thou say to thy

brother, Let me pull out the mote

out of thine eye; and, behold, u
1 1!* ,
*"i i-
pn mi i- 1 *
infii beam /v in thine o\\ n eye ?
luii tui la p JUli .
(i .n i
c .) Thou
hypocrite! first cast out
H-XflT.l \ , :, I ,
;:: M ;!c hois U the out of thine own eye: beam
and then shah tluAi see clearly to
i^t out the mote out of
thy bro
ther s eye.
not tlint \\hich is holy

unto the; neither cast ye

7. J),,.. ,.,(!,/. ,
your pearls before sw ine, K-st lu-y i

!! i .1 ,
i Ii* i . \\\--/.

\ :> :/
llclll I* / ,
I .irn ain and rend von.
ti .

* "

7 Ask, and it shall be K ven you I

i on oiuii a ci-ini mil li. inii-

alu ^ shall be opened unto you:
. I/ ipii VM.. in* nu I liuirmi- 1
8 For every one t hat asUi t ii, n -
I MUM i.Mi.i|iiiiloiiiir iim-iiH-nc- ceive th;;indheth.itsecki.lh,liiid-
.. - "
1 !" 1 ui, J
iclh;un( lo |, im ih u , knocketh, | , .

L . Ii M! I. M ,!,:,,,,!, shall be opened. t
SM> . lui il iiui* ia-i-il uu vr|iriu?i .)()j uhat man is there of you,
HIM 1 1* IIKIII- ,
if his son ask bread, At ill -,

| -.MU\, I|I IM i.i-i il d< s 1,1111-, i\e him a s. rpvnt:

a <- i\ .pii /. . ! ,i .! inainl. ni. || ||
yc then, hein-j evil, know i

elm t ^
vt .
..,,od pi Its unto you! 1
},, )NV j ( , ,.j
1 !
,/ ,.. I,. || . Illllllllll", V Ull.s I.. II
rhilrren, how much more shall

v .,: i, ,:*,/, ,-i. .,, an -

i ,!

in ....
ti L ,t I.- l.i l.n. ii. ! \oiir Father, v. h h is in heaven, .-

1 |
l i- ..
u -rood tl.ii!; to them that ask


I.: 1l h< i\ lore all things v.-lr-ls-j

( si i
e would hat me) should do 1 i

to \ <,M, do \en o to them lor

\ -
i :

!ii , is the 1 vw . .
the pH-plf i-.. quia Jut a yun-ta <V
tiofa via ductnsadpcrJitioncni,
& imilti fujjt ingrcdicncch JKT
l.l O~J f IV ; >; 7V-JX>; f>Xl-
i.i. CMiia angufta porta, &
!>) f; IT .; n ftTTA /^ fhiola x^Ti dua-ns ad vitam, <5c

oX. ycj
puuci funt iuvcnictitcs cam.
f,v, ^ :;}>

I ^
I7 Attcn^ite vrro a falfis
lVS; If^OVTfll ti.s, quia vcniunt
ad vos
.7; a in indiunentis ovium, intriii-
*i *l
iccus ;aucu\ funt lupi Tapacts.
1 6 A
frui^ibus corum e>-no-
M^JTI fcctis cos. i. -
ipini^ uvuni, cut do tribulis &~

1 7 Sic oninis arbor hona fi uc-

rus !x.)i)u- tacit: at canoiU ar
bor fruciu j itialos faoit.
lo u 1 8 Non p,otcfl arbor litMU fruc-
tn~.njjlns jTuccrc, nequc arbor
carioiirfrudtus puichros facer c.
iy Hay QjvJ j:? /*n Tfoioiv xf- ,
19 Oinnis arbor non facicns
wJy xaXov, xx:VTTa, ^ tij wl f fru<5tum
& in
ignnn injicitirr.
20 haquc LX frudtiblib coruiu >

agiiofpctis cos.

35 Bonus homo debonothe-

ayg Trf xafja? IX fauro cordis ejicit bona .& nia- :

TA ct-yct&t Kj OTCV^O? lus homo de n\alo thttmro cjici;


36 36 Dico autcm vobis, quud

ct a v f omne vtrbum otiolumquod Ui-

quuti fucrint boroiai Sj.reddent

de eo rationcm in die judicii. .

Ex 37 Ex enim vcrbis tuls juih-

ficabcris, & ex VCT!MS toie con*

14 Omnis en;o quicunqutf

nudit mV.i v:rb:i h:cc, _& fatit
afiiinilabo ilium v.tro p^u-

(/; -r,r. dcnti, qui wdificavit

ftnm fupcr pctruiu.
7.5 l-:t dcfocndit pluvia &
vcnciunt ilumina 5c flavcrunt
vctiti, & procubcrunt
illi, & non cecidit i undata :

crut cnini fupcr pt-trani.

3 Enter ye in at the strait gaite;

for wide it the j/ate, and /.v l)ix>ad

the way, that Icadcth to destrur-

i3. Eutrcz
par Ta portc troite

; tion, and many there *e winch

car la porle large el clu-min spa- M go thereat: in
cicux in HI-MI u la perdition , cl
14 Ik-cause strait it the gate,
il y en a
bcatlCOOp qui y nun nt.
u. Mais la porle ctruite et It and narrow / the way, A\hich ,

clumin t troit menent u la tic, ,leadeth unto life, and few there
-et il en a pen qui le trouvcnt. be that find it.
i5. Gardn-roaa des faux Pio-
1 5 Beware of false prophets,
u tun ii t u \ ous en
phetcs qui

habits de brf-bis mais qua au de- ,

which come to you in sheep s
dam -.sont dts loups ravissans. clothing, .but inwardly they are
iG. Vou Its reconnoitrez u lours
ravening wolves.
Fruits Cuirillc-t-on dcs raisins
1 6 Ye shall know them by their
sur des r pincs , ou dci ligues sur
des cliardous ?
fruits. Do men gather grapes of
17. Aiusi tout at lire qui cut bon thorns, or figs of thistles ?
porle de born fruits mais un : 17 Even BO, every good tree
rr/anvais arbre porle de mauvais
bringeth forth good fruit but a
i is.

Lu boa ailnt ne p.euipuriu corrupt tree bringeth forth evil

^.. j

(It- mauvais fruits , ni tin mau- ISA good tree cannot bring!
s ai s nrbrc de bons fruits. forth evil fruit, neither can a cor-
purler |

19. Tout a rt) re qui ne porle point 1

bons fruit s rupt tree bring forth jjood fruit. !


, cst coupe et jete |

Every tree that bringeth not

1 J
au feu. j

20. Vous Ics connoitrez done il forth good fruit is hewn down,
leurs liuiis. and cast into the fire.
21. Ceux qui me distnt : Sei
2n Wherefore by their fruits yc
gneur, Seigneur ,
n entrcront pas
ous au Royaume des cieux ; shall know them.
mais celui-la settlement qui fait A Rood man, out of the
//? p,o<xl

;i \ oloiitr ill moil 1 i-ie f^ of the heuit, bringeth

lans les timx. (treasure
forth good things: and an evil
ti. FluMeurs me diront en ct.

ur-la Srigm-ur, Si^m-m n a-

: ,
man, out of the evil treasure,
bringeth forth evil things.
jns-uous pas propht-tisc en ton
in ? N avons-hous pas cliass But 1 say unto you, That o(">

s Demons t-n ion nuui V .l n a-

e\ery idle word that men shall

vons-uoii!i pas fait plusituis mi

racles en ton nom ? speak, they shall ni v ^ account
j5. A!oi, ji- nr dirai ouver- (hereof in the day of judgment.

mi in Ii 1.1 ous ai jamais ton-

ti Tor by thy \\ords ihou shall
\ 3"

linz-voiis n.m onv be

justified, and by thy words thou
in; I! . i <!< . \

qui fuilcs mt tiei d iniquile. halt be condemned.

nuicnnquf done nitiul <<s

iro|f quo je
lore whosov\ev
dis ,
-l Irs im-l rn Then
atiqui:, jr h- rompartrai ti unfl eth these s;i\ings of mine, and
.nun |)ii.iV(it ,
a I- in -.1
doeth them, I will liken him un
to a ^ise man, which built his
house upon a rock :

J.s And tlu: rain descended, and

the floods came, and the winds
and beat Upon thai house;

:md it fell not : for it was founded

upon a rock.
16 Kai sa c s MX-JL^V 26 Et o.i.nls radical mea
verba, & noii faocns ca,
[*n i

*v* t
aUrmiTabitur viro Uuito, qui ;c-
diiicavlt doinum fupsr
iircnam :

- hr. <icf: adit p uvia, &

!, J vciu-nint il ioiiuu, is; fiuvcrur.c
vciiri, <x.

rorarrant dciuui illi,
dc Cc:idij, iui*. XikUS iliiug

; T)ff

Ka! I/f vers ?/ 28 Et f.icJum eft, q uum con-

fummaflVt Jcfus formoncs lios,

upclitiut ilium turbae fupcr

29 Hrat enim doccns cos ut

auch>ritatem lubcns, nun ft- <ik.

cut Srriba;. , -r

Ks.*>. ".
a f vcndente autt-m eo de
I/ ATR*O;TI ci T^Ei
moiite, ixcuta; lunt turn
turb* i?iultu;.
& circvii-

bat vicos in or1>em, doccns.

;S V -nitf ad nicoiiMics labo- s, & oncrati, As tgo rccrc-

ay Tollitr ju^um mor.m fu-

ii tlil cltc a me, quia
pcr vo*,
miti i
filTH, huinilis conlt- : &:

nivenictis requiem auhttabus

yj s r^> A--W x.r"- i-i I ^o

IC^T SV ^*s iX4 :j j-tv. 10. | 2. I

dum, 5c onus mcum Icvc eft
36 "i^a
ra 5c TJ? tCriv T!V Rog-abat autcm quida

ilium Pharifajorum, ut mandu-


oarct cum iilo : Et ingrcffus ill

donnr.n Pluirifxi, difcubuit.

37 k.-l ;, ^^v?j Iv T>) -ro-s-
37 Jit cccc mulicr in civitatc,
i, Jir.; >:v

a,ua^.X-; qu;e C at pecoatrix, cognufccns

elx. a Phari-
7a tv .xfi tn juod uccubuit in doiuo
.:i, t .- i* (

:a *op.*it , j-.c/^.Vaa*
*^- , ixi, aflereus alabaftrum un-
38 Kr, r^y* -TO-J^ TWC TOO- i

38 Et ftans fecus pcdes cju

u-.-rf vfftVw, x>.a.
tf--tt, "if- retro, flcns. cccpit rigarc pcdca
./. o
^t^:v TU; 75i"ac ai/ri?
us lachryniib, CJpillis ca^ &
s~C ^ixvuri- x^ raT; 5-^^i T: f i

pitis fui cxtcf^ebat. i: ofcula-

hatur pcdes cju5, & un^cbal un-
^6 And every one ;hat heareth ft\
these sayings of mine, aud doeth
them not, shall be likened unto a
26. .Main qiiiconquc mlcnd ccs foolish man. w hich built his house
que di* et ne met Ics
upon the sand
iV-tu pratique . -M.I compart

un hohiim- m.sensr And the rain descended, and

qui u b. iti

i in i""ii sin li .sable. the floods came, and the winds
la pluie csl torn bee
27. litIts , blew, and beat upon that house ;
.loneus se on t dtbordcs et lev j, .
anC it fell, and great was the fall
;vtnts ont soulfle etsout M.-UIIS ,
of it.
fundre mi cctte IH.MV.H-! i; ello
28 And it came to
tit tombe e , ct a ruiue a t; pass when
grande, Jesus had ended these
28. Lit
quand JF.Sl S cut achcve the people were astonished at his
diicourSj le pciiplt fut iiunuo

doctrine :
e sa doctrine.
2y For he
2(j. Cavil
Its riw-iiioit roimne taught them as we
ajantautorh.;, having authority, and not as the

/^vt ASH Jesus fut desccndu dt he was come down

la rnonta^ne
; une grand*
It MI:\ ii.
from the mountain, great
people multitudes followed him.
ct il
n\ uons, tn cnseiguaott
6. A ml ho went round ^
bout the villa les, teaching.
2S. \ cue/ a moi voiis tonsqn 28 Come unto me, all // thatla-

l-ic* tm\ aill< i l

tbaiiji s,tt jc
\ ou
our and are heavy laden, and I

7). l liar^ J!-^ oils do moil jnu"

u ill jijivc vou rest.
rt uppni f/ di- moi ,
qu- j<-
MI I-. 29 Take my yoke upon you,
tloux liinnbU di in \

and learn of me for 1 am meek

" t <>u>


3 .( ar inon uis<

el moi and lowly in heart and ye shall

fat di an <-,t li
i-i. find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke / easy, am! 3J(

li in.,n r
.i burden is li; ht.
r clu-7 tui ,
il ciitra da>i
my r

a inaiMiii du I haiisiin il il s 36 And one of the Pharisees de- ,

mil a lab!*-.
sired him that he would eat \\itli
It unr femmt do la Aille

mi ilr inuuvaitr
him. And he went into the Pha
qui i <

.i\ ant MI
rioil a tal.V dan. risee s house, and sat down to meat.
il l.

riitiiion du I hur iMen elli y a-i- 37 And, behold, a woman in tin- ,

jioria un MiSfd ulbaire pit in d ui

ili .iiiii <!
city, whirh was a sinner, when
.. . .

mix she kne

v that .A-*//.* sat at meat in
^. s* dtrrievp
l !t (<-iiaiit

At- Jesus
*! -lie nr niit a plcu- the Phaiis.-e s house, brought an ,

ii r elle 1m airosoit
pii-ds il alabaster box of ointment, I* <

^i I I ,n\i a- .

38 And stood at his feet behind

i I li s i l

him weeping, and began to \\nsh

iii-d et t-llf i oknoit % tc c It

his feet with tears, and did wipe

tin-in uith the hail s of her head,
and kissed his feet, and anointed
them with the ointment.

39 39 Videos
vocans cum, ait in feipfo, di-
ceus: Hie fi eflct Picphcta,
1circt utique qux & qualismu-
Her, qua; tangit cum, quia pcc-
catrix eft.
40 Et rtfpondens Jefus, dixit
ad ilium Simon habeo tlbi:

Is vero ait :
aliquid dicere. ^
Ai o 41 Duo debitores erant frc-
ncratori cuidam : unirs d^bcbat i

Xe der.arios quiugcntos, at alter

41 Non habcntibui aiitcm
illis rcddcrc, ambobus donavit :

(^uis ergo eorum, die, pluseuni

43 Refpondcns autcm Si
mon, di\it Tubfumo qucd cui

pjus dormvit.
UV auteia dixit
ci: R,^e ju-Jicafti.
44 Ht converfus ad mulic-
rcm, Sinmniv dixit : .
id<-s hanc
mulitfi tm ? Intrari Hum in-
i Oinuni t
aqunm ad pfdcn mcos
"T>) oE non deuifli : hrtc autem lucry-
rij^ivit meo? pt-des,
iT)is ic ca-
pillis c:\nitlsfui exterfit
45 <OfciH;im mihi non dedU
fri : h:uc autem, ox quo intravi,
non cefiavit ofcnlans mcos pe*
T4/<; dcs.
46 Oleo capxtt mcum r.onrf

uuxiili Ivsc auttm. ungueiitof


unxit mej^ pcdes. * .- _^- ^

31 Vtniunt igititr fratres &
* ic .., mater ejus : & foris Itantes,
iSvlij .mill runt ad eum,vocaiiUs cum.

31 Et fedebat turba circum

cum dicebant vero ei
: Etce i

mater tua, & Jratrts tui, foris


qua: runt

Kai a 33 Et rdpondit eis, diccns:

aut fra
C|a! eft mater mta,
trcs mei?
34 L .t circumfpicicns oirculo
circa fo fedcntcs, ait : Kccc ma
ter mca, &
fratres mci,

35 Qui enim feccrit volun.

065, tatt in Dei, hie fratcr a^eus, It
foi or mca, h mater cfb.
39 Now, when Pharisee wliiclj *L tn"o
had bidden. Jiimtftaw tV, he apake<
Within himself, s-t\ iru^, TUj muiv
f he \vcrc a wouhtlh a vc 5

ron- known who .ami what manner of

e Phamien quir,v,,i
vo.ant tela ,
dit en lui- woman thm in that touchcth him ;

: Si cei homme etoii Pi"- for she is a sinner.

hv ,il *au -oiMuns doutc qui

4O ^ n d Jesus, answering, said

- ll
I.-I.II.H- qui ! Ufttoiim, Simon, I have some-
ill. i-st ill- mauvaise \
.lor-iJi sm preuanil parolf, what to say unto thee. And he
lui dil: Simon, faiquelfj saith, Master, say on.
It dire : el il dil : Maim di- 41 There was u certain creditor,
m which had two debtors the one :

In cre nncier avoii deux

urs, flout Tun lui d*voit inq
owed five hundred pence, and the
s s, el 1 aiUit eioquante.
d<-iii i other fifty.
, Ki fomrnt- iln u axo .rni i-<
42 And when they had nothing
to pay, he frankly forgave them
Ifor both. Tell me, therefore, which
l dt-s
n will love him most ?
. 43. Simon lui eondit : J eitimc 4.> Simon answered, and said, I

qnc c tst rtlui a qui il a Jt

plus upposc that he to whom he for
quiit. iu as Tort
. J,.-u. lui (In .

gave most. And lie said unto


bien jug*.
lim, Thou hast rightly judged.

4 Alors se tournani vers la


fcmme il dit a Siinoo Vois-in :

44 And he turned to he woman,

cette It-inmc ? Jt suis em re dans -\nd said unto Simon, Seest thou
ta mals in nc m , ! m as point this woman ? I entered into thine
domic d cau pour me lat-er Ics
nouse, thou gavest me water m>

ITUIIS tllr a an o^f- ui S nii-<! .

j>ied& ;
or my feet but she hath washed :
tit larmes , el Ivs a esuye avi-c
e< clu-vciix. my feet with tears, and wiped ilu-m
4. i. Tn ne m as point donn<
dc with the hairs of her head.
fcaist-i ;
nais el!e
depuis quVMi- , 45 Thou gavest me no kiss: but
fiun e u a cfss(f dc tne oamr
this woman, since the time I came
Tu n ai poitit oint ma tfte in, hath not ceased to kiss my feet.
muis ellc a oini nies 46 My jiead with oil thou didst
.d une Isuilc odorilVmntt. .
tot anoint but this woman hath. :

Si s lu ns ij :
:MIMI - <n ini-.t"
Atoointcd my feet with ointment.
r< nl ;
i:l s. i.iiiiiir il.l.oi-*,
ri.-n;> (Ttnt ;iji|<
Irr ;
M l;i innl- affi here came then fr/i brethren^ yn< .

lii ulr i ! ill ;: , .1 (

UlltOlir lie Illi. and h fs motl :er, a: id, standing with >

3 2. Ml en lui tilt N oil. ta jiu-jr

out, sent unto him, calling him.
.- i

el |i n-s soul la dchofs i- I

32 And tlt multitude sat about


d( inandi-nt.
33. .Ma:-, il r<

pondit : Oni rst in;i him, and they said unto him, Be^.
jiii-re, on qui sun! nut frtrcs ^ hold,t!iy mother and thy brethren)
3. Tin ji-lam Irs un\ MIT KII\ ritho^it seek fop thee.
qui I t.iiml -lu iiiu- dc lui i! ilit ,
33 And he unfcwcred them, say-
A oil: inn lilts In -ns.
i ! 1 1
vVho is my mother, or my

55. Car, (|uironqnr la \ l>;.i <

lonlr il t 1, u ,
f i lui I . it ii. iii brethren ?

fix-ic. M ma -M": <l i.i.i nun. \nd he looked round about

on them which sat alxnit him,ahd
said, behold my mother and my,
brethren !

a i or whosoever shall do the


.-: (iod, t!ie same is my bni-

ei i and mv si .er, und motljcr*.

If. c A
I -rN quibui mgre^atis my-
* rindibua turbz, ut concul-
aXX>;Xw{, nfie carent alii alius, cuepit dicere ad
diicijuilosfuosprimum: Atten-
auri; yi


dite vobis-ipfis a fcrmento Pha
rifxorum, quod eft hypoci ifis.

2 Nihil enim coopertum eft,

quod non rtvclctiir & abf:on :

3 Xfi/ Uv, dituni, quod non fchtur.

3 3 Propter qu qurc in tcnci
bris dixiitis, in luiniuc andien-
3 e v tur : &
quod ad aurcm loquutij
fjri eitis in cubiculis,
fupra domos.
4 Dico autem vobis amicis
meis : No timeatis ab occiden-
ffM tibus corpus, &poft hiec non
hibentibud abunJantiih quid
facere. ^ .

r7i<%v Si u/xiv Oftehdam autem volnj

quern timeatis : timetc ilium
i s; mom injicerc
bcn in
gchcntiarn :
Ttf T 0V itu dico vobis, hunc timcte.
6 O p 6 Nour.e quinquo paf!cre
v.xneunt aJFariis duolnls, ,Sc unus
ex illis non tft in oblivionc c^-
rum D,,o.

Scd St chilli capltis veftri

onmes numerati funt, nc efg
in at $(,ZtTr8i timctc muli is pafTcribus
: pra>i
J*<t>Hj7e. libti,vos,
.. son r
At^a rXstXi,
13 Ait autem

turba Magifter, die

fratri mco
partiri cum me Ji&reditatem.

14 5i ETrrEV av;
p 14 Hie autem dixit ei Ho, :
if pi \ xarlr
mo, Quismeconftituitjudicem
aut diviforem
fuper vos ?
15 Dixit autem ad illos : Vi-
dete &
cavcte ab avaritia :
non in
redundare cuiquam vit3

cJH5 eft ex fubftamia ipfms.

^Diu tantemfimifitiidtoJ
illos, dicens: Hominis cu-
lufdarn divitis bene tulit
CIIAPIT"RE xTC the mc:*ji time, when there 1* . f 2.
Je. in -Chtist in.ttuit sc* Dix- INwere ^athercfl together iui
les dt Sti guri cr d hypocri

numerable muUiiude of ptopk\ (>

sit , de I arame He le.llfr / ; insomuch thut they troili; qnc up-

\trcj r /jr a la reconciliation* o another, he bcj;:tn to s;iy

le pen
pie sVtam
r. r i: N u ANT his disciples first of all, lie ware
( par imUn-i cu sock
a>stinblf :

1 the leaven of the Pharisees,

qu ili sc
pressoient Irs mis Irs an-
In-, il sc nut adirr a M-S i
. i
wliich is
j jiles
Gardtt-vons snr H, ri
: t<>ut-> 2 Tor tlure is
nothing covered,
ses du levain ic-s PLarUiciu , qai that shall not he revealed; neither
llivpuci i- ie. hid, that shall hot be known. .
2. Car il n y a rion dc raclu qui :

e doive rti- drcourcrt ; in in u 3 Therefore whatsoever yt have

de counu.
s-ri -i
qui \\c Uoixt IIT spoken in durkm^-s, shall lieard l>c

Lti cliusea doncquc voui au-

in the li^ht ; and that which yc
rcr ditcsdaiu S tout-hies si-xun ! ,
ha\e sjioktn in the ear in closels,
ealenduci t! ttii la i-t cc !iiini> i<

qiu- \d is aim? da a I on daim ill<-

sh.ill he proclaimed upon the
len cliambres, sera house-tops.
pr^iliO snr II-N

111:11 0111. 4 A nd 1 say unto you, my friends,

. li \ous dis dune ,
A \,u. [! He :.ot afraid oi them that kill the
ftles amis Nv
body, and after that have no more
n>e* :
crai^ui/ point
CCQX qili tUt 111 It f .l
ji, ,
ft i|lll

ccla no pt-nvcut ricii la ri that they can do.

ajm >

de plus 5 IJut will forewarn you-whom 1*

5. Ma.s je voiis iiM.Minra

qui i

yc shall fear: I car him, which,

oU3 devez rraiudie fiaiauez ct-- ;
uftc-r he hath killed, hath power
lui qui, aptr* avuir olc la \ ii- u
yea, I say unto

to cast into hell ;

lie |M)iivoir d fi:6\iT dans la ^c-
Jcune oui vuu Ic djs
c tot \o\i. him. 1 <.;!

j , \t }

v-iTi -T
Aie not five snurrows sold

(CClui-iM <\
\> r".

6.-Xe \c iid - on pas ciiiq pc .ns twofui things: not one of them in<i

r -
s denv piles ? CeptruUaut is for^rtton before -Clod.
onblii- p;t- tin - ill. 7 t .en the \uy huirs of

7. Li uu me tout ie. clie\cux de Ftur

yom licid arc aii nnrn!x-rt(!.
conipli -s , ii u;u-
BoQO point votu vuirx plus ir 1, the IT fore; -yc are of i no re

tjne bcaucuup dr pa<M-ran\. value lh;n in.inv spurrons._

i5. Alors qutlqii iiti <!e a trowpe 3 And one of the company said

Ini dit Mai ire , dis a : mon In-re

unto him. Master, speak to my
qu il
parta-jc avrc moi ooUe lu-ri-
that he divide the inheri-
i *. Mai$ J/fJi.i \\\. r, : O v.ith me.

liomnu- !
in a rtabli 1 Arid he said unto him^ Man,
ti- \olre Jn^,e , ou pour who made me a judge, or a di
vider over you ?
is il tfiu Gardtr-vous
them Take
il i

u dc la -arire ; car qnoi- 15 And he said unto ,

/r.v bit m nboiiilcnl a qui-I- heed, and beware of covetousnes$;
M, il n u pas !.t vie par s<
for a jnan s life consisteth not in
the abundance of the things which
cette l.i-s icrrei d nn :
he poBseSfccth.
ii iininc IM IK avoivitl rapport^ 16 And he spake a parable vi

them, saying, The ground of a

certain rich man brouglU forth
17 Kcu $exej-t s"a Iv ia
T* V70W7ia 17 Et ratiocinabatur in fe-
; J -ri OVK
ipfojdicens:Quidfaciam ? quia
non habeo quo congregabb fru
18 K.a ?7r Tar?
it us meos?
i ft Et dixit : Hot facia m :
Pcflruum mca horrta, & majora
.Tdificabo, congregabo illuc &
omni bona mea.
i nata mea,
19 dicam acimx mea: :

Auima/haHcs mcltatoHs
i< . rv.
:m i)li Deus :

awT aninum tuam

rectum n te :
qux uutem pa
rafti. cui t-runt ?

%\ Sic thefaurizans fibi iyfi|

& DOM i
Dcum dittfeeusi
32 auttrm ad difcipuloj

fuos ropter hoc vobis diro :

1 :

T/ Ne fpliciti litis animae vtftra , 1

quid maiiducetis, nequc cor*

pori,quid indtmnini.
13 23 Aainia plus eft aTimcrito,

& corpus veitimento. ;

24 Confiderate corvos, quia

J KtfTv;n<ra?i Til; f no- Ron fcfninant, ncque nriuitf,
en -ow J yjrtjgwriv, oiJ s
qtiibus non eft ccuarium, ne
rW off OUK o t T-1/tx.gTov, que h orrcuni, & Deuaalit iilos :
,Kj, 6 -)o; rtj>si
quanto magis vos pneftatis VD-
25 Quis autem ex vobis co-
2 JS S*
^ Tlf il^UWV gitans fuHcitc potcft apponcre 4
aetiirem fuam ciri)i.tOm unum ?
>uav airy z6 Si er^o deque minimum.
i6 Ei a
q ad tie cjetcria fwhciti*

17 Cojifidcrate lilia, quoniodo

17 x^nva, cre fcunt: non hiboraut, nequi
.nent l^ico autem vobifi, Neque

Solomon i:i omni gloria iua,

as->j T>
circumamicwebatur licut uuum,
v 70-T iflorum.
28 Et 8 8 Si not cm foentim in arro
hodie eviftens, Se eras in cliha*
nit:n miffum,! ;us fie .ckrcumu-

micit,<juanto magia
vos cxigiias
fidci ?

49 Et vos nc qurarite quid,

Ti WirjTI, (
manducetii, aut quid bibatis,
& ne lufpendamim tx fnbiimi.
. 30 Haec enim omnia
fa Mfi- .ti itify.Tfi ^Zv SI muiidi quccrunt veflcr aocem : -

Wi-if o$tv CTI Ti JTNV.

pater fen quonjam kidijrctifc his.
17 And he thought
within him-
17. lit il distill en lui-ni- me :
self, saying \Vlnvl shall I do, be-j
One je? Car je n ai pas mv se I have no room where lo
di plate pom icirvr tuutv ma ic-, >estow
my fruits ?
18 And he said, This will I do :

18. Voici Jit-il down my

, , ceque jc Ferai ;
will pull barns, and
abailrii me greniers , et tn ba j
fuild greater; and there will I be-
tirai de plus grands et y amas- , j
tovr oli my fruits and my goods.

erai loulc-jna rccolte ft tons im-

Liens. 19 And I will say to my soul,
19. Puis je dirai u mou ame thou hast much goods laid

Moil ame tn as beuutoup de

ip for many years: lake thine.

Liens eu reserve pour plusieurs

:ase, eat, drink, ainl he merry. repose-toi mungc , bois , ,

But God

ct te rrjouis.
2(> saj;l unto him, 7%oii
20. Main Diet! lui dit : Insensc , ool ! this night thy soul shall be
cette in- UK nuit ton ame te sera
quired of thce ; then whose shall
red(-mandi e et ce ;

que tu ns
those things be, which thou hast
amaise, pour qui sera-t-il?
21. 11 eu est ainsi de celui qrti provided ?
amas>e des bicns
2 1 So : * he that layeth up trea
pour soi-meme,
et qui n est point riche n Dieu. sure for himself, and is not rich
^. Alon il dil u ses Disciples oward God. *^ :

C pourquoi je TOUS dis , ne
22 And he said unto his dis
8o\ez point eu souci pour votre
I say unto you,
vie , de cc que vous maugerez ciples, Therefore :

Di pour votre corps, de quoi Take no thought for your life, >ous

crct % rim. what ye shall cat; neither for

a3. La vie est plus qne la nonr-
the bodvj v, hat ye shall put oil.
rituie et le corps plus que le ve-
J 1 The. life is more than

tenoent. meat,
ai. Consid( rez les rorbeaux 5
ils and the body than raiment. in m-^re
Be scment ni ne nooissonnent ,
et 21 Omsider the ravens: for they
ils n ont point de cellier ni dt
neither sow nor reap; which nei-
et toutefoia Dieu Its
grcuier ,
therhave storehouse norlurn and
HOD mt rombien ne valtz-M ;

God feedeth them: How much


pas plus qiie des oiseaux?

a5. Et qui dc vous pent par ses more are ye hotter than the fouls?
inqui tuiies ajouter uue
coudce i

25 And which of you, with tak

a tuille
aG. Si done voos ne pouvez pa
ing thought, can add to his sta-
ture one cubit
mfine Fui e le plus peiiles !o-

26 If ye then be not able to do

that tiling which is least, why
pnsid rez romn eut ICH li
47. ( :
take ye thought for the rest ? >

CfOIMenl lit ne tra.aillrnt ni u ,

27 Consider the lilies how they

fiient, i
cp.-mlaiti !

ftlooioil np nie , dans toulc

n grow: they toil not, they spin not;
clo ue, n a point -.c vein ivmiii < and yet I say unto you, That Solo
1 mi d rnx. mon, in all his ; lory, was not ar*
2^. (^)ijp si Dieu re% ^t aiiiM un
rayed like one of these.
In il qui etlaujourd hui dans

cl an s ct a mnin 2U If then God so clothe the


daas, coii r l>


plus \ on grass, which is to-day in the lield|

t tir<i t-tl , ge>* d"
petite loi and to-morrow is cast into thci
-3. Nc voa-t in u.-ii done poin o\ en ;
how much more
will he
cl^.hc ye of little faith
you ? () !

u de ce que rotit boiret , et 2 J And seek not ye \\ hat ye shall

ayez point iV.prit inquiet, eat, or ye shall drink; nei
T$* ce Mint les nations du
ther be ye of doubtful mind.

qui reclteiTheni

vous e.n avcz bcsoin.

tonic.* cc*
mais \otre Pvre sail que 3o For all these things do the
nations of the world seek after:
and your Father knowoth that ye
hftvc need of these things.

3 Vcrui-ntameii qureritcTe-
Dei, * hwc oinnia

^ MB TO |U.Xj3V 32 No time, pufillit* gr -<

quia bcnc vifum oil Fatri vcftro


dart vobU rc^nurn.

33 Vi-ixiitc fubftaniias vc-
*, 5 oars sAEr/.-oryvnv. fhas, & date cloemofynam, fa-
sei/io"? i /3flXa 7ja jurj cite vobis crumcnas nori vctc-
rafkivutvs, thcfr.urum non dtli-
c-iiii i :v. in c.xlis, quo fu r **

a; prc.priat, ntquc tinea cor-

Ci. jiJ.
34 74 Uhi cn eft dufair. is m
vi ili r, i,bi c r vtRiuin trie..^
Sh:t vcilri Iwnibi
3<; fiz-
ciiidi, &. lucerne acconfx.
36 Et vos Hmilcs homaiibus
expe<5tantibu5 fuum,
qnando revcrtatnr a nuptiis ut ;

tx vcnionte & pulfante, toiiftfiiin.

57 J3eati forvi illi, qtios vc-
37 nieuodv minus in v^ntrit vigilan
te . Ameri dico vobis, quod
fui:cinp;tM ur, k facict difcumbcrc
illos, &;.
protlicns niiiaUrabit
Vttft Qon Ji

58 KOI v
3$ Kt fi vtnerit in fecunda
^i iv
^ &: in tcrtia vigilia vtnc-
i i,sr, u
rit, & invcncnt ita, bcati funt
cl ow.Vci Ixrv5{. IvI^ilia,
fcrvi illi.
7 ro J
39 Hoc auttm fcitotc,
7 c i erj
niajnf! fciret paterfamiliasqua
hora fur vcnirrt, vigilarct uti-
que, fc noli urque iuicrct j>cr-

fodi clomu ir. fuam.

Kai i/xeTf
40 Et vos i;. Jtur cftotc pa-^
quia qua horn non putaiis,

iilius bominu vcnit.

41 Ait autcni ciPetrus: Do-
minc, ad DOS purabolam hanc
dicis, an & :id ( mncs ?
42 Dixit anted Dcniinxis
42 :

Quifnam e-ft fideli^ difpenfatur

& prudens, qucm do- conllituit
minus fuper famulitio Aio, ad
| dandum in ttmporctritici niou-
furam ?
43. Bcutus feryus ille, quern

facientem ita.
nether seek ye the king- JL./*Z,
T>1 IJut
dom of (loci; and :i!l these things
shall he added unto you.

3i. MaiscbwrchttphuAtleroyatf- 32 Fear not, little Hod; for it is ;

me de Uit-u , el toulc* ces

Father s
vous scri>nt donnees jmr-dt-ssus. you:* plcusure io

3z. JNe crams point, pelil Irou- ""give you the k ni >(Ujin.

peau car il a pm a ;
\olre IV n- jit ye have, and
!i tii^t
\ous douner It- Kovauiue. 0.1ms provide yourselves
; l>a^s

35. Vendez ce que vous aver ct .

which. wax not old, a treasure in
It donuez t-n auinmie* laites-
the heavens that faileth not, where

vons des bourses qui ue s usent j

dam les cieux to thief approacheth, neither

poiut, UQ tresor
qm IK- manque )amai d ou le motli corrnpteth.
volenrs n approclient poiul , ct 34 For where your treasure is,
ou la lignt; ue gate rien.
there will your heart also. l>e

34. Car ou est voirc tre sor , 14

anvil sera voire coeur.
35 Let your loins be girded
55. Que vos reins soient ceinta, about, and your lights burning:
el vos chaudelles allumees; 36 And ye youi selves like unto
El soyez com me ceux qui at- men thai wait for their lord, when


icndent quo leur man

hc return from the wedding;

^w ben he cometh and knock-

t^TEiriewrSf^a jiIrJ* j

current incontinent leth, they may open unto him im- ,

57. Heurenx
ces strvitcurs, qne [mediately.
le maitre irouvei a \eiliau.sqnaudl
those Servants,

Blessed arr
il anivera Je vous dn en ^ erite,
*e ceindra il les Itra
the lord, whom when he cometh, |

qu il ,
mettre a table, watching verily 1 say
et qu il vieudra shall find :

unto you, That he shall t^ird him-


let servir. 1

38. Que s il arrive a la scconde self, and make them to sit down

on a la troisirme veill* et qu il to
meat, and will come forth and

left -trotive dans eel etat l*eu- ,

serve them.
|reux ce.s serviieurs-la !

shall come in the

3o. Vontsav-z, que si un pt -re .38 And if he
de famille ^toil averli a anellcUecond watcjl, or come in the
In mi- un lanou vi-uir il
^\ n watch, and find them so,
di>ii ,

ve:lltroii ,

ccr sa inainun.
.-. \ ou-, 39 And this know, that if the
done aussi soy-/ pi
! ^ ;

rar ! good man of the house had

Fils de Ilioinm
known i-ndra

,a heure que vons ne

I what hour the, thief would come,
he would have watched, and not
41. Alors Pierre lui dit vSoi- :

-st - ce ^ ulement
have suffered his house to be
*f n ur , puf
nous que u dis i.-tte ,
broken through. |Htal>ole

ou rM-ci nu^si pour urns 40 Be ye, therefore, ready also :

i^. JLl Iv bcigueui lui dit Mai for th c Son of Man cometh at an :

-[hour when vc think
li 41 Then Peter said unto him,
sur scs diniu-st . pour
Lord, speakest thou this parable

.,,ns la mt * ur
unlo us or even to all? *| ,

42 And the 1 .ord said, \Vho then


457/rurex lV! rr .rrv item --,

.vna laimm is that fiiithful and wise steward,
.I i son fler ,
r, quaml il nrrl- vhom /// lord shall make niler

over his household, to ^ive them
I thfir poit ion of meat in due season f
4 J Blessed /V tSiat servant, whom
his lord, when he rometh, shall
find so dointr.

44 44 Vcro iico vohis, nuouiam

fupi-r oinnibus fubftahttis iplius

a? autcin Oijcrit fvrvti*

45 b>i

Iv T>! illc in conic, iuo : Jotiii-

:j 5 xv nus incus vc-nirc, <S

* jH-rciitiTc pui-i DS,,
ederi que ,c bibtfe & iiicbnan:
46 Vci:i :t duminus 1 trvi il-
JavXa ,
liu- in ilio qua iv.ui exfpo,

x-l. >^;
& in i.oni qua nun cogunfcit :

auvsC cum ir.tiriclibus poiict.

47 Illc av.tcm icrvus uofccns

sy-ac i
vuluntatcm domini fui, non !.<

..;;.. rails, ncque facitns

aJ vo-
luntatem ejus, cci!ctur muhis.
48 C^ia autcni non nufocns,
faxkns uutcm di^na plagis, cx-
O fft
ftn fixe, 3ir,rof of :
tlctur p.iucis: oinui autem cut
ya /, ta^JtTai &Xl ya;

durum cit multum, multUtU
M i^tQt) T.XV,
oi TjXi/
qusretucabco : ^c cuidcpofuo"

i~=Ta( wa. avra ^ w era- runt multum, abundantius rc-


tr s-(7y&T^y pofccnt CUin.


in y T ov .

54 54 DicJjut autcm k tur-

hi Q.iuru
5 : vidcritis nubeni
X;- oricnUn: -b occaSbus, ftatim _

dicitis : Imbcr vcnit, & fit

aj HTV.
55 Kttt Trav VOTOV tsnitvrn, 55 Et quum Auftrum flan-
y{,i "OTJ xaufl-xf if** 5 y rtm, dicitis :
quia scllus crit s

J. & fit.

56 56 Hypocritro, faciem cssli

&. tcrrne iioftis probarc, at ttm-
TOV li xa^ov TKTO pus hoc quomodo non proba-

57 T 5~
57 Qiiid autcm & a vobi^ ip-
Wxajsv; fi 3 non judicatis qtiod jufLimi ?
* cnim vadis cum
58 ^8 Quum
advcrfano tuo ad principcm, in
via da opcram lilicrari ab Hlo :
nc forte trahat tc ad judicom, ft
XfiT lf ffl tc tradnt cxa*5lori, i: ex-
:nH.or jaciat tc in t;u trrcm.

$9 Dicn tibi Xon egredleris :

illinc,ufqia-quo rti;im r.uvifli-

iiium inintitmn n-dda^ .
44 Of a truth I say unto you,
3 hat he will nmke him ruler over
all that he hath.
45 But, and if that servant say in

Ic vons vcntc qu U hir> heart, My lord delay eth his

1 ,,a snr tout e qu il
coniin;;; and ghiJlbegintobcatthe
men-servants, ami maidens, at.
1 "


loi-mvinv Mon maltre nr vu-n-

cut and drink, and to be drunken;

dra pat sitAt et qu il *e im-tlt a ;

halt: i Jcs srrvitcur* M Ics scrvan-

46 The lord of that servant will
u boii ct a scn- come in a day when he looketh
not for / /;/, and at an hour \\hen
Ac c
j ot-.
he is not aware, and will rut him
.ir qn il )

lend pns , <t ii 1 l.iiirr iinesuiiiW Bunder

i! ji-
i. r.i . <-l
lui ii
47 And that "servant, u hich knew
a\r<: h-s iuiidc! his lord s will, and prep^ied not
i .
.(.jiiuu la
hun&r .f* neither did
. t
ne according to
, mi pri^t,
ft n aura his will, shall be beaten with ma
i. i
sera baltu ny fstri/ie*.
coups. 48 But he that knew not, and did
no I n
poini commit things worthy of stripes,
Cnimm- et :i lail dcs c!i<5cs
shall be beaten with
, <\\\\

iliitiinenl ,
cra battn few airi/ic*.
moins df coups. Et il sora 1or unto whomsoever much is
itdtiuamlo :\
quicouqut given, of him shall much re l>e

uura lx;aucou|) tlonne ; ct on and to whom men

quired : have
plu de celui qui
a on ai
exigc-ra iommitted much, of him they will
ask the more.
f5. i
an p -np!

54 And he said also to the people,

^ I / ll ll-

dtl c: d Orc:<lt:ul ,
\\ hen ye see a cloud rise out of
d il . wa pcuvor j-c the west, straight way ye say,There
rive ain-ii.

cometh a shower, and so it is.
([inn. I Ic vent dc J\IiH
55 And when ye #/:/ the south
i. ililcs
qu illriacLaiid

VC. wind blow, ye say, There will be
trs , TOU savez bicu heat; and it cometh to pass.
i K qui paroit an citl ct 36 Ye hypocrites! ye can dis-
iir la lerre tl cotntntnl ne dij-

vrn the
face of the sky and of the

ci ?
earth but how is it, that ye do

.niciiics re not discern this time ? -

:^!C? ii, and why even of your
Or qua ml lu ra dtvant le
J selves jinl -e ye not what is rij;ht?
[MngUtrc, avcc ion adverse par- Lui thou fcoest with thine
lie , ificlic in chfniiu dt- sortir
a; i c L |C ; do pcui cjuM e iiy to the magistrate, at
Ju^ c, qU . !
in the way, eivc diligence
Sti-gcnt , it Bo may cit In: del;.
ue tviiicttcvn prison.

from him ;
le >i
lie iiale t!
quc tu ne Ji v>i:i.

unrl the-
[p la , quc in n aic* nuy j^e, jm;. c deliver
bole. oll ietr, an -

rust th.
591 tell t;.

part thence, till thou hast paid the

very last nu te.
KFjv. ,J/. I 3. U A I U T AI l.
av Ji Tivsc Jy uT. I A DiTp.nt in
aut< m ijuMum
ij tcniporc, nuiiti.uitcs
<j;y TO o u.t (
illi <.lc
(l.Tlilxi^, quorum

guincm rilaMi 1
miil-ui: cum fa-
Tiv. crmais corum.
riliciis eoruni.
a Ka<
aTToxfiStJc o W*; ?TV
- Ht iJ .T.S JrHi?rcfj>o

(iroV AOXS I TE O T( ci TrtXtXaTcj illii .

Putati; qjod O.dil^u hi

a ccefTwXoj <raa wavlaif TtJ;

Xa tf? lytvavlo, c n T5:3~T fucrint, qui talia paOi funt ?

3 ;
i//w~v a XX* l 3 Non, clico vobi?, f .-d f\ non
/ Vffeivitf ttff&VTt pocnitcamini, omnc s fimilitcr
Ttl pcribiti*;.
4 *H 4 Vcl illi dccchi k oi lo, fn-
praquo? cccic it turris in Si loam,
^i occidit cos:
putatis qnia ipfi
dcbitorcs fuorint prater omncs
homines hfabitantcs in Hicrufa-
our <if
jtftf5-aXn u
( ; lem>

5 OC^J, Xtj/a; -ii/uu

aX\ lav 5 Non dico volus, fed fi non
pocnitueritis, on:i:cs fimilitcr
rcyrnv rv ira- 6 Diccbat :iuf( rn hanc fimill-
^v ft TI; ir TJ^ tudinrin Ficani habe!>at:
ilam in vincaiua jilantatnm, &
vcnit fi uvHuin en:- : in ilia.
& non invcnit.
7 E/TTt J-

f *, 7 Dixit autem aJ vinitorem:

iSov, Tjia Ivn tgpf* annos vcnio qn:ercns
ccos trcs
JV X.tTTOV l Tl) ffVXi) T3VTJ fruflum in ficulnea h-ic, ^c non ,

invcnio. Exlcinde illarn ut :

quid etiam ten am occuj>at ?

*,8 O ^ * 8 Is autera rcfpon Jens, dicit
illi Domine, rclinque cam &

hunc annum, ufqucdumfodiam

circa illam, & mittam ftercus.
9 K*v /uy tnoijj 9 Et fi quidem fccorit fru-
ftnyi, ; TP /xeXXoy dum fi vero non, in futurum

exicindes earn. .

Ji Tft!
57 XaX"cr.
.^7 In autem, Joqni, rognvit
ilium PlVarifens quidam ut

vrahdcret npud ic : ingrcfius

fell 7---JV.
tiutom rccuWuir.
38 At Pharifseas vidcns ad-
miratus eft, quod noti prius
ahlutus efitt ante prandium.
33 Ait auttm Dommus ad
Si o
TJ> N^v ilium: Nunc vos Ph?.rifa:i quod
dcfori culicis catini inuridu.
; &
tiji quod autcmintus v^Oium
-ynt plenum t-ft rapinn ^ malitia-
40 40 Stulti, nonne facicns quod
& quoddeii tus fecit ?

4! HXnv .Ta f 41 Veiumtamen incxiftentia

late, ft ccce om-
:ia munda vobis fuiit.
(IIAIMTIIL Mil. were present at :

rift exhnrtc <

t la /vy. n- TilllKL
season some that told him of!
tunre , it entn r
]><ir p-jrlc1<J
the Galileans, whose blood Pilate
etroile. liud mingled with their sac ri Sees.

la, rarojiUreiH u
qui sc n

ms it- ii
-mo tcms

to them, Suppose ye that thvse
, qnelnues
: And Jesus, answering, said u;i-

were sinners above all


toit arrive a des Galiltcns, dont Galileans

: I

I ilatP avoil mrlr It-

saSig avir IL- the Galileans, because they suf
iui tic leurs sacrifice*. fered such things ?
3. Kt Jcius rc poudant , li-ur dil :
3 I tell you, Nay; but, except ve
IVr. i7 - \otii que ccs ( .;i >!
. .

luMi-iit P!;IS frauds |..r| :i u,s ,a ;e repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
. * i
4 Or those eighteen upon whom
tons IM auiri-i uflliltt-iis ,

Iqn out MMill i-ri ila <

!. .- -
the tower in Siloam fell, ;jid slew
3. Noli , \:m* Sl
that tiiey were sin-
vou nc vou% a:i . (them, think ye
riivz tons aus.i bi ",ners
above all men that dwelt in
k. (Ju .
pp .i< Z-%nu^ q lf cei dix- Jerusalem ?

luit t<er.- onnes sur qn <.

!a lou
you, Xay but except ye
tie 5 I tell ;

biloe e^t q tin. t- . it \-lli- u

repent,ye shall all likewise perish,
l> .

Ine e* li:sent p .us coir ab t-s

6 He spake also this parable A
tou) Ics ijabitoiis d Jtnualem? 4

5. Non
tons dis - je mni certain man had a fig-tree planted
, ;

vous ne TOIM amende? vous pc- in his vineyard; and he came and ,

rirti tons QUMI bii-n yu cux.

sought fruit thereon, and found
6. II Irtir dit aussi t-iu simili

tude hoinrae a\ oil un fi^uiti

: Un
7 Then said he unto the dresser
plaute daiH sa vipnc ft il y vint ,

chercbcrdu fruit, ct u y en truin a of his vineyard, lichohl, these j

point. . three years I come seeking fruit |

7. Et il dit an vi^neron : Voici ,

on this fi^-tree, and find none :

y a deja iro n am v u-m t

cherchcr du fruit a ce ligiticr tt

(j.i< ji-
cut it down; why cumbereth it i

the gromd ?
je n y en troitvt poini coupe-le ;

pourqnoi occupc-l-il la tcrre mu- 8 And he, answering, said unto

liltinent ?
him, Lord, let it alone this year
8. Le Iui rr

pondit also, till I shall dig about it, and


Seigneur, laisse-lc encore cciti it :

BDiitc ju^qn u-cc qur j- 1 ait df- dung

cbaussc 9 And if it bear fruit, t:r//i and

que j y ait mi* du ,

filmier. f not, thru after that thou shall


9. S il portcdnfrnit a la bon/i, cut it down. ,

hcurc ; siuun, tu It cuuperas ci-

And as he spake, a certain ->r

Comme il nailoil , un Plia-- I hariste besought him to dine

risten le pria u diner i In / Iui , e: \\ith him: i.nd he went in, and
ciil>a , ct %e mil a t:iblt>.
sat down to meat.
38. Mail If I itH. iiii-n s ciciui:.:

de cc qu il vit nc sVtoil pas

:> ( , And when the Pharisee saw
qu il
/ he marvelled that he had not
lave .ml . \ le dim r. ,

3-.J. Kt l- Iui dit : Vous firstwashed before dinner.

ntt*i I lui! isit-UH ,
\l)\\^ lull c* .19 And
the Lord said unto him,
) ! -li.jr.4 Ic la coupe-
1 1 du plai ,
Xow do ye Pharisees make (Mean
Juan nu dedans tout s
the outside of the cup and the plat
. <


ii tt .le in- oi nu, -n-.

lo. luieus ! cciui [-. u fiiit ! ter; but your inward part is full
of ravenin; ; and wickedness. 1

jdehors n a-t-il pas uii .i !

d.daiH? 4- j Yr fools! did not he that made

ti.Man pint/it tl<,iiti / rn . thnt which is without, make that

|ji)djif. ctque vout a\ / , im
which M within also?
clo$t" xou scroul pmcs.
1 f ive alms of such
1 Hut rather
things as ye e and, behold, all ha> ;

things are ck-an unto von.



4^ AX// aa.1 tutv Ti 42 Scd-vre vobis Pharifxis,

awo)=xa. y re
c ri
quia decimati* mcntham, & u-
, i;,
3u3sr,UCV ^ TO -j- ETiJ/O VOy t:im, S: onine olus, ik pr;utci itis
| Xa^avov, wf8jpc:r6 udicium ^i chaiitatcm Dei;
XiViV TfjV d /ttWJJV TH ucc oportcbut faccrc, &t itla,

non omittcrc.

4.3 Oiai L/xTV TO?? <i>

43 V.t voUis Pharifxis, quia
on etyxtTATi Tr,V ETj^ cKtt^iS j lillgitisprimam feflloncni in
Jy Taif o lAayi- yaiCj *) TCI/; iynagogiSj &. falutationes iu fo-
v v7j a^cpaTf. ria,

44 Oiai i)/^~v, y^/u^alsi; 44 VJE vobis, Scrib.-e & Pha.-

riiaci hypociitz, qitja eft is ut

uumuRK iua-fiOH upparentia, &
wvi{f i homines dcambMUutcs fupra
non fciunt;
45 45 RcfporulerisaiUenn ait illi:

46 ""O
^ E^Tri- Kai v 46 Illc uutom ait: Ji^ vobip

1 1, nts octnUus ai;acultcf
*, fie
ipii uno Uigito-


jz V.-e. vobis L
quiu tulilbis clavem fcicntia; :

ipfl nnn introiflis, & intro-

euntes prohibuiftis.
5^ 53 Dicente autcm Hlo Free
ad illos, coeperunt Scribae &
Fh;irif;eigraviter infiftere, &
iuterrugarc ipium dc multis :
v \
54 ^ CUTS*, 54 Infidiantes el, & quseren-
tes venari aliquid dc ore eju^
ut accufarent cum.
45. f
C A P U 1^ ^CIII,
ITN vtrodic iliocxieiii Jcfus ilc

6iv doniOjfcdcbatfccundummare.
i Et coiigrcgat;E funt ud cum
turbai mult.t;, ihi t^ ipfc na-, m
vicnlam ullcr.cicns fcdt ret : &
omnisturba in littorc ftabat.
3 Et locurm rnuka iij
eft cis

dicens t Eccc e.uh fcr
K niinator fcmiuare.
4 Et in fcmiuare ipfum, ha c
quidi-m cccidcrunt fccus viain,
ira*, a
& vi jurunt volucres 5c comc-
drunt ta.
^ >${

A aT>J>aJiy airi.
42 Hut wcxr unto you, Pharisees!
\v tithe mint, uwl rue, and all for
M.i. maititiit
.>. . .1 \"

risicns dime
nuniK-r oi licrhs, yjul p.tss over
qui pascz lu ,tic \\
lUfriiiii.dt: la rue,eld<:toutSaortes judiTlient i.nd the love of (itxl :

d herbi s laudis que our. Ji ^ th .-s-j ou.jlit ye to have done, and

\ n>

U justice, el umour de Dieu Cc not to leave the other iMulnne.

1 !

sont l. i les choses qu il lane lalloii

43\Voei:ntoyou, ri.urisc.csj for
r.>au uiiaiimoiu.s m-^li^iT-les au-
tre. ye love the uppermost scats in the
3. Malhcur a vom, Pbarisiena .
synavjo.L;iies, and ^reetuu^s
in tJie
qui aiiiii./ les premiers iau;;s markets.
daus le.i Synagogues cl u tre
salues dans les places pubh-

44 Woe linto you, scrihec and

qnc- ! Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are
1 **. Malhcur a vous Scribes et ,
as graves winch appear not, and
Pharisien? hypocrite* parce quc ; the men tluit walk over urc

ous r l/li-z aux

sepulcrci qui
i >!!,
not aware (J thnn.
ne paroisjcnl point , ti It liom- -

inarchent dessus u en sa- 45 Then answered one of the

ines qui
tenl r ifn ! lawyers, auid said unto him, Mas
45. Alors nn des doctetirs de la ter, thus saving, thou reproachest
lui prii la p.tiulf ct lui dit Mattre,
us also.
lu nous ou
eo uisaut ccs chosts,
46 And he said,
.- :.
you \into Woe
in- lawyers 1 for ye lade men
io. El Jetu.s dil : Malluxir anssi also,
d \ous doctfuis dc la loi ^ with burdens grievous to beborne,

Its hom- and the

pare*- que vous charge* yc yourselves touch IK>I

de lardeaux qu iis ne peuveut

burdens with one of your fingers.
porter ct vous nu-mes n ) lou-
52 Woe unto you, lawyers ! for

^ln-z du Injut du dui^t p;i-*


Malhcur a vous, docteurs dc ye have taken away the key of

lalo parce qu avaui pris la
knowledge: yeentcred IKA in your
\ ous u
de couuoissance la y ctvs selves, and them that uercenter-

tutivs vous-nu incs el vous ,

pt>int in ye hindered.
\ ez encore cmpOr.he d y enirer ijig
Ctux qui \ (tuloicin le laitc! 53 And as he said these things
53. tt unto them, the scribes and the
comme il K-ur lisoil ccla.
Pharisees began to uiyc him ve
rejil a le prrsser lorlcnu-nt tn le
hemently, and to provoke him to

faisanl pailer sur plusiturs cho-

apeak of nnuw things ; 12
5*. Lui tendanl dcs pieces cl 54 wait for him, and seek ,
lachuut ue Uier qaclqucs clioes out of h.B
ing to catch something
de sa bouche , pour a\oir dc quoi moul h, that they might accuse him.
1 uccuscr.
i i; same day went
Jesus out

CE d-
iiu -iiu- jour, Je*ns t -tant sorti
laiiuiifuu, s assil HU bord
Tl i.f the house, ur.d sat by the

sea side.
2. Ill line ;randi- foiile tlr pcupl. 2 And great multitudes were
assembla ^ crs lui eu soi tr qu toother unto him, bo
s ,

nionta dans mu barque.

Hs .V as gathered and sat;
se uno.l that
he went into a ship
el Unite U mulUUlde
and the whole multitude stood on
sil ,

ur le rivaRc.
3. F.l U leur dil plus-urs
ebc the shore.
par dissimilitudes
el il Unr pail, ,
3 And he spake many things un
insi Ln .crAeur soriil pour si
in parables, saying, lie- to them
iUerooit urn-pai hold, a
sower went forth to sow ;
/Ki commc .

4 And, when he sowx-d, sonic


toinba le loaf
tie tie la .i,-mmcr
^ -ivaux nun ut and the
ducheaii".*-^ et-tli fell by the way -side,

cl la mu fowls came i-i*^ devoured tlwm

Alia outcm occult-runt in

tTris-jy Wi ? rf-
o(rofa, ubi non habcbant tcr-

UK wcXX^ mult air. : & continue cx-

i?^,i y-ov
orta funt, propter flon habcre
itudirrein tcrrae.
6 Sole ante rn orto, .Tftuavc-
6 HXi e Jt av sX<xv7^ ixau-
aliy6 i Jia TO runt, & proj-tcr non habtrc ra~
diccm, exarucrunt.
7 Alia antcpi cecidcrunt in
7 *A?,X. Si i7rs<re Is-J T; -
& infurrexerunt fpina;,
& fuffocaverunt ea.
8 Alia autcm cccidcntnt In-
8 "AXX* Si swiffiv A- TV y
terram bonarn, & dabant fruc-
XaX^.v, ^ IStJy jtag7T9V,
tuin, hoc centum, hoc auttui-

a-rcv, o J~ 3 Jt
il-ixovlaj Tfia-
fexaginca, hoe autcm triginta.

9 *O s^ "-
v o?ra axweiv, axt/rra), 9 Habensaurcsaudkc.audiat.
10 f^uuni autem fatffus cflet
1C "Or: 5 ^JVr 3 StaTtWOVAfj
aursvcl %7f aurcv e-Jv folus intcjTogavermit cum qui
,,-a r i-av
circa cum cum duodecim para-
18 V.os ergo auditc parabo-
18 Y*t"f cZv dKw lam feminanti?.
19 Omnis audicntU verbum
regni, & nonintclligcntis,vcnit
malus-, & rapit leminatum in
, cordc ejns : nac eft qui fccus
15-Trarvt cy ly T? xct^/a auTtf y- viam funinatus.
v o "Graf*
T<J; Tny
Qn^- 6<ov
20 Qui autem fupcr pctrofa
iK. /
fcminatus, Lie eft qui verbunx
2O *O Si 7T< T OTE fW^H ^7T- audicns, ft continuo cum gau-
diufunicns illud :
11 Non habet autem radiccm
in fe ipfo, fed jtcmporalis eft;
f;:cla autcm tribulationc aut
perfcquutione propter vcrbum,
iz Qui autem in fpinas femi-
*O Jl Etf TC a*a>9? ^"wa-
natus, hie eft qui vcrbum audi
cns, k anxictas feculi iftius, Ac
OWTC7 l^jy TOV Xo^OV Xjf-
arv* n
uijuV* T aii)* TTtf,
dcccptiodivitiarumfuffocat vcr
ib (

bum, & infrudluofum fit.

j-k v|7ai.
23 Qui vcro in terram pul-
, axajTr^
23 *O ** iwi Tnv ynv T^V xa- cliram icminatus, hie eft qui
Xnv ^WRfiif, e^Toj !{ o Toy Xo - verb urn au difcns & intelligens :
a xw.vx,
j/oy j Qimut cf xajflrc- ?>i

q uiquefruclum fert,&facit,h<ic

quidcm ceHtum, hoc autem

$!>{!?, ^ W0r, ,ulv EX3T9V, ft fcx-
o 8$ TaeVl4.
i^rAv aginta, hoc vcro triginta.
e foil upon stony plarcs, 7^-/3.
6. I,. nit it
p n tie toml .i Ml) iK where they had not much earth:
endroils iiictmix , oti ellf li aToit and forthwith they sprung up, he-
pt U lerre rt elle lev a a US-
qui .
cause they had no deepness of
si I
parcc qu elle n entroit


lit dans la n cailh :

jMufomlrnu ! i .

f. Man
so eiletant Icve (IK le , (VAnd when the sun \v;ts up .they
fut bu ile e; et pa. cc qu ellc n avoit were score Led and, because tlu y

point dc ra- in*-, elle MC|UI. had not they withered auay.
7. I/aude p.ulie toinha parmi
7 And some ft 11, among thorns;
tiines, et les
tjnuu Cluicut,
Cl 1 cluuQcixuU and the tiiorn.s sprung up ;uul
dam choked tl-.ein :

8. Ki I avure panic tomba

boune UMTU el rapporia du 8 UutotlKi L-llintoROod ground,


uin- ,

.fruit iiu gram en raupuria cent, ;

and hrourht forth fiuit, some an
fun *uire soixaulc et un uutrc ,
hu;klret!-l(/ld, some si.\ty-fold,
sonic thirty-fold.
celui qui a des ort illc

{). (^ne
9 V\ ho hath to hear, \A

him hear. ,

10. Kt qnand il fut en pnrluu- 10 And when he was alone, they (VU..4.
htr, ceux qui ( toii-nl amour de that were about him, with the i

lui avec Its doufe in- I

twelve, asked of [iim ihc parahle. y/y>w/r<, I

lenrogirtnltoucbaijtltsensdtccue 18 Hear ye, therefore, the pa- r^- 1 ^

para bole. rable of the sower.
iS. VIKIS done ecoillez la simili-
19 When Lliy one heart th the
I ,

n ili- du stmcur.

Lui^qu uu iiomuic cuuud U word of the kin..- com, and uuder-

11 KJ.
standeth it not, thrn cometh the
parole Royaume <1a

wicked one, and catcheth away


qu il ne lu comprend point. Ic ma-

linvient, etravitcrqui tst seme that which was sown in his heart
dans It- cfi urj c cstcelui qui a iccu This is he which received seed
la scmeiice le long ilu cli .-min.
the way xidr. -
2o.Kt celui qui a rein la scmencc by
dans des endroitn pieneux c isi 20 But he that received the seed

celui qui eutend la parole it qui into stony places, the same is he ,

la revolt d abord a\tc joic ; that heareth the word, and anon
71. Mnis il u a point de lacinc en
with joy pcctivcth it;
lui-m me c est potiKiuui il n <M

2 1 Vet hath he not root in him


flue pour un terns el lorj-quc al- 5


flictiou on la persecution sun km self, but dureth for a -while /for

A cause dc la parole , il se scaii- when tribulation or
dalise aussitot. uriscth because of the word, by
22. F- t celui qui a vccn la sr-nien^
ce pa mi les e pincs, c est celui qui i
and by lie is offended.
ntend la parole cnu- les is
22 lie also that received seed , sou<

de mondc ct la .seduction des anioii); the thorns- is he that hear-


tf .ouin nt* l.
parole, tl eth the word; and the care of this i

elle (!,nut inrriiciuetise.

world, and the deceitfulness of!
23. Mais ctlui a rccu la sr-
riches, choke the word, and he

nu-nre dans un- bonne terre, i "-s! t

Celui qiiientcnd la parole et

qui la
becometh unfruitful.
comprend, ft qui poi tc dn fruit ; 0: Um he tliat jectived seed in
n sorle qu un grain en
un autrc
produil pood ground, is he that heal -
to the
*^nt ,
soixantc,, el un
t-tli tbe word and undeistundeth
utrr trentc.
if ; which also In ;.reth
Qniit, and)
hringcth forth. an hundred s<nne

fold, some sixtv, st;ine thiitv.

2 I Kai jXf^iv at rci"? M>m

iffJ TO>
/u 2r Etdicebatillis: Nunquid
Jicv riQn, n Lire t Jv xXur,v J luccrna ycnit,ut i ub modio po-
IVa rnv Xi^ .tav
natur, aut fub Uc-to? nonnc ut

22 Ou va? EC XJUTTT CV candelabrum imponatur ?

fupi a
22 Non cnim cil u liquid ab-
a XX fci>r3V
fcoiHlitum.qiiod noil manifcftc-
1X0,1. tur : iKc faiflum eft occultuni,
tr -rjf led ut in palam veniar.
Si ijuis habct aurcs audirc,
24 AXX>:v
24 Aliuiu parabolam propo*.
Crxtv fuit illis.dicclii : A/TimilutuMi cit
egnunv cielrum honiini Jcmi-
xaX&v tianti pulchrum il-mcn in ;igro
25 In vcro dormice homines,
von it jus inimkus & fcminavit

yizania in media tritici,& abiit.

26 C^uum autem crcvit h<:r-

26 o
X 3
ba, ^c fruclum fecit, tune appa-:
rucnmt l< zi/.ania ?

27 Acccdcntes autem fcrvi

patris familias dixcrunt ti : Do-
mine, nonnc pulchrum mcu f<

i tminafti in tvio agro ? L i;de

crjijo habct
?.ixania ?
28 lilt vcro ait illis: Inimicus
WTO fwwirsv. Ot 85 homo hoc cit. At fcrvi dix

crunt ei: igiiv.r altuntes "Vis

colligatnus ea ?

29 *O ^t OC fAinroli i$r>
Ille vcrp ait : Non ; ne
yo.ifj Ta ^i^ana, EXjj^aV>i.| jua forte colligcntcs zizania, cradi-
TsTf T6V ff~TQV ceti* iiinul eis triticum.
30 ^ A^fl f ^va^aSErfla* 30 Sinite crefccre utraquc tif-
a | jUE^fi Tfaf |
SEgtr^tf, que ad mtflcm & \n tempore :

X tk TAJ X.-Jf*) TU vEfl^/Wtf | f^i mcflis dicam mefforibiis, Colli-

T~; I &Etr->V t 2uX?.^i | ^ite primum zizania & alligatc
Wfi-TiV Ta ^ {((tVW, ^ I *i13-ll ta in fafciculos, ad comlnircn-
tti/ra t ? JEr/xac, t Wjo? TO dum ca : at triticum congregate
xalaxaDs-ai avra TSV JE ^ <r~Ttv in horrcum meum.

36 Tune ditfiittons turbn%
venit-m domum Jefus & acctf- :

1 crunt ad cum
diJcipuli cjus, di-
centes Explica nobis yarabo-

lam zizaniorum agri.

37 37 Ille verb refpondenf ait il
T3 xaXcv lis : Scminans pulchrum fcmcnj
eft Filius
38 N 38 At aget ciV mundtis. Ve-
TJ ?| rum pnlchrum fcmen, hi funt
regni. At sizania, funt filiii

^1 And he said unto them, Is
a N\c.
ai. II leur disoit me ore :
Ap caiKlle brou^lit to be
jmrtt-l-on uiic thaudelle pour J
put under a
UK-tire sousun bois -aau on sou bushel, orutuLr a bed, and not to

mi lit ? i\ est ce pas

be set on a candlestick ?
puur la in. ttr
MII UU HK U lor there is
nothing hid which
i 1. li. .

23. Car n y a shall not be manifested neither

il i ien de secret ;
jie Joit> *tre raanifesie, et u
was any thin:;
il kept seciet,but that
a de cachd qui ne doive veui
rieii i
u should come abroad.
en evidence. 23 If any man have- ears to hear,
Si quelqu nn a des oicille
let him .hear.
pour entendre qu il entende. ,

Jesus leur nroposa nne antn
Another parable put he forth #?. /
similitude en disaiit Le Hoyau unto them, savin-, Tin

roe des cieux est scmblable a uu of heaven is likened muo

hoir.iuc avoil seme de bourn
qui> vhich sowed goodsecdinhistield:
acmence en son champ.
But, hile nu-n slept, his ene
aS.Mais pendant que les homme
doimoieut, son ennemi vint qu ,
my came and sowed tares among!
scma de 1 le ble e
he wheat, and went his
yviaie parmi ,
way. j
s en alia. 26 But when the blade was
Et apres
qne la semence en
prung up, j-nd brougbt foith
pouss^ el qu elle cut produil di ,
nm,t!icn appeared the tares also.
iiuit 1 yvraie parul uussi.

27 So the servants of the

27. Alors les serviteurs du pin house-
de famille lui vinrent dire; Sei- lolder came and said unto
gnenr n as-tu pas seme de bomu Sir, didst not thou sow
good seed
aemencc dans Ion champ? D ou n thy field: from whence
Tient done qu il y a de 1
yvraie? lath it tares:
28. Et il leur dit : C. esl un enne
8 He
said them, An ene-
qui a faitcela. Et les serviteur.s
lui Veux-in done hath done this. The servants
repoudireni : "ny

qnv nousallionsla cueillir ? aid unto him, \\ilt thou

20. Kt il leur dit : Non , dc peur hat we no uid galher them
n unive qu eu up?
qu il cutilluui IV- 29 BUt he said,
Nay; lest, u hile
vi ale vous n arracltiez le fioraent e gather up the tares,
en nientv terns.
ye root up
also die wheat with them.
3o. Laissez-les croilrc tons deny
j 30 Let Ixrth grow
ensemble iiisqu a la moissou et , j
together until
an terns de lamois.sou, je ditaiaux the harvest; und in the time
mnmonnenrs : Cueillez premie- harvest I will say to the
reinent yvraie , et lies-la eulaii-I
Gather ye together first the tares,
ceuux pour la In tiler mais assom- ,

and bind them in bundles to burn

iblez le fromenl dans mon grenier.
them: but gather the wheat into
36. Alors Jt jiux ayant renvoy^
people , s en alia a lamatron ,
my barn.
el ses Disciples e tatit venus vrrs 36 Then Jesus sent the multi-
lui lui direnl Mxplique-nous la

tude away, and went into the

similitude de 1 yviaie dn champ. bouse and his disciples came un
5*7. II leur repondit el leur dil:
Ceiui qui s la bonne sentence , to him,
saying, Declare unto us
c esi le l- ils de I ltomme. the parable of the tarcsof the field.
38. I,e champ , c est le mondc. 37 He answered and said unto
1 bonne semence ce sout les
.11 ,

enfaus du Royauooe. L v* raic , them, He that soweth the good

ce sont les enlans du malm. seed is the Sou of
L ennrint qui 1 a atmi e , 38 The field is the
world; the
c eM le Diablr. La moiMon ,c i-*l
eed are the children of the
la Fin du monde ;
it les mumuu- Ifpod
ueurs, soul Us Anges.
kingdom but the taiv* are the

children of the wicked on,-

fi v- :: 6 fvfi^f
~y At ininiicui feminwis n,
eft iliabolus. At nidiis, cn-.j-
fumnratio icculi cit. At niciio.
res,angoli lunt.
40 3i
40 Sicut er^o roll ^ .mtur 71-

!TTj5 XO/aXl eTa* Cy-

aV<:t, Kj
zania,: iojr.i cornlrunuitiir . (":;

?>? C<*t V T>) (7yv7eX4, i4 Ttf a!(W- crit in coiiiummationc i jcuii.

v<&> Ti/Ta.
41 ATTC^C/ E? vJiJ Ta av5- ij-
47 Mittot Filiut homiois an*
pt Ifts fuos, & coilijjttnt d< r

i Tr,f &aXiiactrJ-a. ^; us on a a ,

fcail laJa,
f T
^ a " C(i " a >

b Ta * 7f M ~",

fjites iuivjuitatcm :

Kai (?Xwcr(V auTtfC elf riv


4- r initt^nt coi in caminunJ

rS v^of txtr
Xu;v6v^ f-^
^ ^ Ibj crit flctus & frcm ; {Ub
xXa^.uof ^ o a:c Ti y B 7*. %7 (
dcll , ;
u ,

I in Jixaci
43 f 4
Tunc u flj fulgelmnt ficut
T? S*!T-
j,^ j
-yj-jy I MS o \
^, j j n , t .j r , lo Pati is coruui. a- H
Rra.jjf ai/rwv. O f^i,- bt ni aurcs UU( j^.

44 K.
j 4 lurirm fimilc eft re^num
>>a. riv
c.T:<.rujn tliefauro hhfcoiuiituia
. i) iv
;ipr) :
qu .:m iiiv<i)ii-ns iu*ni
altfconclit, &. ptcn gandio illm*
viuiit, V
k ui)ivcrl ;i qua* ha!i..t

vtndit, -: emit agrum ilium.

J5 It TIUII Hn-.ilo cil refrntiiij

L . cloni .n homiiii ncgf^uitori,
(.juxv: il i>nas mar^ariuist
46 (.hli invcnicii-. UJiain pre-
tiofam niur^aritum, ahicns
didit oiniiia qua; habult, et emit
47 Itcrum fmiilc eft regnum
c.tloram iagcua- ja(5t;t in mare,
jXnEtrj) &: ex omni
v/i genere cogcnti.
IK a/avro? yiv
48 "H?, I OTI 48 Qiiiam, (juum impK ra cf-
cva c^ara-jlff \ iff fct,jiFoducrntcs fupcr littus, &
fedtntvjs, collcgcrunt pulcra in-
rcccptaculii, at vitiofa forus ejc-
4-1 Sic crit in conftimmntione
feculi exibunt angcli, & fegrc- :

gabunt malos de nxcdio jufio-

rum :

^o Et proficient cos in cami-

mun iguih : ihi crit flctus if frc-
mitus aentium.
51 Ticit illisTefus: Intcllcx-
iftis Jvtc omnia: Dicunt

52 Isautcm dixit illis Prop- :

tcr hoc omnis Scriba dotflus in

rcgnuni c;tlorum,finiiiiseft ho-

mini pan ifaniilias, qui cjicit de
t; SXoiXXft tx Tu &r,c-ai;pS thcfaiu o fuo novu <Sc vctera.
xri ii7aXaa.>^
39 The enemy that sowd them)/??

qni TcTseinve,
fcest le Uiable. oiwon ,rVst is the devil the h;ir\est is the end La
.la I m
rt t s <!ii
montle |

of the world and the reapers are :

.ucurs, ftm Its
the angels.
io.CooMnedonc on iunassc y- 40 As, therefore, the tares are ga- 1

vraie et qu on la biiilc dans ,K, ... .1... r..

red and burned in

\ i
the the fire so i i

il in sera de meme u la ti
feu .

shall it be in the end of this world.

dn monde.
Le nisde I liommc envoyera 41 The Son of Man shall
. s>nd

ses Anges , qui utcront il- ^\\ forth his

angels, and they shall
Itovamne tuns Ics scaiulales l

cenx qui font liniquite*. gather out of his kingdom all

42. lit ils le-s dans things that oflend, anc| them jeteront l

fournaise ardentc ; cVst la qu il which do iniq Hy ;

y uura des pltnrs u di griiire- 42 And shal ast them into a >

metis d- ilt furnace of fire, there shall be


i5. Alors l-s jnstcslnireint com-

nu- li: so!wailing and gna hing of teeth,
il , dans le Kovanmc j

de l-nr Pi-re. Qne celni qui a des Then shall the righteous
ortilles eutende. -m ne forth as the sun in the king-
pour ou ir ,

4. Le Knvauine des cieux esi .om of their Father. hath Who

encore temblable u uii ircsor ca
|ears IQ lcar ar. t n R ar ,
, ,

che dans un chump, qn un liom-L . i , i ri. .


roc a trouve, et qinl cache; el * 4 *&***> lhe kingdom of hea-

de la joie qu il en a il s cn \a ,jven is like unto treasure in a ,
vriidjoiit ce qtril a, etathae field; the which when a man hath
e Cl
m| 1
found he hideth, and, for joy
45 L !i vi
qui cherche dc
belles pc.les;
^^ W***}*
nc nath i uncl bllVeth that field.
selleth all that

if Ki qui ayant trouve uue.

. 45 Again, the kingdom of hea-
perle de rand prix s tn \ .1 ei . ,
ven is like unto a merchirtitman,
47. Le Royanme tie* cieux esi
seeking gtxxlly pearls:
en< .n. sembiable it un /ilet 46 Who, when he had found one
qui ,

|it. dans la mer , ramasse pearl of great price, went and


les de chuses

; bold all that he had, and bought it.

4K. (^iiand il est reinpli les
pe- 47 Again, the kingdom of hea
chturs le tirrnt sur le et
a rtnnt assis,
riv-a^e j
ven is like unto a net, that was
ils nicttcnt ce qn il

3 a de bon a cast into the sea, and gathered

part dans Irurz
vaisseaiix. et ils jetteut ce qui
of every kind :

He vaut
48 Which, when it was full,
4(). 11 en sera de mem"o la fin
da monde. Les thev drew to shore, and sat down.
Aiigcs vivndruni. et
tfpcreroot les medians du mi-
and gathered lhe good into ves
Jieu des justes. sels, but rust the bad away.
5o. Rt ilsji-u-ront /-i medians
49 So shull it b;; at the end of^
uans la fonrnais? ardente cVst the world the
la qu il y an-;, ui s el di-s
angels shall ccme ; :

,j,., lorth, and sever the wicked frunii
<,. I . I.;...
among the juSf.
into the oO And. shall ost them
there shall Ix.- furnace ol lire :

wailing and ^nushim? of teeth.

51 Jesus ^aith unto them,
ye underst. od all these things?
qnc tutu Dortcnrqni cst li,-n Ins.
truit ce They say unto him. Yea, Lord.
qni rrgardr -13 Then

Koyaumedrs cieux, -s| semhlabk S.IK! he unto them,

u un i- de Fumillc
qui tiir dc
Therefore TV scribe w/n r/i in . e\<

sou Ucor des uouvellis instructed unto the chm>:

ct deft \ uilli-i. t li" -.<-.

kiii};cU in of
heaven is like untr) a man that in
householder, whU h bringeth
th (,,,t
9 f J,i s treasure tUnz*
w iind old.

26 K iAj,e-
26 Et dictbat Sic eft :

* num:l)ci, qiu-madmoduni ft
2.7 homo jaciat iemcmcm in ter
rain :

27 Et dormiat, & excifetur

node & die: & fi-nu-njrcnnintt
&auo;catur ut ncfcit illc.
cv, f i?r 28 Spontaiu-a mini terra
-uclum IVrt, primum
dcinde fpicam, dcuide

0-rav ffi plenum

f- frumcnulm in fpico.
*9 Qiium ulidcrit fruo
tus, itatiia
mittit fakun,
30 quo-
niamadeft nu.-flis.
30 Kt diccbat Cui affimUa- :

bimnsrcgnum Dei ? aut in qua

parabola comparabimus illud ?
31 ^rano finapis, quod,
quunifeminatumfueric in terra,
minus omnibus fcminibus eft.
qiu in terra ;

32 31 Ft qtuim fem natum fne-

rir, afccndit, fir omnibus &
Ufi^UV, olcribus uus, m
facit nunos &
magnos, dta it pollint fub um-
br.i jus vulat&a cxli nidulari.

33 K^f 33 Et tallbus parabolis mul-

loquebarur cis icrmoncm
prout p iterant audire.
34. Sine autcm parabola *hon
loquebatur eis..vprivatim autcm,
diicipuli? i uis fol^ebat o^rnaia..;

57 57 Fafium eft autcm ambu-

v Iv lantihus illis in via, dixit qui-
dr.m ad ilium Scquarte quo- :

cumque abicris, Domine.

58 Et dixit illijcfus: Vul-
AZ pcs fovcas habtnc, ^c volu-
crvs ca;li nidos : vtrum filius
hominis non liabet ubi caput

Ait autern ad altcrum :
Sequere me. lile autcm dixit :
O Ji !?// Ku^g, Domine, prrmitte mihi ab-
^OV /UOJ TjXffjV I
TjiTO eunti primum fepclirc patrcm
T5v -5raTfa /^tf. me um.
60 luTTS Je ayri) o lortf 60 Dixit autcm ei T Tus :
*A$c *a? nxftff ^a^<ti THC Sine mortuos fepelire funs mor-
fiav v xy; ffu JE 7rfX, v S ja- tuos: tu autem abiens annunciu
rcpnum Dei.
61 6r Ait autem ft alter: S<r-

quar te, Domine :

primum au<--

tern perrr.itte miiii renuntiare

his qui ad donnsm mcam.
62 Ait at-.tcm ad ilium Jefus :
Nemo immittcns anum It-am m
ad aratrum, &refpiciensin qu:t (

retro, aptus eft ud rcgnum

II ilit .nrn.e.ll m t.t d-il 2b Ami he said. So is tKc kiw-
^ Duu, ci/miuc si
uii.| dom of (iod, ns man if u should
uasl st ( (1 inl t! ^ i:iml
,oii jiu Jelawmence <n

terre j
27 And should sleep, and rise
27. Soil qu il dot mo and day, and the seed should
o\i qu il
lite , la unit on le jour , la >

TOW tip, ;,c Knovvcth

meucf germc ct noil &aus qu il su-
not 1,
rhe comment.
28. Cur lu terre produit d tlle-
28 For llu eart brinpcth forth i

fruit of herself; iirst the blade, then

nn inf premierement , I lu-rbe ,

eusuite l\ pt . ft puis It lout :

gam the ear, after that the full corn in

I ., nut- dJlus 1
dans die ear.
fruil est
29. El
quaud <a

2 Hut when the fruit is brought

maturit^, on y iru-t auWitot la

ancille, parce que la moisson est forth, immediately he putteth in

art it.
50. 11 disuii encore A qnoi com- f

parerons - nous le Rovaume de |

l)icu ou par qurlle sirmhiudc le

30 And he sad, \\ hereunto shall
we liken the kingdom ol Ciod V or :

51. // en *.vf comme du Rrnin de with what comparison shall we

moutardc lor .qu on le
loqui-1 coni p are jt ?, ,

torrc*^ seed, which, v.hen it is sown in

3?. Mais apres qu on 1 a seme , the earth, is less than all the seeds
monti- 1 1 i- \ n in plu - -i ami that be in the earth:

luus Its autr s U jiumes ,

tt pou- 32 Hut when it is sown, it prow-
de grandes breucues ;
eth up, and becometh -rreater than
!( oittaux du ci UVeUl dt
al1 hcrl)S :in(l snooteth out
ii. in r AOUS sou oj nb?e

leur amiom oii Liiusi la pa-

5.V II
brunches; so that he fo\\ Is of he t \

par ptusivais sinulinnlis dc
air a lodc under the shadow
cute soilc , silou qn il;. t-tuitut of it.

capable* de I cuteudre.
5^. hi il in- Itur parloit point .
.-j m
LD, miliiud,H; mai. | 01 ! M ,, ,1 pake he the word unto them, as
en partMului, il they were, able to bear it. tA|>!iqui.<:t

A iits Di^ciuks, . 34 But without a parable spake
37. Ett comiofc
mm , un h-nnm*.
Is (floicnt
lu, .lit

Jr .,-
^ not UUt
thc: Mcl When they

" :
i i i

, St^utui ; pa.. tout oti alone, he expounded

"Were all
things to his disciples.

"- L.O.
O IMTUIX du oul ri-l <1
* . Iheywcni in tin-
le Fih H- 1 iioinim:
pas <i t said unto him, l.ord. 1 will follo\\
i-fpo^or sn trt-. tlue xvhilluM soever thou ^oesi
y). 11 dit uu autrf Suis>moi. *
5M \nd Jisus said unto him.
; :

Kt il M icpon-hl Si iiiciirI
r- ,
pi of the
Wti qui- j
aill< ai -)ara\ ant c u^c- Foxes have holes, and i>ird

rrlir mon air//</7T IK-MS; bi:t the Soi c I" .!.:n

60. JoSm lui dit : F.aissr I. i hath no \\hereto l.iv /;/ he:n!.

Ilioi rn Ictiri mo: 5 And lie said untoanother, n\-

.-. t \ i I l I-. , III.UH . !

jtoi , va cl aiuioncc It H.m dc

low me. Imt he said, Lord, suiVer
! fii. Un nutrc tui dit : J. i.

vrai , Sri t;i5- nr mai< - f^o Jesus said unto him. i

T " 1
dead bury their dead: but
de rmx qu ^oui . IM mu niai, on.
and preach the kingdom of (,o<l.
, >l.m JcilMl-li I i nt . I c
mai n
61 \nd another stud, !..i !,
jui qui im-t
a In cliarrur . a
el rr^nrdcderrii.rc In! , n I will follow t!>e-: but let in first
jMomc pour Ii Rov.tuinrd p;o bid them lauv. ll. \Nhih are
athome at my Mouse.
nJ And Jesus s;iid UMIO h ni. \o
man havin^ put his hand to (lu
I>lou:;h t
a .*1
lookinj; k, b,i< is fit

for the kingdom ol (iod.

27 27 Et port hxcexiit, & con-
Tpexit publicamim nomine,
ir: TO Ti >i ?-
virt, ffdentcm ad tclonium, &
*Axi/X}3fi ait illi
Scqucre me.:

38 28 Et rclinquens omnia ? fur-

gnisfrquiitus ell eum.
29 29 Kt fecit convivinifl rmg-

3 Alfic W oUia num Lf vis ci in doiv.o fua : &

multi publican! & peccatoros
Cmul difcumbebant Jc fu, f< dif-

cipulistjus: crant enim multi,

&. fequebantur
irt Kaj ti
y(tifji Uftli1[<
l % el 16 Et Scribse Pharifrei vi- &
ircni {Ji vJt ftiirov irbioflct dcntes cum edcntem cum pu^bli-
tanis & pcccatoribM, diccbant
difcipulis cjus Quid, quod cum :

puMicanis &: peccutoribus man-

ducat & bib it ?
17 K 17 Et audiens Jcfus, ait illis :
Non ufum habent valcntcs me-
Hiro i\-<\
nja.^ habtntcs, non
I vcni vocarc juitos, led pccca-
tores ad p^mtcntiani.
36 "LXsys 3 6" I)icc-bat autcm &~fim ill -
tudincm ad illos Quiu nt-mo

adjcclionem veflimvnti novi ad- afaXaiay t!
jtcit ad veilimentum Vctus :
vcro non, i: uovum f indit,- fe]
, vcttri nonconvcnit cornmifl ura
a nova.
Kai wieij /5rt \>e<

37 Et ntmo conjicit vinunt

aVxaj ttr.tXctt ; a Ji novum in utres vetcrcs : fi au-

tcm aon, ruDipct novum vinum
x%--3 h? ;
utixs, & ipfum cffundctur, *
utrcs pcribiint. -

38 Sod vinum novum inutrcs

novos injicicnduni, &

53 Et fa (Sum eft, quum con-

fvunmaflet Jefus parabolas iftas,
tranftit inde.
54 Ka iX9i TV -sera-
54 Et vcniens in patriam fu- alia, am doccbut eos in fynagxjga eo-
rum, ita ut obftupefieri ipfos, ft
diccre : l/nde huic fapientia
hsec, & efTicacitatcs?

55 Nonne hie eft fabri filius ?

s, ; t?X ^ /*"
T "?
"LTy Xi. Nonne mater cjnsdii itur Maria,
.vtojw.u, % e!
frativscjuR Jacobus, & Jofes,
& Simon, & Judas?

K.t; aj a^iX^ai aura t

5^ T.t fororefffjusnonne om-
v.cs liOi funt ? wndc er?o
i~. Apri SClu il sortit, el il vit H/SIIW UlU r tli*uik;:.irimgs,
i u {>
H: i r M u in- 1 \ i. a*M au went fiih wi !

bureau dcs iruj.

.Ls , i il lui Jit :

namcd*Levi, sitting at the rcccipv

28. El lui, quittaut tout *e of custom: and he said unto
, him.
It -.a ft le Miuii. Follow me.
l .i I v i lui fit un pi ami fcs- 2H And he left all,
ilanstaniai* n rose. up, and
tin ou ifse trouva
followed him.

, . .plusiui 21) And I.tvi made him

UH d- mun.ii- Yir cl
si iiiiii-iil ..! .-i table uvcc in his own hoi^ ..
: i
fejist J< <u-

ct es Ditciplcs ; car il y eti u\uit hituny publicans and sbners s

beaucoup qui I avoicut suivi. ^.dso together with .Icsus and hi<ti

iu. El ics Si-ri!)t-> it !* IViari- : for there vsere

6Jcu4, volant qu il mau^-oit a\cr
dfs prayers *i dcs g*-n de mau-
and they followed him.
vaist \ iv M.i-nt a si-s Disci ,
16 And when
the scribes and
ples Pourauoi volie Muilit mau-
. Pharisees saw him eut \viih pub
ge-t-il ci iiuit-il avcc Its p:-a^iTs, licans and sinners,
*l Ics gfiH ilc inumaite vie V
they saiil unto
17. Et Jesus avaiil ou i tr/</,leur
his disciples. is U th..t he How
dit : Ct- uc sont
eateth and drinketlr with
|ia% cc-u\ qui soul publi
in .,111
out Ix-tuui ill- .Mode- cans and sinners r
cm ,
iii.ii, ce vmt ( t-ux
qui por- 17 When Jesus heard iV, he saith
li iU : Je iiiis vcnu ajipttcr unto them, They th. are whole -.t

repi-iitaiitf , nou Jes

ii la
juU:s ,
have no need of the but
inais let pcl.mrs. physiciaj^,

36. 11 Uur^ dit auwi une simili they thiit^are sick :4 *::\me nt*t to
tude Pi-rwnne ne met une pu-ce
: call the rightcouSfuhut sinners to
<i mi liabit inui a un vicu.\ La
nc-ul dt-
in I ;
autrcrueut ceqiii c^>t

kdiiicroil ct la un drup

! lie
spakVaJso a parable"

ceuf ne convirnt
tinto thorn; No man pu}tctlt a
point an rieux. piece of a new garment upon an j
mMsi*re nutfe vin
nouveaudans derieux vai^eaiix old; otherwise, then both the
new maketh rent, and the piece ;-.

s vaisstaux
,that was fako: out of the new
, rt sc
le, vtiweauk pirdm. a^reeth not with the old.
, 58. JV!ai^
^iu nouvrau doit !

^Iremis datisdes ^ai--,euux 37 And no man puttcth IH-W wine

tttjjMJ touslesdfuxsc ronwtent. into old lx>ltles; else the new wine
JO. lit il aniva
quo qunnd Jciin will burst the bottles, and be spill- j

l uclitve its similitudes

il-c ed, and the Ixmles shall
perish. ,

retira tie ce lieu-lA.

3H Bui new wine must be put f
5 1. etant viuu tn sa patrie, lit
il Ics dans leur sy
Ho rirw luittli-w rinrt U.iH.i.i-^i

nagogue de sorte qu ils ctoii-nl ;

( tuniict
, ft qu iU disojcut : U oii 53 And it came to pass, tiat
riennent ii ctt liouunc ccttc su- when Jesus had finished these
gc K cos miracles? et
parables, he departed thence.
ejt-ce pas It liU du rlinr-

ptutirr? a mi it- nc s apptllc-t-

54 And when he was come into
pa* Mnrii t-t st fitrcs , ,
his own co\uitry, he taught them
Jaques Jou-t /Simon et Judc? ,
in their 8yn*gogueiittonkuoh thai
3o. El ntriirs nc soul - ellei >n

they were astonished, and said,


Ipft* toutes parmi noai V U ou lui

Whence hath this nipn this wis
dom, and th<"*r
mighty works?
55 Is not the carpenter s
son? is not his mother railed Ma
ry ? and his brethren, James, and
Joses, and Simon, and Judas ?
\ml his sifters, are they not
iM with us? Whence then

huicilia nmnia ?

57 Et IcaiTdalizahantur in e<> .

ilirsv At Jclus dixit eis non t-H 1 ro- :

phutu inhonoratus, f\ non in pa-

tv TI WA7-i;Sj
aurw, 5 jv tria iua, i^ in domo fua.

fertus eft dc cis, quiacrant vex^l

& diff>crfi
ovcs non,

Tfli/f. Et aHvocat duudccim :

it eos mittere du^ duos, &
dcmmckins ci^,
gentium ne ab crkis, & in cv-
tafcm S^maritanorum nc intra-
6 ire autcm rnagis ad ovel
pcrditus dotnus Ifracl".

9 Nc- poflidcntls aunuit, ne-

que argemnm, ncquc as in zo-|
iiis veftriS :

10 Non pcram in viam, ncqn<0

duas tunicas, nequc rakeamen-> J

ta, ncquc virgam :

dignus enin^
optrarius alimt-nto ftio eft.
In quamcumuie atttcm ci-
1 1

Titatcmaut caftclluni i-ntrav.jTj-

interrogate qui-* incadignus
fit : &
ihi raanetc donee excatis.
\i Intrantes autcm iu do-
mum, frtlutatSeam.
13 Et fi quidt in fiieritdomus
digna, ingrodiatur pax vdtra.
fuper cam : fi autem non l;u :-.r
di-jna, pax vellra ad vos convert
*4 Etqui non rccepcrit voi
ncque audieiit fermonts veftros^
cxcuntes.domo vcl civitari- ill ,

cxcutitc pulverem peduin v; f-

^ "A/1*>)V trorum.
15 Amen dico vobls, Tolora-
bilhi-i crit- terr.-c. Sodomorum &.
Gnmorrh.torum in tlio
quam civitati illi. ;. . / (
1 6 F.ccc ego mitto vosficur o-
vcs in mcdio hiporum. Eftote*
c.r^o pi udonteS ficut frrpcnie*,
3^ llniplicos ficut;.
1 7 Cavctc autcm al>hominil>n<; :

T i adc nt cni m
v ns i \\ con fi-ffus, A
done toutes ceTcho*t.s?thU nun all these things?

L n Piophete u est ratpme qu him.** But Jesus said uiHothem,


dans sou pavs et dam sa inuisuu. prophet is not without honour, A

l.t if lie fit la
que peu d save in his own country, and in
miracles u cause dc Icui inert* his own,

dulite. hojLiffi, . ^..^.. A -^^

ofi 15ut wIu*fTTie saw the muiti-TT^
56. Et vuvani la multitude de
tijdcs. he was moved wilh com
pen pic il Tut emu
dc compassion*

dc ce qu nl siou on them, because they Caint4

divers ils <!* ,

disoi-rs^s ct cnaiis, tominc dtV ;d, and wery scattered abroad, a*| |

breois qui n point df bti no shepherd.

^heep ha\ing
7. Alors il
fapptla Its dour
\ conum-n^a u les ciivoyer deux a]
ffwerrfc, and bt;;an to send thi MI
il leur donna ses onlns, a Jj I
forth L y two ann t\v o ,

ant: N allcz point \i-rs lr; i


commanded them,
find saying, |7p.
til; el nVutr. t. dans uucuiiv \ il!

ili- Samaritaius. Go not into the the way of

f>. Mais nlli 7
plutoi aii\ brebii di tiles, and into unit city of thjj
lu Maiion d lsrajrl qui sont p n _ , maritcus enter ye not :

6 But go rather to the lost sheep

, nitfrg-ut. ni

neit aer n^M, nor sil-

JO.Nisoc denx
habits baton ear
ui -soldiers , ni ;
vi nor bruss in jour purses;

lou\ rieresldigiie de*onourriinrc. H) Nor scrip for your journey,

11. Et dans quelque ville dans >u

neither two coats, neither shoes,!
tiuflqtt buurgade que vous fii nor yet staves: (or the Workman
triez, inTormex-vous qui estdignc
(It vouarecevoir; et demeurtz-v,
is worthy of his meat.

jusqu u-ce qne vou 1And into whatsoever dty or|


town ye shall enter, cmm^t: who,
12. Eiquand voos rntrercz dans

quo quc maison wlutz-la. , in it is

woilliy and there abide"

13. lit si lu inaisou en digue, <-st

(\\\ thence.
ye (;o
quo votre jaix \iiiu- .sur c lc J 12 And wlicn ye come into an
luais MI tilt u eu pus li^uc, quo c>>l

votic paix relouvut u vous. house, salute it.

i -I. ht pav-tQntun Ton ne vom 13 And if the house be worthy,
reccvra pui cl ou Ton n ecoulrni ,
let your peace come upon it but :

pas vui paroles, i-iMort:intdc retlo if it be not worthy, lit your peace
maison uu de ci-lte \illc ,
, i C de vo-* puiN. return to you.

. ij. Jc vous d n cu veriu- t Ajid whosoever shall not re


Hunir etGomorrbe stroni ii.uti s ceive

you, nor hear \our words,
moins igou reason cut au jour da when
I i

Jufiement quc ct-ut vill -h i. ye depart out of that house,


id. Vuici vous em oic tomnio or city, shake oiV the dust of your


i. buliis uu milieu

UHI|IH feet. <!


utvczdouc pmdcus coinincdtt

v i-
15 Verily I unto you, It
coiuiui- de-s to-
niiiiplo shall be more tolerable for the
Mais -donnez-rous land of Sodom and (iomorrhti, in
17. priril*
lonuncs ;
car iU vous livr the day of judgment, than forj
. i i! vowe that city.
16 Behold, I send you forth us]
sheep midst of wolves bej
in the :

je, therefore, wise as scipents,!

and harmless as doves.
7 But beware of men for they
1 :

will deliver you tip to the coun

cils, and they will scourge you

Kai j*ri ^l,uo a; J; *. 18 Rt ad proMiUcsautom ^c rc-
f vXE
/*, tj f
agemini proptcr me, in tei-
ilHs, 5. .ntius.
*3 Q^ium aiitem infeqvictitur
vos in civitute HI*, firgicoin u-

26 Ne ergo trmueritis eos.

Nihil enhn cfl occultum, quod
xj xguirrcv, non Tcvtlabitur, &. abditum,
quod lion icietur.
ay "O xl 27 C^uod dico vobis in tcne-
*7raT* Iv TO? <f>am
? sic bris, dicite inlumine: & quod
in aurcrn auditis, praedicate fu-

per domos.
a8 Et ne timcatis "ab occldcn-
tibus corpus, at animam non
valemibus occidcrc : timetc au-
ttm mag is potcntcm & animam
& corpus perdere in gehcnna.

29 Nonne duo paffcres

19 Ou ^ 3- o
^-c^et/Sw* |
ttcra- afle
U J TraAEi Trtl, ^ IV 4^ auT^V ol v;cncunt ? &
tinus ex illis non
rti rcH t-irl irt yw, J &*ttv "*>
cadet fuper ttrram, line Pare

30 Veftri autcm ^ capill


capitis omnes num^rati funt.
3 Ne ergo timcatii
i multis :

la Et exeuntes pnsdicabant
Ut poenitcrcnt.
30 Kt flrv>yH
o aT.- "

30 Et coguntirr Apoftoli ad
TC T0 *I)C-2l, K} OWl^- Jcfum,&. renuntiavcrunteiom-
rw arav!*, ^ t cr* ivoir,- nia, & quanta egerant & quant*
ambulabat Jefus poft
h*ec in Galibea. non c :

j-af J-flcXlv Iv
Tn iJai* wijt- nim volebat in Judaea ambulare,
quia qi:;trcbuiit cum Judxi iu-
-ctii v, CTI i^nTwi auTOV oi ie-
i T7T conveniunt ad cum
afiraroi. xaj TIVJJ rjv 1 hnrifiei, & cjiuctom Scii-
$*V, i?.3c v7ij aW9 *Ilf3-
barum vcnicntet ab Hiaofo-
2 Et vidcntes quofjam dif.

cipulnrum cjus c<

manibus (hoc eft, illotii) tJm-
tcs panes, incufarunt.
* Nam
3 (Of- y^ 3 Pharif;ci ^c omncg
a^Jc J lw?a ci, r

J i
Jiukci, non pugillatim lavc-

/un f
4 >J><
TIC ^*"f
C H* rint manus, non manduev.jt,
Ci tf^i,
Xja-rwvlif TV Wa^aSfj-jv tcncntcs traditionem fcniorum:
in their */.
TOU screz m.
iS. El detant :

les Gourernears ct do\aut

fore governors and kin^s for my , l<s

Hot*, a cause tie nioi pour me ,

i-udri- sake, for a testimony a^uinstthcm

utaoignage devaut it <u\

ant Ir.t nations.

! N and the
3d. Or , j|s vutis jii-rsi-cu- <|-i.niil
. 3 liut when they persecute
Icroui dans une ville, fusiT.dtu^
yon in this citv ,lffef