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Because is Aid So

Because is Aid So

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Published by: kwsebbeh on Feb 23, 2010
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All Rights Reserved © 2003 by Brian R.

King No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the publisher. Published By Change Your Life, Inc Plainfield, IL 60544 www.BrianRKing.com Printed in the United States of America This Book and others are Only Available at http://www.BrianRKing.com

This book is dedicated to those people and those little moments in my life that inspired these observations and even more so for the compelling urge to write them down. Remember as you read that if you don't pay attention now, you end up paying a fortune later on. "Forward and share this book as a FREE Gift with as many people as you can. Everyone deserves that little extra lift to their attitude as it will inevitably increase their altitude as well." Note: Many quote books like to categorize their collection. Yes it is convenient to
do so for organizational purposes, but one thing I've found is that no one idea applies to only one area of life. Therefore, I've arranged them in no particular order and I trust that you will use them in any and every area of your life that you see fit.

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Throughout my life to date I've encountered those who are quick to throw out a quote from a wise man, woman or any other credible resource in the hope that doing so will make them look intelligent or at least more credible. Guess what, it doesn't work. Quoting others only shows that you're able to remember a collection of sentences. Furthermore are those that collect quotes spoken by others and put them together in book format with their own name on the cover. I own many of these books myself and I am grateful for their efforts as these books can prove to be valuable resources. However, what matters more than recognizing a good quote when you see one is discovering a way to apply its underlying wisdom into your life. Once you've applied it, the n quote it. Quote it as you impart it to another as a lesson you've learned, applied and now wish to pass on. If all you do is quote without learning and without action, you do accomplish one thing, using up a lot of valuable oxygen that would be better spent in the pursuit of refining yourself. In my opinion, if you're truly on the path of selfrefinement then you shouldn't need to quote others in a book. Instead quote yourself and compile your wisdom into a book as I've done here. Then the book will truly be worthy of your name on the cover. However, after all is said and done, if all you choose to do is walk around quoting this book, then make sure you quote it to as many people as possible, that way the ideas will fall upon the ears of those who will use them. If you are one of those who will learn and apply the lessons of your life, it is a pleasure to work with you. And I look forward to learning from and quoting you someday.

Profound change often begins with a single action, that action is usually a decision.

Nothing works in theory only in application.

Adversity is a sail not an anchor.

Choose to be pleasant even when others are equally unpleasant. They’re having their day, and you’re having yours.

Focus on the spare, not the flat.

Negative thoughts are useless, like all of life’s clutter, if you can’t use it lose it.

Proceed always as a beginner, then you will always succeed the first time.

Attitude is a skill. It takes great skill to maintain an attitude when the facts don't support it, and even greater skill to maintain it until the facts do.

When looking for the best place to begin, simply look beneath your feet.

Facts don't change the world, beliefs do.

Beliefs are inherently disposable, to be discarded like items that have outlived their usefulness, and replaced with ones you can use.

Belief in something doesn’t make it true. A belief is a passionately held opinion. A truth is such whether one believes it or not.

The truth does not set you free, your belief that something is true does.

Blame is not one of the keys to success.

I am 100% certain that every decision I make will be the right one. But I’m only 99% certain of that.

I find it more important to do right than to be right.

More has been accomplished through the acts of one person powered by certainty than one thousand people sharing the same doubts.

The only choice you have with change is whether or not you cooperate.

The change you desire doesn’t come from wishing for it, but by becoming it.

Choice is your most powerful possession. No matter what each moment may give you, own the moment and your contribution to it. That, more than anything will determine the outcome.

Small minds make big mistakes.

Commitment toward achievement must exceed your fears of failure.

Complacency is the enemy of growth.

Just because it ain’t broke, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made better.

Feedback is your guide not your enemy.

Disappointment isn’t life threatening, our fear of it makes it seem so.

I would rather suffer from a hundred disappointments than one regret.

Doubt makes the possible impossible.

The shortest distance between you and failure, is doubt.

Dreams are the seeds, opportunity the soil, action the fertilizer.

If you don't let people in on your dreams, then they can't help you accomplish them.

Don't give up on your dreams just because you're afraid of your memories.

It is both ridiculous and pointless to expect anyone to follow anything other than your example.

Excellence doesn't occur in a vacuum. It occurs when someone who requires it of themselves puts themselves in situations that require it of them.

No more "Buts" when life challenges you. You already have one butt and it’s behind you. So stop putting more butts in front of yourself.

Expect only the results you are willing to create. Intended outcomes only occur with the required effort, no less.

Never underestimate a person’s ability to misinterpret the facts.

Failure doesn’t exist, but quitting does.

Consider the age you are now, how did you get this far? By sticking with it, that's how. By that standard, no one's a failure or a quitter.

There are no failures. . .o nly student's of experience.

Faith isn't based on what is, it is based on what's possible. And that's what makes it so powerful.

We can all predict the future. Set your goals, do everything you can in the present to accomplish them. Surprising ly, the future turns out exactly as you predicted.

The past is a reflection of what you've done and not what you're capable of doing.

First master the journey, then the destination will find you.

For every one goal, there are two doubters waiting to talk you out of it. If for no other reason than to justify their own inaction.

Preparation with no destination is like packing for a trip to the end of the driveway.

Talking about your goals is important. So long as you’re not spending more time talking about them than accomplishing them.

To be successful long term you must be successful short term. You may have goals in the future, but what are you doing in the present to accomplish them?

The more seeds you plant the greater the likelihood that growth will take place.

If you spend your life in a cocoon, how do you ever expect to become a butterfly?

Remember your mind is like your garden, the quality of the seeds you put into it determines the quality of the harvest.

Who a person was is never better than who a person can become.

Guilt trips are not given they are taken.

I've never met a person who was both happy and prejudice at the same time. I've met those who were angry and prejudice, afraid and prejudice, but not happy and prejudice.

Hero’s look for the solution, the victim feels bad about the problem.

The victor in you is the only thing that can save the victim in you.

To Help others is difficult, to Help others in their efforts to Help themselves is far easier.

We can only care for others to the degree that we first care for ourselves.

Hope opens the eyes that doubt closes.

Your circumstances are never bigger than you are.

The seeds of hope lie in the knowledge of your options.

Not even Jesus Christ was able to win over everybody, so don't be surprised when you don't.

The best intentions don't guarantee the best results.

Kindness is the simplest way to use what’s best in you, to remind the discouraged of their own value.

Don’t make an experience into a rule.

Don’t ask why me, instead be grateful for the lesson.

Your mind is like a door, if it doesn’t open nothing will ever come in.

If a person doesn't get it, you can't make them. For it's hard to see the light with your head up your ass.

Life is a gift not an entitlement. Life is a privilege not a possession. Life doesn't promise you tomorrow, or even the rest of today. Realize this and you may actually start living the life you a re meant to.

Live your life as though your life depended on it.

I am immortal; my body however is not.

If you want to be immortal, live a life worth remembering.

The only thing you can control in life is what you contribute to it.

Life is to be lived deliberately. If you’re driven by habit, you are asleep at the wheel.

Life is a puzzle. Once you have the picture in mind, find the pieces and put it together.

Life’s purpose is discovered, when each individual determines where their passion and ability meet.

Living and painting are both art forms. First you imagine the image of what can be, then you take the steps to create it.

No journey in life is worth taking if it doesn’t leave you postmarked from the trip.

The more black and white I try to make life, the grayer it seems to get.

It is impossible to say the wrong thing while listening.

As being in love can color your life, so can being in anger, in fear, and in sadness.

Love spoken is free, love demonstrated is priceless.

People don’t suffer from bad luck, only bad decisions.

Life is best moment to moment; best of all that’s the only way it comes.

People work with time and schedules. Life works with moments and opportunities.

The money you make is a bi-product of the value you create for the world. Improve what you offer, and the world will pay you accordingly for it.

Night becomes day; weakness becomes strength, so a negative comment is actually a push in a positive direction.

Some of the biggest lies are delivered with utmost confidence.

Some people are the foremost expert on their own opinion, and little else.

Some people have many opinions but few facts.

When a person’s two cents is worthless, thank them anywa y.

Small minds are typically attached to big mouths.

If an opportunity exists, so do the means to take advantage of it.

Look to your left your right, or in front of you. These are the directions in which opportunity lies. Never behind you.

Everyone has the same opportunities in life, it’s just that each person’s opportunities are wrapped differently.

Too often people spend their energy on eliminating options for themselves instead of generating them.

Your job is to be a role model, not to copy yourself.

Ask yourself, “Would I want to raise a child to be me?”

It’s difficult to raise a child when you’ve forgotten how to be one.

Your passion is to your spirit, what oxygen is to your body. One cannot survive without the other.

There are some who's passion in life is doing whatever it takes to make a buck. My passion in life is doing whatever it takes to make a difference.

Doing something successfully doesn't mean doing it perfectly.

The past is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The past is done with us whether or not we are done with the past.

Hope for a positive future is only prevented by clinging to a negative past.

Patience is only a virtue when it is tested.

People don't live in reality they live in perception.

Do all you can, that's all you can do. As long as you see it all the way through.

A bird may be born to fly but that doesn’t mean it has to get it right the first time.

Give in or win.

Obstacles are transparent, when you can see through them you can work through them.

Don’t define yourself too narrowly use a thesaurus.

I am three things: Who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.

If an acorn can grow into an oak tree, you can reach any goal. Like an acorn, all you require are the right circumstances and patience. After that it’s just a matter of time.

It isn’t enough to have potential, you must maximize it.

Life is a garden. Water the weeds and growth is difficult. Water the flowers and new blossoms appear over and over.

You are an Olympic hurdler. There are plenty of hurdles placed in your way as you pursue the finish line. Every single hurdle is part of the race, and each one, when approached in the right way, can be overcome.

People can hand you opportunities, but nobody can hand you preparation.

You are your primary instrument, and you must be sharp. Blunt saws don’t cut very well.

People who think big will never encourage you to think small, find them.

The ocean begins with a single drop of water, our dreams begin with the single decision to pursue them.

There are no impossibilities, only varying levels of difficulty.

Think only in terms of possibilities, never limitations.

You are no more than or less than anybody else is. You are only less than your full potential, and thus capable of becoming more than you are now.

A problem is merely a solution waiting to happen.

A promise is only valid upon delivery.

Don't plan your future on other peoples promises, only on the promises you make to yourself.

I am responsible for who I am and what I do. The rest is none of my business.

If you make yourself a target, then don't complain when the arrow hits you.

Too many people have become financial millionaires while ending up spiritual paupers.

People will only work as hard as their standards require them to.

When you do something better than you did it the last time, that is the defi nition of Success.

Insist upon succeeding like you insist upon breathing, then nothing can stop you.

Celebrate your successes great and small, you’ll discover your successes outweigh your failures.

F.E.A.R is Favoring Evidence Against Results. When you’re aim is success, make sure you’re not focusing on the evidence against it.

People don’t get what they deserve to get, they get what they go out and get.

Success begins when excuses end.

Success is a choice.

Success is like a scavenger hunt, you may have to visit many homes but you inevitably find what you’re looking for.

The exception to the rule is your doorway to success.

We often miss the exit to success, because we are asleep at the wheel.

You know whe n to stop striving for success the way a mountain climber knows his goal has been reached. You stop only when there is nothing left to climb.

Making ends meet is not a measure of success.

Just because somebody throws something your direction doesn’t mean you have to catch it.

With every choice, you can contribute to the suffering of the world, or to its relief.

Feeling sorry for yourself is like standing in a burning house and making no effort to leave it. It will consume you unless you take action to change your circumstances.

Speak to others as though your words were the last ones you were ever going to say.

Talk is free, value lies in action.

We think not in thoughts but in language. So our thinking can only be as good as our language.

Positive thinking and negative thinking are both useful, depending on the direction in life you want to go.

Try to succeed and you will fail, because trying is a half-hearted effort. Either do whatever it takes, or do nothing.

Some people are useless, they are the ones who don’t make use of themselves.

The value of a gift is unknown until you look inside the package. A person is no different.

Winning is the opposite of quitting.

Win to celebrate your own success, not the other person’s defeat.

Knowledge without Wisdom is as useful as a car without wheels.

Youth is wasted when one prefers old thinking to new ideas.

Be sure your zeal revolves around the importance of the cause, not the importance of having it.

People will line up to discourage you, but when those that will support you show up, it makes all of the difference in the world.

Finding those special people in life is like panning for gold: you may spend years fi nding nothing more than dirt and rock, but one day you find the golden nugget you've been looking for making the entire journey worthwhile.

It's the believers and risk takers who've made the world what it is.

We all have dreams, but until we take action to realize them, we have no chance of living the life our heart and mind have showed us is right for us. So dream, dare, act and live fully.

If you want more meaning in your life, then get off your butt and make some. When you run out, make some more.

Doubt closes your eyes and darkens them to the possibilities. Hope opens them up again.

A Diploma is a measure of time, not of education.

Endings never come, but transitions and new beginnings are abundantly available.

There are no obstacles only building blocks.

When life gives you horse crap, make fertilizer and grow a garden.

Resisting change is like resisting breathing, breathing requires change, so change is what life is made of.

Although the past often plays a role in most people's lives, it is how we adjust to it in the present that is the key.

To get a degree improve your knowledge, To get an education improve yourself.

The brain uses the eye to see the image, but it uses the heart to appreciate it.

I can no more be prejudice of another person than I can be of myself. We are simply waves flowing side by side all part of the same ocean with the appearance of being separate.

All things begin and end with change; thusly, no things begin and end. Change never ends, it is constant.

Life is a blank canvas, it is you who adds the color. Make sure you aren't color blind.

You'll get much further in life being wrong on occasion, Than you ever will by always trying to be right.

Life is a team event, where each player makes up his own rules.

Be as tough as leather, strong but flexible.

Be narrow in your focus but wide in your vision.

Hold yourself to a higher standard, but not so high that the fall wo uld kill you.

A fear of proceeding because you're afraid of not getting something you want is as foolish as not walking for fear you might fall.

One key to success is creating bigger and better experiences for yourself and others. Not in collecting bigger and better things for yourself.

If you want to reach your goals, you have to fall and scrape up your knees up a few times. This is the art of learning to walk.

There is no right—there is only right now.

The more I learn, the more I have yet to learn.

There is more to life than what goes on between my ears.

The more I watch and learn from nature, the less I worry. No matter what problems I have in life, everything still seems to be taken care of.

Just because yo u aren't doing it all doesn't mean you aren't doing enough.

No one but me can determine what my actions will be. There is no one to blame for the conclusions I draw, the choices I make and the actions I take.

If I am kind to someone and they treat me like garbage, then I made my choice of what I would bring to that situation and they made theirs.

The only things we truly possess are our experiences and our memories of them.

I will never be an expert in this life because my life is a work in progress.

I will always remember to learn and grow and never be corrupted by what I think I know.

Walking the path of life successfully begins with a simple technique. Put one foot in front of the other, and do it with confidence.

Being a leader in the direction of your own life often requires leaving behind those who won't follow.

It is good to have power, so long as it is the power to help.

Some people strive so hard to DO something remarkable that they forget it requires that you first BE something remarkable. Then the Doing is easy.

When a Quitter comes up with a really good reason why something won't work. A Winner comes up with two reasons why it will.

In the story of your life, are you a victim or a victor? It is the difference between being a recipient of life events and the initiator of them.

Things don't happen to us; what we do with them happens to us.

Limiting beliefs are detrimental to us, the worst of all being the belief that we have limits.

Consider your life a story that is always being written and rewritten, with new characters entering and leaving the story daily. As the editor you have exclusive say in where the story goes.

Growth is a result of adjustments to changes in your circumstances.

Beliefs can be seen as tools used by you—the master carpenter for shaping your reality into the work of art you envision for yourself.

If Thomas Edison can take us from candle to light bulb and the Wright Brothers from ground to flight, then clearly your ability to create anything and everything you want is limited only by your imagination and tenacity.

Our lives can only become whatever our current beliefs or attitudes allow us to conceive for ourselves.

A carpenter's tools may become lost or broken, but an artist and the art never die.

The more of your mind you give away, the less of yourself there is for you to use to reach your goals, because you give someone else too many of the strings to pull.

If it can be taken from you, it isn't yours.

The person you are has more to do with how you meet the challenges in your life, not whether you have them or not.

We do our job the same old way; we keep on having the same old day.

The person who said "the sky's the limit" wasn't thinking big enough. In my way of thinking, the sky is only the beginning.

If you sit around and try to hang on to everything, you will acquire a lot—a lot of selfishness, distrust and insecurity.

Security is about hanging onto what you've got and not letting go. Success is about taking risks and moving on, striving for new things.

One of the greatest human assets is our ability to rise to the occasion. Instead of questioning your ability to do anything, understand that you could if you had to.

There is a simple law of physics that states that things in motion tend to stay in motion, and things at rest tend to stay at rest. So once you begin to pursue a goal, don't stop.

Your own determination may be a threat to others if you're attempting something they were unable or too afraid to do themselves.

When poured into a glass, water becomes the glass. When poured into a pitcher, water becomes the pitcher. It is formless and shapeless, adjusting easily to any situation. It can be liquid, ice or steam, whatever is required of it in response to environmental demands. It traverses all obstacles or wears them down with patience and perseverance. It bathes, nourishes, and supports all of life, all the while adjusting to the requirements of each moment, without losing its essential character. Be like water, and you'll be successful in handling every situation. All of the potential you possess comes from within you. So much of you already is made of water, so use what you've got. Do all you can, that's all you can do. Give all you can, that's all you can give. Give everything you have, because you have everything to give. Be like water.

Wallowing in your own self-pity is like riding an exercise bike: It uses up a lot of energy and gives you something to occupy your time, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

Achieving your goal has to be the most important thing in your life. I know this sounds extreme, but only this level of commitment will guarantee that you won't give up. If you want to achieve your dreams more than you want to breathe, there is nothing that can stop you.

Spending too much time bouncing between thoughts of either success or failure is like driving down the highway with the parking brake on. When your only consideration is success, you're driving with the pedal to the metal without the consideration of slowing down.

We are never without the opportunity to become whatever it is we strive to be.

It is my belief that who yo u are is "now." Yes, you are now. You are the result of your dealings with life to this point, and at this moment. This moment you are adapting to the environment around you and changing as a result. You are in a perpetual state of adaptation, so whatever now is, so you are as well.

Those who do not appreciate the level of commitment you have often lack it in themselves.

Mistakes are like carving a statue: Get rid of the stuff that won't help the final product and what you're left with is exactly what you want.

It doesn't matter the size of the accomplishment; it matters only that we acknowledge it to ourselves. We need to begin to view ourselves as successful because we are successful. The more we see it, the more we'll be it.

About The Author

Brian R. King is a cancer survivor, Social Worker and America’s # 1 Quality Living Trainer. He is also the President of Change Your Life, Inc. which specializes in developing life transformation techniques to “Help People Heal Their Future By Improving Upon Their Past.” Brian is also known for his inspirational speeches as well as his rapid results one on one consulting. You can find Brian online at


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