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Clean Air & Healthy Homes Program (CAHHP)

Teacher Workshop I
August 10th 11th, 2015
This professional development workshop is designed to introduce new teachers to all aspects of the CAHHP program
including: 1) background in air quality issues and the three focus pollutants of the program, 2) training on equipment,
3) review of available curriculum and resources and 4) supporting student research.

Pre-Workshop Agenda (3 hours)

3 hours

Complete the CAHHP MDPLN course.

To enroll in the course, visit and scroll down to the Creating
Scientists: CAHHP and the NGSS 8 Practices course
Click on the course and you will be prompted to create an account.
After creating your account, add the course to your cart and you will then have access to
If you have any questions contact Naomi Delaloye ( )

Monday, August 10, 2015 (8 am 4 pm)

8:00 am

Welcoming remarks Naomi Delaloye

8:05 am

Introductions (name, where/what you teach, what you hope to get out of workshop) All

8:45 am

History of CAHHP Tony Ward

8:55 am

Overview of particulate matter & associated health effects Andrij Holian

9:15 am

Particulate Matter Lesson 1 and familiarization with Dylos- Naomi Delaloye

10:15 am


10:30 am

Overview of general lesson plan format and Particulate Matter Lesson 2- Naomi Delaloye

10:50 am

Introduction to radon & associated health effects Tony Ward

11:00 am

Radioactivity Lab: Pennicium, Pennithium, and Pennium Carolyn Hester

11:35 am

Overview of Lessons: What is Radon?, Radioactivity, and Health Effects- Carolyn Hester
and Melisa Schelvan

12:00 pm

Working Lunch: Introduction to CAHHP resources (website, feedback sites, instructional

videos, etc.) Naomi Delaloye

12:45 pm

Certificate Program Overview- Andrij Holian

1:00 pm

Supporting student research- Naomi Delaloye & Gene Reckin

2:00 pm


2:15 pm

Introduction to Carbon Monoxide via Health Effects lesson- Melisa Schelvan

2:50 pm

Carbon Monoxide Lesson 1: Combustion lab Carolyn Hester

3:30 pm

Program evaluation overview (assessment procedures, consent forms, etc.)- Lisa Blank

4:00 pm

End of day 1 (Optional lab tours)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 (8 am 12 pm)

8:00 am

Welcome back and days agenda Naomi Delaloye

8:05 am

Review of CO and associated health effects- Tony Ward

8:15 am

Sharing Your Findings: Symposia and community outreach Tony Ward and Naomi Delaloye

9:00 am

Tips from veteran teacher(s) and Q & A- Gene Reckin & Brock Hammill

10:00 am

Break (Group Photo in Skaggs Lobby)

10:15 am

Small group discussions: Classroom integration strategies- All (organized by content area)

10:45 pm

Group discussion: Continued resource and support development- All

11:30 pm

Administrative housekeeping and workshop evaluation- Paulette Jones


End of workshop