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As technology become increasingly user-friendly and focused on the consumer,it is

evident that the user have become more dependenton wireless technological
devices as mechanisms that promote convenience,survival and economic
prosperity.This project report consists primarily of a comprehensive literature
review of wireless communication technology to establish an historical beckdrop
outlining the growth of todays communication system.This study demonstrates the
absolute importance of personal and business forms of wireless technologies in
todays increasingly complex society.Attention has been given to those wireless
technologies which offer moderate to long range communication
capabilities.Wireless technologies that support either simpler or duplex
communication has been examined and reviewed..In addition,personal experiences
demonstrate the significance of wireless devices in daily living.Each of the
technologies has been reviewed extensively in seperte chapters that make up the
body of full research report.This paper includes various case studies which
demonstrate how such stratergies were developed and have been deemed
successful.Succesful management of wireless technology which should not just be
considered a lone technology but should also be considered as stratergic
development.This term paper provides detailed analysis which includes history and
progress of various Wreless Communication Devices which are use in today or
are being in development.