Equipay Express Activation Service Plan

When your EquiPay Merchant account is approved and your website access is shared, your eBusiness and website can be
instantly activated by AsiaPay without the hassle of locating a web designer, web developer or IT firm.

Plan Description

Equipay Express Activation Service Plan


For Equipay merchants who need further help in the instant activation of their
eBusiness website.


Asiapay would like to extend help and extra service to Equipay Merchants in
activating their eBusiness project and have it up and running at the soonest
possible time.

Main Benefits

1. Merchant's website is live and ready to accept online credit card
2. Merchant can collect customer's profile information readily.
3. Customers can instantly shop for the Merchant's products and services.
4. Customers can checkout and immediately pay via credit card.
5. Merchant's Equipay account will already be live and reflect in real time the
transactions received.

Company Requirements

Reputable companies who have been approved by the Bank as eCommerce
merchants for Equipay. Specific requirements that Merchants need to provide
AsiaPay are:
1. Approved merchant IDs from the Bank
2. An access to the Merchant's website


For a minimal fee, AsiaPay will accelerate the activation of Merchant's
eCommerce website by doing the following for the Merchant:
1. Done! Activation and Testing Service – Merchant's Equipay account
would already be fully tested and integrated when turned over to them.
2. Shop! Shopping Page Integrated in Merchant's Website – Template
already provided to Merchant. Product items files in excel file should be
submitted to AsiaPay to customize. Shopping page is easily customizable and
expandable by any web design professional.
3. Sign Up! Customer Profile Registration Page Done – Template already
provided and email alert for every registration will be received by the Merchant
(database export ready). Registration data fields in excel file should be
submitted to AsiaPay to customize. Registration page easily customizable and
exportable by any web development professional.
4. Check Out! Check Out Page is Already Connected to the Online
Payment Gateway – Check Out Page ready to use and integrated to Equipay
payment page.
5. Sales! Instantly Login and Monitor Sales Transactions in Real Time! The critical information to link the Merchant's website to the Equipay payment
gateway is already completed when account is turned over to them.

Turn around time

Once the Merchant has provided AsiaPay with the requirements (see above), it
will take 1 week to give the Merchant the output stated above.

Service Pricing
Equipay Express Activation service
(VAT Inclusive)

Costing Breakdown:
Project Assessment fee – Php 3,000 WAIVED
Activation fee – Php 7,500

Remarks :


The Equipay Express Activation service plan is offered to Equipay merchants who need further help in the instant
activation of their eBusiness website.


For a minimal activation fee of Php 7,500, Equipay express activation service comprises the basic setup and activation
of the following in the Merchant's website: shopping page, customer profile registration, check out page which will be
integrated to PesoPay payment page when the Equipay merchant account is turned over. The fee is to be paid on or
before the start of the service and is not refundable.


It is still the merchant's responsibility to maintain their website and database/s, study the Equipay user and integration
guides, do initial testings on their end and set user access and security controls on their merchant account.

Asi a Pa y Pa yment Technol ogy Corp.


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Tel ephone Numbers : 887-0088/887-2288
TIN : 006-523-952V

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Terms :

10 days

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Attn : Accounting Department
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EquiPay Express Activation Service Fee (one time)

Make all checks payable to AsiaPay Payment Technology
Corp. If you have any questions concerning this statement of
account, contact Rowell Garcia; 887-0088;
Direct Deposit : ( Please fax the deposit slip at (632) 887-0182
Account Name : AsiaPay Payment Technology Corp
Bank Name : The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Limited (HSBC)
Bank Address : The Enterprise Centre Tower 1 6766 Ayala
Avenue Makati City, Philippines
Account No.: 000-494286-040







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For and on behalf of
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